Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 91: Lunatic

TW: There’s some bloody scenes and self-harming.

The sun had come out, but it couldn't warm the chill in the mountain.

Jiang Wenjuan said “I'm sorry” since she loved her current husband and family more. Pei Haobin also said “I'm sorry” as he was afraid that Pei Jiadong would become the second Pei Chuan.

Since Pei Chuan had already lost his legs, it's considered okay to lose a pair of hands?

Did Pei Chuan deserve to be abandoned by everyone after he was born? In fact, Pei Chuan could understand it, it’s just that this cruelty has never been torn apart and shown. No matter who, he has never been their most important person, so when they have to make a choice, he would always be abandoned.

But Yaoyao, his Yaoyao.

Before 1996, she was the same as the other children in kindergarten, looking at the out-of-place Pei Chuan with fear.

After that day, she started to look at him with interest, then carefully and stupidly treated him well.

Pei Chuan looked down at the yellowish paper.

In the summer in kindergarten, the little girl held a lotus flower and put it in his arms. In elementary school, she fought for him for the first time. That night, when the wind brought the sweet, fragrant smell in high school, she gave her first kiss to him. In university, she married him.

It's enough, that is good enough.

Huo Xu was forced to be so miserable by Jiang Huaqiong, and most of it was caused by Pei Chuan. Now, his heart was satisfied. "What about it? How about I give you a choice and you choose one? Who do you think will have a higher position in her heart?"

Bei Yao looked at Pei Chuan on the monitor, her heart had calmed down.

The red dot on the mountain locator moved, and someone whispered, "The target is in the rightmost room on the third floor, but there are no windows. The sniper is ready."

Pei Chuan heard the voice from the earpiece, and raised his eyes. He would not choose anyone. In this life, he would not listen to her answer.

Pei Chuan said, "Haven't the second choice already been made?"

So don't choose, don't let Yaoyao choose.

Huo Xu raised his eyebrows in surprise, the second choice was to cut off Pei Chuan's hand or Pei Jiadong's legs.

Bei Yao opened her eyes wide, and then struggled regardless of anything. No! No!

Huo Xu found it incredible that Pei Chuan was afraid to hear the answer, and would instead choose to use this method to reject the third question.

Pei Chuan's gaze fell on the monitor that flickered. "Give me a knife, it’s either you do it or I'll do it myself."

For the first time, Huo Xu thought that this man was crazy.

Huo Xu frowned, and gave Bei Yao a look. Her eyes looked at the screen with a face full of tears.

Huo Xu suddenly felt uncomfortable in his heart. Because he was afraid of hearing an answer, he chose self-harm. If this man was not crazy, it must be because he loved this woman miserably.

Huo Xu originally wanted them to divorce, he also wanted to take Bei Yao to live abroad. It would be best if Bei Yao could abandon Pei Chuan.

He couldn't accept that someone loved Bei Yao more than him. He turned the monitor off. He suddenly hated Pei Chuan’s choice.

Okay, not afraid, huh? Then I'll fulfill your wish.

Huo Xu opened his box, in it were neatly laid out knives and whips.

When Shao Yue saw these things, her body shivered uncontrollably.

Huo Xu chose a boning knife, touched the pistol on his waist, and went out.

The moment he touched the doorknob, he was knocked down by someone.

Bei Yao tried her best and used all of her strength, which made both of them unable to stand firm, the knife fell far away.

Bei Yao fell heavily to the ground, Huo Xu was furious. "Do you want to die?"

He had a knife in his hand, but Bei Yao dared to bump into him!

Bei Yao could not speak, but Huo Xu saw that she was trembling all over.

Angry, distressed, and desperate eyes—as if trying to fight with all her life.

Huo Xu couldn't explain what he felt in his heart. If what was written on those pieces of paper were true, then is it true that she once looked him in the eyes and treated him well?

But now, she really fell in love with a cripple!

Huo Xu pulled Bei Yao from the floor, his jealousy made his teeth clatter.

He said, "After I'm done with him, I'll take you abroad. No problem, we have a lot of time to cultivate our relationship later."

Huo Xu took out the handcuffs, locked her wrists on the bed, then opened the door and walked out of the room on the third floor.

The mountain was quiet, and because there was no window in the room, the sunlight couldn't get in.

Bei Yao looked at the surveillance screen, but it was already dark.

He has believed in her love, yet still underestimated his position.

She buried her cheeks in her knees. Why didn't he listen to her choice?

Pei Chuan is not the one who deserves to be abandoned forever ah.

Huo Xu threw the boning knife in front of Pei Chuan. Simultaneously, the mountain wind blew through the window. Pei Chuan's feet were covered with mud from climbing up the mountain.

Huo Xu said, "I heard that the ten fingers connect to the heart. Then just start with your right thumb ba. This knife is not sharp, so you have to be a little ruthless to yourself."

A thin voice came from the earpiece. "The place where the target is standing is blocked, it's difficult to aim."

Huo Xu was afraid that Pei Chuan would deceive him, and brought a lot of people, each with a gun.

In the end, the Huo family's wealth became his life-saving talisman.

Pei Chuan picked up the knife.

There were some things that were actually not new to him. He thought he had long forgotten the memory of when he was four years old, but he didn't. He has been intelligent since childhood, and that deeply-rooted pain and humiliation felt as if it were just yesterday.

Pei Chuan was calm when he raised the knife in his hand.

However, once the knife went down, he still groaned.

