Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 96: Final

Zhao Zhilan was overjoyed to learn about Bei Yao's pregnancy and volunteered to come over to take care of Bei Yao.

Knowing Bei Yao was bleeding, Zhao Zhilan felt some heartache. She told Bei Yao to sleep separately from Pei Chuan before the pregnancy was stable. Zhao Zhilan has the experience, she was afraid that young people have too much vigor and couldn't stop themself.

Pei Chuan agreed, but Bei Yao looked unhappy.

She had been more emotional recently, which was also the effect of pregnancy. However, in consideration of the baby, she could not be willful in such a matter.

The Pei's household was huge, so when Zhao Zhilan came over, she had a room for herself.

Zhao Zhilan knew of Bei Yao's habit of drinking water at night, she also knew that it was best not to drink cold sour plum soup at this time. Zhao Zhilan said, "Just give her cold boiled water*."

*t/n: In China, it’s a norm to first boil the water, although the tap water can be drunk immediately. Firstly, it is because Chinese people had a habit of drinking warm water. Secondly, it is to prevent any bacteria if there are any.

Bei Yao secretly pinched the corner of Pei Chuan's cloth and shook it when her mother did not pay attention.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips, refusing to speak, and just touched her head.

Pei Chuan and Zhao Zhilan were in cahoots. Bei Yao sighed and went to her own nest to sleep, looking pitiful.

However, at night, she found a glass of apple juice beside her bed.

Bei Yao just started her internship, but she unexpectedly got pregnant and was unable to go to the hospital anymore. Pei Chuan's job had reached a critical point and his application for leave to take care of his wife has been rejected several times.

That research was the painstaking effort of people from many generations, Pei Chuan frowned and looked down.

It was Zhao Zhilan who persuaded him. "Work properly, I will take care of Yaoyao. I have experience, don't worry."

Bei Yao knew Pei Chuan was working on something good and encouraged him to continue his research.

Even so, Pei Chuan still insisted on going home every day. No matter how late, he would come back to accompany Bei Yao.

One day, Zhao Zhilan pushed the door to see Bei Yao, and found that the bed was empty. Zhao Zhilan was frightened. Later, she saw her girl sleeping in Pei Chuan's arms. The two quietly leaned on each other with Pei Chuan carefully surrounding her.

Zhao Zhilan sighed in her heart but did not mention that they should sleep in separate rooms anymore.

When Bei Yao checked her progesterone the first time, there was bad news.

Pei Chuan understood the doctor, he frowned and lightly shook his head.

The doctor swallowed the words in his throat and then smiled at Bei Yao. "The child is very healthy."

That night, Pei Chuan did not sleep, he held the girl in his arms, a little insomniac. She was very well behaved after pregnancy and had no particularly uncomfortable pregnancy reactions. There were only occasional leg cramps at night, and Pei Chuan would get up to give her a rub.

However, Bei Yao's progesterone was low, which meant that it was not good for the growth and development of the fetus.

Pei Chuan gently brushed away the hair on her cheek, his heart felt unbearable.

Her stomach was not yet showing obvious signs, and her sleeping face was serene and beautiful.

Pei Chuan originally did not believe in karma. However this year, since that day, he started to help Bei Yao recuperate her body, and donate money in various places.

Many "prayer" elementary schools have been established, and countless children who did not have books were sponsored to get an education. There were also children's medical institutions and orphanages that received donations.

Zhao Zhilan found out that something was wrong, Pei Chuan did not hide it from her, telling her that the child might be unhealthy.

Zhao Zhilan was worried and sad, and said after a long time, "It's better to keep it from her, otherwise it will affect her pregnancy."

Pei Chuan agreed, and he calmly handled everything.

He made some arrangements with the hospital, learning about first aid and body conditioning.

Later, Bei Yao's belly grew bigger. She was unhappy that she had gained so much weight.

Her small waist was gone and her legs were a little swollen.

She wrapped herself in a quilt and refused to drink the fish soup. "I have drunk it so many times a day that I don't want to drink it anymore. I almost vomit whenever I drink it."

Zhao Zhilan glared at her. "How old are you? There is still a little one in your stomach, don't fuss."

Bei Yao felt that the one in her stomach probably also did not like the fish soup ah.

The late spring was about to become summer in 2015. Pei Chuan just came back when he saw Zhao Zhilan pulling Bei Yao's quilt.

He put down the documents and frowned imperceptibly.

"Mom, I'll persuade her to drink."

Zhao Zhilan said, "All right."

After Zhao Zhilan went out, Pei Chuan closed the door. He gently touched the lump inside the quilt. Bei Yao cautiously stuck out her face, she was indeed a little bit fatter, but it made her even more lovely.

