Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 106: Hey! Satan 3.1

TW: There is a scene of violence and self-harm.

The next day, Gao Qiong came to the little villa with blank eyes. Yu Shang Xian showed a noble and elegant smile. “Good morning.”

Gao Qiong gritted her teeth; her legs were shaking. “I knelt in the forest the whole night and you didn’t even plead for me?”

Yu Shang Xian asked in astonishment, “You unexpectedly need me to plead for leniency for you? I thought you were ready to kneel for a few days and was afraid I would disturb your fun.”

Gao Qiong’s face was as black as charcoal.

Yu Shang Xian smiled. “Aren’t you okay? You just need to stop asking for death in the future.”

Gao Qiong clenched her fist. “Do you think I will give up on Satan? I won’t. That little demon girl sooner or later will be defeated in my, this old lady’s* hand. Since she is a spy, I don’t believe that she will not show her fox tail.”

*t/n: There’s no English equivalent, it means “I”, just how someone refers to themselves when angry.

Yu Shang Xian smiled and nodded.

It stood to reason that every year on Bei Yao’s death anniversary, Satan would only stay at the villa in the graveyard for three days. After all, there was still a pile of things waiting for him to deal with which was not very convenient to do on the small island.

His personality on and outside this island was completely like two different people. Out of the island, he became moody and violent. Although it was not fair to say this, every year on Bei Yao’s death anniversary, Gao Qiong felt a sense of relaxation when coming to the island for a vacation.

Gao Qiong: “Today is the fourth day. Will Satan go back?”

Yu Shang Xian shook his head. “How can I know? According to his usual practice every year, he would leave.”

Gao Qiong was worried. She did not dare to set any flag* this time; she said uncertainly, “He won’t stay on the island for a long time for this counterfeit, right?” Staying for a long time made it easy to expose his whereabouts; it will bring many dangers.

*t/n: To say or do something and then got slapped in the face. For example, you say that the weather is nice today, the next moment, there’s heavy rain. It’s pretty much like a crow’s mouth,

Before Yu Shang Xian opened his mouth, the door in front of them was pushed open.

Ah Zuo pushed Pei Chuan. In his wheelchair, Satan ordered indifferently, “Prepare to leave.”

Gao Qiong and Yu Shang Xian looked at each other dumbfounded. Then, Gao Qiong let out a sigh of relief. Satan planned to leave.

Pei Chuan said, “Call Xiao Yi to come.”

After a while, a fat, simple, and honest man came over. Xiao Yi was originally a corrupt official who accepted bribery but was later implanted with Wang Sheng to manage the island. This person was slick and pleasing. With the existence of Wang Sheng, he was very loyal. “Satan, what is your order?”

Pei Chuan said indifferently, “There’s a lady on this island. Take good care of her and give her everything she wants. There’s no need to stop her if she wants to go to the cemetery.”

Pei Chuan was wearing a mask, and no one could see his expression when he said this.

Gao Qiong was stunned, thinking that she had heard wrong. After being unable to make a response, she almost went crazy. Satan didn’t even take the counterfeit away; he did not bring that counterfeit product!

Hahaha, worthy of a celebration. She thought that the hardships she had suffered were worth it. That little demon could only arouse Satan’s pity for a while. See, Satan only brought her and Yu Shang Xian when he left!

Gao Qiong pressed the corner of her mouth that frantically wanted to curl up and was so happy that her mouth was cramped.

Yu Shang Xian’s expression filled with uncertainty and finally followed Pei Chuan to walk to the edge of the island.

The expression of the man in the wheelchair was always calm. Ah Zuo pushed Pei Chuan; Pei Chuan turned on his laptop and was reading mails.

Yu Shang Xian has been with Pei Chuan for almost ten years. From his youth to adulthood, he had almost witnessed most of Pei Chuan’s life. The gentle breeze on the island made Yu Shang Xian suddenly remember the year when the foundation of “Wang Sheng” had not yet stabilized; they implanted the primary stage of the CTL chips in a group of people who came for Bei Yao.

As soon as the chip entered the body, the penalty procedure started.

