Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 85: Husband

Under the twilight, Bei Yao laid on his shoulder and panted softly.

The lights in the sports field were not bright, covering her blushing face. The shadows of the tree were swayed by the wind. Both of Professor Pei's hands were on each of her sides. He clenched his teeth and made up his mind. He spoke in a low voice, "Won't go to the hotel. We're going home."

The bedsheets and wedding quilt in their room have not been changed from their initial red color.

She whispered, "O... Okay ah."

Their home was not far from the university. When Pei Chuan picked the location and bought the house, he also considered that Bei Yao had to go to school. He went to the parking lot to get the car, while Bei Yao stood outside waiting. Within this night of May, the soft wind blew. When Chu Xun drove to park his car, he saw Bei Yao outside.

She wore a light cherry-colored short sleeve with flare cuffs, which showed her white and slender arms. It gave off a delicate feeling.

Chu Xun thought of something, and felt a little ironic and angry.

When he chased Bei Yao, she refused. Later, because of her, he was told off by that young master from the Huo family, and lost face. He thought that if a woman's heart was higher than the sky, then no one could get into her eyes. As a result, in a heartbeat, he heard that she had a boyfriend who had been in jail.

He couldn't swallow this anger. He honked the horn and drove towards her. Bei Yao heard the sound and subconsciously took a step back.

Chu Xun poked his head out. "Get in, I'll send you back ah!"

He drove a BMW that’s over one million yuan. His father has money and only has him, this one son. These years, there were very few college students who could afford to drive a BMW.

Bei Yao retreated to the flower bed and frowned. "No need, I'm waiting for someone."

Chu Xun was in high spirits. He heard his father say that Huo Xu seemed to be suppressed, this time. Then, no one could stop him from chasing Bei Yao ah, and his pride as a man was at stake. He said, "Waiting for who? Your boyfriend who is in jail? Are you waiting for him to pick you up on a tricycle?"

When he spoke about a tricycle, Chu Xun made himself laugh.

He thought, You must be regretting it ba, what good is it to be with a poor man who can't support a woman. Some girls are naive, thinking that you have everything if you have love. However, after they suffered they will know that love is a fucking bullshit.

As soon as Young Master Chu finished speaking, a silver-gray car drove out of the garage.

And rushed towards him.

Without pressing the horn.

Chu Xun's head went blank for a moment. The car was only a few centimeters away before Pei Chuan stepped on the brakes. Chu Xun cursed. "Do you have no eyes?!"

He poked his head out, still wanting to curse. Then, he saw the brand of the car.

It had a low-key color. F*ck! Its brand was Lamborghini. It was several times more expensive than the one he drove.

Chu Xun still remembered the lesson given by Huo Xu last time. On this piece of land in B City, in ancient times, if you randomly made trouble, you might have to face up with the princes or generals.

Moreover, from the way the other party drove his car, he might have really wanted to drive over and hit him. One look and he knew that the person was not easy to mess with.

Chu Xun held back the swear word.

Chu Xun saw a man in a white shirt with an indifferent expression from the front window. Pei Chuan opened the door of the passenger seat. "Yaoyao, let's go home."

Bei Yao was also shocked by the scene just now. When she got in the car, Chu Xun's face was ugly like he just ate shit.

Where did this man come from! Didn't they say that Bei Yao's boyfriend was in jail?

Pei Chuan drove the car away. He had modified his car, it was not obvious from the outside, but the difference could be seen inside.

Pei Chuan has a good hearing. He heard Chu Xun's words when he drove out.

He looked ahead somewhat sullenly and turned around the corner to drive out of school.

Only now did Pei Chuan realize the pressure and ridicule Bei Yao had to endure when he was in jail. Everyone would think she had no vision.

Bei Yao felt a little funny. "Why do you bother with him ya. What if you hurt yourself?"

He shook his head, and for the first time, said seriously, "Let's make it public."

Bei Yao was taken aback.

She still remembered the two conditions that Pei Chuan put forward that year when they were together in high school. The first was not to have intimate actions, the second was not to make it public.

Now, he took the initiative and said that he wanted to disclose it. Bei Yao smiled and said, "Why ah?" She wanted to hear him out, to hear what was in his heart, to listen to him admit his possessiveness.

He pursed his lips, not uttering a word.

After driving for a while, they arrived home.

Bei Yao also brought the key, and took it out to open the door.

Pei Chuan hugged her waist from behind and closed the door smoothly. "We will make it public tomorrow, en?"

Bei Yao was dying from laughter inside.

However, after all these years, he has changed. In their third year of high school, he thought it was impossible for him to be together with her for the rest of his life. Even if you beat him to death, he would not admit that he liked her in front of everyone.

She held back a smile, and nodded her head with a serious expression.

Pei Chuan spoke in a low voice, "I'm home."

It's a sentence that came out of nowhere, but she understood Pei Chuan's meaning in an instant. Bei Yao turned around with a red face, hugged his neck, and buried her head in his arms. "En, yeah."

He paused, hugged her, and kissed her gently.

Bei Yao closed her eyes, her fingers lingered on his tie.

