Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 101: Extra 3.1

[“Follow me.” — Pei Chuan]

Before the sky brightened, Pei Chuan sent Bei Yao back.

This year, Pei Chuan reached adulthood; he was in his third year of high school. The beer bottle that was struck by Gao Jun, wounded the corner of his mouth, and his face. But Gao Jun, who was supposed to be recovering from his injuries in the hospital, appeared on the experimental platform.

Pei Chuan and a medical researcher were wearing the same white lab coat. When Gao Jun woke up, the medical researcher was holding a needle.

Gao Jun saw Pei Chuan sitting in his wheelchair. He was unsure, but the cold expression on Pei Chuan’s face made Gao Jun aware of the danger.

He started to struggle. “Why did you tie me up? Let me go! Don’t come here… Chuan Ge, ahhhhh, Chuan Ge, I was wrong. I shouldn’t…”

The tranquilizer went into Gao Jun’s vein; Pei Chuan just watched all of this quietly.

Let him go? Had Gao Jun ever thought about the horror Bei Yao would get when she woke up?

What followed was chip implantation.

The machine displayed Gao Jun’s heart rate. Meanwhile, outside was an empty sky.

Pei Chuan clasped the wheelchair tightly and watched as Gao Jun gradually lost consciousness.

Pei Chuan’s body was tense. When Gao Jun woke up, he was mentally confused. The experiment failed.

But even if it failed, K was very happy.

The Clown* on the other side of the video laughed exaggeratedly. “Satan, I’m so glad that you already have preliminary research results.”

*t/n: Clown (小丑) has another meaning, which is ‘bad guy’ or ‘villain’. But in this case, it’s probably a code name.

The “research results” that he spoke of was Gao Jun, who may not be able to wake up in his life.

Pei Chuan turned off the computer and touched his chest. His heartbeat was calm, which proved that he did not care about whether Gao Jun was dead or alive.

This world was really cold, standing in the abyss truly has no temperature at all.


Gao Jun’s sudden disappearance was like throwing sand into the sea, it did not cause any waves.

The only small ripple was Gao Jun’s brother*, Yu Yinfan.

*t/n: Not blood-related brother

Yu Yinfan grabbed Pei Chuan’s collar. “You must know Gao Jun’s whereabouts, right? The people in Little Imperial Court said that he disappeared after the day he was fighting with you. I asked his little sister*, and said it’s been a long time since he went home.”

*t/n: Blood-related sister.

Pei Chuan’s expression was indifferent; he slapped his hand. “Be more respectful.”

His tone was calm, but it made people chilly. Yu Yinfan clenched his teeth. He looked like he was going to drink his blood and eat his flesh.

Pei Chuan found it boring.

In the end, after saying “brother” for a long time, he was still just an outsider. The real “brothers” were them.

Yu Yinfan asked, “Does it have something to do with you?”

Pei Chuan slowly straightened out his collar and slightly curled his lips. “Even if it is, what can you do to me?”

Yu Yinfan’s eyes reddened.

“The weak were the prey to the strong” was the principle that Pei Chuan had been clear of many years ago. Yu Yinfan couldn’t do anything to him. He just returned to the “one person life”, and occasionally called people out to party; they just trembled and didn’t dare to say a word for fear that they would follow in Gao Jun’s footsteps.

After the third year of high school, Pei Chuan rarely went to school. He did not like to hear people talk about school.

He was afraid of accidentally hearing news about the Sixth High School’s school flower, Bei Yao. She has never let him down. She was very good to him before, to not bother her was the last thing he could give her.

Since that day, Pei Chuan completely drew two parallel lines between himself and Bei Yao.

There was heavy snow during the Chinese New Year in C City that year; a female figure was standing outside of Pei Chuan’s house.

When he vaguely saw her, his heartbeat sped up and he pushed his wheelchair to open the door.

However, after getting closer, Pei Chuan slowly cooled down. It was not Bei Yao, but a tall young woman.

The woman turned her head, revealing an ordinary-looking face.

Her lips were thick and the bridge of her nose was crooked. She wore ripped jeans, and stood with her arms crossed.

The woman has burgundy colored hair. With a look, one would know that she was a delinquent girl.

She was taller compared to other women. When she saw Pei Chuan, she looked at him with interest; her gaze ran across his wheelchair, and there was a bit of light in her eyes.

“I’m Gao Jun’s little sister. My name is Gao Qiong.”

Pei Chuan was expressionless and was about to close the door when Gao Qiong said, “I’m not here to seek revenge. I have no feelings for Gao Jun; he is the same as my father. They’re both jerks who like to hit women.”

