Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 95: Absence

In July, B City entered midsummer. During the college entrance examination in 2014, Ji Wei received an offer from Cambridge.

That year, several teenagers were exhilarated when they got the news. Jin Ziyang couldn't believe it, and happily said, "F*ck, Wei Ge really got in."

This was Ji Wei's sixth college entrance examination. He spent five more years than anyone else, doing the same thing day after day.

When his peers entered society, Ji Wei still carried his schoolbag to and fro school. He was being laughed at and no one understood him, but this summer, he got what he wanted.

Pei Chuan received his call, and was in a rather good mood.

Bei Yao asked him what happened.

She recently went to work as an intern pediatrician, and started to get busy. After Pei Chuan told her, Bei Yao was very impressed. "He really has perseverance. After so many years, his dream has not wavered."

Pei Chuan said, "En." He paused for a while. "People who have perseverance deserve heaven. To undergo so much hardship, and still strengthen their resolve, even three thousand warriors of Yue State could swallow the State of Wu*."

*t/n: 三千越甲可吞吴. It is said that the warriors of Yue State are weak. This sentence meant even if you’re weak, no matter how difficult things are, don't be discouraged.

She nodded vigorously.

Pei Chuan smiled. She thought he was talking about the philosophy of life, but instead, he saw himself from Ji Wei.

A person did seemingly impossible things. Year after year, going through fire and water just because of liking it too much. Looking stupid and persistent, but never giving up.

When Bei Yao went to the hospital for an internship, Pei Chuan happened to be researching a salient project.

His dark pupils looked at her. "It's the country’s secret project, I may not be able to go home for a month."

At first, she didn't think too much about it. After all, the two of them were apart from time to time. Bei Yao smiled and nagged him. "Then you have to take good care of yourself, don't worry about me."

Pei Chuan’s gaze moved slightly. There was some complicated feeling that he couldn't understand, and he responded softly.

But, Bei Yao's internship almost caused a stir in the hospital.

She was so beautiful this year. Her cheeks were white and rudy, paired with a set of clear eyes, her eyelashes were like two butterfly wings.

She was a southern girl and spoke with a soft tone; like water flowing in front of the door, like the wind in March.

Everyone knew what it meant to be an intern. As a young girl who just graduated, she might not have a boyfriend. And even if she did, it meant that they have to separate and enter a long-distance relationship or just completely break up.

Bei Yao was humble, polite, and genial.

At the same time, the whole hospital was filled with male hormones.

There was an enthusiastic lady in the neurosurgery department, Dr. Zhang. Before finishing work on Wednesday, Dr. Zhang pulled Bei Yao, beaming with a smile. "Little Bei ah, do you know the director of our department, Director Zhou?"

Bei Yao thought for a while. "I think I saw him once. Is he that very young, tall, and slender director?"

"Yes, the one with glasses."

Dr. Zhang said, "I think he is interested in you. He has been asking about you these few days, and questioned me who the little intern girl with me is. Our Director Zhou isn't even 30 this year. He is the first-class golden bachelor in our hospital. He has a good family background, has studied abroad, and is handsome. Everyone in the hospital knows how many girls like him, but they never see him liking anyone. This is the first time he actively asked for information, you could consider him."

Bei Yao didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she said seriously, "Dr. Zhang, I'm married."

Dr. Zhang stared wide-eyed and only spoke after a long time. "You got married at such a young age ah."

"Yes ah."

Doctor Zhang felt it was a pity. Director Zhou has good conditions, and Bei Yao was also beautiful as well as with a good personality. The two looked compatible, but she did not expect Bei Yao to be married. She was really curious about what kind of person Bei Yao was married to. But they were not that familiar, so she was too embarrassed to ask.

It didn't take long for everyone to know about Bei Yao's marriage. Director Zhou was a little disappointed, still everyone was an adult, and would not do something like stalking. He only smiled and blessed them.

However, Bei Yao's husband never showed up, causing everyone to sigh. Her husband has such a beautiful and gentle wife, but they never once saw him come to pick her up with a bouquet. He was not even half as considerate as the golden bachelor, Dr. Zhou.

Pei Chuan has been busy researching during this period. After all, the nature of their job was promoting science and technology. Once the project was carried out, sometimes there was no way to stop. In the past few days, several of their researchers were so tired that they only laid down to sleep for a while, no one was able to go home. Today, the research has made some progress, he was finally free.

Blanketed by the intense heat of August outside, Pei Chuan specially ordered ice cream for Bei Yao.

Throughout the journey, the Disney princess ice cream was packed in ice boxes. The air conditioner in the car was also turned on, afraid that the ice cream would melt.

When he came, the hospital employees had not yet left work. Someone looked at the silver-gray Lamborghini not far away.

Lamborghini ah! Luxury car.

Although the color was low-key, many knowledgeable people would recognize it at once.

When they got off work, everyone couldn't help but take a look.

After a while, the owner of the car came down. It was a young man with a cold and serious expression, he was wearing a white shirt with long black trousers. He looked like he didn't love to smile, there was some kind of unapproachable coolness in him.

Such a young man.

His black pupils looked up. At first glance, it was clear that he was waiting for someone.

Everyone speculated who he was waiting for. Before the result could be discussed, they saw the usually gentle and quiet intern, Little Dr. Bei, jump into his arms.

"Pei Chuan! Pei Chuan! I miss you so much!"

At that moment, the cold man smiled slightly.

He took out the ice cream from the car and put it in her hand, waiting for her to sit in the passenger seat. He leaned over to fasten her seat belt.