With bones and flesh, the thumb was cut and fell to the ground.

Pei Chuan gritted his teeth, he was unable to withstand the piercing pain, and fell on the ground. His whole body trembled, but he was unwilling to make more noises. It’s just that, his breathing accelerated.

The air was filled with the smell of blood. Huo Xu was once again thankful that he had turned off the monitor. Pei Chuan was a lunatic.

This cripple could do anything for Bei Yao. If he let Bei Yao see this scene, it was estimated that she would never forget Pei Chuan in her life.

Huo Xu smiled happily, and glanced at the thumb on the ground in disgust. "This time, it's the left ring finger. That ring of yours pricks my eyes."

Pei Chuan said nothing and went to hold the knife with his right hand.

However, he could no longer hold it. His hand shook, and the knife fell to the ground.

Pei Chuan's pupils were dark, and the pain caused him to curl up slightly.

Huo Xu walked over, and sneered. "I don't mind helping you. The place that has touched her can't be left behind."

Huo Xu stepped on Pei Chuan’s fingers.

He picked up the boning knife and pointed it at Pei Chuan's left ring finger.

The ring glistened under the sun.

Pei Chuan's face was covered in cold sweat, but his pupils were as deep as the night. He did not have the fear that Huo Xu had imagined. He just coldly raised his lips.

Seemingly contemptuous and sneering, Pei Chuan raised his lips, imitating the sound of a gun. "Bang—"

Huo Xu's pupils shrunk.

However, it was too late. The next moment, a bullet pierced the window, and countless gunfire sounded one after another.

Huo Xu opened his eyes wide, and there was a bloody hole in his temple. He fell straight to the ground.

When he died, his last gaze fell on the yellow piece of paper.

In the morning breeze, the wind blew off the paper, like a fluttering butterfly. Huo Xu wanted to reach out and grab it, but he was out of breath.

The young girl's diary told a lot of sad past events through the pages of a paper from many years ago.

For these events in the past that he particularly wanted to know about, he did not get on the plane to go abroad, and instead wanted to take Bei Yao with him.

He wanted to hear her talk about the last life.

The him in the last life who married Bei Yao must be having an extremely happy story. The more he wanted to know, the more obsessed he became. Unexpectedly, he was mostly concerned about it before his death.

Their first meeting was when they were sixteen, it was raining heavily, and Huo Xu could hear the sound of his heartbeat.

Huo Xu's eyes were wide open, and he had no breath left.

Pei Chuan supported himself with his left hand, and stood up from the ground. The sunlight in the mountain was a bit cold. He didn't look at his bloody, severed finger and just walked toward the flying yellowish paper, picked it up, and put it in his pocket.

Countless detectives rushed over from the top of the mountain.

An ambulance also came from the foot of the mountain. Pei Haobin walked in front with tears all over his face.

The people behind patted him comfortingly, and the accompanying medical staff picked up the severed finger and looked at Pei Chuan with awe and horror in their eyes.

How can one be so determined to chop off one's fingers with a boning knife?

Pei Chuan said, "My wife is in the building, please bring her back home. With my condition, it's better to go to the hospital first, don't frighten her."

He calmly lay on the stretcher.

He closed his eyes, and the world became dark. The sunshine in the mountains mixed with the breeze, and he was thinking about the three options.

The first choice.

Jiang Wenjuan did not choose her husband. Her last choice was to hope that her son could live. She had a psychological problem early on. She was afraid of seeing Pei Chuan, but deep down, she still hoped that Pei Chuan would live. She would rather die with her husband.

Whether she became the grass between the crack in the stone or became the wind in the forest, she only wanted her son to live.

Huo Xu was a little angry when he heard the answer. In order to make the plan go smoothly, he finally asked Jiang Wenjuan to call Pei Chuan out. He promised to let Pei Chuan and her husband go. Huo Xu said that he only wanted to live with Bei Yao.

Jiang Wenjuan promised, but still felt sorry for her son.

After she jumped into the river, she told everything. In fact, Jiang Wenjuan's mentality was not too stable anymore.

These years, she has been having psychological problems.

Then, Pei Haobin was called by Pei Chuan.

He did not choose to call Jiang Huaqiong. He has been despicable and dirty in the early half of his life, but for the first time, he decided to believe in the country.

I want to live righteously.

He has his own woman, so he couldn't use violence against violence, and get dirty forever.

Pei Haobin choosing Pei Jiadong was also planned by everyone, but sometimes reality was quite cruel.

At that time, everyone under Pei Haobin was watching the captain quietly. Who did not know that even if there was no such plan, he would still give up Pei Chuan?

However, after many years, when Pei Chuan listened to this choice, he was even calmer than he thought.

Everyone has favorites, he just wasn't that likable.

Only this piece of paper was the curveball on Pei Chuan's plan last night.

He was loved.

Surprisingly, it was bestowed upon as a favor.

There was a slight breeze carrying the smell of blood. Pei Chuan thought, He does not want to hear the third answer in his life.

Benefactor, lover.

The Devil could turn into a scientist for her.

He didn’t want to think about it.

No problem, it's okay. It's okay not to love him, it's okay if he was not the most important.

As long as she was still beside him, laughing at him, hugging him, he would not argue over anything else.

His blood formed a puddle.

Pei Chuan asked dumbly, "Can the severed finger be reconnected?"

The doctor was terrified. "It hasn't been long, it can."

Pei Chuan said, "En."

It's good if it can be reconnected, or else she would cry again.

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