Someone poked their own eyeballs on the spot, and some people smashed each other. The floor was covered with blood.

No matter how the autopsy was conducted, these people’s death would not have any connection with Pei Chuan.

Yu Shang Xian smiled and admired the might of the chip. Unexpectedly, once he lifted his head, he would see the pale face of Bei Yao standing by the door. Even Yu Shang Xian saw Bei Yao. Naturally, Satan saw her too.

Not long afterward, the hidden danger brought by the CTL put Satan in a very bad situation.

They were forced to change residence. That morning, Satan asked Bei Yao to go with him, but she refused.

After many years, it was still hard for Yu Shang Xian to forget Satan’s expression that day.

He looked at her like looking at a precious jade. His gaze was humble, and he begged. “Come with me ba, I beg you. I later… will never use CTL anymore, I promise.”

However, that year, Miss Bei Yao still did not go with him.

Of course, in the end, Satan didn’t leave either.

Later, Yu Shang Xian was not sure whether Bei Yao did not want to leave because she was afraid of being killed by Satan one day or was afraid of their cruelty that day or thought that there would be riots in the future.

After all, she has rejected Satan too many times.

Sometimes, when the flowers in Nanshan were blooming, when the mountain was filled with peach blossoms blooming brilliantly, Satan would invite her for a walk. But, she still refused. Though Satan’s gaze was dim, he still smiled gently.

Yu Shang Xian thought if the one on the island was the real Bei Yao, and Satan didn’t invite her to leave, it must mean he understood she would not leave.

She did not even give him a chance to go on a date, so how could she accompany him to the chaotic world forever?

The sea breeze gradually got bigger.

Gao Qiong’s skirt was blown wildly; she was obviously in a good mood. When leaving today, it was estimated that the next time they would come to the island would be June next year. At that time, Satan would have forgotten about that fake little demon.

Before Pei Chuan got on the boat, his fingers paused on the laptop’s keyboard. “Xiao Yi.”

The man quickly responded.

“If one day she goes home, you have to tell me.”

Although Xiao Yi did not understand what this meant. Goes home? How can that lady go home by herself? However, Xiao Yi still obeyed his order and said, “Yes.”

Pei Chuan looked at the boundless sea, remembering that girl who recognized him as Satan last night and sighed slightly.

There were some things he did not need to ask. To follow him or stay behind?

What is there to ask? She can only go home if she stays.

The outside world was messed up, at least the island could keep her safe. If they only have a little intersection, on the day she leaves, his many years of calm and silent heart might at most only feel a touch of melancholy.


Bei Yao did not sleep well last night, she was immersed in her dream, and woke up a little bit late. She thought about last night’s dream and had a subtle expression.

What did she see? The her in the other world still attended classes like usual and went to visit Pei Chuan the next day. As if her departure did not make any change in that world. The feeling was so real that it made her feel that she came here only for the sake of Satan. She was a mistake in this endless flow of time and space, but also a gift belonging to the lonely twenty-seven years old Satan.

Bei Yao wasn't able to straighten things out. She stretched her waist lazily, washed her face and rinsed her mouth, rubbed her eyes then went downstairs.

Breakfast was ready, but the little villa was very quiet.

Bei Yao asked Aunt Zhang who brought her milk, “I’m sorry, I got up late. Where is Satan?”

Aunt Zhang looked at her in surprise. “Today is the fourth day. It is the day when Satan would leave the island. Miss, you didn’t know?”

Bei Yao almost choked on the milk. “He’s gone?”

Aunt Zhang said, “He’s gone.”

There was a buzz on her head, and she stood up and ran out.

Aunt Zhang shouted at her back. “Miss, you won’t eat breakfast anymore?”

Eat what breakfast ya? That man likes to abandon her. So angry oh. He’s gone. What about Yaoyao’s gift? The environment on the island was very well protected. Satan gave a deadly order to not allow people to drive on the island. As a result, there were several bicycles parked on the side of the small path, which was originally used for emergencies.

Bei Yao stepped on the bicycle. The bodyguard beside her hesitated to speak but did not dare to stop her and finally let her ride away.

