Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 27: Inebriated

TL Note (Cx): I made a careless mistake of spelling Zheng Hang’s name as Deng Hang for the last few chapters ?.

The basketball tournament went on with everyone on the edge of their seats. Finally, the winners were announced after three days of competition, which was Third High School.

Zheng Hang, who joined with a half-hearted attitude, never expected that they’d be the ones lifting the trophy. Although they had a bad rep in school, they were generous enough to invite all those involved in the tournament to a meal at ‘The Glamorous’. This included those from the three schools.

Nobody intended to turn up when they heard that the “ones in charge” of Third High were the ones treating them. Yet, they soon gave in to the allure of ‘The Glamorous’ itself, the most prestigious place they could’ve dreamed of.

Shi Tian agreed the moment she got wind of the invitation. She soon called along with the five players from the basketball team, as well as the five cheerleaders.

Bei Yao was curious about ‘The Glamorous’ since she had never been there herself.

She also thought about bumping into Pei Chuan there. Bei Yao hadn’t felt sorry for Pei Chuan for the past ten years or so. Even though he grew up and drifted from Bei Yao, and disliked himself, this was no excuse for her to avoid him.

Shi Tian looked at Bei Yao and the girls, and hung her head, “Y’all wearing uniforms?”

The six girls looked confused.

Shi Tian signed, “It’s fine. My fault for not telling y’all beforehand. Uniform it is then. It looks pretty youthful.”

The Sixth High School’s uniform is in light blue, with a dolphin print detailed on it.

Their bottoms was a wide black trouser. Due to the heat, all the girls rolled their trousers up.

The group arrived at ‘The Glamorous’, and finally understood Shi Tian’s reaction from just now—

Students from the First and Third High School arrived long ago. Everyone was dressed formally. The boys wore short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts, while the girls wore the current trending summer dresses. Some girls even styled their hair for this event.

Amongst all, Wei Wan stood out the most.

She wore a lake blue dress, the hem of the dress had laces. Her jet black hair was styled with a hair straightener. She looked mature and attractive.

The cheerleaders from the First High School weren’t dressed as delicately, though. They looked quite the opposite, being casually dressed.

When Shi Tian brought in the cheerleaders from the Sixth High School, Jin ZiYang spilled his drinks, “HAHAHA! Are y’all primary school kids on a field trip?”

The crowd laughed.

Shi Tian glared at him.

The six girls were embarrassed, except Bei Yao.

She spotted Pei Chuan. He sat on the furthest end of the table, holding onto a cigarette. He didn’t see her as she was blocked by the crowd. The next moment, he put out the cigarette and didn’t light another.

Jin ZiYang scanned the girls in uniform from the Sixth High School and stopped at Bei Yao.

He was startled.

Bei Yao, who was almost sixteen, was donned in a uniform with a dolphin. Her naturally wavy hair was tied in a ponytail. Purity radiated off of her.

The girls’ uniforms were in blue, and Wei Wan’s dress was also in blue. However, the uniform on Bei Yao appeared more attractive than Wei Wan’s dress.

The boys who saw Bei Yao during the competition met her again. Nevertheless, they were still in awe.

Wei Wan saw her too. She clenched her teeth, infuriated. She had put in so much dedication to dressing up, only to be beaten by a country girl who knew nothing.

Bei Yao had never been to a place like this. She followed senior Shi Tian at the back and stood together with the girls from the same school.

Jin ZiYang came back to his senses and stole a glance at Chuan bro. Pei Chuan was gazing downwards constantly. Jin ZiYang cleared his throat, “Don’t restrain yourselves. Young master Zheng will be treating today, eat, and play to your heart's content! Come, sit anywhere you want.”

This was the chess and cards hall at level six. There were swing chairs and various types of sofas.

It was the first time Bei Yao came to a place like this. Her eyes beamed with curiosity as she looked at the surroundings, and followed Shi Tian to sit on a sofa.

Jin ZiYang glanced at his watch, of which the sole purpose was to make him look cool, “It’s only 5 p.m, a bit too early for dinner. How about a game first?”

Since the people from Third High School were the ones giving a treat, the others had no choice but to comply.

As the number of people attending that day almost reached 30 people, Jin ZiYang suggested playing cards. He was, however, quickly dismissed by Zheng Hang after catching a glimpse of Pei Chuan, saying, “Some girls don't know how to play. Let's play Seven-Up instead.”

