Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 105: Hey! Satan 2.2

The atmosphere was still for several seconds.

The sky outside the small villa was very blue; the clouds were soft and white. The reporting subordinate almost peed himself because of fright.

Don’t mention the subordinate, even Yu Shang Xian who was recording on the side was stunned.

Bei Yao was like a cat about to explode to defend her territory. Her anger was no less than Gao Qiong’s; her liking was also very sincere.

Everyone looked at Satan in the wheelchair.

Pei Chuan stretched out his hand and stroked his mask.

In fact, he wore a mask and couldn’t feel anything.

He calmly asked the girl, “What are you doing?”

Bei Yao turned her head and glared at Gao Qiong coldly.

Gao Qiong had ten thousand “f*ck” in her heart. She first felt that this d*amn fake was like a childish white lotus* little demon**! On one side, she felt, f*ck, this counterfeit must be done for this time!

*t/n: White lotus refers to a person who looks pure on the outside, but in fact, has a dark heart, a corrupt mind.

**t/n: The word used is 妖精 (yao jing) which is a demon who seduces people.

She thought to herself, This time! This time this counterfeit must be over!

Satan calmed down and looked at Gao Qiong; he warned, “I’ve told you, don’t bully her.”

Gao Qiong did not get Satan to wipe out the fake but received a warning instead. She was dumbfounded for a moment, and she cried two hundred pounds of dog tears. Who’s bullying this fake! She hasn’t had the time to do it yet!

This time Bei Yao was delighted. See, she already said that Pei Chuan likes her, Pei Chuan won’t easily change his heart.

She was happy and did not care about Gao Qiong anymore. She eagerly moved a small stool and sat beside Pei Chuan.

He glanced at her, remembered that light kiss, and pretended that Bei Yao did not exist.

Pei Chuan said to his subordinate, “Continue.”

The subordinate stammered and said several sentences before finally dispelling the shock.

Bei Yao only now knew that they were on a private island with a pleasant climate.

Pei Chuan has turned the island into a cemetery where “she” slept.

During dinner, Gao Qiong, who had a breakdown, came as usual.

She wore a pure white dress and fresh makeup. Compared to the “counterfeit product” little girl there, she looked more like the previous Bei Yao who was once cold and respectful. This change in style made Yu Shang Xian raise his eyebrows slightly. “What are you doing?”

Gao Qiong squinted at him. “I can play as a stand-in too.”

“You…” Yu Shang Xian found it difficult to say anything. “As a colleague for many years, I advise you not to court death.”

Gao Qiong clenched her teeth. “She kissed Satan. I have never f*cking kissed him.”

Although she only kissed the mask, when Satan touched the mask with astonishment, his reaction was enough to make Gao Qiong rattled.

Yu Shang Xian: “...” He thought out of love for a fellow colleague. “I’ll collect your corpse after you die. Um, what do you think about the graveyard in the east of Imperial City?”

“Ha ha, thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, as I should.”

Gao Qiong was really going to die by doing this; she did not feel reconciled.

At night, when Bei Yao and Pei Chuan were eating, Gao Qiong took a few glances. However, she found some little details. For example, what the counterfeit liked to eat, Pei Chuan would not move his chopsticks even if he also liked them. The one the counterfeit did not like to eat, Pei Chuan would eat more.

It really was a silent consideration.

Gao Qiong gritted her teeth and studied that counterfeit. When she walked toward the dining table and bowed her head to kiss Pei Chuan, Pei Chuan frowned and tapped the button on his wrist.

Before Bei Yao could react, Gao Qiong already knelt on the ground.

Her vivid expression became dazed, and her tone was like a mechanical voice. “What is Satan’s instruction?”

Pei Chuan calmly said, “Go and receive the punishment.”

Gao Qiong responded rigidly, “Yes.” She stood up and walked out.

Bei Yao did not understand. “What did she do?” How come she knelt down with a bang then went to accept a punishment?

Seeing that Bei Yao really did not understand, Yu Shang Xian’s expression changed subtly.

Now in this world, who still doesn’t know the “Wang Sheng” chip?

Pei Chuan did not want to speak more. “It will be cold tonight. You, have a good rest.”

He pushed his wheelchair and left.

Seeing that Pei Chuan did not seem to want to mention it, Bei Yao turned around and asked the other bystander. “What’s wrong with Gao Qiong?”

The smiling fox Yu Shang Xian made a conjecture; he tried to figure out Pei Chuan’s thoughts and said in a friendly manner, “She did not do her job well today, so she admitted her mistakes and asked for punishment.”

Bei Yao obviously did not believe it.

Yu Shang Xian said, “Satan seems to like you very much.” He said with all smiles, “He also likes Miss Bei Yao this much before.”

Bei Yao was very interested in this topic, and she asked Yu Shang Xian, “I… was Bei Yao not good to Satan before?”

“It’s not bad ba. She was polite and very respectful.” Yu Shang Xian smacked his lips and looked at Bei Yao’s eyes. “It’s just that she had lived with Satan for a year but never even held hands. What she said was ‘Mr. Pei’, ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’, and ‘good night’. Oh, no, there was another sentence, ‘thank you*, but I don’t need it’.”

*t/n: 您 (nin) a polite/courteous ‘you’.

