Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 103: Hey! Satan 1

“Raise your hands! Don’t move!”

When Bei Yao regained consciousness, she was being scolded. She followed the voice and looked over. When the dizziness in her mind subsided, Bei Yao saw eight men holding batons in front of her.

Several men acted like they saw an enemy and seemed to be ready to make a move at any moment.

Bei Yao raised her hands.

The leader asked sharply, “Who are you? How did you find this place?”

Bei Yao also wondered. In one moment she was still in Marxism Class, in the next second, she appeared in this strange place.

She was very nervous and looked all around, feeling a little startled.

There was a sea of purple lavender flowers beside her. The ground under her feet was soft. She looked down to take a look; she was stepping on a small rose that seemed to have just been planted.

She stood the tallest; her scalp was numb as she reacted. She was actually standing on someone’s grave.

There was a tombstone in front of her. It was a pity that she was in a bad situation right now. In front of her were a few men who seemed like enemies; Bei Yao did not dare to move.

She said, “I also did not know how I got here. Can I go right away?”

Several men had different expressions.

A man said to his comrade, “We can’t let her go. This is a forbidden area, if someone knows that the place we guarded was broken in, all of us won’t be able to live. Yesterday was that lady’s death anniversary, he is now still in a nearby village…”

Several people shuddered, not knowing what they remembered.

Bei Yao heard the discussion that they wanted to silence her, and her heart rushed out. She turned around, about to run away.

Several men reacted quickly, like an eagle catching a small chicken, they ran a few laps and threw her down.

The sea of roses fell. Although they caught her, their faces were even worse than Bei Yao’s.

They were finished, Satan planted the flower himself.

Bei Yao was caught and they pressed the baton on the side of her cheek.

Someone said, “Kill her quickly and see if we can replant the flowers.”

Bei Yao’s arms hurt. She was shocked that these people did not have the slightest concept of law, and casually spoke of killing as if talking about eating. Even if it was wrong for her to step on someone’s grave, she wouldn’t be guilty of death. Not to mention that she was already standing on the grave when she was conscious, not deliberately.

She was about to be killed without rhyme or reason; she looked at the tombstone with a heavy heart.

Even if you die, you have to know who you have offended, right?

At that time, in June, a sea of purple lavender flowers was dancing in the wind.

She saw the photo on the tombstone.

Bei Yao was stunned. It looked exactly like her. The girl in the photo was smiling and her almond eyes were bent. She and the person in the photo on the tombstone looked at each other, she felt a sense of absurdity in her heart.

Her eyes quickly swept across the words in front of her.

The bold handwriting seemed to be carved by hand, stroke by stroke. It looked ancient and simple. “My Wife Bei Yao’s Tomb.”

*t/n: The raws used the ancient Chinese language (吾妻贝瑶之墓).

This is… her tomb?

However, there was no time to think, the baton was going to smash her.

Bei Yao felt her head numb and shouted, “Wait a minute! I have a way to help you.”

Seeing them not believing, Bei Yao quickly said, “I looked the same as the woman on the tombstone, just see if you don’t believe me.”

The group of men did not dare to look.

Someone said with a rough voice filled with anger, “What will you do if you believe her? Do you still want to survive or not?”

“No.” Bei Yao was about to cry out of anxiety, “You guys have destroyed the garden of roses and will be punished regardless. I look the same as her, your… boss will definitely be softhearted.”

In the end, because they were afraid of getting punished, someone daringly glanced at the tombstone then looked at Bei Yao in shock as if seeing a ghost.

“Real... really looks exactly the same.”

“What should I do now?”

“Or else, do as she said and take her to meet that person first?”


June, in a modern villa built in a sea of flowers, there was a western ancient style to it.

Bei Yao’s hands were handcuffed, and she was pushed in front of a man wearing golden glasses.

“Mr. Yu, this is the woman.”

Yu Shang Xian raised his eyes when he looked at Bei Yao and the usual fake smile on his face froze. His expression turned sullen, bringing a bit of imposing aura.

He pulled Bei Yao over.

After looking closely over Bei Yao’s face, he sneered. “The person behind you is so courageous that he dared to send you to have plastic surgery to look like her. Aren't they afraid of trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice? Save it ba. Some people have used this trick before; he doesn’t like a substitute.”

