Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 59: Carry You Back

Time flew quickly for the third year students. When the First, Third, and Sixth High Schools’ students needed to check their joint examinations’ results, some people joked, “I bet one pack of spicy sticks that Pei Chuan will be the first on this exam.”

“Who wants to bet with you? How about I bet on him and you bet on others!”

“Get the hell out of here!”

The legend of being the number one in a whole city had been silently established. When the big red list was put up, no one found it weird to see Pei Chuan's name.

It'd been a while since there had been any rumors about Pei Chuan. It was as if he had walked onto the path of a good student overnight.

Pei Chuan's changes surprised Jin Ziyang and Zheng Hang the most. Now, Pei Chuan went to class when he should be, did his homework, and stopped going to Qin Shi to play.

Ji Wei was elated. He thought that his diligence and love for studying might have inspired Chuan Ge.

Jin Ziyang: "..." Wei Ge, I’m telling you, your brain must be filled with water.

Zheng Hang: "..."

Ji Wei asked Pei Chuan, "Have you prepared for the college entrance examinations?"

Pei Chuan let out a sound of confirmation. "En." When mentioning the college entrance examinations, his eyes were filled with vigor. Jin Ziyang entered a trance just by looking at him. Jin Ziyang thought for a while. Damn it! Why am I so sad! I won't pass anyway.

The learning atmosphere in Third High School grew a little bit heavier, and a lot of students started studying more vigorously in silence.

Before the vacation began, Bei Yao's homeroom teacher, Teacher Li Fangqun, said, "Those who will go back by themselves should pay attention to safety, and don't forget to study at home. Don't fall behind on your study plans, understand?"

Everyone answered in unison, “Understand!”

“During this vacation, the students who have the chance to visit the university of their choice should go to motivate themselves to study.”

When the teacher said so, Bei Yao suddenly remembered the promise to go there with Pei Chuan.

The snow in C City came a little late this year. When the students were on their vacation in January, it was dry and cold, but there was no snow.

Bei Yao told Zhao Zhilan that she was planning to go to B City to see the university. Zhao Zhilan was very supportive. The college entrance examinations were very important and it was beneficial for her daughter to take a look.

Besides, after the Olympics, the family had a good impression of the city.

Zhao Zhilan said, "If I had known at the time we had gone to the capital, we would have stopped by to see it, so you wouldn't have to make another trip."

Bei Yao was feeling guilty.

The summer vacation for second year students wasn’t long, let alone the winter vacation for third year students this time.

Zhao Zhilan sent her daughter to the bus stop, and after thinking about it for a long time, she still didn’t feel at ease. “It’s still better if I accompany you!”

Bei Licai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What are you worried about? When I was as old as Yaoyao, I went to Guangdong alone to work part-time.”

Zhao Zhilan replied, “You are you, Yaoyao is Yaoyao. You are ugly, of course, there was no danger.”

Bei Licai was angry. This woman! How can she say that!

Bei Yao also laughed. “Mom, my classmate is going with me. You don’t have to worry, just take good care of Didi. I will give you a call every evening at 8 o’clock.”

Zhao Zhilan wanted to ask who her classmate was, but was afraid that her daughter would find her annoying, so she had no choice but to send her off.

Bei Yao carried a pastel blue school bag made of lightweight fabric material. It was very suitable for long-distance travel.

Her and Pei Chuan’s flight had been booked for the afternoon.

When Bei Yao arrived, Pei Chuan was already there. Her big eyes curved into crescents when she spotted him in the crowd at a glance. “Pei Chuan!”

Pei Chuan took her bag and opened his suitcase. There were only a few pieces of his clothes in it, and the rest of the space was just enough to put her school bag in.

The young girl had never been on a plane, so she was a little excited when she passed the security check.

Afterwards, the two people waited in the waiting room for a while before they boarded the plane.

He had booked a window seat for Bei Yao.

"If you don't feel well or feel your ears ringing later, you have to tell me."

She nodded, her eyes curious about the unknown world.

That's the sky!

Human wisdom was so great that it could make metal fly in the sky.

His black eyes fell on her. Bei Yao liked this world; she liked the vivid beauty of nature and also liked to explore places she had yet to know.

Bei Yao was lively and happy.

But his side… was actually very boring. Pei Chuan was silent. He couldn’t bring her much fun. The only thing he could do was take good care of her.

“Pei Chuan, you are so smart. If you become a scientist in the future, you will definitely be able to invent something that will benefit humankind.” When the plane took off, she suddenly said this.

He broke into laughter.

Why would you think I would pursue such a noble profession?

Because she couldn’t remember her memories after high school, she was looking forward to the unknown world a few years later for the first time. Bei Yao didn’t feel any discomfort after the plane took off, but she was afraid to disturb the others, so she whispered in his ear, “A few years later, maybe this world will be even more remarkable. Exploring space, flying out of the galaxy, and there will be robots everywhere on the street.

He looked at her. The girl’s voice was small and rich with imagination. So innocent and cute.

How could it be so easy to cross the galaxy? Does she think every scientist is a superhero? However, being a superhero in her world is better than being a villain.

Dusk fell in B City as they arrived two and a half hours later.

Prior to this, Pei Chuan had already found a good place to stay near B University and just took Bei Yao for a campus tour after dinner.

University was different from high school. Students sometimes stayed on campus for various things after their summer and winter vacations.

