Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 108: Hey! Satan 4.1

The lights on the cruise ship made the sea gleam from its reflections. Gao Qiong saw Satan sitting there for a while before pushing the wheelchair back to the cabin again. He looked calm as if nothing had happened.

But Gao Qiong understood, he didn’t call Ah Zuo to push him, which meant Satan was greatly perturbed.

Gao Qiong kicked the railing. This must not be Miss Bei Yao, Miss Bei Yao would not kiss Satan.

She waited for Satan to be disappointed with the counterfeit.

Or the moment when the counterfeit would arrive on land and would become afraid of Satan.

The sea breeze has a unique fishy and salty scent, and the moon at night was very bright.

But someone had a sleepless night.

The morning sun shrouded the entire deck, and the sunrise shone on the calm sea.

When Ah Zuo pushed Pei Chuan through the port, everyone’s eyes widened.

The man looked calm. His cold and handsome face has a black “S” tattoo. If it weren’t for the loyal Ah Zuo behind him, everyone would almost think that they recognized the wrong person. How many years have they not seen Satan’s appearance?

Facing the obscured and surprised look, Pei Chuan was particularly indifferent.

He wasn’t accustomed to it inside. After wearing the mask for a long time, his skin was as white as ice.

He was not used to the weird gazes around him when he was discussing matters, and he stretched out his hand to the young girl beside him. “Give it back.” Don’t play anymore.

Bei Yao was holding the fallen god mask in her hand, and she hid it behind her back.

Pei Chuan said gently, “Be good.”

Bei Yao felt a little twisted. Obviously, a few days ago she and Pei Chuan were still the same age. A few days later, Satan was much older than herself.

She returned the mask to him, and Pei Chuan put it on, but the expression of the crowd was still weird.

The men ate breakfast while discussing work. The boat was basically filled with rough old men; Gao Qiong and Bei Yao were the only two girls. Pei Chuan looked at Bei Yao beside him and said to Gao Qiong, “You accompany her for a walk.”

Gao Qiong reluctantly said, “Yes.”

After being implanted with Wang Sheng, Gao Qiong’s loyalty was unquestionable. She followed Bei Yao with due diligence, and Bei Yao was also afraid of causing trouble to Pei Chuan. In order to let him be at ease, she didn’t refuse.

On the island where “Bei Yao” was buried, there were no women’s clothes. All the clothes that she wore were brought by Gao Qiong. Gao Qiong remembered Bao Yao’s kiss last night and felt that Bei Yao was not pleasing to the eye.

She used a critical gaze to sweep back and forth over Bei Yao’s figure.

Bei Yao asked her, “What are you looking at?”

Gao Qiong’s gaze finally fell on Bei Yao’s chest.

Bei Yao got a little goosebump and was a little embarrassed by her explicit gaze.

Gao Qiong’s gaze was burning. Good gracious! Only her magnificent chest can hold up that dress, but this little demon was actually able to make it a good fit.

Gao Qiong: “Hey, counterfeit, have you heard these words before? ‘Women who used their good looks to win the favor of the man will lose their love once their beauty fades.’”

Bei Yao: “......” She was not stupid, she understood what Gao Qiong was talking about. Just like how Gao Qiong didn’t like her, she didn’t like Gao Qiong either.

Bei Yao also didn’t take it seriously at first, but then she thought about how Gao Qiong has been by her Pei Chuan’s side for so many years, her heart was overflowing with sourness. So she deliberately got angry at Gao Qiong. “At least having a good look is better than not having it all. Pei Chuan just like this kind of me.”

Gao Qiong’s eyelids jumped. “What exactly do you want? If it’s about how to resolve Wang Sheng and Satan’s life, it’s not happening. Other than that, you can try to say it, I can help you. Your superior has sent you here, so there must be an objective ba.” She couldn’t take it anymore! As long as this counterfeit can go, she will send her away like a Buddha!

Bei Yao blinked; her gaze turned serious. “I have an objective ah.”

Gao Qiong asked, “What is it?”

Bei Yao’s eyes curled up. “I want Satan to like me.”

“You’re tricking me!”

Bei Yao was bewildered. “Why don’t you believe the truth?”

Gao Qiong was too lazy to talk with her. Bei Yao also didn’t plan to reason with her and toured the cruise by herself.

The cruise was very luxurious, reminding her of a movie called “Titanic”. The city where she was born didn’t have any sea; Bei Yao also never went to the sea. So she was looking around with a relaxed mood accompanied by the soft sea breeze.

The time around her seemed to stand still, and there was a particularly satisfying and happy atmosphere. Gao Qiong was aware of the atmosphere; the happiness seemed to be contagious and her expression slowly changed. She humphed with dissatisfaction. “Country bumpkin.”

Bei Yao did not argue with her.

At noon, when it was the original time for lunch, she still hadn't seen Pei Chuan’s face, and his lunch was delivered to his room.

Pei Chuan appeared to be very busy. He was so busy that until night he still didn’t have any free time.

Bei Yao looked toward the hall several times, feeling a little lost in her heart. She stretched her fingers to touch the ray of dusk.

Gao Qiong gloated over her unhappiness. “Who was it that proudly said that Satan likes you in the morning? Although Satan is busy, it’s not to the extent that he won’t even spare a glance at you ba. Don’t put feathers in your own cap.”

Very late at night, Bei Yao knocked on Pei Chuan’s door, and the man said calmly, “Please come in.”

Bei Yao pushed open the door; he was reading.

Pei Chuan looked at the girl who was standing by the door anxiously. “What’s wrong?”

Bei Yao said, “It’s nothing.”

She wasn’t actually clingy, but this world made her feel too insecure. Pei Chuan’s gentleness and intimacy last night was still in her memory, but today he has become detached. Bei Yao was puzzled and panicked.