Yu Shang Xian was shocked by the girl’s appearance; he calmed down for a while then said, “You guys were also not careful. Looking at your age, you’re most likely 18 or 19, if she was still alive, she should be 26.”

Bei Yao wanted to cry without tears. She was first regarded as a tomb thief, and then as a spy.

She was thinking along the way, Who would use the two words, “my wife”? But the her in this world seemed to have been dead for a long time.

Her memory was incomplete, she only knew the future recorded in that note, and these people did not look like good people who followed the rules and regulations. Bei Yao had even experienced an incredible thing like a rebirth. So at this time, her acceptance of things was quite high. She encouraged herself to make a guess. “Is the master here named Pei Chuan?”

Yu Shang Xian showed a strange expression.

Pei Chuan, this name, has not been called for a long time.

After the “Mang Sheng” chip was put to use worldwide, everyone knew only the sinful “Satan”, almost no one would call him Pei Chuan. After a long time, even Yu Shang Xian, who was his left and right hand, almost forgot. He was their leader, Satan, but he was also Pei Chuan.

Looking at the girl’s immature and young face, Yu Shang Xian’s long and narrow eyes flashed with light. Very similar, too similar to that beautiful girl who died young. Not only her face, but also her clean and clear eyes.

Satan’s temper has become worse in the past two years, even Yu Shang Xian sometimes trembled with fear. Yu Shang Xian liked the crazy world right now, where the weak were the prey of the strong, but he did not like the leader becoming a madman who would destroy the world.

No matter what was the origin of the girl in front of him, he could just try it.

Yu Shang Xian did not answer Bei Yao’s question and pushed her forward.

“I’m warning you, no matter what your background is, it is best not to show your timidity when you see him later. Don’t ‘humph’, or your mission would not be completed, and you have to hand over your life in this place. And…” Yu Shang Xian’s tone was a little subtle, “The way you just called him...”

Bei Yao said, “Called him what? Pei Chuan?”

Yu Shang Xian squinted his narrow eyes and nodded.

Bei Yao was not like a baby bird who just came into the world; she felt that the current world was weird and humans seemed to have no restrictions.

However, thinking of the “Satan” in the diary, she felt nervous and complicated.

She was actually curious as to what Pei Chuan in the past would become in the end. However, when she was really going to see him now, she was a little timid.

Going up the spiral staircase, Yu Shang Xian stopped his step. “You will go by yourself in a while.”

He was an old fox, to bring the woman over was like bringing a bomb. What would happen later was unpredictable. Although Yu Shang Xian was looking forward to the change that “Bei Yao” could bring, his life was also very important.

It was okay if Satan accepted her, but if he didn’t, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be pleased.

Yu Shang Xian pushed her. “Hurry up.”

He wouldn’t come in anyway.

Bei Yao staggered. Looking at the half-concealed elegant wooden door in front of her, she felt complicated, but she was also very curious at the same time.

The Pei Chuan in their mouth seemed to be different from the one she knew.

She paused for a bit then pushed the door open.

The darkness in the room made it a little hard to adapt. In the dappled light, she saw a man reading at a glance.

She was stunned. The man was sitting in a wheelchair with a fallen god mask on his face.

He heard the sound, frowned, and raised his eyes.

The two of them looked at each other; the air was quiet for a moment.

His breathing was stagnant.

Bei Yao breathed a sigh of relief. She was still nervous just now, but seeing the man’s dark and deep eyes made her almost sure in an instant—this was Pei Chuan. He was not much different from the one she knew.

The man pursed his lips. The girl in front of her was only nineteen years old with her long soft hair hanging down, seeming to have a faint halo.

She tilted her head and walked over slowly.

In a short period of time, Pei Chuan had countless ways to kill her. However, he put his hand on the wheelchair and finally became so stiff that he let her walk in front of him.

Bei Yao stretched out her hand, there was still a handcuff on her wrists, she hesitatingly put her hands on his mask.

Before she took it, he held the cold handcuff, preventing her from moving.

The man said with a low voice, “Bei Yao?”

Bei Yao nodded, she was a little happy. From the start, everyone felt that she was fake, but her Pei Chuan recognized her at a glance.

She said with a sticky voice, “It’s me.”

He looked at her with his dark eyes without a trace of emotion.