"Is mom gone?"

Pei Chuan laughed. "En, it's stuffy inside the quilt, stop covering yourself."

Bei Yao got up and sullenly hugged his neck. "Drinking the fish soup makes me want to vomit, don't wanna drink."

He took advantage and held her in his arms. He would indulge her in some things, but Pei Chuan would not comply with her if it's concerning her body. However, he was not Zhao Zhilan and would not force her to drink. Pei Chuan knew that she disliked how fatter she was now.

However, those jade legs were still white and beautiful, and the girl was soft and more comfortable to hold.

He smiled. "Not fat."

Her skirt was worn loosely, Pei Chuan lowered his head and glanced at the real "fat" place. "Yaoyao smells even better, white and lovely."

Her body had a faint scent of milk, and Bei Yao could sometimes smell it herself. She was shy from the honeyed words, her eyes were watery.

Pei Chuan said, "I'll feed you, okay?"

In the end, Bei Yao still drank that bowl of soup.

Zhao Zhilan sometimes felt angry, yet funny at the same time. However, she was touched. She boasted that she loved her daughter, however she was far from having Pei Chuan's patience.

Zhao Zhilan knew that Pei Chuan had been under a lot of pressure. He hasn't told Bei Yao yet about the matter of the child.

The doctor persuaded him at that time. He was told that the pregnancy might be unstable, and after several examinations, he said that the fetus development was too slow. However, Pei Chuan kept silent. Looking at Bei Yao's joyful expectation every day, he searched for ways to take care of her and coax her.

Pei Chuan has made a lot of efforts, and the child was also fighting, peacefully waiting in its mother's stomach until May.

Yet, the frail child was born one month later than the expected date.

On the day Bei Yao gave birth, the family was extremely anxious outside the delivery room

Bei Jun also came, he already has the outline of a teenager.

Bei Licai was walking back and forth. Zhao Zhilan knew what was going on, and anxiously stomped her feet.

Bei Jun looked at Pei Chuan.

Pei Chuan stood in front of the window, watching the dark night sky lit up with countless lights. He was silent and calm as if melting into the night, no one knew what he was thinking.

Bei Jun did not know why, but he felt that Pei Chuan's heart was filled with distress and worry the most.

Bei Jun said, "Brother-in-law, don't worry, my sister and the baby will be fine."

Pei Chuan looked back at him and responded in a low voice.

At three o'clock in the morning, the doctor in the delivery room finally came out.

Pei Chuan walked over, and the doctor took off his mask. He did not know how to deliver the not-so-good news. "The child is too small, only a little more than 4 jins*, and his respiratory system is not so well developed. It may..."

*t/n: One Jin is 0.5 kg, so 4 Jins is equal to 2kg.

He didn't say anything further.

However, everyone understood. Zhao Zhilan's eyes were wet in an instant. The child could not survive.

The night was tranquil, Pei Chuan asked in a hoarse voice, "Is my wife okay?"

"She's fine, just too tired. She’s now resting."

Pei Chuan went over to see Bei Yao, she was already asleep. The air was filled with a faint smell, Pei Chuan gently kissed her forehead. "Baby, it's been hard on you."

Her eyes were closed, her brows made her look lovely and gentle.

The little nurse asked, "Do you want to see the baby?"

Pei Chuan paused. "En."

It was a boy.

Very, very small. Pei Chuan felt that he was not much bigger than his palm.

Zhao Zhilan couldn't bear to watch, everyone thought he couldn't survive.

The baby was lying in the incubator, every time his chest rose and fell with his breath, it seemed very difficult. His life force was faint.

Pei Chuan kept looking, his eyes red.

He gently helped the baby to smooth out the air.

The doctor accompanying him felt a little unbearable, but did not speak out to stop his futile behavior.

The child was too small and fragile, the doctor sighed and left.

When the city was at its quietest, Pei Chuan listened to the child breathe with great effort, and gently touched his red, weak little hand.

"When dad was four years old," Pei Chuan whispered, "I also thought I wouldn't survive. But, my son, life is very tenacious. You have to be stronger."

That pink and tender fist lightly bumped into the man's finger.

Pei Chuan suddenly wet his eyes.

Pei Chuan spent three days and four nights accompanying the baby in the incubator.

The baby, who everyone thought could not survive, became the devil king in kindergarten at the age of four.

The baby, Devil King Pei Ling, was undisciplined. He was only afraid of his dad's cold face.

His dad still had a calm expression as always when he was angry, but after two days, Xiao Pei Ling would always learn a big lesson.

*t/n: Xiao means little, it’s often used in front of the name as a nickname.