She held the ice cream and sweetly kissed the side of the man's face when he lowered his head.

His smile deepened, and he returned to the driver's seat.

Neither of them knew that lots of people were quietly watching.

The action of the man bending over to fasten her seatbelt made an explosion, and several young nurses blushed as they watched.

How is this not considerate ah?! He is obviously spoiling her!

From that day on, there were no more rumors in the hospital that said Bei Yao's husband was no match to Dr. Zhou.

Some people's love could be seen clearly from their eyes.

Everything on the surface would express their like. At first sight, everything would lose to the bone-deep love.

For several days, Pei Chuan was exhausted in the research institute, and Bei Yao was very distressed. "You must have not slept well again. You must be too busy to eat."

He felt funny. In this world, the one who would be concerned about him eating and sleeping was probably only her. Pei Chuan said, "I won't be busy for a while, so I'll stay with you. Are you now used to working in the hospital? Have you been bullied?"

Bei Yao said, "I like it very much, the kids are very cute. The seniors are very nice, they taught me a lot."

She suddenly whispered seriously. "I'm just not used to one thing, I really miss you ah."

She seldom said these kinds of sweet words. Before, when he first saw her saying she missed him, he thought it was a joke. When she said it in a serious tone, Pei Chuan was stunned for a moment.

He suppressed his violent heartbeat and asked as if nothing happened. "What's wrong?"

Bei Yao was a little confused and aggrieved. "I had some problems sleeping a few days ago, it felt weird. I was thirsty in the middle of the night but then found no water by the bed, also the quilt fell under it, and I always thought of the ghost story I heard in junior high school."

In fact, there were many, many more: no one would hold her and talk about this and that, in the morning, no one would help her put on her socks, she had to warm the milk on her own, and her palm felt empty.

There was no man who needed her to dumbly and seriously knot his tie, and no one picked up the dishes she didn't like to eat.

One night, she suddenly understood the strange feeling.

The kind of attachment coming from the bottom of the heart. It would make people feel wronged, suddenly wanting to cry.

During the first year of high school, Bei Yao and Pei Chuan did not see each other for a year.

At that time, the arrival of Cao Li angered Pei Chuan and he did not come home. But, Bei Yao would not feel anything about not seeing him for a year, because she understood she would meet him sooner or later.

Later, she would miss him occasionally. It was the kind of caring like how she cared about her dad, mom, and younger brother. It seemed that there weren’t a lot of things that were indispensable in a person's life.

But this one month of not seeing Pei Chuan made her feel wronged that she wanted to cry several times in the middle of the night.

This kind of squeamish and sudden uncontrollable emotion made her feel extremely strange.

It seemed that he had become an inseparable part of her life. For the first time in her life, she understood what it was like to miss someone to her bones.

When Pei Chuan said he would not come home for a month, she obviously could still cheerfully say goodbye. But if he said it again right now, she guessed that she would feel wronged and cry on the spot.

Very strange.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips and tried his best to hold back the fluctuations in his heart.

He never thought he would really get such a result.

Really...... He couldn't be more satisfied.

However, looking at her frustrated appearance, if he dared to show a smile, she would probably be upset.

Pei Chuan could only go against his conscience, and said calmly, "You don't have to be afraid tonight."

She joyfully nodded her head and made one more request. "Don't want cold water, I want sour plum soup."

Even if she wanted the stars now, he would get them too. Pei Chuan said, "En."

It was hot outside in August, and this time, Pei Chuan may not necessarily have it better than her.

He numbed himself through work. Now, the person was in his arms, soft and delicate. He cherished it very much.

Absence made the heart grow fonder. The greenery outside was pretty, the cicadas chirped, and the city was brightly lit.

Nowadays, Pei Chuan was much more open. At times, when Bei Yao was being naughty, she would kiss his stump.

The blue veins in his arms bulged, he couldn't help but squeeze her little face, forbidding her to act wild.

What else could be done, he was not willing to hit or scold her. He still spoiled this good and obedient girl so badly.

She muttered. "Stingy."

This man has a strong principle, and he would never change his belief.

Just like not allowing her to play in that place, once she crossed the boundary, he would be on guard, and his whole body would tense up.

The young couple tossed around for most of the night. Concurrently, Bei Yao has a habit of drinking water in the middle of the night. She got up to drink the sour plum soup, but after two sips, she woke Pei Chuan up in tears.

Pei Chuan woke up and saw her little face filled with tears, his sleepiness was gone at once. "What's wrong? Don't cry."

Bei Yao thought it might not be very good. She said, "My stomach hurts, it seems to be bleeding."

This time, Pei Chuan also panicked. He saw that the bedsheet was stained red with blood.

He rushed Bei Yao to the hospital. The doctor was angry and felt funny. "She’s already two months pregnant, you two... forget it, the child is fine, pay attention later."

Pei Chuan hasn't walked out of his fear, yet there was another pie that fell from the sky.

He rubbed his forehead, hugged the stunned Bei Yao for a long while, and said helplessly, "When I was not at home you didn't know if your menstrual period came?"

Bei Yao felt a little embarrassed. The girl occasionally forgot about this thing, and she was just focused on thinking about him.

Because of the bleeding, she was a little flustered and felt unreal.

After a long while, Bei Yao gently touched her lower abdomen. She showed a somewhat silly smile. "Pei Chuan, you are going to be a father."

"En." His heart felt warm. He suddenly became tongue-tied, and couldn't say anything else.

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