Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 104: Hey! Satan 2.1

Under Gao Qiong’s menacing gaze, Pei Chuan who was wearing the fallen god mask pursed his lips. “You can’t.”

Bei Yao was extremely disappointed, and her dejected look pleased Gao Qiong. Gao Qiong thought to herself, The fake can’t surpass the real one. If it was the real Bei Yao, with how much Satan likes her, how could he reject her?

Pei Chuan said to the girl again, “If you are afraid at night, you can give me a call.”

Bei Yao knew there was no hope and finally chose the room next to Pei Chuan. After all, it was better than nothing. The closer she was to him, the stronger the sense of security she felt.

After Satan and Bei Yao went to their room, Gao Qiong triumphantly said to Yu Shang Xian, “I told you that Satan does not value this counterfeit product. He was probably interested at first sight, and after two days, she won’t even know how she died. The year before last, someone threatened Satan with Bei Yao’s Didi. At that time, Satan graciously agreed to the condition of that organization. It did not take long for those people to die in their homes. In the past few years, anyone who used Bei Yao to poke his heart never had a good end. It is not known when the counterfeit will touch his reverse scale, but she must definitely have the same ending.”

Yu Shang Xian looked at her with a subtle smile and closed the door. “I don’t think so, it’s hard to say.”

Gao Qiong: “What do you mean?”

Yu Shang Xian was brimming with smiles. “I don’t mean anything else ah, just talking casually.”

Some people choose to refuse because they knew that the person didn’t belong to them.

They had lost it once and it had left a wound that could not be erased in their life. They could not bear to lose it the second time.

There was a strong wind at night making the windows rattle.

After strangely traversing to her own tomb, Bei Yao couldn’t fall asleep no matter what. She hesitated and picked up the phone at the bedside.

Satan opened his eyes and picked up the telephone.

The little girl called him coyly, “Pei Chuan.”


“Will I bother you?”

The man said warmly, “Will not.”

“I’m a little afraid,” she said, “Can I go back to my original world?”

“You will, don’t be afraid,” Pei Chuan said calmly, “We will find a way out tomorrow.”

“Thank you, you are so kind.”

Pei Chuan just smiled.

Under the mask, he gently closed his eyes.

He was already 27 years old, not the young and frivolous Pei Chuan who has a burning love. He was Satan, the leader of this world. He used chips to manipulate people’s hearts, but could not change his destiny with her. Bei Yao did not follow him wherever he went; this little girl who was so cute and made people love her belonged to the him in the other world.

But Satan’s Bei Yao has been asleep under the tombstone.

He could not fall down countless times because of the same woman, or he would fall into hell forever because of heartbreak.

Even the former Bei Yao never belonged to him. In this terrible world, he could not let a pure passing girl have a terrible memory, right?

The wind blew past his ear and the little girl asked softly, “After I go back, will you be lonely?” Although she transmigrated into a sea of flowers and the surrounding was very beautiful, Bei Yao felt that the world seemed to feel terribly dark.

Satan answered her. “It’s okay, I’m okay.” He was used to it.

The two talked for a while, and when her breathing gradually slowed down, Satan asked, “In your world, did I treat you well?”

“Very good.”

He smiled. “That’s good.”


Everyone in the small villa knew that every year on Bei Yao’s death anniversary, Satan would come to her grave for three days to plant roses.

He personally planted roses in a sea of lavender flowers, not even wind and rain could stop him. The small villa was a prohibited area. However, for many people, it was a paradise.

Because only in this place was there no horror, chaos, and disputes. Satan also would not unpredictably change his mood.

In front of her grave, he would even become gentle and polite.

The next day was a sunny and cloudless day. Several men who guarded the tomb looked at Satan who sat in the wheelchair in horror.

Pei Chuan raised his eyebrows lightly and the big men knelt down with a bang.

The leader of the cemetery guard said, “I’m sorry. We neglected our duty, we also did not know how she got in.”

Gao Qiong took joy over their misfortunes and stood on the side. She looked at the embarrassed Bei Yao and thought, This fake little b*tch is done for.