He held that hand. The man’s surging hormones overshadowed his inferiority complex for the first time. In the occasional dream of his youth, he pictured some scenes. There would be an illusion that she would not despise him.

Pei Chuan said in a deep voice, "Can you do it this time? But don't look."

When the words fell on her ears, there was a kind of spiritually cautious and humble feeling in it.

Bei Yao buried her head in his arms. She finally became infected with shyness, and nodded gently.

The large bed in the bedroom was particularly soft. When her eyes were blindfolded, she was a little nervous. Sound was amplified, Bei Yao felt that he was removing his prosthetic legs, and his strong arms propped up on either side of him.

She raised her hand to touch the tie on her eyes. Pei Chuan took hold of that hand, he pressed it to the top of her head, and whispered in a low voice, "We had a deal."

Okay, we have a deal.

He buried his head in Bei Yao's neck for a second.

Bei Yao froze, and reached out her hand to his chest. "Wait, wait a minute."

He got up, his eyes dimmed for a moment.

Bei Yao's expression was a little vacant, a moment later her cheeks reddened. She said awkwardly, "I seem to be having my period."

That night Bei Yao felt so ashamed. In fact, her menstrual period has always been around this time. However, sometimes, people in love were like a fish with its seven-seconds memory*, completely forgetting some things.

*t/n: Forgetful.

She pulled the quilt to cover her face, then listened to the sound of the splashing of water coming from the bathroom. It lasted a long time before he turned off the light and came out.

When he came out, his face was still stained with beads of water.

Pei Chuan went to the kitchen. She poked her head out and watched his back.

After a while, Pei Chuan came over with a bowl of boiled brown-sugar water with an egg. "Eat this before you sleep."

She blinked. "Brown-sugar water?"

Pei Chuan said, "En."

Bei Yao forgot her embarrassment just now, and was curious. "Where did the brown sugar come from?" Why didn't she see it when she entered the kitchen a few days ago?

He stroked her head. "I bought it a few days ago."

Bei Yao buried her head to drink the water, and she vaguely said, "Thank you, Pei Chuan."

He paused for a second. "Yaoyao, no need to say thank you. I've just become a husband, there are many things I did not do well. You can tell me whatever you need."

For example, menstrual period, this is also a thing he should remember.

She quietly raised her eyes to look at him. The man's gaze fell on her, and she said in a small voice, "Then I’ll only drink the water, do not want the egg."

His eyes carried a subtle smile. "Okay."

He ate what she did not eat.

The two washed again, and when she lay on the bed, she suddenly turned over and lay on the man's chest.

She softly kissed him on his lips and spoke in a delicate voice. "Pei Chuan is so nice."

He smiled and wrapped his hand around her waist. "En, let's sleep."

Stop tormenting him.

Otherwise, if it happened a few more times, no one could hold back anymore.

Her delicate chin rested on his chest. She whispered, "I've only just become a wife too. Pei Chuan, if I do something wrong, you have to tell me too."

A piece of his heart seemed to sink in, he whispered, "You're good everywhere."

He did not have to go to the research institute in the morning since he has classes at the university, so Pei Chuan went out with Bei Yao.

Early in the morning, the air in the neighborhood was fresh. There was a granny in the neighborhood selling the gardenias she planted.

In fact, the people in the neighborhood were well off, and the granny was only looking for something to do.

Pei Chuan's steps paused, bought a freshly picked gardenia flower, and put it in the front pocket of her jacket.

The granny looked at them with a smile.

Bei Yao suddenly looked at the man who lowered his eyes, and immediately remembered the time when they were in the third year of high school, when several schools knew that Pei Chuan was disabled.

She ran to his house, out of breath. Afraid that he would be upset, only for him to spread his hand and reveal the flower he brought on the road.

Some people's love seemed to be long-lasting and would not change in a lifetime.

Bei Yao has two professional classes in the morning, but Pei Chuan's class was in the afternoon, he only needed to come in the afternoon. However, he brought his computer with him. After Pei Chuan sent Bei Yao, he looked for a secluded teahouse to read some reports.

Teaching at a university could be more relaxing than working at a research institute.

However, he was a diligent person. Once he was free, he would keep writing codes or check the progress on the Huo family’s side.

His mind was calm and sensitive. He always felt that a person would not fall from power so easily.

Jiang Huaqiong was powerful, but Huo Yan was also an old fox, leaving Huo Xu a lot of resources. Before Pei Chuan saw the death of Huo Xu with his own eyes, he would always be on his guard.

In addition, he has to make money. He already made money in no time, and had given Bei Yao a card. Money was always transferred to it every month.

It's just that she did not use it herself, and hasn't checked how much money was in it.

Pei Chuan's speed of making money was evident from the 300 million that he handed over that year.

Pei Chuan skimmed through the value of the Huo's shares. As expected, it really has been falling. Jiang Huaqiong only had her dead son in her heart, and it's a way of revenge that would hurt both sides.

It was precisely because of this paranoia that Pei Chuan frowned. If he were Jiang Huaqiong, he would not use such a method that would easily force Huo Xu to be a cornered dog. Pei Chuan would choose to boil the frog in warm water, and when Huo Xu couldn't react anymore, he was already left with nothing.