Bei Yao “pft” and laughed.

Because she did not have this memory, she couldn’t imagine such scene.

Yu Shang Xian smiled and said, “Very distant, right?”

Bei Yao nodded, inexplicably a little embarrassed.

Yu Shang Xian: “But these did not affect Satan’s love for her for many years. If you can, can you help him? I do not care about your identity or what your purpose is. How long you can stay is how long you make him happy, and that is good enough.”

Bei Yao said, “Thank you to you and Gao Qiong for being kind to him.”

Yu Shang Xian said exaggeratingly, “Where do you see that I treat him well? He is my boss, for my future, I should think more about it.” His words were always a mixture of truth and lie, which was hard to differentiate.

However, there was no doubt that Yu Shang Xian was a very ambitious person. Pei Chuan would not force people around him to do chip implants, but Yu Shang Xian and Gao Qiong actively asked for the chip implant. This way, they have become Pei Chuan’s trusted aides for more than ten years.

Bei Yao thought, “You might not be very clear on my situation. In fact, I don’t know how much I can do for him or what I can do.”

Yu Shang Xian saw that she was willing to try and his eyes flashed. She and the cold Miss Bei Yao were different; he also wanted to test whether this was really Bei Yao. He spoke blindly, “Then, how about you persuade Satan to take off his mask. He put on this mask when Miss Bei Yao died and has never taken it off since. It is probably because of the heavy emotion. If he could let go of the past, he might live a more relaxed life.”

Bei Yao did not say a word and replied after a while, “I understand.”

Yu Shang Xian smiled outwardly.

When the wind blew in the middle of the night, Bei Yao knocked on Pei Chuan’s door. The door was opened not long after. Pei Chuan’s clothes were a little messy; he obviously got dressed in a hurry. He asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Can I talk with you?”

“Please come in.”

In this period of time, Bei Yao always put him and the Pei Chuan in her heart as the same. It was just now after the conversation with Yu Shang Xian did she understand, Satan was her Pei Chuan, but also not quite the same. He has experienced many things and many pain. How many hardships had he gone through to have honed him to be so indifferent no matter what?

Moreover, Pei Chuan treated her with respect and politeness; he was obviously still used to how he and Bei Yao got along previously.

Bei Yao suddenly felt uneasy in her heart.

She squatted down in front of him, and raised her small face to look at him. “Look at me, I’m Bei Yao, but not exactly the same Bei Yao you know.”

She poked her own soft cheeks and made a cute little dimple.

He looked at her and said gently after a long while, “En, I know.”

She lowered her head guiltily. “I’m sorry, really sorry. I’m sorry for my previous behavior, I have reflected on it carefully, I’m too selfish. I don’t want you to like Gao Qiong, but I obviously haven’t figured it out. I’m not supposed to be in this world anymore. Perhaps I will leave anytime, and I can’t give you any promise for the future. I shouldn’t stop you from liking anyone. I shouldn’t have kissed you too.”

He pursed his lips and said, “It’s okay.”

Bei Yao was about to be drowned by guilt. For him, he must have been aware of the difference. The previous Bei Yao did not like him, so she never gave him hope. The her right now liked Pei Chuan, but because of Satan’s gentleness and indulgence, she forgot that everything she gave him would make it even sadder in the future.

She was like a little quail who admitted her mistakes sincerely; her head was drooping. She was extremely depressed and guilty.

Pei Chuan hesitated for a while, and then put his hand gently on her head.

The little girl’s hair was soft; she raised her hair. Pei Chuan looked at her big eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry, it’s me who’s not good, whether it was before or now. I always make you sad. If you… really like Gao Qiong too...” she choked. Although she was very sorrowful, she still finished her words. “It’s pretty good too, she can do more than me.”

He lowered his eyes and wiped her tears with his fingertips.

Little girl ah.

If it was the younger version of him, he might grit his teeth with anger. Does she know what she is saying? Are his likes that cheap?

But when he got older, he understood how sad she was.

What he could do was tolerate.

Pei Chuan said, “There will be no Gao Qiong, only you.” The feelings that shocked heaven and earth when he was young, that he never dared to say out loud, were now pouring out of his mouth calmly.

Only you, only you in this life.

The teardrops on Bei Yao’s eyelashes trembled, shaking his heart.

He said in a low tone, “I want to know, in your world, do you like me?” Otherwise, how could… she so naturally kissed him on the cheek? He knew that this kind of intimacy was not for him.

Bei Yao nodded.

Pei Chuan was silent, he did not feel jealousy, just some inexplicable envy. He has never been liked by Bei Yao, not even for a day. For something he never got, of course he didn’t know what it felt like.

These few days seemed to have been stolen.

He said in a warm tone like usual, “I understand, go back to sleep. Don’t think too much.”

Bei Yao thought to say good night but inexplicably remembered Yu Shang Xian’s words. Perhaps, what he has heard the most in his life were good morning and good night.

It was better not to say it.

She walked to the door and suddenly turned her head back.

Pei Chuan raised his head.

The little girl showed a flash of bixin*. “For Satan.”

*t/n: 比了一个爱心 or 比心 (bixin) for short is an act of showing a love sign with index finger and thumb pressed together.

He was silent for a moment and laughed. For him ah.

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