Don’t even say about how she pretended to be Bei Yao, she even dared to trample on her grave, there was no doubt.

Pei Chuan looked at a few men on the ground. “Get up and go to work. There’s no next time.”

The few people looked at him with surprise and bewilderment. Seeing that Satan did not make a joke, they showed joy on their faces and left quickly.

It stood to reason that Pei Chuan would also plant roses today.

He said yesterday that he did not need to, but today, he still brought the cart of flower seeds to the grave. He manipulated the wheelchair while pushing the cart simultaneously.

Bei Yao quickly helped him support the cart of flower seeds. “I’ll help you.”

Pei Chuan said, “Thank you.”

The two walked into the cemetery.

Gao Qiong and Yu Shang Xian did not dare to go in and stayed outside and looked at each other blankly. Gao Qiong glared. “I guarantee, they walked in together but only Satan will come out. That fake must be cold.”

The corner of Yu Shang Xian’s mouth twitched.

In the middle of a sea of lavender flowers.

The man rolled up his sleeves and looked calm under his mask while planting roses.

His palm was rough and the rose’s thorn would hurt his hand. He did not forget that there was a little girl next to him and said to her warmly, “You said that you suddenly appeared here. You can just take a look if you can go back.”

Bei Yao always felt weird seeing other people planting flowers in “her” grave, and she still has to jump on “her” grave and see if she could travel back.

She tilted her head. “Then, should I go?”

Pei Chuan said, “En.”

He lowered his eyes, did not look at her, and covered the yellow soil (with flowers).

Bei Yao coughed; she stepped on the grave and jumped on it.

There were a lot of roses around. After a while, she looked at the man who was sitting in a wheelchair and said disappointedly, “I’m still here.”

Satan was also stunned, “En, it’s a pity.”

Bei Yao jumped off the cemetery embarrassedly and just watched the man plant flowers.

The man’s sturdy arms were covered with soil. She looked at her tombstone, and her face flushed with the bold handwriting “My Wife Bei Yao’s Tomb”. Bei Yao looked at him. “The words on the tombstone…”

Pei Chuan’s movement stopped; after a while, he picked the next rose from the cart and continued to plant. “Sorry, I’ve offended you, please don’t mind it.”

Bei Yao’s cheeks flushed, and after a while, she spat out two words. “Will not.”

Pei Chuan sighed lightly.

The him right now was quite different from when he was young. He had experienced a half time of loneliness and no longer has an inferiority complex. So many stormy seas have settled into a calm and long-lasting feeling.

It was such a thick-skinned and embarrassing thing to call someone his wife. If it was the younger him, he would probably be too ashamed to show his face.

The little girl shyly came to plant flowers together with him.

She muttered, “I think it’s weird. Why should I clean my own grave?”

He knew that the her from other world was young and lovely; he slightly raised his lips when he heard her words. However, to protect Bei Yao who has left this world was the obsession Satan has year after year.

After he planted the flowers, Bei Yao gently wiped the mud on his lower arm.

The body of the man under her palm froze; his eyes looked at her through the mask, it was deep and clear.

Bei Yao retracted her hands and guessed. “I, previously, did I treat you badly?”

Otherwise, why would he respond like this over a small gesture of help?

Pei Chuan lowered his gaze. “Nothing of that sort. Do you still want to try if you can return from here?”

Although Bei Yao knew it was very embarrassing, the eagerness to return still existed. She replied, “Okay.”

Under Satan’s gaze, she felt like she was silly. Once again standing on the grave, Bei Yao felt that if she said something right now, she would resemble a chuunibyou*.

*t/n: 中二病 (Zhōng èr bìng), lit.: Second-year junior high school disease. Is a Japanese colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who have grandiose delusions, who desperately want to stand out, and who have convinced themselves that they have hidden knowledge or secret powers (source: Wikipedia).

After a while, she desperately walked down from the graveyard.

This time she knew to avoid the roses that the man just planted and did not ruin them.

