Devil’s Warmth

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Status: completed Alternate Titles: 魔鬼的体温 Type: chinese Author: 藤萝为枝 Artists: Strelitzia, Idlereader


Reborn to 1996, Bei Yao became a four-year-old little white dumpling. She knocked on the opposite door where lived a person who would become the world’s catastrophic devil twenty years later.

When the Devil Pei Chuan was five years old, his legs were disabled and he was suffering from an introverted inferiority complex. 

Later when they were about seventeen, Bei Yao became “school flower” of her high school.

Pei Chuan tightly clasped his fingers on the wheelchair and warned her: “Don’t say you like me, otherwise…” Bei Yao hugged his neck and smiled sweetly at him. Pei Chuan couldn’t help but hold her waist, and his suppressed emotions broke out.

Belonging to his heart for two lives, Bei Yao wanted to know what the devil's warmth was like.


School LifeRomanceSlice of LifePsychologicalJoseiDrama


RebirthWeak to StrongFirst LoveModern LoveDevoted Love InterestsAge RegressionIntrovertHard-working ProtagonistFemale ProtagonistInferiority ComplexBeautiful Female LeadFamilial Love

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