The island had a pleasant climate. Even in June, the sea breeze was very gentle.

Before reaching the beach, Bei Yao looked at the far-away cruise ship on the coast.

The cruise ship was about to leave. She jumped off the bike and ran across the beach. There was soft yellow sand under her feet and it got into her shoes when she stepped on it.

Bei Yao kicked off her shoes and ran to the beach barefoot.

Because it was always easy to get trapped in the soft sand, she stumbled and tripped like a bunny.

On the cruise ship, Gao Qiong was the first to see her.

Gao Qiong was holding a glass of red wine, watching the girl running on the beach. She blurted out, “F*ck!”

The fake little demon chased him eagerly!

The cruise ship set off.

Gao Qiong watched as the little girl’s hands became horns and she shouted. “Pei Chuan! Pei Chuan!”

Bei Yao thought for a while then yelled again anxiously, “Satan!”

Gao Qiong shouted “MMP!” in her heart.

Although she felt fortunate that Satan did not bring the little demon, what if, what if Satan reawakened and changed his mind once he saw her?

Gao Qiong carefully glanced at Satan who was in a video conference discussing work. It’s bad, it’s bad. With one step, she closed the door where Satan was.

Hands on her waist, she then looked at the little demon.

Scream ba. With the cruise ship’s sophistication and sturdiness, Satan won’t take notice of you even if you break your throat.

Bei Yao watched the cruise ship get further and further away. She naturally watched the woman on the cruise ship toast her with a glass of wine from far away with a proud expression.

She waved her hands anxiously. “Miss Gao Qiong! You guys stop ya.”

Gao Qiong thought while smiling, Go away! I, this old lady’s brain is not filled with water.

Bei Yao’s throat hurt. She fell on the soft sand, half aggrieved and half angry. She came all the way from the small villa’s living room and was exhausted and out of breath.

Gao Qiong was in a good mood and wanted to sing a song. She finished the drink after giving a toast through the air to the little girl. With a turn of her head, she saw Satan behind her.

Gao Qiong was scared; she almost wet her pants.


Pei Chuan frowned. “What are you doing?”

Gao Qiong: “......” The face slap came too soon.

In fact, Pei Chuan did not need to ask her; he has a keen mind. Although it was not a big deal for Gao Qiong to close the door, the disturbances over the years were enough to make him stay alert. As soon as he turned his head, he saw the pitiful little girl sitting on the shore.

Seeing that Pei Chuan came out, Bei Yao was energetic again and waved at him. “Pei Chuan!”

Gao Qiong clenched her teeth. “Hahaha, Satan, the cruise ship has set off. I guess she wanted to say goodbye to you.”

Pei Chuan was silent. “Stop the ship, drive back.”

Gao Qiong gritted her teeth; she was already cursing that little demon in her heart.

The leader’s command was absolute. The cruise ship soon came to the shore again.

Ah Zuo pushed Pei Chuan off the cruise ship.

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes; the girl sitting on the beach was panting. He stretched out his hand and pulled her up. “What’s the matter?”

She curled up her tender white toes. “Do you want to leave?”

“Yes ah.”

Bei Yao pointed to herself. “I’m still here ne.” She felt aggrieved. I’m still here, how can you leave without saying anything ne.

Pei Chuan smiled gently and said, “You are going home ah.”

Her almond eyes opened wide. She remembered how she stepped on the grave wanting to return home and felt embarrassed.

Yu Shang Xian and Gao Qiong got off the boat; Bei Yao couldn’t explain the dream.

She could only squat down, holding Pei Chuan’s hand like a spoiled child. “I want to go with you.”

The blue seawater and the blue sky almost melted into one. The white clouds in the sky were like soft cotton candy.

Pei Chuan was stunned. On his palm was a small soft white hand.

This time, it felt more real than the last time, soft and boneless. It felt just like that year when it was snowing, when she carefully bandaged his hand tightly for him.

She was actually a little embarrassed. A few days ago, she told him that she was going home and asked him to take good care of himself, and today, she thickened her face wanting to go with him.

She scratched his palm lightly and looked at him eagerly.

Pei Chuan paused. “Okay.”

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