Little Pei Ling was especially popular in kindergarten. He was cute and much more delicate than when Pei Chuan was a child, he also wore a small shirt. Xiao Pei Ling's fighting strength was so powerful that he broke the sofa at home and also made a hole in the kindergarten’s slide.

The day before the kindergarten holiday, Pei Chuan received a call from the teacher. He held his daughter to pick up the devil king.

The devil king didn't repent, and still quibbled with his milky voice. "It fell down and broke by itself, it wasn’t me."

When Pei Chuan came with the little princess in his arms, the four years old devil king fell silent at once.

Pei Nian blinked her big eyes and watched her big brother's dusty appearance. She giggled.

Pei Ling finally apologized in a dejected manner.

The two-year-old Xiao Nian'nian was eating a lollipop. Pei Chuan held the little princess in one hand, while his other hand pulled his son's back collar. They walked towards the car.

Pei Ling tilted his head up to look at his sister. "Silly Nian, come down and walk."

Nian'nian was close with her brother, she obediently got down and walked together with him.

Pei Ling hurriedly held her chubby little hand, smiling and telling her how cool he was in the kindergarten just now.

The little princess did not understand, but Pei Chuan gave him a quick glance.

The little devil king did not feel the death stare. The two children were puffing and blowing to get into the car together. When getting off of the car, Xiao Nian'nian's hair was stuck to the lollipop, she had a guileless expression.

Pei Ling twisted his mouth and made a face.

Pei Chuan's eyebrows moved slightly, taking out his daughter's rubber band from his pocket to tie up her soft hair, and then wiped her mouth. Nian'nian looked like Bei Yao, her clear almond eyes stared at her dad.

Pei Ling had already run away in a flash.

In the meantime, Bei Yao was cooking.

Tomorrow, they would go back to B City to celebrate the New Year. Pei Ling hugged his mother's slender leg.

Bei Yao patted and flicked his forehead affectionately. "Wash your hands first when you come home. Naughty boy, how shameful. The teacher filed a complaint again."

I don't know how my son can cause so much trouble, he can even tear down the house.

Pei Chuan did not know how much money he had lost due to the little devil king. Xiao Pei Ling was so naughty that you couldn't guess that he was born weak.

On the night before they returned, the two children went back to their respective rooms to sleep.

Bei Yao pondered. "Does Xiao Ling have ADHD? He keeps making trouble every day."

Pei Chuan said, "He is smart and has a high IQ."

Bei Yao said in surprise, "Really?"

Pei Chuan was silent for a moment. "En, I was also precocious when I was a kid. He knows a lot of things, such as not letting me hug Nian'nian."

"Isn't he jealous?"

Pei Chuan said in a low voice, "He knows I don't have calves." Although their little princess was not heavy, for Pei Chuan, holding her for a long time would become a burden. The big devil had never let his dad hold him since he was a child, and later he didn't let Nian'nian lay on her dad's arms.

Bei Yao’s eyes widened, Pei Chuan already lowered his eyes, it was unknown what he was thinking.

Bei Yao kissed the corner of his mouth. "Don't think too much, in our son's heart, you are a great hero."

Pei Chuan smiled and did not speak.

When the family returned to B* City this winter, there was not much snow.

*t/n: The raw said C City, but they’re supposed to go back to the B city, so I changed it.

The houses in the old community were not sold, and sometimes, old homes meant a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

A lot of things happened this year. The year before, Fang Minjun and Chen Yingqi were married, and now they have been pregnant since the beginning of this year. Bei Yao happily bought a lot of things for Min Min. Of course, there was also Bai Yutong. It was said that she always wanted to marry into the rich, but she not only gave the enemy a wife but also lost soldiers*. She was previously raised outside** and was kicked out during Chinese New Year this year.

*t/n: 赔了夫人有折兵 (péi le fū rén yǒu zhé bīng); Chinese idioms means to suffer double loss after trying to trick the enemy.

**t/n: It means she is a mistress.

Cao Li was together with an old man with a good pension. The man smoked, drank, and gambled, she lived a miserable life every day.

Cao Li was not in the mood to take care of Pei Jiadong, and sent the child back to Pei Haobin.

Pei Haobin was old. He was only 50 years of age this year, but his hair was all white. He didn't like to laugh, but liked to remember past memories.

When Bei Yao saw Pei Jiadong again, the child was thin and his cloth was dirty, his black eyes were lifeless.

He actually looked pitiful. Seeing him, she knew that Pei Haobin’s days were not good either.

Pei Jiadong opened his mouth, not knowing what to call her, and looked at Pei Chuan again.

Pei Chuan looked at him too, Bei Yao gave Pei Jiadong a red envelope. "Happy New Year, it's cold outside, go back home ba."