Zheng Hang started explaining the rules to everyone, “All of us are to sit in a circle and number off. The person that gets to a number that contains seven, or a multiple of seven, claps instead. Those who don’t react in time, number off wrongly, or clap at the wrong instances, will get punished. The forfeit is…”

Just as Jin ZiYang was about to speak, Zheng Hang glared at him. “The forfeit would be to finish an entire cup of any drink.”

Jin ZiYang groaned in disappointment as everyone agreed to the game.

The pace of the game was going fast. Bei Yao was sitting directly opposite Pei Chuan.

She wasn’t particularly smart, and her reactions were known to be slow too. This made her quite nervous when the game started.

The first one to lose was Jin ZiYang. He cursed under his breath and poured himself a cup of beer.

When it reached Pei Chuan in the second round, it was 28. He clapped casually after the person in front of him clapped. When it reached Bei Yao at 42, he raised his head to look at her.

Bei Yao hesitated for a second before clapping.

Six times seven was forty-two. That was a close one.

Bei Yao smiled at Pei Chuan from afar. Though she had good grades, her reactions were slow by nature. From young, Zhao ZiLan was worried she might not catch up. Thankfully, every year she regains her past memories. In addition to her hard work, she constantly excelled in her studies.

At that instant, she hesitated, but when she met Pei Chuan’s eyes, Bei Yao subconsciously clapped.

The girl behind her startled, as the former couldn’t react on time before Bei Yao. This girl had lost.

Jin ZiYang didn’t notice the anomaly, and passed a cigarette to Pei Chuan subconsciously, “How about one, Chuan bro?”

Pei Chuan pressed his lips.

The girl sitting opposite with her round eyes as clear as moonlight looked his way, staring at the cigarette. In his mind, Pei Chuan got a bit flustered.

Nonetheless, he knew that the current couldn't be compared to the past, and took the cigarette. However, he only spun the cigarette with his fingers a few times, and never lit it up.

Bei Yao sighed softly in her heart.

There are wins and losses in the game. After several rounds, Bei Yao and Pei Chuan were the only ones who hadn’t lost a game yet.

Shi Tian complimented, “Bei Yao you have such a quick reaction.”

Bei Yao glanced at the once smartest boy in the neighbourhood from far and gave him a wholehearted smile.


Dinner was held at level two. Jin ZiYang didn’t bother with the fact that they were still students, and ordered various alcoholic drinks.

Of course, he didn’t force everyone to drink. Those that were willing to drink had a sip.

Bei Yao knew she had developed a bad habit.

Her habit was to stare at Pei Chuan.

From a very young age, she was used to being near him. She was always worried if he was sick, thirsty, or hungry. When the whole table was filled with strangers, she subconsciously looked towards Pei Chuan.

The boy with an expressionless face drank one shot after another.

Jin ZiYang was surprised and weirded out, asking Zheng Hang softly, “What happened to Chuan bro?”

Didn't he dislike drinking?

Zheng Hang replied, “How am I supposed to know.”

Jin ZiYang can’t think of a reason, so he stopped thinking, and proceeded to drink with Pei Chuan boldly.

Wei Wan saw Pei Chuan’s interest in drinking, which was unlike the other boys who stole glances at Bei Yao. She was satisfied, knowing that Pei Chuan was hard-to-get. No matter how pretty Bei Yao from the Sixth High School is, Pei Chuan would remain indifferent.

Wei Wan brought a glass with a smile. She toasted her glass with Zheng Hang first, “Thank you, young master Zheng, for today’s treat.”

Afterwards, she toasted with Jin ZiYang.

Lastly, she stopped in front of Pei Chuan, “Young master Pei, want a glass?”

Pei Chuan replied indifferently, “Sure.”

He toasted his glass. Wei Wan’s eyes beamed, and sipped from her glass with a full smile, while Pei Chuan finished his drink in one full swing.

Jin ZiYang clapped, “Handsome, Chuan bro!”

The alcohol that ran down his throat, felt almost cold.

Everyone was secretly glancing at Bei Yao who wore a uniform, sitting right opposite him. Pei Chuan knew she was looking at him. Look to your heart’s content. This was the life he chose. Until she grew sick of it and regretted her kindness towards this bastard from the past. She would then never appear in his life again, hidden far away from him. Only then could Pei Chuan abandon his unrealistic attachment and desire.

Pei Chuan never touched his meal. He had alcohol throughout.

It was only 7 p.m after dinner, the sky had yet to set, Shi Tian said, “Let’s go back.”

