Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 93: Dear

T/W: For those who mind, there’s a little sensual scene in this chapter.

It was already midsummer when Bei Yao got discharged from the hospital.

Pei Chuan's finger also recovered very well. They heard from the police’s side that Huo Xu was dead, and Shao Yue surprisingly confessed to the crime of intentional homicide, which surprised a lot of people.

Pei Chuan said, "She can't deny it anyway. After all, she can defend herself in court, but if she falls into Jiang Huaqiong's hand, there's no way for her to survive."

This was also a terrible thing for Shao Yue. Either to sit in prison or fall into Jiang Huaqiong's hands, both were not good choices.

The day when Pei Chuan and Bei Yao went home, they met Doctor Ding downstairs.

Doctor Ding was the current husband of Pei Chuan's mother, Jiang Wenjuan.

This middle-aged man wore glasses, and had a gentle appearance.

Doctor Ding smiled, and asked Pei Chuan, "Can we talk alone?"

Pei Chuan did not refuse. "Yes." He patted Bei Yao's head. "You go back first, I'll be back soon."

Bei Yao nodded and walked away.

The sun in midsummer was scorching hot, and the sun in August was very bright.

Doctor Ding and Pei Chuan sat in front of the stone pavilion, he took out a thick pile of paper from his folder. "These are your mother's medical records for these years."

Pei Chuan dropped his eyes, the sun hung high and there was no wind, only the sound of cicadas could be heard from afar.

The medical record showed that Jiang Wenjuan had a serious mental illness.

Doctor Ding said, "The year I gave her treatment, her situation was not very good. In the first place, she could not accept that matter in her heart, even more so that she had to care for the young child. Pei Haobin also did not comfort her. Later, she had an emotional breakdown. After we got together, she also had to do treatment regularly. We don't have kids, Wenjuan went to get sterilized. She only has one child in her life. She could not walk away from that memory, and felt remorse that she didn't have the courage to see your growth."

Pei Chuan pushed back the medical records. "Go back ba, I don't blame anyone anymore."

Pei Chuan's expression was very calm. The previous countless resentment and pain have now slowly dissipated. He once wanted to be loved, but he had nothing at that time. Unfortunately, there was no remedy for all the mistakes that had been made in this world. However, he now understood that there was a silly little girl who had clumsily accompanied him for many years.

For so long, he was not alone in his growth.

After Doctor Ding walked a long way, Pei Chuan shouted, "Take good care of her." After marrying a wife, his heart turned softer. He also understood that it was not easy for a woman.

Doctor Ding turned his head in surprise. Pei Chuan's eyes were calm, and Doctor Ding nodded vigorously, suddenly realizing that Pei Chuan had really let go of the past.

This August, the evening primrose below the apartment bloomed.

Zhao Zhilan brought the news of Pei Haobin’s resignation. She sighed when she talked about it. "Not only did he resign, he also donated most of his money. Cao Li, that woman usually looked virtuous, who knew that she would fight with Pei Haobin these two days, wanting a divorce. She usually looked totally submissive to that Pei officer, the look she had really made people think that she had found her true love in her middle years. As a result, she started to make her move now."

Bei Yao was surprised.

In the evening, she quietly talked to Pei Chuan about this, wanting to see Pei Chuan's reaction.

The girl's eyes were rounded and watery. Pei Chuan amusedly looked at her. "There's no need to care about other family's affairs."

She whispered, "That is your dad ah."

Pei Chuan patted her head. "He is Pei Jiadong's dad."

Although at that time Pei Haobin had to choose Pei Jiadong for the sake of the plan, Pei Chuan knew that if that encounter really happened, Pei Haobin would still choose Pei Jiadong. Since his character was indifferent and rebellious, it’s no question that Pei Haobin would have a gap in his heart toward this son.

The human heart was complicated, but also simple.

Bei Yao asked, "You don't mind anymore?"

Pei Chuan smiled. "En."

He smoothed her hair with his fingers. "I don't have a father and mother, so you have to love me more from now on, ‘kay?"

Bei Yao suddenly felt a sense of mission, and nodded vigorously.

