Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 72: An Intense Kiss

It was a cold spring-night in March when Pei Chuan walked to the old community.

Jin Jinyang was extremely nervous. "Chuan Ge, if you send money to people like this, you will be beaten by them."

After all, for Zhao Zhilan, it was unrealistic for Bei Yao to get together with Huo Xu. It was also the same case for Pei Chuan having an unrealistic dream to be with their daughter.

Zhao Zhilan hated accepting money from anyone. Pei Chuan said, “I know.”

“So, you still want to go?”

Pei Chuan shook his head. “No.”

“Then… you won’t compete with Huo Xu?”

Pei Chuan’s eyes dimmed. The night wind blew on his body, and it was terribly cold. Pei Chuan’s mind was full of worry; the light and darkness intertwined. Zhao Zhilan didn’t want Huo Xu’s money, let alone his.

Pei Chuan knew this very well. It’s just as Jin Ziyang said. If Zhao Zhilan even despised Huo Xu, how could she not despise him, a disabled who had been in prison?

It's hard to get Zhao Zhilan to accept him—very hard.

Pei Chuan said, "You go back, I have a way."

"Chuan Ge, your expression makes me nervous, you won't do anything stupid, right? Please don't, I'm panicking."

Pei Chuan said, "Don't speak nonsense, go back!"

Jin Ziyang held a card. “Here is three hundred thousand, do you want it?” Or you could take a bit from that 5 million first, and give this card to Zhao Zhilan and them.

Pei Chuan’s eyes were dark. “No need, I won’t send the money tonight.”

Jin Yang didn't understand what Pei Chuan was going to do. Though he was reluctant to leave, he still left.

Pei Chuan raised his head, the lights in Bei Yao’s home were still on. He stood in the still darkness and looked toward that direction; the man’s back was straight as a pine. The cold wind did not affect his body and his heart boiled like magma.

After a long time, the lights in Bei Yao’s house went out. Pei Chuan sent her a text.

[Yaoyao, I’m downstairs]


When Bei Yao received this text message, she thought she had misread it and was shocked beyond words.

However, the number was indeed the number he used before.

She quietly looked into the distance from the window with a sense of crisis, and saw a vague figure in the dark night. She recognized that it was indeed him.

Bei Yao was shocked. She quickly put on her coat and went downstairs with light steps.

For the past two days, Zhao Zhilan had been gathering funds to repay the borrowed money, and now she was finally able to sleep. Bei Yao was afraid of waking up her mother so her steps were very light.

The spring breeze was crisp. Bei Yao approached him, and Pei Chuan lowered his eyes to look at her.

Having not seen her for six months, it was not easy for him to see her every time.

He hid his worry and gave her a smile.

Bei Yao said, "Don't you... still have a few years left?"

Pei Chuan said with a low voice, “Sentence reduction. It’s over.” When he said this, cold sweat broke out of his palm. He was afraid that she would question him why he didn’t tell her in advance; that she had fallen in love with that rich man—Huo Xu—during this period of time, thus was disappointed to hear that he was released from prison.

She looked like she couldn’t believe it and tilted her head for a moment.

He was silent, waiting for her final decision.

Every minute and second felt so long. Then, she suddenly plugged into his arms. The man’s body was slightly cold from the night.

She smiled happily. "Are you free from now on?"

The cold part in his heart melted a bit. He reached out his arms to hug her, and said in a low, hoarse voice, “En.”

Bei Yao said, “That’s great. If you told me earlier I would have come and picked you up. I heard that they will set off firecrackers when you get out of prison, is it true? How about we do that tomorrow?”

He held her tightly and said, “Okay.”

Bei Yao didn't mention the problem with Huo Xu to him. In her eyes, this was a big problem. There was hatred when Huo Xu was mentioned in the diary, so she did not utter a single word about it. Pei Chuan was just released from prison and had nothing. She did not dare let Pei Chuan have another accident because of this matter.

Bei Yao said, “What are your plans for the future?” Do you want to go back to the Pei family?

Pei Chuan's black pupil reflected her appearance. "I'll find a decent job and work hard, okay?"

She nodded cheerfully. "En!"

Pei Chuan was silent for a moment, and added as calmly as possible, "The salary will not be too low."

She thought for a moment. "None of this matters. Work safely, and don't be too tired. Let's take our time." She knew Pei Chuan would always do his best.

Bei Yao regretted that Pei Chuan did not get to go to college. She didn’t know what life was like in prison. Though Bei Yao did not dislike him, she was still heartbroken. He was obviously a top student in the college entrance examination, but he encountered setbacks for no reason; his future became grey.

Bei Yao’s roommates told her so many things two years ago, and she was worried that he could not find a good job. It didn't matter, she could support him. But her Pei Chuan always felt inferior, she was afraid that he would be sad.

Pei Chuan's Adam's apple moved. "Yaoyao, you will graduate next year. What is your plan?"

She thought for a while. “I want to be a pediatrician. I want to do an internship, and I’ll think about it after the probation period.”

He pursed his lips. Her plans for the next few years do not include getting married… with him.

Twenty-one was too early for a girl, and she would never want to get married at this age. When you’re young, you would like to fight and be free. At her age, she would certainly not like being tied down by marriage.

His voice was slightly astringent. "Yaoyao, I will treat you very well in the future."

She didn't understand why Pei Chuan would suddenly say such things, but Bei Yao's eyes were bright with a touch of shyness. She nodded gently.

His heart hurt when he saw her with such innocent eyes. Thinking of what he was going to do next, Pei Chuan felt guilty and frightened. He whispered, "If one day, I did something you didn't like that much, would you blame me?"