The gaze of the man in front of her was still calm. But Bei Yao wanted to find a hole to bury herself in. She whispered, “I still didn’t go back.”

The corners of Pei Chuan’s mouth under the mask were slightly crooked.

Bei Yao pinched the hem of her skirt; her voice was extremely pitiful. “Can I follow you temporarily?”

Pei Chuan said, “As long as you don’t mind. It’s my honor.”

His generosity made her less embarrassed. Bei Yao relaxed again.

When the two of them walked out of the cemetery, Gao Qiong looked over with penetrating eyes.

Seeing that the little demon was still alive, the veins in Gao Qiong’s forehead throbbed. She laughed dryly and said, “Haha, Satan, I heard that this lady could not wait to jump on Miss Bei Yao’s grave and dance yesterday. The flower is still turned upside down; she is really lively ah.”

Everyone understood the subtext. This counterfeit product was brave; she simply trampled on Satan’s feelings. Kill her as soon as possible ba.

Bei Yao still remembered this woman who wanted to implant a chip on her. She said, “I did not do it on purpose.”

Gao Qiong wanted to rush up and kill her. “Everyone who makes mistakes loves to quibble, saying it’s not on purpose.”

Bei Yao looked at Pei Chuan cautiously

Pei Chuan paused and said to Gao Qiong, “Okay, she said it was not on purpose.”

Gao Qiong was stunned. Is this development still normal?

You believe in what this counterfeit says! You forgive her so easily, are you still Satan?

After the crowd returned, Pei Chuan was listening to the report. Gao Qiong walked quietly to Bei Yao, her mouth moved slightly, and her gaze was sharp. “I know what tricks you are playing, I’m warning you, don’t hope that your conspiracy will succeed.”

Bei Yao asked her ignorantly, “What tricks am I playing?”

Gao Qiong: “Humph, you think Satan has a good heart? There were people like you before. Do you know where they are now?”

Bei Yao willingly took her good advice. “Where?”

Gao Qiong smiled wickedly. “Below your feet, becoming a flower fertilizer.”


“I’m telling you, you will definitely end up like this in the future. Although I know you are desperate to kill Satan, think carefully. You can’t do it in this life. Don’t think that Satan is protecting you, you are way too inferior to Miss Bei Yao.”

Contrary to her words, in Gao Qiong’s memory, between Bei Yao and Satan, their relationship was always cold and indifferent. Sometimes Gao Qiong hated how she would not be moved.

But she was now dealing with the counterfeit, Gao Qiong couldn’t see her pleased with herself;

thus saying anything. It was fine as long as it was useful to fight the counterfeit.

Bei Yao heard her say that she could not compare with “Bei Yao” and looked at Gao Qiong with a weird gaze. “Do you like Pei Chuan?”

Gao Qiong openly said, “So what if I like him, I am the best, perfect person for him.”

Bei Yao said, “I also like him. I won’t hurt him.”

Gao Qiong only heard the first sentence in her ear, and she exploded. “Are you declaring a war?”

Bei Yao: “No, I am not…”

Gao Qiong said, “I have been with him for ten years, I know everything about him. His likes, his temper, his body! We will be together soon.” Gao Qiong was so angry that she spoke mindlessly. Based on what ah? Where did this wild woman come from? She just came yesterday and already wanted her Satan! She had been with Satan for ten years, let’s not talk about abdominal muscles, she hasn’t even touched his shoulders.

It was not easy to get Bei Yao riled up, but now she was a little angry.

Pei Chuan’s likes? His temper? His body?

That b*astard Pei Chuan in her world was still sitting in jail, and he once left without saying a word. The Satan in this world actually would slowly dislike Bei Yao and like Gao Qiong?

She and Pei Chuan grew up together and were childhood sweetheart ya, much longer than Gao Qiong.

Bei Yao said seriously, “He likes me.”

Gao Qiong: “Likes you a sh*t!”

Bei Yao did a particularly childish thing. She “da da da” ran away, catching up with Satan who was talking with his subordinate, then smacked a kiss on the side of his mask.

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