Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 100: Extra 2.2

After graduating from third year of junior high school, Pei Chuan thought he and Bei Yao would never intersect again in his life. Anyway, those dreams that lingered every midnight would be known to no one in this life.

In the third year of junior high school, the school’s gossips were all about Bei Yao.

She had grown up; those glimpses of the foreseen beauty in the heavy rain, became a reality when she was fourteen - fifteen years old.

Pei Chuan was glad that he had graduated so he could escape for one year; he did not need to yearn for her anymore. This year, something happened, his father remarried and his partner was a widow named Chen Xiu.

Pei Haobin was injured in a mission and laid on the bed unconscious.

Chen Xiu felt very lucky; she was afraid that people would say that she jinxed her husband, so she simply did not come to visit him. On the other hand, Pei Chuan heard his aunt* and uncle quarrel every day. The soft-hearted woman wanted to raise him, but the man bluntly said that he was a cripple.

*t/n: The ‘aunt’ here is a blood-related aunt, father’s sister.

They could even quarrel inside the ward, which was really funny.

He waited until everyone left.

Pei Chuan looked at the bloodless face of Pei Haobin. “If you never wake up again, it is also quite good. After all, to die like a great hero is worthy of admiration.”

He uttered a low laugh. “It’s just that you have bad eyes when choosing a woman.”

What happened later didn’t go “as he wished”. Pei Haobin woke up.

That woman named Chen Xiu came back as if nothing happened, wiped out two drops of tears in the ward like performing some opera.

Pei Chuan sat by the door with a sarcastic look, but then restrained himself after he saw Bei Yao and Zhao Zhilan in the distance.

After half a year since she entered her third year of junior high, Pei Chuan heard about Bei Yao from other people’s mouths.

Today, she was holding a bunch of carnations and wore a light blue dress. He looked at her from afar, his heartbeat accelerated, and he looked down in an instant.

That fascinating beauty was like a light that penetrated from the teenage girl, continuously and quietly starting to hurt.

Even if she did not come to see him and only visited Uncle Pei as a good neighbor.

He was by the door, gazing at the warm July sun. He squinted his eyes while looking at her slender figure.

In fact, Pei Chuan also understood that this vivid and loveable light was destined to have nothing to do with him in this life. How can humans hold a light?

It would be fine after he goes to high school; he would wait until he meets more women, meets more beautiful and better women. He would be able to forget this unspeakable thought, forget the yearning he felt year after year that no one knew.


In high school, Pei Chuan met Gao Jun and Yu Yifan.

When he chose his school, Pei Chuan went to the number one high school.

After high school, Pei Chuan never returned home again.

He also heard of Jin Ziyang from the Third High School next door, but Gao Jun was exactly the opposite of this kind of person.

They mixed up with society, got tattoos, and were different from Jin Ziyang, the second rich generation. These people didn’t have as much money, but they were quite ruthless.

They admired Pei Chuan, and they mixed together for mutual benefit. Although they didn’t know where Pei Chuan’s funds came from, Gao Jun and the others would help Pei Chuan solve some tricky things.

Over time, Pei Chuan began to forget what he used to be.

He learned to smoke and drink.

He also learned to forget Bei Yao.

Anyway, she was not a girl he could afford to have. So why should he yearn for her?

Of course, he also met pretty girls.

Gao Jun and the others were good at playing with women; they went to all kinds of clubs. It was different from how Jin Ziyang and the others went to “Qin Shi”. The place where Gao Jun and his friends went was called “Little Imperial Court”, nicknamed “man’s paradise”.

They played with women, did not abstain from eating meat*, and they frolicked without restraint.

*t/n: Eating meat means s*x.

Pei Chuan laid lazily with squinted eyes, unaffected by the live erotica.

A woman climbed on his shoulder, letting out a seductive breath.

Pei Chuan smiled, feeling as if he had been immersed in the dark mud of a certain year—numb.

Just like when the sugar-coated saliva of someone dropped on his lips when he was young, in addition to disgust, there was unexpectedly no other emotion in his heart.

He pushed away the woman, uninterested.

Gao Jun and the others ridiculed. “Chuan Ge, it can’t be that you can’t do it, right?”

Pei Chuan swept a glance coldly.

Gao Jun bit his cigarette butt. “Okay, okay. I know you don’t like it.”

