Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 107: Hey! Satan 3.2

Gao Qiong, who watched from the sidelines, almost had her eyes come out. She looked at their intertwined hands; Satan seemed to have regained his strength. Gao Qiong wanted to faint at that the moment.

Little demon, ahhhhhhh! Little slut! It turned out she used this kind of trick!

She looked at her own claws, wishing to snatch away the little demon’s hand and put her hand instead.

However, Gao Qiong understood that if she did anything else once more, she would probably only kneel with a bang again then stay on the island for a long time.

However, this was not the end. The next thing was what made Gao Qiong want to vomit blood the most.

It stood to reason that, for a girl to run all the way from the little villa to the coast, it was indeed a physically exhausting task. But it was not that intolerable ba. Just take a little rest and it would be enough.

However, that counterfeit product was damn too squeamish ba!

Because she ran across the beach barefoot, her foot was pierced by the broken shell, to the point that it would even bleed if she stepped on the cashmere carpet.

Gao Qiong turned around. She did not hope to see the scene in front of her that made her mad.

How proud she was before was how angry she was now.

Satan held the delicate white and soft foot. He cleaned the sand and applied medicine for the little demon.

The little demon held her chin in her hands, looking embarrassed.

Actually, Bei Yao thought that this Pei Chuan was familiar yet strange. He was very mature and lacked a lot of the younger Pei Chuan’s annoying personality.

For example, inferiority.

The Pei Chuan in her world rarely used a wheelchair; he wore prosthetics all the time and wouldn’t let anyone see his limbs.

However, the Pei Chuan in front of her was silent. He put her white soft foot on his knees and applied the medicine.

The man’s hands were big and gentle. She was ticklish and couldn’t hold back her laugh. She laughed out loud, there was water in her big eyes, and her grievance just now disappeared.

Her laugh was crisp and clear. Pei Chuan’s hand paused for a moment, and Gao Qiong couldn’t help but turn her head back.

She couldn’t help but glance at the little demon’s foot. That cute and lovely foot was beautiful and fair, like a jade, even whiter than Gao Qiong’s face. Putting it on Satan’s palm looked like she was playing with him.

Gao Qiong: “...” She thought viciously in her heart, Her sweet appearance probably is the only thing that can attract Satan.

After Pei Chuan finished applying medicine for Bei Yao, she sat obediently like a baby in front of him.

Pei Chuan asked, “Have you decided? Once we leave, I’m afraid we won’t be back until next year.”

Bei Yao nodded. “En, I’ve thought it through.”

His eyes darken under the mask; he said after a long while, “Start sailing ba.”

27 years. For the first time, he received her initiative to follow him. He didn’t know what to say.

Yu Shang Xian didn’t lie. For Pei Chuan, in the years he spent with Bei Yao, the most frequent thing she said was polite greetings. Bei Yao never got close to him, not to mention in an intimate manner.

But now, he rubbed his fingertips as if there was still the soft and warm temperature of the girl’s foot.

The island was very far away and the place they were going was a full one-day journey.

Bei Yao saw that his laptop was still on and thought that he was busy, so she went to see the sea by herself.

The sea breeze had a unique salty taste. She just sat down on the railing when Gao Qiong came over.

Seeing Bei Yao sitting without knowing whether the ground was dirty or not, she snorted. “Don’t think that going with us means that Satan likes you. He left you with your life on the island but you didn’t cherish it. You just have to follow him and send your own life.”

Bei Yao was a little angry. Before she got on the boat, Gao Qian clearly saw her, but she deliberately prevented her from getting on the boat. If Pei Chuan hadn’t come out to have a look, she would probably be exiled on this island for a year, alone.

Bei Yao said, “If he doesn’t like me, does he like you?”

Gao Qiong: “......”

Bei Yao blinked. “He pulled me, and he let me kiss him.”


Bei Yao felt it wasn’t enough; she was seldom this petty. She said, “He also likes to kiss me.”

Gao Qiong was so angry that smoke came out from her head. “Do you not want your face anymore?”

Bei Yao said, “I’m telling the truth.”

Gao Qiong hated that she couldn't kick her to the sea. This little demon with a gorgeous face unexpectedly didn’t have a small fighting force, huh. Gao Qiong said, “The one he likes isn’t you, it’s Bei Yao.”

