Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 92: Mutual Love

TW: There’s mention of blood and death.

In mid-June, the summer breeze was warm. Zhao Zhilan pushed open the door of the hospital, and opened the insulation box containing the food. Her heart was a little bit sour. "Pei Chuan, you haven't eaten yet, right? Mom made some soup, have a taste."

Pei Chuan walked over, his finger was just reattached, and now he could only eat with his left hand.

Since last night, lots of people have come to see him one after another. Pei Haobin came and told him that the hostages had been rescued. Cao Li was so embarrassed that she did not dare come in. Pei Chuan also saw Jiang Wenjuan and that doctor, even the colleagues from the research institute came to visit him.

Pei Chuan reattached his finger last night, and today Zhao Zhilan came to bring him food.

Pei Chuan looked down and drank the soup. The green plants outside the windows were vibrant, unfortunately he couldn't taste anything.

So many people came, however, Bei Yao never showed up.

Rebirth, this kind of thing, until now, only they knew.

The deepest hidden secret was revealed. Does it imply that she does not want him anymore? He couldn't drink any longer, but he didn't dare to ask Zhao Zhilan about Yaoyao.

Zhao Zhilan turned her face away and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Does it not suit your taste? Do you have anything else you want to eat? Mom will make it for you."

Pei Chuan shook his head. "Mom, you go back and rest ba. I'm okay, I can leave the hospital after two days."

Zhao Zhilan put away the insulation box. "Then, I will come to see you again later. If you have anything you want me to bring, just give me a call."

"There's nothing I need," Pei Chuan said, "Pay attention to safety on your way."

"Hey, your dad has cleaned the house, so we can go back home now." Zhao Zhilan never once looked him in the eyes, and just walked in a hurry.

When she reached the door, Pei Chuan stood up. "Mom!"

Zhao Zhilan: "What is it?"

The piece of paper had been destroyed by him, Pei Chuan was silent. "Nothing."

Zhao Zhilan pushed the door and walked out.

Jin Ziyang, Zheng Hang, and Ji Wei were currently sitting outside.

Ji Wei was reading in the hallway. He just finished taking this year's college entrance examination, and didn't know how the result would end up this time.

Seeing Zhao Zhilan leaving, the three people greeted her. "Aunty."

Zhao Zhilan nodded her head, her eyes were red and she quickened her feet to leave.

Zheng Hang frowned, but Jin Ziyang’s reaction was more direct. "Tell me, Bei Yao is too heartless ba. Pei Chuan was hurt like this, but she never came to take a look. This is her husband! It's a shame that Chuan Ge treats her dearly."

Ji Wei whispered, "Lower your voice. It's not good if Chuan Ge hears it, he will feel bad inside." He guessed. "Maybe they quarreled."

Jin Ziyang laughed. "Quarrel? Yesterday's accident was so big, even if you quarreled, you can't not come to see him? Chuan Ge is still recovering from his injuries ne. You guys didn't see his appearance yesterday, his hands were covered in blood."

Ji Wei snapped his mouth shut.

Zheng Hang took the lead and walked in.

Zheng Hang leaned on the door and saw Pei Chuan in the ward staring at the phone on the bed. He opened his mouth. "Chuan Ge, did you and sister-in-law have a fight?"

Pei Chuan paused for a while, he then raised his eyes. "There's no such thing. You all don't have to stay here all the time, go back ba. I will be discharged soon. I’ll only be here for a few days for observation."

Zheng Hang took a breath. "Then why didn't she come?"

Pei Chuan said, "Small injuries, no need to come."

Zheng Hang still wanted to say more, but Pei Chuan interrupted him. "I want to rest for a while."

Several people had to leave.

After the evening came, there was a sound of a knock on the door. At once, Pei Chuan sat up and went to open it.

Zhao Zhilan's face appeared outside the door, her hand was holding Bei Jun. Pei Chuan's gaze imperceptibly darkened.

Zhao Zhilan said, "I saw that you didn't drink much soup at noon, so I made something light in the evening."

Pei Chuan finished eating. In the summer, the temperature outside was hot and dry, Zhao Zhilan ran back and forth, and was full of sweat.

Bei Jun looked at Pei Chuan and pouted. His gaze landed on Pei Chuan's bandaged right thumb, and hid behind Zhao Zhilan.

