Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 102: Extra 3.2

Pei Chuan missed the college entrance examination this year.

He woke up in a foul-smelling garbage dump with an “S” tattooed on his right cheek.

The tattoo was a little inflamed and half of his face was a terrible mess.

There was no wheelchair around nor other means of transportation. K threw him to such a place just to deflate his arrogance and to let him understand that he was just like trash without their organization.

It rained and the putrid smell of trash was too strong.

He stuck his fingers in the mud, crawling while gasping for breath.

Gao Qiong found him at this time and brought Pei Chuan back.

“How did you become like this? Aren’t you very rich? What bad luck. So smelly, quickly wash up.”

She reached out her hand to take off Pei Chuan’s clothes but was pushed away. Gao Qiong also got angry. “I saved you. What’s with your attitude?”

Pei Chuan: “You don’t have to save me, just throw me back.”

Gao Qiong laughed with anger. He really has a temper.

Finally, Gao Qiong folded her arms and coldly watched him crawl into the bathroom to wash.

The hot water poured down, and the tattoo on his face stung. Pei Chuan raised his head; his eyes were scarlet red. No one could threaten him. Wait until this organization was surnamed Pei, he would chop up K and feed him to the dog.


When Bei Yao was in college, Pei Chuan’s experiment had already yielded results.

In the past two years, Gao Qiong has been helping him with many things. At first, she treated it like playing, but later she really liked it. This man was fierce and insidious in private, and his mind was determined. Gao Qiong seemed to witness how he grew up step by step.

She even witnessed the scene where Pei Chuan executed K with her own eyes.

Pei Chuan smiled casually. “Didn’t you really want this experiment to be successful? Just experience it for yourself.”

His smile was very shallow, but Gao Qiong somehow felt the hair on her arms stand up.

After the chip was implanted, K fell into a deep sleep.

Gao Qiong looked at Pei Chuan with complicated eyes. “Did my brother also become like this before?”

Pei Chuan said, “Yes ah, angry?”

Gao Qiong shook her head. “I’ve said it, I don’t care about him. I only like you and want to follow you.”

Pei Chuan smiled, “I don’t like you; you can get out. Ah Zuo, come and push me.”

A silly man pushed the wheelchair. Gao Qiong shouted, “Why? I did many things for you and there is no other woman around you. Is it because I’m not pretty? Is it because I’m not feminine?”

Pei Chuan was very interested. “Huh”, he said, “If you said so.”

Gao Qiong laughed from anger.

“Pei Chuan, someone like you who tramples on the sincerity of others deserves to spend your old days in loneliness.”

Pei Chuan replied blandly, “Thanks for the blessing.”


The next year, Gao Qiong also began to have some changes. She got a facelift and breast augmentation and learned make-up. Her whole person has the appearance of a seductive b*tch.

She pushed up her half-exposed breast, but Pei Chuan still didn’t give a glance.

Ah Zuo stared blankly. “Qiong Jie*, your chest looks like a pineapple.” Before, it obviously still looked like a small strawberry.

*t/n: 姐, Jie means sister. It’s not a blood-related sister, just how you call women around your age.

Gao Qiong looked at him triumphantly.

Pei Chuan tapped his fingers on the keyboard; snow began to fall outside the window.

The chip was put into use. He did not choose an English name, instead he called it “Wangsheng”.

“Wangsheng” brought endless wealth.

*t/n: 往生, wangsheng means ‘reborn’.

Sometimes Pei Chuan didn’t understand how his life became like this; he rarely went out the past two years.

In the winter of 2013, while preparing for the lantern festival, there was heavy snow in C City.

Gao Qiong persuaded, “Let Ah Zuo push you out to get some fresh air; it must be very lively at night. I heard that the lantern festival is not far from your hometown, just take a look for nostalgia.”

Gao Qiong didn’t hold much hope to begin with, but she did not know which word struck Pei Chuan’s nerves that he agreed to go out.

There was a thick blanket on his knees before he went out. Pei Chuan put on his fallen god* face mask, covering the tattooed “S”. This tattoo can be washed off, but he knew it wasn’t necessary. It was not the face, but the soul that was dirty.

*t/n: Fallen god also known as the fallen angel, refers to Lucifer or Satan. Pei Chuan’s name code is Satan after all.

It was also good to have a ‘Satan’ mark. With every day it was there, his heart would die thoroughly, and would not think about a life that didn’t belong to him.

Pei Chuan was willing to go out; Gao Qiong was elated. She dressed up gorgeously and was dangling in front of Pei Chuan all the way.

Pei Chuan only looked at the snow in the sky as if he had a lot on his mind.

Gao Qiong felt that he was very cold and insensitive. Fortunately, after so long, she had seen his vicious and sinister appearance, so she didn’t think much of it. If Pei Chuan was gentle, she must have seen a ghost instead.

But tonight, she really saw a ghost.

The lantern festival in C City was very lively; the lanterns’ riddle* were hung twice. The riddles this year were all made by the teachers themself; the answers couldn’t be found on the internet. They walked through the dim yellow lights. Because their grand style and bearing were different, people avoided them.

*t/n: The lantern was made using paper, usually red paper, so the riddle is written on it.

They saw that there was a young girl at the end of the road.

She wore a white cashmere sweater and two small wool balls hung on her hat.

She was with a 7-8 years old boy and made some gestures to the stall owner who sold the lanterns.