Later, on Christmas when he was in third year of high school, Gao Jun and the others heard about Bei Yao from the Sixth High School.

How should this be put? A pure and innocent beauty who has been extremely low-key these two years made Gao Jun happy just by looking at her picture. “This girl is good ah, how about playing with her?”

Of course, he didn’t dare to play too far with this kind of girl; it would be bad if she died. But, it was also enjoyable to kiss or touch her.

They didn’t tell Pei Chuan either; after all, Pei Chuan seemed to not be interested in these things.

The real b*stards were arrogant and skilled at doing these.

When Bei Yao was knocked unconscious and sent to “Little Imperial Court”, Pei Chuan almost froze after he saw her.

“How could she be here?”

Gao Jun asked in surprise, “What’s the matter? Chuan Ge, you know her huh?”

Pei Chuan clenched his teeth. “You guys did it?”

Gao Jun didn’t realize that his tone was not right and said excitedly, “Yeah! Pretty, right?! So tender as if water will come out with just a pinch. Is Chuan Ge interested? Please go first, just don’t make a mess, leave the membrane intact to avoid trouble.”

The beast in his body that has been silent for years suddenly showed its fangs; all the blood in his body boiled.

The security guards of the Little Imperial Court came over that night.

Pei Chuan fought with someone for the first time, stabbing Gao Jun’s body with a broken beer bottle several times.

His condition was also not much better; Gao Jun’s fist was not vegetarian. Pei Chuan went crazy, but Gao Jun still wanted his life. He also took a beer bottle and smashed a hole in Pei Chuan’s head.

Blood flowed down the temples.

Gao Jun was going crazy too. “Do you not want your life anymore huh? I haven’t done anything to her, at worst I’ll send her back…”

Didn’t do anything? What do you want to do? Pei Chuan’s thoughts went crazy. He was almost eighteen and he couldn’t even bear to touch a single finger of hers, but they dared to drug her.

Pei Chuan’s face was like Shura*. Even if he didn’t have a pair of legs, he still stubbornly strangled Gao Jun’s neck and pressed his face on the broken beer bottle.

*t/n: Evil spirits, demons and opponents of the gods.

Gao Jun’s face was bloody, and he was then taken to the hospital.

They brawled wildly. Meanwhile, on the sofa beside him, Bei Yao fell asleep quietly; she didn’t know that there was someone who wanted to kill others because of her.

Afterward, Pei Chuan’s wounds were taken care of.

The servant in the Little Imperial Court said awkwardly, “We didn’t know where that miss came from.”

There were several holes in Pei Chuan’s face; he paused for a moment. “Send her to my room first.”

After several years, he didn’t expect to see her like this.

He wiped his face, looked at the sweet and carefree little girl sleeping on the bed, and disdained himself.

He was broken. If not for his money, Gao Jun and his friends would not be so arrogant. He never regretted it before; however the moment he saw her, he regretted it.

Pei Chuan pushed the wheelchair closer to her.

She was the first girl who came into his room in the Little Imperial Court. He thought that after a long time he would forget her. But he now knew that some people were like a mole in the heart, even if that piece of meat was cut out, it would hurt year after year.

Pei Chuan looked down.

Her long eyelashes that were hanging down were paired with small, watery red lips.

How old is she this year?

Almost seventeen ba.

He was a b*stard, and he would never be a good guy. Everything he did was sinful.

Tomorrow, after returning to school smoothly, she may never know in this life that they met each other tonight.

Perhaps this was the last time they would see each other.

He couldn’t be her man, but he really truly liked her for so many years.

He put his arms on her sides and looked at her pink, tender lips.

After leaning halfway, he got up again.

He was not worthy; he was too dirty.

“I’ll take revenge for you. The chips need an experimental product, let it be Gao Jun, okay?”

He pushed her hair aside.

The girl naturally didn’t hear anything.

In the deepest night, he laughed at himself. “You might have forgotten who I am.”

However, he could never forget her for eternity. It’s really unfair.

“In this life, I will only do such an excessive thing for you.”

Pei Chuan’s index finger lightly touched her lips.

After taking his finger away for quite a while, he squinted affectionately at the tips of his index finger and kissed it, as if he could smell the fragrance of her lips.

“‘Yaoyao.’ This is the first time I called you like this; I’ll take you home.”

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