Bei Yao said, “I don’t know how to explain it to you. When I woke up, I was already on top of that tomb. I also did not know what happened. Do you believe me?”

He said nothing.

Bei Yao was a little anxious. “You do not believe me?”

He closed his eyes. “I believe it.”

Bei Yao felt that the man in front of her seemed to be credulous. She herself took a long time to accept the matter, but he actually believed it without asking anything.

Bei Yao told him her origins and Pei Chuan listened quietly throughout the process.

She briefly summarized. “In that world, you are now in jail.”

She glanced at him carefully but the man in front of her seemed to be going along with it well.

Bei Yao lowered her head, feeling disheartened. “I was originally going to visit you tomorrow, but I don’t know why I appeared here.”

Pei Chuan did not open his eyes, after a long while he said, “I’ll let someone take the handcuff off for you.”

He made a phone call and within a short while, both Yu Shang Xian and Gao Xiong came.

Bei Yao was intact; Yu Shang Xian raised his eyebrow in surprise.

Gao Qiong’s reaction was more straightforward. “F*uck! Ghost Bei.”

Bei Yao did not know them, so she unconsciously moved closer to Pei Chuan.

Pei Chuan’s finger paused.

Gao Qiong reacted. “Satan, she is long dead. How could she be here? She must have an ulterior motive, implant the chip in her and she will answer everything.”

Although Bei Yao did not understand what chip, she heard the malice in Gao Qiong’s words clearly.

It seemed that after coming to this inexplicable world, everyone wanted to kill her.

She felt insecure in her heart and nervously squatted beside Pei Chuan; she tentatively held his hand.

You won’t listen to them, right?

Pei Chuan was stunned.

Seeing this scene, Gao Qiong’s eyeballs were about to jump out. D*amn it, she didn’t want her life anymore. This woman of unknown origin with a “bad heart”, she is so bold, and looks like she has a hole in her head.

Satan will definitely chop off her hand, definitely!

Pei Chuan gently rubbed the small hand in his palm, then raised his eyes and glanced at Gao Qiong with a warning, “You scared her!”

“......” Gao Qiong’s heart was filled with ten thousand mmp!

*t/n: It’s a curse word in China with Sichuan dialect which means that your mother work in p*rn industries, or you might say ‘mother f*ckr’.

Bei Yao breathed a sigh of relief.

Pei Chuan released her hand. “Don’t be afraid, they will not do anything to you. Your clothes are muddy, change first.”

Bei Yao walked away and looked back from time to time.

Gao Qiong’s face was flushed red with anger; she whispered to Shang Xuan, “F*ck that scheming b*tch. If I know this works, I would have had a f*cking plastic surgery to look like Bei Yao.”

Yu Shang Xian almost lost his smile. He had a serious expression while he warned her. “His temper these two years has been fluctuating unstably. What happened just now, you must be clear in your heart. You haven’t seen him so gentle in many years ba. No matter if you think if that girl is the real deal or fake, it’s good if our life gets better.”

Gao Qiong clenched her teeth; she was so angry that she wanted to blow her silicon breast.

She had seen the way Satan touched the girl’s hand. If she knew earlier that she could play as a substitute, she would have changed into the older version of the girl after plastic surgery ah.

Yu Shang Xian smiled wickedly. “I don’t know how long she can persist and not spill the beans, wait for a good show ba.”

However, the two people who waited for a good show got slapped in their faces not long after.


Bei Yao changed her dress and sat at the dining table.

On a day in June, the dining hall was air-conditioned, and the faint fragrance of lavender filled the air.

She was eating dinner with Pei Chuan.

The long dining table was very luxurious and she watched as the man ate silently at the opposite side of the long table. He did not take off his mask when he ate. Gao Qiong and Yu Shang Xian stood on his side, it seemed that it was one of his eating habits. Even though they were there, they just guarded him on his side.

Bei Yao now has an extremely complicated feeling, like an acquaintance.

In this world where everyone wanted to kill this bad woman “fake Bei Yao”, only Pei Chuan believed her. It also seemed that, although a little strange, she understood he was her Pei Chuan.

The Pei Chuan who bought her the Olympics tickets, walked her across the campus on his back, and surrendered himself for her.

She moved her chair and sat beside him.

Not looking at him across the table felt much better.

Seeing him raising his eyes to look at her, she showed an intimated smile.