Unexpectedly, there would be a follow-up to this incident. Because Bei Yao was still recovering from the injury, Zhao Zhilan fell in love with making soup and gossip during this time.

"Sigh, Yaoyao, don't you know? Those two really divorced. Cao Li really isn't someone who is easy to deal with. Her daughter Bai Yutong has started working this year, and she also wanted to take away Pei Jiadong. She is probably thinking about finding another family ne. The last time I saw Officer Pei, such a good person has now become so thin. I think that he is not clear-headed, he already donated his money and still thinks Cao Li will never leave him and still respects him. Just look at what kind of person Cao Li is, can she bear it?!"

Cao Li has flattered Pei Haobin for half a lifetime, but she never expected that she wouldn’t receive even a dime. So, Cao Li looked like she had changed into another person.

He once gave up on Pei Chuan in exchange for their marriage. Unexpectedly, the marriage collapsed this year.

I am afraid that Pei Haobin has begun to doubt the meaning of his life. He is now old but has nothing.

Bei Yao felt some pity for Pei Jiadong. This child had to live in a family with divorced parents, and Cao Li would most probably marry another person.

Pei Haobin has been busy most of his life, in the end, not even one son stayed by his side.

Zhao Zhilan thought for a while. Seeing her son-in-law going out to run some errands, she quietly asked Bei Yao, "How is your married life? Is it still harmonious?"

Bei Yao was frozen for a long time before being able to react to what the harmonious married life meant. Her face flushed red, and she stammered when answering.

In fact, they only did it that one time. On that night, she was half-drunk and did not quite remember what it was like. However, it has never been a good choice to tell this kind of embarrassing thing to Zhao Zhilan.

Later, Bei Yao was sick and got injured, the two people could naturally no longer think about this thing.

After Zhao Zhilan accepted Pei Chuan as her son-in-law, she felt he was pleasing to the eye. After all, this son-in-law could deal with trouble, make money, and loved her daughter. Zhao Zhilan was elated. "You'll graduate soon, so don't forget to use contraception. It's not good to attend school with a big belly."

Bei Yao only now found out how open her mom was, she was afraid that Zhao Zhilan would say more, thus she quickly said yes.

Fortunately, it was now summer vacation. In September, Bei Yao had to go back to school.

She only had one year left in university, and she would graduate in June next year.

Now, everyone knew that she was Pei Chuan's wife. After all, Professor Pei was so high-profile before.

The simple-minded students didn’t know about the matter with Huo Xu. For them, it was just the decline of a big family. When Bei Yao returned to school, several roommates were gleeful, smilingly asking how her honeymoon was.

What else could be done, she was embarrassed.

Pei Chuan probably thought she was a glass doll.

The big researcher Pei's career must also continue. When he returned to the research institute, all the seniors were relieved, and somehow moved. Previously, when Pei Chuan was there, a lot of research projects had a flying speed. Once he left, everyone was not used to the turtle-like pace.

Pei Chuan developed an electronic sensor chip, and officially put it into experimentation in the rainy September.

The equipment was not yet mature. When he used to be "Satan", he began to study the human brain to implant the chip technology. However, at that time, he turned himself in. After the technology was re-emphasized by the country, he switched to researching limb sensor chips.

The principle was to implant the chip into the human body so that patients with cerebral palsy and vegetative people could feel the outside world and make corresponding responses.

That day, Pei Chuan was wearing a white research suit and was watching the final results with his colleagues in the institute.

The volunteer was a small child, under everyone's gazes, he slowly bent his fingers and held the pen.

His parents covered their mouths, their tears flowing down.

The volunteer child looked at Pei Chuan with admiration. Although his brain was delayed and he held the pen for only a minute, he seemed to understand what hope was.

Pei Chuan's pupils trembled, and he pressed his lips.

That day, everyone in the research institute was ecstatic. What did this mean? It meant that this great technology would be used in medicine when it's perfected, and vegetative people may be awakened! Children with congenital cerebral palsy could also feel the world better.

Pei Chuan got off work late, and there was a swallow flying by on the way home.The sky gradually got dark.

Pei Chuan put his hand in his pocket, and for the first time thought of the moment he first took Bei Yao on a plane to B City. She depicted a brilliant world. And after so many years, he was now working hard to build a better one.