Bei Yao looked at Pei Chuan and hesitated. He sat cross-legged. Wei Wan spoke of something to him, and he was seen curling his lips up a little. That smile was cunning and certainly unfamiliar.

Bei Yao turned and followed Shi Tian, leaving the place.


After the dinner, students from the First, Third, and Sixth High School left one after another, including Wei Wan.

Zheng Hang said, “I’m calling someone to fetch us, Chuan bro can’t drive tonight for sure.”

Pei Chuan was still drinking, to which Jin ZiYang said, “Chuan bro, stop. F***, stop drinking. You drank so much tonight…”

Pei Chuan knew he was inebriated. Because, when Jin ZiYang was the only one left in the private room, the former whispered, “I miss her.”

“Huh, miss who?”

The memories that were suppressed, and were forced to forget, all streamed back into his mind.

Pei Chuan lay on the table, staring at the curtain fluttering in the chill summer night breeze. His voice was husky, “I still like her.”

“Who do you like?” Jin ZiYang was very confused. He smelled gossip in the air. Although Chuan bro was drunk, that name was like a taboo, never to be spoken even when one was inebriated.

Zheng Hang pushed the door and stepped in, “The cab is here, call Chuan bro, and let’s leave.”

Pei Chuan blinked a few times to make his mind clearer, “You guys leave without me, I’ll stay here tonight.”

When she left, he lost all his energy.

Jin ZiYang said, “Bro, I beg of you, let’s leave. Stop drinking.”

Pei Chuan shook his hand away. The look in his eyes was cold, unlike the usual, “I said, f*** off.”

Jin ZiYang didn’t have to think too much and thought a drunk person would be extra unruly. He scratched his head, “Fine, you can stay here for a while. I’ll tell the staff to get back to you at 8 p.m.”

Jin ZiYang and Zheng Hang left, leaving the last lamp on.

Outside the level two window, Pei Chuan witnessed the streets lighting up one by one. His eyes were half-closed, and his consciousness was slowly drifting away.

Light footsteps could be heard from behind, and it stopped beside him. The distinguishing aroma of clover from a girl surrounded him. She sat beside him, a slightly cold palm pressed against his forehead.

He looked at her sheepishly, forgetting to hide.

“Bei Yao.”

“Yes.” The girl replied warmly, with a slight judging tone, “Hey Pei Chuan, how much did you drink? Are you sick?”

He whispered, “I don’t feel good.”

She brought a hangover cure drink to his mouth, the gentle tone she was using was as if towards a playful child, “There, open your mouth.”

Pei Chuan stared at her and started drinking.

She took a tissue and pressed it against the side of his lips. Only until he finished drinking, she took away the tissue.

Bei Yao said, “You grew up, Pei Chuan. I’m so happy, you like to smile now.”

Pei Chuan’s eyes were tearing up fast.

The girl rests her chin on her hand, her round eyes clear and bright, with no signs of ridicule. She smiled, “You have so many friends now. Rest assured, I’m just worried about you. I will not disturb you in the future.”

“Bei Yao,” he closed his eyes.


He wanted to ask, In your heart, is there a difference between me and Fang MinJun and the rest? Are we just your childhood friends that you can’t abandon?

However, no words came out. He knew the answers himself, too.

Bei Yao saw him calling her but went silent afterwards, she said gently, “Pei Chuan, the children in the neighbourhood all miss you. Chen Hu even asked me last week if I’ve met you.”

Pei Chuan opened his eyes and replied with a soft signal.

The exaggerated smile was no longer on his face. His eyes were clear, with only Bei Yao in his sight.

“I told him,” the girl continued gently, “hmm, Pei Chuan has grown taller and turned more cheerful. He is also very good at basketball. Look, everyone is waiting for your return.”

So, does it include you? His heart was struck by that shining pair of round eyes. More layers of extravagant hopes were created in him.

It was like staring into a bright moon at the edge of the sky, knowing it would never be picked by someone and belongs to no one. Despite that, he can’t help but make up delusions.

Her light, slender hand was right beside his lips, the place where she wiped off the hangover cure drink.

As if fallen into an uncontrollable nightmare, Pei Chuan tilted his head. His thin lips pressed against her fingers.

Bei Yao was startled. Her slender fingers felt the heat. She retracted her hands subconsciously.

Pei Chuan’s inebriated heart became conscious instantly.

Only then he noticed what he did while unconscious. His face turned as white as ivory.

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