Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 94: Growing Up

In the winter of Bei Yao’s last year in university, Pei Chuan took her back to C City for the New Year.

The winter in C City this year was particularly heavy, the whole city was covered in snow, and the air felt cold.

Zhao Zhilan did not want to leave their old house. They had lived here for a long time, their roots were here.

Red lanterns were hung outside the Bei's house. Zhao Zhilan knew they were coming back and was overjoyed. She especially made a lot of sausages and bacon.

A year ago, the husband of Aunt Chen who sold tofu died. It was said that the blind old man suffocated, and Aunt Chen followed the next day.

The two elders leaned on each other in front of the window. The blizzard was raging outside, while their bodies had long been stiff and cold.

The residents of the old community felt some sympathy. When she was young, Grandma Chen was also a beautiful-looking girl in their home village. Later, she married her blind husband and worked hard for half of her life selling tofu in town at dawn.

She took care of her husband alone all her life, and always smiled at everyone.

When he was gone, she followed him the next day.

The two old people had no children, there was no arrangement for their funeral. When they were discovered, everyone took the initiative to raise money to bury them.

Two people, one grave.

Bei Yao and Pei Chuan also went to express their condolences.

On the way back, someone sighed. "I didn't know what old Aunty Chen wanted. She had served him all her life and still followed after him when he died. Her life was full of bitterness, she also did not enjoy any blessing. In the end, there was no one to send them when they were old."

Pei Chuan looked at the distant and lonely white poplar tree in the middle of the snowstorm, there was a moment of silence.

Bei Yao held his hand.

His body temperature was high, and Bei Yao's hand was cold. He conveniently put her hand in his pocket to warm it.

Bei Yao tilted her head. "What are you thinking about? Don't think of some nonsense."

Pei Chuan lowered his gaze. "I was thinking that this New Year's snow is very heavy, I'll take you out to build a snowman."

Bei Yao said, "Your body temperature is so high, it seems to be warm all year round."

She found it magical. He obviously had such a cold personality, but his body temperature was warmer than most people.

He smiled and didn't say anything, he only held her hand and walked back home.

The old neighborhood still looked vaguely the same, the plum flowers bloomed and the fragrance was overflowing in the entire community.

This year, the people in the old neighborhood still visited each other on New Year’s Day.

Only Fang Minjun was missing. When Zhao Xiu came for a visit, she said joyfully, "My family Minmin is going to visit Huo Dinglin's house this year."

Everyone knew that Fang Minjun was engaged before, yet they were still a bit stunned at the moment.

The decline of the Huo family did not affect Huo Dinglin's family, they were civil servants and distant relatives.

Bei Yao met Chen Yingqi.

She almost didn't recognize him. Chen Yingqi had lost weight, he wore a blue jacket and was laughing like before.

He patted Pei Chuan on the shoulder. "I really envy you."

Pei Chuan glanced at him lightly. "Let's talk outside."

Chen Yingqi naturally agreed.

Pei Chuan turned his head and looked at his curious little wife. He patted her head and smiled. "Why are you curious about everything?"

Bei Yao looked away. "Not curious, not listening."

Pei Chuan gave her a glance then walked outside with Chen Yingqi.

Bei Yao waited for him to leave then looked over at them eagerly. What are they talking about? Why so mysterious?

In the evening, she heard Uncle Chen complain that Chen Yingqi went to the company to work again before the end of the New Year.

Bei Yao always thought that it was related to Pei Chuan, yet the man was calmly tapping on his keyboard as if nothing had happened. She said she was not curious during the day, but now she was curious to death.

She laid on his lap. "Pei Chuan ah."

Pei Chuan knocked on the keyboard, gave her a glance, and held back a smile. He then turned his head to type the code to earn extra money to raise his delicate little wife.

She twisted around and was restless. Pei Chuan is so smart, he must understand what she wants.

Pei Chuan turned a blind eye.

It was snowing outside, and the couple was living in the Bei’s old house. Zhao Zhilan also installed air-conditioning for them.

The only embarrassing thing was that the old house was not soundproof. So, they could only obediently sleep once night came.

Otherwise, it would be embarrassing to be heard by the parents next door. They stayed in Bei Yao's old room. Last night, Bei Yao was restless. She felt that Pei Chuan who had returned to their hometown was so serious and rigid, not gentle like when they were at home at all. She deliberately teased him, when Pei Chuan could not resist and pressed over her, she giggled and said, "My parents are next door."

Pei Chuan's vein bulged out.

Tonight she wanted to know about Fang Minjun and Chen Yingqi, but Pei Chuan worked so seriously, and just calmly said, "It's cold, go sleep by yourself. I have to finish this software."

Bei Yao was so sullen and angry that she bit him gently on the leg.

Pei Chuan had taken off his prosthesis and he was bitten stiff by her.

He gently pinched her face. "Get up."

Bei Yao said vaguely, "What did you say to Chen Yingqi today? He didn't even wait until the New Year ended before he left."

Pei Chuan casually said, "Didn't you say you were not curious?"


Bei Yao rested her chin on his lap, feeling a bit sullen. He must be holding a grudge. Pei Chuan obviously has a sharp mind, but this time he deliberately gave her words back to her. Bei Yao reached out his hand to touch his stump.

Pei Chuan stopped her hand, holding it tightly. "Don't touch it. Since when did you develop such a bad habit?"

Bei Yao lifted her head and looked at him. "You are really stingy today."

He spoke. "Nonsense."