For the first time, he truly felt the value and meaning of a person's existence.

Pei Chuan pushed the door of his home. In September, there was a light rain outside the window. A white and blue porcelain vase was placed near the entrance of the house. Today, she put in a bunch of jasmine flowers.

The little white flowers were full of fragrance.

Wearing a pink apron, Bei Yao laid on the table and read medical books.

The summer heat has not yet passed. Her feet were showing, she was wearing the skirt he bought her two days ago.

The kitchen was warming up the porridge. Bei Yao was about to graduate, and she had been particularly idle lately.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Bei Yao turned her head.

She was 22 years old this year, like a flower blooming on a branch with a warm yellow light shining on the dining table, bringing a cozy feeling.

For the first time, Pei Chuan truly felt that the world accepted him, and he had a home again.

"Why are you cooking? Does your wound not hurt anymore?"

Bei Yao said, "It's better already, you worry too much. You're not at home, and I'm bored."

He was going to say that she could play with her classmates, but finally gently said, "Sorry, I'll be back earlier tomorrow."

She laughed, and nodded with a lovely and innocent look. "Okay ah."

If Zhao Zhilan was here, she would probably point at her daughter's forehead. How can he delay his work?

However, to be unrestrained and to be able speak out your thoughts was what young people should be.

He smiled, and ate dinner with her.

Bei Yao was making up for her professional class every day, afraid that she would not be able to keep up with the progress in the future. After taking a shower, she wore her slippers and read in the bedroom.

Pei Chuan lost his smile. Then, he suddenly remembered Zhao Zhilan's words. Her daughter was not smart and always had to spend more time than others to do something.

It's also not easy for the little fool.

She marked the things she didn't understand with a red pen. Pei Chuan looked at it and said two sentences.

Bei Yao looked at him with surprise. "How do you understand this?"

"Know a little, I read a lot of books." It's always good to have a broad knowledge when doing research.

Bei Yao found it interesting and asked him a few more questions. Pei Chuan thought about it, and surprisingly could answer them all.

Bei Yao blinked her eyes, then teased him. "Then, Professor Pei should teach me."

"......" He paused for a while. "Come here."

Bei Yao held her book and came over. Then, Pei Chuan put away the book she held. "Aren't you better already? I don't understand much about the knowledge you’re learning, I'll teach you something else."

Later, Pei Chuan put her on the bed. Bei Yao just now understood what this "something else" was.

Under the drizzle of September, the book fell pitifully under the bed.

She was sober this time, there was dense mist in her eyes, projecting the man's dashing eyebrows.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips, for the first time he was being honest and open in front of her.

The prosthesis came off, exposing his stump in the air. She heard the man's violent heartbeat, his body tensed like a steel with each sound.

The stump really didn't look good.

It was raining and the wind was sultry. The man's sweat dripped down on her white collarbone.

Her almond eyes were foggy and she tilted her head to look at him, panting and whimpering.

The extremely splendid summer flower tremblingly clung to his shoulders.

Not knowing where to put the small pair of hands.

Pei Chuan was tickled by her soft moan several times, pressing his lips to suppress the muffled groan in his throat.

Bei Yao suddenly remembered something, her tone was crisp as she reminded him. "Use... use contraception."

She only remembered this now. Pei Chuan gritted his teeth, and replied casually, "En, next time."

His body tensed up even more, but it was not because of the inferiority complex from before.

The rain drizzled outside, the night was filled with the late summer and early autumn wind. It was unexpectedly gentle.

After a hearty night, Pei Chuan woke up earlier than her.

He held the small hand in his chest, half-clenching it into a small fist, He smiled and kissed her hand.

This hard-hearted girl was worried about one thing last night, she wanted contraception.

Whichever family taught this baby, and she still insisted on it whilst crying.

He was amused, and his heart softened.

Pei Chuan had to go to work in the morning, but for the first time, he didn't want to leave.

When Bei Yao woke up, she remembered how he kept using "next time" to pacify her, she covered her head with the quilt, still feeling ashamed of "Professor Pei" using action to teach her.

Pei Chuan picked up the book under the bed and smiled dumbly. "Take your book and go to school."

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