Pei Chuan said, “Have a good rest.”

She seemed to lose her vitality all of a sudden and walked out of the room with her head downcasted.

It was a little hard for Pei Chuan to bear watching her leaving back, but he finally said nothing.

After she was gone, he coughed and clutched his chest.

Yu Shang Xian frowned when he brought the doctor in. "Since when did it start?" He suddenly got severe pain in the chest in the middle of discussing work; this was the first time.

Pie Chuan was very calm. "It's nothing. Let the doctor have a look ba."

The doctor came to check him for a while, then said after a long time, "You have to take good care of your health yourself. Don't have too many emotional fluctuations."

Pie Chuan said, "I understand."

You Shang Xian rarely lost his temper. "Who is it exactly? The location of the little island has never been leaked. There was never any problem with your health before, I will interrogate everyone on the small island. If it does not work, I'll kill everyone."

Pie Chuan raised his eyes. "You’re thinking too much. It's not a big deal."

Not a big deal? Then why was it so painful that you almost fainted?

Yu Shang Xian wanted to say something but stopped. Pei Chuan said coldly, “The doctor stays, you can go. Don’t leak the news.”

This was an absolute order. Yu Shang Xian raised his eyebrows and responded, “Yes.”

The night wind blew away and dissipated people’s anger, replacing it with sharpness.

Yu Shang Xian met Gao Qiong when he went out the door. Gao Qiong was in a good mood. She said, “The lights in the counterfeit room went out very early, she must have been given a cold shoulder.”

Yu Shang Xian narrowed his eyes. “You have been with this young lady these past two days. What do you think of her?”

Gao Qiong originally wanted to curse her, but Bei Yao was not really a nasty person. Gao Qiong’s lips sank. “Just like that.”

“Do you think she has any purpose in coming here? Will she hurt Satan?”

Gao Qiong was pleasantly surprised. “You also think she has a problem, right? She must have some conspiracies.”

Yu Shang Xian looked at Gao Qiong’s expression and felt that he was like a chicken talking to a duck*. He maintained his composure and smile.

*t/n: Speaking a different language, means 2 people talking at different wavelengths and not understanding each other at all.

“That year when Miss Bei Yao died, do you remember what Satan did?”

“He seems to have let out a bunch of low-quality Wang Sheng and chaos happened. He locked himself in his room, everyone thought he couldn’t accept Bei Yao’s death, but our Satan was man* enough! After a few days, he came out as if nothing happened. He also brought Wang Sheng to become more formidable. Why are you asking this?”

*t/n: It’s originally in English, a popular internet language used in China, it means a man with strong character or ability.

Yu Shang Xian seemed lost in thought. “Nothing.”

“So weird, I’m going to see Satan.”

Yu Shang Xian stopped her. “Satan has taken a rest.”

“So early?”

Gao Qiong thought for a while. It’s good to take a rest, at least it is better than watching the stars with that counterfeit product.

She thought it through and went back to her room.

Yu Shang Xian’s footstep paused; he suddenly has a guess.


When Pei Chuan got up the next day, his face was obviously much better.

Ah Zuo was simple and honest. When he came over to push the wheelchair, he asked worriedly, “Satan, what’s wrong with your body?”

Pei Chuan said, “It’s nothing.”

The dining hall was on the second floor, but the light was faint. Pei Chuan frowned, “Where’s she?”

Gao Qiong looked around in a circle; she also didn’t see Bei Yao. Seeing Pei Chuan look over, she shook her head, “I don’t know ah. Yesterday after I accompanied her for a walk she came back to bed early.”

Except for the day when she left the island, Bei Yao was never late. She was punctual and had good manners. She would not make people annoyed.

Gao Qiong said, “You eat first, I’ll call her.”

Yu Shang Xian saw Pei Chuan lower his head. He smiled and said, “That lady is only nineteen years old, all of us are almost twice her age. Satan, have you raised a little sister before? I guess she was lonely and had a temper. Yesterday you were discussing work for a whole day and didn’t see her.”

He pointed something out; Gao Qiong was dissatisfied. The little demon dared to throw a tantrum! You were showing Satan your temper! Give her a rocket and she wants to fly to heaven*, huh!

*t/n: Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile.

Pei Chuan said, “You guys eat. I’ll go see her.”

Ah Zuo quickly came over to push the wheelchair but he raised his hand and refused.

Pei Chuan went outside Bei Yao’s room by himself.

He knocked on the door and said gently. “Bei Yao, I’m sorry I didn’t understand how you felt before. This world is very strange to you, it’s me who’s not good, always leaving you by yourself.”

The room was quiet. Pei Chuan remembered Yu Shang Xian’s words. Is she throwing a tantrum? He sighed deeply. “How about I accompany you today? Let the boat stop so you can fish in the sea.”

He was silent. He was a boring person and didn’t know how to coax a little girl. He never had to please her before.

He said, “If there’s anything you like or want, you can tell me.”

He guarded the door of her room. The sea breeze was soft and several wind chimes in her room rang crisply. Pei Chuan sat for a long time then stretched out his hand to open the door.

The room was empty, the string of seashells swayed with the wind chimes. The quilt on her bed was neat and tidy, there were two small tropical fish swimming in the round glass aquarium.

Everything was neat and lively, only Bei Yao was not in the room, she wasn’t taken away by someone.

He closed his eyes.

I’d rather believe what Yu Shang Xian said is true, she just had a temper.

But what can he complain about? After living for 27 years, he understood one thing, even if his hands could reach the sky, he couldn’t win against destiny.

She would come to his life when it wanted, and it could also let her leave quietly. Disturbing the spring water in rivers and lakes, laughing at his sorrows. Pei Chuan pressed his chest, it seemed to be sadness, but not so miserable.

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