Pei Chuan’s gaze turned strange; he did not speak.

The corner of Gao Qiong’s mouth twitched.

She really couldn’t stand it anymore; this counterfeit product has no conscience. Like that year when Bei Yao was picked up by Pei Chuan, the two people had a cold and indifferent atmosphere, which was just the normal way for them to get along.

The Bei Yao in her memory was not a good person. That Bei Yao didn’t like Satan and was a little afraid of him. Although she was grateful, there was only a respectful expression, and she never got close. The lights in Satan’s eyes often dimmed.

But this f*cking counterfeit product was an insensible and sticky little girl.

If you wanted to pretend, at least have some of that unfamiliar and respectful feelings ba!

To be coquettish and clingy—but Satan who has a keen mind still tacitly accepted everything. Gao Qiong’s teeth rattled. This woman is definitely a scheming b*tch!

The counterfeit product was a picky eater. It seemed that she was not uncomfortable at all sitting by Satan’s side. Only occasionally letting her big round eyes glance at the two door-gods, Gao Qiong and Yu Shang Xian.

Yu Shang Xian felt that this girl was lively and interesting, thus smiled at her. Gao Qiong felt unpleasant and glared at her.

What are you proud of? Wait until Satan lost his interest, you will be cold*.

*t/n: ‘You will be cold’ means ‘you will be dead’. Because people will be cold once they were dead.

Bei Yao did not understand what passed through Gao Qiong’s mind, she was truly not feeling proud. It was just that, she came to a strange place. Apart from Pei Chuan, she found that she did not know anyone.

This world seemed to have changed a lot. For example, she didn’t recognize the faces of the people beside him.

That Yu Shang Xian looked courteous but had a deep and sinister mind. Gao Qiong looked fierce.

She intuitively understood that the person who ate with her was the most terrifying person right now. However, because he was Pei Chuan, Bei Yao would never be afraid of him.

After the meal, it was normally time for Yu Shang Xian and Gao Qiong to report.

Gao Qiong closed her mouth and said nothing.

She cast a sidelong glance at Bei Yao; her gaze was very obvious. Satan, this is a spy, you would not let her listen on the side, right?

The “little spy girl” sat on the small bench and met her gaze ignorantly.

Yu Shang Xian almost let out a smile.

Yu Shang Xian was smarter than Gao Qiong; he picked out some unimportant things.

Then Yu Shang Xian asked Pei Chuan, “Are you still planning to plant flowers tomorrow? I heard that the flower garden was messed up by this young lady’s appearance.”

Upon hearing these words, Bei Yao looked at him subconsciously. She was a little embarrassed; she did not do it intentionally.

Pei Chuan said, “Need not.”

After finishing reporting, Gao Qiong changed her thoughts. She suddenly started a conversation with Bei Yao. “How old are you this year?”

Bei Yao answered her, “Nineteen.”

Gao Qiong was delighted. “Satan, she said she is nineteen!” Bei Yao died when she was twenty-two. This stupidly low-level mistake! You’re exposed, huh.

Pei Chuan’s eyes fell on Bei Yao and several people looked at her. Bei Yao was a little nervous. She is nineteen ah, is something wrong?

Yu Shang Xian raised his eyebrows imperceptibly.

Pei Chuan said, “Okay, we’re done speaking, let’s go back to sleep.” He paused and said to Bei Yao, “You can choose one of the empty rooms. You can live in any room you like.”

Bei Yao gritted her teeth, there was ‘her’ tomb not far away. There were people everywhere who wanted to implant a messy chip in her.

Bei Yao felt a serious sense of crisis. In her heart, she was his girlfriend, she still liked him very much.

So when Pei Chuan pushed his wheelchair to leave, she pulled his sleeve.

Pei Chuan turned his head, the girl’s eyes were wet, and she asked with certainty, “Can I stay with you?”

His heart trembled.

He knew this was Bei Yao; however, he was used to how Bei Yao treated him with extreme respect. In the past, she couldn't even say something intimate to him. Pei Chuan was also used to treating Bei Yao with a respectful attitude. But now, this…

He looked at her bright almond eyes and did not say anything for a long time.

Gao Qiong wanted to jump out and almost couldn’t stop herself from swearing at her. Even the age was not right. With such excessive demand, she did not believe that Satan could still hold it!

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