Gao Qiong said, “I just want to see what kind of person is able to get rid of him quietly. You look good; I really like you. Let’s be together ba.”

Pei Chuan felt like he had heard a joke and closed the door without hesitation.

Gao Qiong did not care and blew a whistle. This young man was pretty cool and has a temperament. He was stronger than her previous boyfriends.

On the night of the Spring Festival, heavy snow covered the ground, and a thick layer of snow accumulated on the treetops. The earth was wrapped in white, and Pei Chuan fell ill.

He has a good physique. Unfortunately, he got sick this year. It might be because he has been alone for a long time, and he was afraid no one would take care of him if he was sick, so he never let something happen to his body.

Outside, the sound of firecrackers exploded. It was a lively world, but his surroundings were deserted, without the slightest warmth.

Perhaps he was muddle-headed because of the fever, Pei Chuan finally pushed his wheelchair with a pale face to the entrance of his former neighborhood.

Although the neighborhood was old, it was full of lights and color. There were two red lanterns hanging on the gate, which was festive. The winter plum flower bloomed, and the air was filled with the light fragrance of it.

The fireworks exploded in the sky; Pei Chuan sat in the dark, staring quietly.

A 4~5 years old boy ran over and was startled when he saw the figure in the dark. Pei Chuan looked at the child who had a similar eyebrow to Bei Yao, and was dumbfounded.

Xiao Bei Jun was flustered and threw a firecracker to hit the bad person. Mom said that bad guys will come to catch the kids at night.

Xiao Bei Jun threw the firecracker on Pei Chuan’s leg; the strong smell of gunpowder infiltrated his nose.

He frowned, picked it up, and the firecracker exploded in his tightly closed hand, causing the web between his thumb and index finger to be extremely painful.

Pei Chuan raised his eyes, and behind the bewildered boy was a woman running from afar.

Bei Yao was stunned. Bei Jun was in a mischievous age. She just didn’t watch him for a while, and her younger brother threw a firecracker at someone.

Bei Yao was so frightened that she did not care to interrogate her younger brother on where he got the firecrackers and the lighter from. She hastily stepped forward to check on Pei Chuan’s wound.

“Are you okay? It’s bleeding.” She subconsciously helped him press on the blood vessel.

Pei Chuan was stunned.

He was feverish, his body temperature was scalding hot, and the snowflakes fluttered down from the sky. A soft, cool hand was holding his hand; though it couldn’t be called holding. The little girl was soft and delicate. It greatly magnified his senses.

It was the first time he was this close to her. It was like an illusion caused by the fever and it made him breathe rapidly.

Pei Chuan did not know whether his hand was in pain or not, all of his senses gathered on this little coolness, and Pei Chuan subconsciously squeezed the hand back.

Bei Yao raised her eyes in surprise.

Pei Chuan met her gaze, felt an electric shock, then fiercely shook off her hands.

The air was quiet for a moment, and the snowflakes fell on the young girl’s black hair.

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes and said nothing.

He did not know how to explain his disrespectful behavior just now, but Bei Yao was more embarrassed.

She did not think deeply about the meaning behind Pei Chuan’s strong grip. She was embarrassed that her little brother injured the little Gege who used to be her former neighbor. Perhaps after not seeing her for a long time, he still was not very fond of her.

Bei Yao pulled her younger brother. “Apologize to Gege.”

Bei Jun realized that he had made trouble and said dejectedly, “Gege, I’m sorry.”

Bei Yao looked at Pei Chuan with clear eyes and said sincerely, “I’m sorry. My Didi is ignorant. Your hand is injured; I’ll send you to the hospital for treatment. We will compensate you.”

Pei Chuan said coldly, “No need.”

His tone was extremely cold, like a block of ice that was difficult to melt.

Bei Yao was worried and was at a loss.

The two siblings stood in front of him, not knowing what to do, and looking like they were waiting to be reprimanded.

Pei Chuan was silent. “You guys go back ba.”

Bei Yao glanced at his hand; the wound was deep. Bei Jun must have picked up a firecracker from someone else’s house before it exploded.

Feeling guilty and uneasy, there was no way she could leave with ease.

The generosity of others was not an excuse. She bowed in panic. “Then wait a minute.”

She hurriedly pulled her brother home. Bei Jun was dragged home in no time, then she came back alone.

Bei Yao was holding a small pink box in her arms.

When she saw Pei Chuan was still there, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Do you mind if I help you clean up the wound?”

The heavy snow fell on Pei Chuan’s eyelashes. After a long time, he stretched out his hand.

Bei Yao seemed to find it difficult to get along with him. At this time, as if getting an amnesty, she squatted down in front of him with joy in her eyes.