Who would have thought that the little demon didn’t get angry but said with joy, “Isn’t liking Bei Yao means liking me.”

Gao Qiong: “...”


When Yu Shang Xian seriously reported the latest result of Wang Sheng, He found out that every few minutes, Satan would take a look outside.

Satan has never raised a little girl. Now, it was like he suddenly had one more worry. He always wanted to see what she was doing, and if she would get bored.

Seeing that Gao Qiong and Bei Yao seemed to be chatting energetically, Pei Chuan retracted his gaze and focused on checking the test result.

After eating dinner at night, it was time for Pei Chuan to work. Since Bei Yao passed away, except for eating and sleeping, all his time was used for working. Every year on the cruise ship, he would still work like when he was on land.

After eating dinner, Bei Yao ran outside.

She was obedient. Knowing that he was busy, she didn’t want to bother him and instead was looking for something to do by herself.

Pei Chuan retracted his gaze; it was unknown what was on his mind.

Gao Qiong was in a better mood now. After all, Bei Yao didn’t understand anything. When it came to becoming a good wife, you had to be like her, Gao Qiong! She did an excellent job. When several people were giving their reports, Gao Qiong, as the only woman, was able to maintain a high position for so many years.

She looked at Satan who was very close to her. Pei Chuan was very serious when working, even when he was wearing a mask, Gao Qiong was still able to imagine his appearance based on her memories many years ago.

Gao Qiong thought in her heart, See, except for her good looks, the little demon is useless. Do you need that little demon on this kind of occasion? No!

When everyone had finished handing over their reports, it was already ten o’clock.

A cheerful figure ran through the door. Her voice was like the wind in March, clear and pleasant to listen to. “Pei Chuan, let’s see the stars together.”

Pei Chuan paused, then smiled. “Okay.”

Bei Yao happily pushed his wheelchair out.

Gao Qiong who was holding the report: “...”

She almost squeezed the report sheets and the lists in her hands. Satan did not like the reports, what he liked was the beauty who could act coquettishly.

Gao Qiong was unwilling. She wanted to secretly take a look.

Yu Shang Xian grabbed her amusedly. “What are you doing ah?”

Gao Qiong said, “I want to monitor the spy. What if she hurts Satan?”

“She won’t hurt Satan.”

Gao Qiong immediately looked at Yu Shang Xian as if she was looking at an enemy. “How do you know?”

“Didn’t she say it herself? She likes Satan.”

“You believe her words too!”

Yu Shang Xian: “Why not?”

Gao Qiong stomped her feet. “How does she look like a good person?”

Yu Shang Xian asked in amazement, “Is it possible that we are good people?”

Gao Qiong was speechless; she finally said, “I don’t care, I have to go and see.”

Yu Shang Xian let go and shrugged. “You go then. If you are thrown into the sea to feed the fish, I won’t be responsible to fish you out.”

After giving Yu Shang Xian a glare, Gao Qiong secretly went to the deck.

You could occasionally see the stars from the sea, and the weather tonight happened to be good. The stars on top of the sea were sparkling, and the moon above was bright and beautiful.

Bei Yao moved the bench and sat next to Pei Chuan. He asked her, “Why did you decide to leave suddenly. Didn’t you want to find a way home?”

Bei Yao thought and said, “I don’t think I could go back home.”

Pei Chuan’s black pupils were tranquil.

Bei Yao looked at him nervously. “It seems to be true. Can I follow you temporarily?”

Pei Chuan said, “Okay.”

Bei Yao’s big eyes were curved. She said, “You like me don't you? Not because of the Bei Yao you knew, but the me who carries lots of memories.”

Since years ago, whenever she asked this kind of question, he would either feel inferior then go silent or there would be other reactions.

However, it was probably because he was getting older and his face got thicker, he stared at her and calmly answered, “En.”

He liked this cute and lively girl who could get close to him. He found that his heart was attracted to her. It was also because of this that he could confirm at first glance that she was Bei Yao.

Bei Yao got the affirmative answer, but her face flushed red.

Pei Chuan looked at her blushing cheeks and said, “But you also know that I am not your Pei Chuan, or may not be exactly the same. We talked about it last night, I am Satan now. Out of this island, you will see a totally different world. I am not a good person. I am also not the Pei Chuan who voluntarily surrendered himself for you.”