Pei Jiadong wiped his red eyes, gritted his teeth, and ran home.

Pei Chuan did not express his opinion and sent the father and son a small sum of money at the end of the year, at least Pei Jiadong would not be cold in the winter.

The sound of that "Gege" that year seemed to be still in his ear. Pei Chuan watched their devil king grow up day by day, and felt that his heart was not as hard as it used to be.

At the start of Spring, it rained.

Before going back, Pei Chuan asked Bei Yao, "Would you like to see our former kindergarten?"

"Okay, is that place still there?"

"En. I didn't let anyone touch it." He later bought* that piece of land. After all these years, there would be people who would clean it regularly, and it still looked like how it used to be.

*t/n: The raw use the word 卖 (mài) which means sell, but it doesn’t make sense. The author probably wrote the wrong word as 买 (mǎi) which means buy had the same romanization.

The original sign of "Evergreen Kindergarten" could no longer be seen. A few Chinese Mahogany trees at the gate were already old, but they were getting taller and taller. The plum blossoms in the kindergarten were still blooming every year. The facilities here were simple and crude, and were different from the equipment in the kindergarten nowadays.

The two seesaws made of wooden boards were gradually eroded and decayed by wind, frost, and rain, but the appearance of that year could still be seen in the courtyard.

Bei Yao pushed the door, the spring sunlight shone into the kindergarten.

Suddenly, she was still able to see that in the middle of the young and tender children, there was a silent and hard to befriend boy, sitting in a wheelchair alone. His eyes were lonely and cold.

Bei Yao was a little nostalgic.

"I remember that I gave you a pretty lotus flower. Do you remember?"

Pei Chuan smiled. "En, I thought at the time, ‘This fool was so stupid. Who likes lotus?’."

The afternoon sun shone in. He said, "Looking back now, the little fool sent a lotus flower, paper plane, and cartoon drawing, which unexpectedly gave me a childhood."

Bei Yao was pleased with herself. "Of course." She blinked, looking like she was asking for praise.

Pei Chuan laughed, and finally whispered, "It's great to meet you."

Pei Chuan said that their devil king was precocious, but Bei Yao did not take it seriously at first.

After all, Xiao Pei Ling was troublesome, he was like a walking excavator, he couldn't wait to dig a hole wherever he went.

When Xiao Nian'nian was in kindergarten and Pei Ling was in the first grade, the six-year old devil king came back with a wound on his face for the first time.

Nian'nian said, "Gege got into a fight."

Not only that, but after the fight, he fiercely threatened Nian'nian not to talk about it. He was still sulking in the room now.

Bei Yao asked, "Why did Gege fight?"

Nian'nian: "Gege didn't allow me to talk about it."

Bei Yao pinched her chubby little face. "You can't even tell mom?"

Nian’nian hesitated, and said, "Mom can oh."

Nian’nian was actually very curious. She said, "Someone in Gege's class said dad is a cripple, then Gege fought with him. Mom, what is cripple?"

Pei Chuan pursed his lips and turned his head away.

Bei Yao’s eyes were sour and she looked at her daughter’s innocent eyes. "They are speaking nonsense. Baby, when people are born, the gods will give them gifts and blessings to make them whole and happy. But sometimes the gods are too busy, and some people wouldn’t receive it, so they have a harder time than anyone else."

"So dad didn't get gifts and blessings?"

"Yes ah."

Nian'nian was sad, and seriously said, "Nian'nian will share her gift with dad."

Pei Chuan tenderly rubbed her little head and gently curved his lips.

At night, the devil king would kick his quilt and Pei Chuan had to wake up several times to cover him.

But tonight, the little light in the devil king's room was still on

Under the dim light, two small balls were whispering to each other.

The devil king pinched his sister's face in anger. "You have a big mouth, still dare to say what you're not allowed to say."

The four-year-old Nian'nian said aggrievedly, "But I want to know what cripple is."

The room was silent in an instant.

Pei Chuan felt that for a moment, he returned to the night when Pei Haobin and Jiang Wenjuan quarreled when he was young. He was separated from them by a door and listened to them saying those words that were haunting his heart for many years.

Tonight, the whole city was peaceful and there was a bright moon outside.

Two small children snuggled up in the room.

Pei Chuan wanted to hear what they would do.

The devil king told his sister earnestly, enunciating each of his words firmly. "Nian'nian, dad is only injured. He will always be the greatest and strongest hero in the world."

The night breeze in June was extremely warm.

Pei Chuan closed the door. For the first time, he understood that all the good things in the world had fallen into his palm.

Translator note: This is the end of the main story, there are still extra chapters waiting!

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