Following where her finger was pointing was a delicate wishing lotus lantern.

The old generations have a legend that if you make a wish on the lotus lantern, and then let it flow downstream, you could bless those who were important to you to be safe and healthy.

*t/n: So in the lantern festival, it is a custom to write your wish on the lantern. Some will let the lantern fly in the sky, some will let it flow in the river or pond, just like in the animation movie, Tangled, if you know.

Gao Qiong clearly saw the girl’s appearance; she was amazed. However, it was normal to be amazed, but the way Pei Chuan set his eyes on her was not normal.

Gao Qiong said, “Let’s get going?”

Pei Chuan did not respond.

When that girl brought the boy away, Pei Chuan looked at her back, and said silently, “Shang Xuan, go and ask.”

Shang Xuan has a high IQ and soon returned with a lotus lantern with a smile. “Boss, he said it’s not for sale. I threatened him a bit, is it okay?”

Pei Chuan took the lotus lantern. He lowered his gaze; it indeed blessed his health.

The winter this year was not very cold. Not far from the frozen lake, Pei Chuan said, “Give this to that girl just now, don’t say anything else.”

Shang Xuan revealed an ambiguous smile, received the command, and was gone.

Gao Qiong witnessed the whole process and went crazy.

Is this still f*cking Pei Chuan? Are you kidding me!

The Pei Chuan she knew would never take the initiative to treat anyone well; men and women were all the same. The only difference was if they completed the task well or not.

Let’s not talk about how he stared at her without moving just now. He actually wanted to give the girl the lantern!

Gao Qiong has followed him for so many years, not to mention the lotus lantern that girls like, this man would never even send a piece of paper.

Gao Qiong was not convinced. “Do you like that kind of girl?”

Pei Chuan said coldly, “You talk too much.”

“!” He really likes her.

Gao Qiong felt a heart attack. Okay, she admits that woman is beautiful, but she is not much worse now ah. Maybe that woman has also done surgery.

However, Gao Qiong did not dare to be presumptuous. Pei Chuan was really cruel; he did not care who had been with him for how long. He was used to licking the blood on the tip of the knife, even the basic compassion for humans was gone.

Gao Qiong thought that Pei Chuan would get to know her if he liked her, but nothing happened that night.

Pei Chuan gently stroked the part between his thumb and index finger and was in a daze for a long time.


That girl was already married, her partner was a rich man from B City.

When Gao Qiong heard about it, she rejoiced.

Some time ago, the girl prayed for a blessing for her father.

Her father got into an accident and became comatose.

To take a fancy on someone’s wife, she wondered if the cold-hearted Satan was ashamed.

However, Pei Chuan naturally knew what Gao Qiong knew.

They have separated for several years and everything has changed.

That night, Pei Chuan drank a lot of wine.

The crooked moon was in the sky. When Gao Qiong came to make a report, she was a little bit unwilling.

Gao Qiong felt that she had done a lot for Pei Chuan. That woman did nothing for Pei Chuan, so why could she get Pei Chuan’s heart without any effort.

She did not hold back and asked aloud.

The man was silent for a moment; Gao Qiong forever remembered his answer.

He was a little drunk and said with a low smile, “She did not need to do anything, just stand there, and I will love her.”

Not long after, a lady named Zhao Zhilan came to the door to ask for help.

This poor middle-aged woman was full of tears, hoping that Pei Chuan could help.

In the past two years, their power has continued to grow, but this kind of mess was not easy to deal with.

Shang Xuan waited for Zhao Zhilan to leave and said, “Boss, I think we should not be concerned with this. The Huo’s problem is too complicated, it involves military and business, it’s not something that could be resolved with money and power. Their grudges involved a life. We are currently developing, and it’s not good to make many enemies.”

Pei Chuan said, “I’m aware.”

Gao Qiong, who had been silent for a long time on the side, couldn’t stop herself anymore. “You’re aware that she’s married. So what if you send someone to take her away? Will she like you? Will she be grateful for your protection and be with you? She will not! Even if you kill me today, I will say it, she never looked at you, not before, not in the future. You, wake—”

Pei Chuan pointed the gun at her. “Say ah, why are you not speaking anymore? Don’t you have to say it even if I kill you?”

Gao Qiong’s mouth twitched.

Pei Chuan said, “I’m so sober. I’ve never been so sober before.”

He remembered his heartbeat when he faced Bei Yao; he understood the feeling of being inferior, also that there was no possibility between them.

But if you love, you love. Who would really care about gains and losses?

He opened the door. The outside was a spring with the grass growing high and the greenfinch flying around.

No one could understand; Pei Chuan expected it in his heart. Just like the treasure that he couldn’t buy when he was young, after so many years, it was forced to fall into his arms.

That year in the heavy rain, the little girl stumbled behind him to hold an umbrella for him. There was also that year in winter, he firmly held that little hand, and his heart became scalding hot.

She always thought he hated her and Pei Chuan never said anything. Countless times, he wanted to disregard everything and follow her back home.

The wind in the early spring was somewhat chilly.

When the door was pushed open, Pei Chuan saw Bei Yao again.

Over the years, he has walked the darkest road alone, tasted many flavors of loneliness, and hid the love he never dared to tell others in his heart.

Right now, on the first faint rays of the dawn of spring, Bei Yao’s surprised eyes reflected the appearance of a man in a wheelchair.

He slowly stretched out his hand.

“Come with me.”

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