Bei Yao said, “I know you are Satan. Satan is also my Pei Chuan. I don’t know how to explain it, I remember the things that happened when I was a kid, about you and me.”

His eyes trembled slightly.

Bei Yao said, “You’re wearing a mask; I can’t see your expression clearly. Can I take it off?”

She stretched out her hand and touched his mask tentatively.

He held her wrist and met her gaze. “There’s a tattoo. It doesn’t look good.”

He was Satan. He gently held her wrist and politely loosened it; he was afraid of making her disgusted. After all, the previous Bei Yao used to avoid touching him, Pei Chuan was clever and could see everything thoroughly.

Bei Yao blinked and said softly, “Let me see ma, you are the most handsome, the coolest.”

The two people looked each other in the eye. He sighed in a low voice.

Pei Chuan had a feeling that he couldn’t express; he was ashamed to say it out loud. He was already 27 years old and was still overwhelmed by a little girl’s thoughtless praise.

He finally acquiesced.

Bei Yao happily lifted his mask. Under the moonlight, the man’s face was grave and stern.

It might be because he frowns often, his eyebrows have shallow frown marks. But the most eye-catching thing was the “S” on his right face.

The black tattoo has a weird and resplendent icy feeling.

Her long eyelashes rose. She asked, “Does S mean Satan?”

En,” he smiled gently. “It doesn’t look good, right?”

Bei Yao said, “Very handsome.” She put her chin in her hands, looking very sincere.

He laughed.

Imprinted in her eyes were his figure and the moon. There was a clear and moving gentleness. When she looked at someone, there seemed to be an illusion that a certain person was her whole world.

Pei Chuan asked, “Is your wound better yet?”

His tone was flat and low; there were indescribable calm feelings in it. It was just like how one was concerned about one’s junior, friendly.

She was dissatisfied with Pei Chuan’s estrangement. She would probably be able to accompany him for a lifetime in the future. What does this count as? She knew the previous Bei Yao was not close to him. Thinking back to how he didn’t mind helping her take care of her wound, she put that delicate little fair foot on his knee. “Then you take a look.”

Her tone was intimate and coquettish.

Pei Chuan couldn’t see anything, but after listening to her, he carefully checked the wound.

She used her toe to rub his fingers.

Under the moonlight, he silently used his thumb to rub the instep of that naughty foot.

In the end, she couldn’t bear the itching and took them back. When she smiled, there was a gleam of water in her eyes, and he couldn’t help but smile a little when he saw it.

She kind of liked the way he smiled now.

It seemed that when she saw him at the beginning, whether it was planting flowers or talking because he knew she would leave, he had always been calm like a pool of stagnant water, without sorrow or joy. But now, he seemed to be alive.

Yu Shang Xian said Bei Yao has never been close to him.

He was like a traveler who could not come out of the desert, hopeless day after day.

Bei Yao said, “I want to stay next door to you tonight.”


She thought then said with a little grievance, “Don’t abandon me next time you leave, okay?”

Pei Chuan said, “En.” He apologized in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

She said, “I’m not angry. I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to find you someday.”

No matter if she ran, chased, or inquired the whole world, she could not find any news about him. Just like the year when she could not find Pei Chuan in prison, she was not afraid of traveling thousands of miles. She was just afraid to miss and lose him.

The Satan in front of her has calm eyes; this was what Pei Chuan looked like when he grew up and matured.

She pointed to the moon in the sky. “There seems to be something around it.”

Pei Chuan stared up at the azure blue sky. The moon was round and bright. Although the sky was a little bit starry, the moon didn’t have anything at all surrounding it.

Gao Qiong poked her head out and saw the scene in front of her that blew her lungs.

The little demon held Satan’s mask in her hand and quickly kissed the “S” on his right cheek, then ran back to the cabin. This time, she was telling him, I know the one I kissed is Satan oh.

Gao Qiong roared with laughter. Aaaaaa little demon ah! She has bewitched Satan again!

She believed that even if the little demon ran away quickly after she kissed him, Satan should, in fact, quickly react and kill her. But he acquiesced.

He especially cooperated and gave a silent consent!

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