Bei Yao’s good looks couldn’t stop numerous people from turning their heads to look at her along the way. The girl, who was now seventeen years old, had grown up to be exceptionally beautiful. Pei Chuan had always known that she was beautiful, like a beautiful peach blossom showing off its charm.

Pei Chuan looked at her figure and lowered his eyes.

Bei Yao will be very popular in the future. She will surely have a good time throughout.

He took the campus tour more seriously than she did.

From geography to humanities and culture, Pei Chuan learned about them all.

B University was home to a famous lake and unlike C City this year, snow had already begun to fall during the night at the university.

Bei Yao had loved watching the snow since she had been a child.

She liked seeing the world being covered with snow and ice, followed by the plants and greenery trying to poke their heads out from the soil next spring.

Pei Chuan held up the umbrella for her. "Girls shouldn’t stand in the snow all the time."

He unwrapped his scarf with one hand and wrapped it around her. “Do you remember?"

Bei Yao nodded her head.

He said, "The human body temperature is too high, you will feel cold when the snow melts."

Bei Yao looked in awe at the frozen lake with several people stepping on it.

She wore small boots and stepped on the ice gently. "Pei Chuan, I'll pull you. The ice is solid, you won't fall!"

She extended her hands towards him.

Pei Chuan stood up and held her small, slightly cold hands.

Under the darkness, Pei Chuan looked at her little face and said, "I heard from my teacher that university life is rather lax. In your leisure time, you can drink afternoon tea, go to the library to read books, or learn to swim in the swimming pool.”

Bei Yao raised her head and listened.

“Bei Yao, life is wonderful.”

He said suddenly. It was not like something that he would usually say. She wanted to laugh a little. “Pei Chuan, life is very wonderful, ah.”

Her appearance was reflected in his dark pupils; it was very gentle.

Bei Yao, life is wonderful, so you shouldn’t spend the rest of your life with a cripple.

“Our teacher said…” She looked at him earnestly with her face flushed red. “When we’re in university, it’s not puppy love anymore. Our parents and teachers will not interfere with our relationship. So we…”

Her almond eyes were a little wet. Looking at his stunning appearance, she spoke with a lot of effort. “Let’s wait five more months, then we can… we can…”

Then we can… her cheeks burned. She could not continue anymore.

There was a rush of enthusiasm in his eyes. However, heat welled up as sadness and heaviness crept up.

The heavy snow filled the sky and covered the earth, slowly falling on top of the umbrella. Though the night light was dim, her bright eyes could still be seen.

The fingers holding the umbrella turned white. The next moment he let it go. He cupped her cheeks, lowered his head, and kissed her.

The cold winter wind that blew in January accompanied the umbrella that fell on the ice at their feet.

He closed his eyes and sucked on her lips. This was the first time Pei Chuan had acted so recklessly in his entire life.

This was her future university, where he had originally wanted to walk with her through four years. But as she had said, five months later, no one would know exactly what would happen. Perhaps, after some time, it would no longer be him who would accompany her to watch the snow.

He took a breath.

Bei Yao reached out her hand and wrapped it around his waist. His muscles were stiff while she let out a soft, delicate moan through her nose.

He smiled, released her, and gently caressed her cheek.

That was enough.

"Yaoyao, let me carry you back."

Bei Yao froze.

Pei Chuan said, "It's okay, get on."

She bit her lips. "I'm heavy, I want to walk by myself."

He said, "I won't be hurt."

Bei Yao bowed her head. "That's not what I'm worried about."

"Then come up. Be good."

Although Bei Yao was hesitant, he still bent slightly in front of her and waited quietly.

Bei Yao gritted her teeth and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Pei Chuan, I am very heavy. I look thin but I am actually fat." So don't force yourself like this.

For the first time, he understood. It turned out that she had known everything.

Pei Chuan kept quiet while he exerted more force into his arms and carried her on his back.

Seeing his tall body tremble, Bei Yao bit her lip to hold back from speaking.

Pei Chuan carried her towards the entrance of the school.

"Yaoyao, that's the library. Look."

She lay on the teenager's broad back and glanced sideways.

“Further to the right is the Faculty of Arts,” he calmly said. She couldn’t see the gentleness in his eyes: “There is a bridge towards the west with a lake under it. When autumn comes, the leaves will be yellow. The scenery would look beautiful from the bridge.”

Though his prosthetics were extremely painful, his back was straight.

He endured the pain and looked like a normal man walking sluggishly. However, he only walked for a few meters before his stumps couldn’t bear it anymore.

Pei Chuan wanted to walk with her through the spring when everything was growing, accompany her to see the fallen leaves in autumn, and watch the bright moon at night. He wanted to hold her, carry her, and kiss her. But what he could do was very little.

In the bitter winter, his legs trembled slightly and cold sweat seeped out from his forehead.

Bei Yao was so worried that her tears were about to flow. Why did Pei Chuan insist on carrying her? She didn’t need to be carried. She hugged his neck tightly. “I didn’t need you to carry me, I wanted to hold your hand and walk together.”

He almost fell as his body trembled.

Soon after, Pei Chuan stabilized his body. It was very difficult for him to find his center of gravity when another person’s weight was added.

Pei Chuan closed his eyes. He couldn’t even do something as simple as carrying her.

Bei Yao, who rarely felt sensitive, was a little scared. "Pei Chuan, do you not want to go to college with me?"

He whispered, "No. I promise you, I will get into this school. Okay?"


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