She smiled. "Are you mad about last night?"

"No," Pei Chuan said.

She suppressed her smile and looked at the man's calm face. "Let me count ah. I took the final exam before the holiday, after that we came back. It seems it has been several days."

He lowered his eyes and lightly gave her a glance.

Bei Yao somehow found him funny, she said boldly, "Let’s keep it light and quiet. Would you tell me about Minmin first?"

Pei Chuan clenched his teeth and said nothing.

Bei Yao laughed her heart out, she propped herself up, then spread her legs and sat on him. Her cheeks were puffed out, her eyes clearly had a playful smile.

Pei Chuan closed the laptop fiercely and covered her mouth. "No screaming. If we're heard, we will be ashamed together anyway."

Outside the window, there was a thick white snow, and her eyes were full of water vapor.

These past two years, the Bei family has not been following the tradition of staying up late for the New Year. In the early morning, the ruckus of firecrackers sounded one after another.

Pei Chuan smiled and praised her. "So well behaved."

Because of shyness, she really did not utter a sound. She was reluctant to bite him, looking very pitiful.

He held Bei Yao and turned her over, helping her smooth her breathing while he was panting lightly. Amidst the sound of the firecrackers of the year, he mutely told her about Chen Yingqi and Fang Minjun.

"Before I went to jail, I asked him to take good care of you guys. I also gave Chen Yingqi a sum of money to start a business. He collected the money, but did not move it, he has a good character. Chen Yingqi was fat because of his genes and he faced more difficulties in losing weight than many people. However, in the past few years, he persevered every day, regardless of winter or summer. But in terms of career, he has the skills, unfortunately he can only do odd jobs."

"I guess he has been in C City because he can't let go of Minjun." Huo Dinglin was not a good man, and Chen Yingqi probably understood it, and became more afraid to leave her.

"He refused to receive favors for doing nothing. I never took the money back, so I told him to start his own business. If he succeeds in the future, he will give me half of the shares. If he fails, he will pay me a small amount of the money back." You always have to fight for your future, you couldn't wait indefinitely for an unknown result.

There were sounds of firecrackers from the outside, she leaned closer to his ear. "You men are strange. It's not necessary to be rich to be able to live."

Pei Chuan smiled and didn't say anything.

It was not that they needed to be rich, but for them, to have a little more money was better. Love alone could not feed his baby, you also need bread.

The death of Grandma Chen also touched him greatly.

He lowered his head, and whispered in her ear, "Let’s stop using contraception and give birth to a baby, ‘kay?

Bei Yao blushed, and asked, "Do you like children?"

Pei Chuan said, "I don't know."

"You don't know?"

He has no experience with children, but it was certain that children did not readily like him. This New Year, he gave Bei Jun a big red envelope and the child awkwardly shouted “Thank you, brother-in-law”.

Pei Jiadong was also a little afraid of him. Pei Chuan has never gotten along well with children. When he was a child, he was not good at getting along with his peers, so he really didn't know whether he liked them or not.

But if there was someone in this world who has similar eyes and has blood relations with her, he felt that his heart would definitely be gentle with them.

At night, the goose feathers flew, he looked at those feathers flying outside the window.

For the first time, Pei Chuan hoped that she did not love him as much as she did, and that she did not treat him like he was her everything. So even if one day he leaves first, there would still be children to take care of her for him. She could still share love with others. He heard that a mother's love surpasses all feelings in the world.

In this way, she will still be alive, and will live well.

Don't follow Aunt Chen's example and die in the cold snowstorm.

He kissed the top of her hair.

However, Pei Chuan had been stuck in this mud all his life. If you go first, I'll follow you.

When she went back to school after the New Year, it was already spring.

It was a sunny June when Bei Yao graduated. At that time, the lotus flowers were in full bloom, she wore a student shirt of the Republic of China, holding a paper umbrella, and taking graduation photos with her roommates.

The young and tender faces on the campus gradually became more mature with a definite outline.

Qin Dongni approached Bei Yao, and said with a smile, "Sometimes I feel that when I look at you, I can see what love looks like."

It started from being two little childhood sweethearts with a close relationship.

After sailing for a thousand times, it changed from the initially sincere feeling to wanting to protect the other in the palm of their hands. Qin Dongni has met a lot of people over the years, but they always split up in the end. She didn't know what she wanted.

So, how hard is it for two people who are two worlds apart to bring their hearts so close together?

When Pei Chuan came to attend her graduation ceremony, he especially wore a suit.

Thankfully, they didn't need to wear such clothes at work, which was cumbersome.

He walked into the campus and many people glanced at him. Nowadays, Professor Pei was considered a celebrity at B University. He looked especially mature in a suit, plus he has a kind of cold-hearted handsomeness.

Bei Yao saw him when she turned around.

She thought he was busy with the research institute recently and would not be able to come, she didn't expect him to pick her up without saying a word.

She flew over. Pei Chuan hugged her and took the paper umbrella she used as decoration.

The girl's voice was clear and joyful. "Pei Chuan, I graduated!"

He also showed a light smile.

This year, he was in a suit and leather shoes, and she was dressed in a student cheongsam, graceful and feminine. Amidst the fallen petals flying in the air, it created a beautiful painting.

A lot of people quietly looked over.

The flowers in the university were in full bloom. Pei Chuan pulled down the paper umbrella, and under it was a small world for the two of them.

She heard the man's low voice tinted with laughter as he spoke.

"Little Doctor Bei, congratulations on growing up."

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