Pei Chuan was in a place that was rather dark with only one old street lamp above his head.

The young man opened his hand. His palm was rough, and it looked like it has been corroded by lots of hardships, like the pine bark*. Both hands were covered with big and small wounds.

*t/n: 松柏皮, lit. pine skin. The pine, bamboo, and the plum were called three plants that thrive in cold weather as they will not wither in winter. Pine trees often symbolize the unyielding character, so the text means Pei Chuan has an unyielding character.

Without calves, lots of things usually have to be done by hand.

This hand was not good-looking; Pei Chuan subconsciously wanted to withdraw it, but she gently and warmly blew on his hand. As if he had been subjected to a fixation technique, his body couldn’t move.

“Alcohol disinfection will be a little painful.” Bei Yao looked at his bloody wound and her scalp felt numb. She tried to be as gentle as possible. Her tone also became more soft, as if coaxing her little brother, she whispered, “Tell me if it hurts.”

He pressed his lips.

However, when she was cleaning with the alcohol, that big hand did not even tremble for a bit.

She sighed in her heart but felt more in awe.

Pei Chuan just looked at her.

Bei Yao squatted in front of him, her eyes drooped, and snowflakes fell on her eyelashes. After cleaning with alcohol, she took out a white-colored gauze to bandage him.

The girl had grown up; her eyebrows looked gentle and elegant. He looked for a while then averted his gaze away slightly. Pei Chuan was afraid that he couldn’t hold back to caress her cheeks if he looked more.

In fact, Pei Chuan didn’t feel the pain, nor did he blame Bei Jun. He knew that if it were not for that, he would not have had such a chance to get along with Bei Yao like this.

However, when this matter was over, Bei Yao carefully tried not to touch him. After she finished dressing, she closed the first-aid box used at home. Bei Yao took out a red envelope. “I’m sorry that you got hurt. This is a blessing from an old lady in the small alley. Happy New Year. I hope you will be safe and sound.”

“I’ve said it, no need.” His expression was ice-cold; he pushed the wheelchair and left.

Bei Yao watched him disappear into the wind and snow, and mumbled softly, “He still has the same temper after he grew up.”


After the New Year, Spring came. It stood to reason that Pei Chuan should take the college entrance examination this year.

But in May, he was awakened with a basin of water by K.

Pei Chuan opened his eyes; there was not even a little bit of surprise nor horror in his dark eyes.

A man with his legs folded said exaggeratedly, “Look, look at our genius young man, he didn’t panic at all. How can we treat him this way? A Zuo, quickly help our researcher up ah.”

A man in gray clothes next to him pulled Pei Chuan by the collar, forcing him to raise his head.

Pei Chuan’s gaze was unwavering; he calmly looked at K.

K whistled and said unhurriedly, “You are not a kind person anyway, why refuse to use living people for experiments? Didn’t you do a good job with the previous experiment?”

Pei Chuan sneered. “If I don’t want to do it, then I won’t.”

“After all this year, you haven’t learned anything at all? People have to adapt to circumstances. I know you’re stubborn. But, let me think. You always have something you care about, right?”

“How about stripping you naked and tying you in the wild.”

The young man’s pupil rippled slightly. Soon after, it looked like a pool of stagnant water.

K made a ‘tch’ sound. Even this is not working.

“Some of my subordinates seem to like you too, how about you play with them.”

Pei Chuan sneered. “Okay ah.”

It was good to drag some people to die with him.

His indifferent attitude made K annoyed. K smiled and “tch” a few times. “Although it’s out of my expectation, your half-dead appearance is really disgusting. Why did you kill Gao Jun? Oh, right. You have a cute, pretty neighbor girl. How about letting her play with your brothers?”

Pei Chuan clenched his fist. “I’m not familiar with her.”

K said, “The information also stated this. But people’s hearts can’t be explained with just a few sheets of paper.” K pointed at Pei Chuan’s chest, “What’s with this expression, feeling sorry?”

Pei Chuan closed his eyes. “Half a month, give me half a month, and bring those people over.”

“Now this is right,” K raised an eyebrow, “But you’re really disobedient. You should not think that everything will be fine after you die ba. Let me tell you, once a Satan, forever a Satan.”

A Zuo pressed Pei Chuan’s face on the ground; K raised his foot to step on him.

“You must be punished if you did something wrong. Your body should be able to stand it. If you die, I can only find that little beauty to play with. Such a delicate girl will probably cry ba.”

Pei Chuan’s cheek was pasted against the cold and dirty ground; deep inside his eyes was an emotion that others couldn’t understand.


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