Bei Yao wondered, "What is something I don't like?"

Pei Chuan said, "For example… interfering with your future."

She seriously thought about it. “If it’s serious, then I will get mad. I will be angry if I don’t like it, so don’t do things that would make me angry, okay?”

He was silent for a while, then rubbed her hair. “Okay.”

The wind at night was a bit cold, and he stared into her eyes with expectation and sorrow in his heart.

This would be the last time that he lied to her in his life.

Huo Xu gave him a very serious sense of crisis. Jin Ziyang had asked him, “Will he compete?” He can’t, it’s impossible not to fight back!

He would not only fight, but also strive straight for the final result.

To marry her.

But for the time being, Bei Yao hasn't thought about marriage. Her idea was very simple like most girls: to graduate and do an internship, find a job, then finally fall in love for a few years, and choose the right person to marry. Pei Chuan thought, if he let her choose in a few years, she might not choose him.

After all, as he said before, “A person will encounter many things in his life. They can have many choices, and they can change their minds.”

He originally wanted to give her a chance to understand the world, but now someone was telling him that he might lose her.

In his second year of high school, he made up his mind to stop being mean to her and always respect her every decision.

But what happened with Huo Xu woke up the dormant sense of fear in his heart.

He couldn’t wait anymore, he couldn’t. He was even afraid to give Bei Yao time to make her choice.

Yes, Pei Chuan was not perfect. He did not have a high degree of education, and he couldn't coax people. He didn’t have much savings now, and even has an unbearable body and past. But what about it?

So what… he was a man, he had to fight.

Under normal circumstances, Zhao Zhilan would never accept him for the rest of her life. But if he could use the problem with Huo Xu well, there would be an opportunity for Pei Chuan to fight back.

Pei Chuan admitted that he was being mean, but he had to force Zhao Zhilan to make a choice, so that she would give her family's baby to him.

It felt cold after staying outside for a long time. Bei Yao felt the coldness in the man's arms and wondered how long he had been breathing the cold wind.

She said, “We will buy firecrackers tomorrow to celebrate your release from prison. I'll be back to school soon. I will see you then, okay? My family has been busy these days and I can't accompany you. I will stay with you in a few days."

She thought for a while, and was afraid that Pei Chuan had no money to stay somewhere, but she couldn’t bring him back home. Zhao Zhilan was furious these last couple of days.

Bei Yao searched her coat pocket and gave all the money to him. “You find a hotel to stay in first. Should we find a house tomorrow?”

He didn’t want her money. “I have money.”

Bei Yao knew he was sensitive and did not force him. “It’s cold outside, and it’s late. Pei Chuan, you have to take a good rest. I will go home.”

Pei Chuan suddenly pulled her wrist.

Her eyes were gentle and tolerant, she smiled. “What’s the matter?”

Pei Chuan pursed his lips. “Can I… kiss you?”

Her cheeks were hot; she was shy. She clasped her fingers and nodded after a while. This kind of question… why did you ask ya?

He lifted her chin and lowered his head, his lips fell on hers.

Pei Chuan held her face, his throat moved.

The wind was freezing, but his lips were scorching.

Tonight, there was no moon in the sky. The man's broad palm moved down and stopped at her soft neck. The girl's skin was warm and soft, it made people want to touch it more. His fingers exerted a little more strength. His rough fingertips gave the person under his palm shivers.

Bei Yao faintly remembered that in her first year, she ran into Qin Dongni and her boyfriend kissing each other. At that time, she quietly sighed. How intense ah.

However, tonight… tonight…

After a long time, she was left panting, Pei Chuan gently wiped the corner of her lips with his thumb.

The man said with a hoarse voice, “Go home.”

She blushed and walked in a daze. When she returned to her room and closed the door, she covered herself with the quilt, only to feel the thumping in her heart, which could be clearly heard in the darkness of the night.


The next day, Bei Yao went to buy firecrackers, and quietly set them off with Pei Chuan.

Pei Chuan temporarily stayed in a hotel. He watched Bei Yao finish setting off the firecrackers and hurried home again. He was always calm.

Jin Ziyang was like an ant on a hot pan*. He couldn’t figure out Pei Chuan’s thoughts, and he was agitated.

*t/n: Restless.

“Chuan Ge, Aunt Zhao must be very anxious ba. You haven’t sent the money yet. Is it possible that you want Huo Xu to gain advantage ah?”

Pei Chuan wiped his fingers. “En.”

“F*ck! What did you say!”

When they were young, everyone knew how much Pei Chuan liked Bei Yao. This time… was there really no other solution?

Pei Chuan said, “Let him force Aunt Zhao.” He was silent for a while. “Jin Ziyang, have you ever heard of the saying, ‘The mantis stalks cicadas unaware of the oriole behind.’?”

Jin Ziyang: “... although I am not educated, I’ve heard of this before.”

Pei Chuan nodded and calmly said, “Aunt Zhao and Uncle Bei will not let me marry Yaoyao. Not this year, not next year, not in this lifetime. If I have a daughter, I too will not let her marry a disabled person.”

Is it really okay… to frankly say that you are disabled?

Jin Ziyang coughed, a little awkward.

Pei Chuan's pupils were dark. "So, I'm going to make them have to agree." When he said this, he was actually not so calm. He knew how despicable he was. He was afraid that Bei Yao would have no other choice but hate him. So he lowered his gaze, and looked at the vibrant plant in the corner.

Jin Ziyang: “...”

He was a little scared.

What the hell? Are you serious? What kind of plan will make them agree to let you marry her? Are you sick?!

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