Crazy women were scary. It was impossible for Jiang Huaqiong to have never thought about it, but now, she only cared about her inner pleasure.

Pei Chuan closed the computer and called Zhao Zhilan.

"Aunt Zhao, are you already accustomed to living there?"

Zhao Zhilan lived in a house near the sea to avoid people's trickery. At this moment, she coughed. "Still call aunt Zhao?"

Pei Chuan paused. "Mom."

Zhao Zhilan hummed. Although living in a big house was comfortable, she still missed her small nest. "When can I and your dad go back ah? The prices here are high. Aiyo, don't you know that even leaks are so expensive?! If it's in the old neighborhood, we could just grow some, and it's done."

Pei Chuan said, "It's for your safety, wait a little longer, it will be over soon."

Zhao Zhilan thought about it, but still did not forget to ask about her daughter's situation. "My daughter didn't give you trouble, right?"


Zhao Zhilan sighed. "She is still young and doesn't understand a lot of things. You should be more tolerant."

Zhao Zhilan knew in her heart how much Pei Chuan had done. No matter how troublesome and reluctant she was with the disabled son-in-law, humans’ hearts were still made of flesh. When Pei Chuan kneeled at the beginning, and did so much for them behind their back, it was hard for Zhao Zhilan to steel her heart.

Gradually, she somehow understood Bei Yao's choice.

Back then, she married the penniless Bei Licai, when the two of them went back to the mountain to visit the bride's parental home after the wedding, Bei Licai refused to carry her. But Pei Chuan almost dug his heart out for her daughter. He desperately liked her, what else was she not satisfied with?

Pei Chuan said, "Yaoyao is very good."

Zhao Zhilan suddenly felt that it was a little redundant to ask this question. Nowadays, it was uncertain who loved Bei Yao the most.

She said, "You can do your things ba, I'm very good here, do not worry. Pei Chuan ah, if you are still very busy over the summer vacation, come back with Bei Yao in New Year. Mom will make bacon and sausage for you. Okay, I'm hanging up."

Pei Chuan replied, "En."

After getting married, Pei Chuan once again experienced the feeling of having a family.

No matter how far you were, there were always people who were concerned about you.

Pei Chuan closed his computer and went to pick Bei Yao for lunch.

The four young girls stood neatly, looking at him.

Pei Chuan looked at Bei Yao.

Bei Yao introduced them to each other. "They are my roommates, the one in yellow is Qin Dongni, the one in black is Wang Qiankun, she is Shan Xiaomai."

Qin Dongni still has the fear of "do not pass notes in class" until today. Although she was very fierce when coaxing Bei Yao, now that she saw Pei Chuan, she stammered. "Pei, Professor Pei."

Shan Xiaomai also has a sense of nervousness when facing an officer. Only Wang Qiankun was more carefree, and was curiously looking at Yaoyao's husband.

He is a very awesome character ah!

Pei Chuan nodded his head politely. "Hello everyone. Thank you for taking care of Yaoyao. If it's convenient for you, I'll treat you all to a meal."

It was a Chinese restaurant chosen by Bei Yao. Meanwhile, Wang Qiankun arrogantly ordered the wine.

The other girls did not drink. Pei Chuan had a class in the afternoon, so he did not drink too much. As a result, only Wang Qiankun drank.

Everyone thought Wang Qiankun was a good drinker. But it turned out that she began to laugh and gossip after three cups. Her face was flushed with two lumps of red, her eyes blurred, and she smacked her lips.

"Professor Pei, I tell you, that fool Chu Xun chased our family Yaoyao in freshman year. He released hydrogen balloons all over the sky, but was rejected in front of the whole school."

Pei Chuan listened quietly.

Wang Qiankun began to count which people had chased Bei Yao since freshmen year.

In short, it was a lot... Pei Chuan had to restrain himself.

Bei Yao was so upset that she wanted to cover her roommate's mouth.

In the future, Wang Qiankun will not be allowed to drink! She became the chatterbox version of Qin Dongni after drinking! Moreover, Wang Qiankun was a savage bull. The more you tried to stop her, the more energetic she became. Several girls couldn't stop her. Pei Chuan naturally would not stop them from talking, out of politeness.

Wang Qiankun said, "I'll tell you, bro. You've picked up a big deal, our Yaoyao!" She proudly said, "Beautiful looking, slender waist, long legs, big breasts, also... true, right?" She vulgarly compared it to a C (cup).

Bei Yao wanted to cry without tears. She couldn't wait to find a crack on the ground to jump in. Wang Qiankun is crazy! In fact, this was a joke from Qin Dongni's poisonous eyes from freshman year. They always washed separately in the dormitory.

Is there anyone else more embarrassed than her when inviting their roommates to eat! Bei Yao could not lift her head anymore. The other two girls were also stunned by this Great Master Wang's act, they were frozen like a wooden chicken. And their faces were flushed red.

Pei Chuan was silent. He did not utter a single sound. For the first time, he hated the intimacy between girls. Until now, he has... only ever undid a few buttons of her clothes.

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