Pei Chuan also glanced at him.

This lovely boy has never called him brother-in-law.

Zhao Zhilan went to wash her hands. "I’m staying in the hospital at night, just call me if you need something."

Before she pushed the door to go out, Pei Chuan asked dumbly, "Mom, where's Yaoyao?"

Zhao Zhilan paused her steps, turned around, and suddenly said, "Pei Chuan, it's difficult to be mutually in love. Very often, marriage will be like mine and your Uncle Bei. When I was young, I didn't have too much passion, then it gradually turned into familial love. I used to oppose you and Yaoyao. After this incident, my eyes have been opened. You've done many things for her, but my daughter..."

Zhao Zhilan spoke with reddened eyes, and choked a little. "She is also a silly girl."

Bei Jun glared resentfully at Pei Chuan.

Pei Chuan frowned, his heart suddenly quickening. "What happened to Yaoyao?"

"She is in the ward on the second floor, you should come with me to see her ba."

Pei Chuan jerked up.

Pei Haobin still couldn't forget the scene when he went to the third floor and opened the room. Bei Yao was handcuffed to the bed, the bedsheets around her body were soaked with blood. Her face was buried in her knees, and her body was curled up in pain.

Pei Jiadong was frightened, and Shao Yue's eyes flashed with joy.

Bei Yao was quiet, no longer conscious.

All the detectives looked at the wound on her abdomen in shock. They rushed her to the hospital.

Before Huo Xu took the knife to find Pei Chuan, Bei Yao knocked him away.

Huo Xu's knife plunged into her abdomen. At that time, a huge amount of blood was shed.

Huo Xu’s eyes were filled with incredulity. He subconsciously drew out the knife and threw it away, his face contorted. He pulled Bei Yao from the ground and chained her on the bed.

This almost became the last straw that broke his spirit.

He deceived himself and as if nothing had happened, replaced the knife, then touched her face. "After I deal with him, I will take you abroad. No problem, we could cultivate our relationship later."

In fact, he already knew that he would never get her love again.

Huo Xu closed the door.

Bei Yao's breathing gradually weakened, and she tried to turn her head to look at Pei Jiadong. This year, Pei Jiadong was five years old, about the same age as her Pei Chuan back then.

It was just that Pei Jiadong would cry intensely, but Pei Chuan never did.

Or perhaps, his tears in this life had all been shed during the years of his childhood.

She hoped that there would never be another child who would suffer the same experience as Pei Chuan.

Bei Yao raised her eyes strenuously, and looked at the dark monitoring screen.

She still wanted to tell him that those choices were absurd.

Her Pei Chuan was unique and unparalleled in this world.

The blood soaked the bed sheets. Bei Yao slowly closed her eyes.

The summer night breeze moved the curtains. Bei Yao was lying on the bed, her lips pale, and her long eyelashes closed.

Zhao Zhilan wiped her tears. "The year you were in jail, she sat outside the police station all night, persistently wanting to see you. Later that year, she went to college, and without mentioning it, she kept looking for you. We didn't know why she studied medicine. Later, I cleaned up her room and saw a book about leg massage."

"One year, when she was a kid, she saved up half a year of pocket money. Thinking we didn't know, she finally bought you a model car."

"When your parents were divorced, Yaoyao was in her first year of high school. She only had one day of vacation a month, once it's the holiday, she would run back and forth between the two schools to take a look. If she didn't have enough money to take a bus, she would walk. I asked her if she was looking for you, but she said no. She got along well with everyone, but only ignored your step-sister, Bai Yutong. I knew she was angry with Cao Li driving you away."

"Pei Chuan, My daughter is not very smart. When she was a child, in order to get good grades, she memorized books and did questions over and over again. She is not brave. She is scared of injections and infusions. She would not say anything if she had a problem, and would just silently solve it herself, afraid that people would worry over her. In this life, the bravest thing she had done was probably chasing after you."

It's been many years, she has been trying hard to come toward you.

She is not like you, brave, and has a tough body. She only has a small but tenacious strength, though sometimes weak strength can't reverse anything. But it's been eighteen years, a full 6,570 days, she had never thought of giving up on you.

Pei Chuan pushed open the ward’s door and sat beside Bei Yao.

On the summer night, there was a slight sound of cicadas outside.

She breathed heavily. The facial features under the oxygen mask were in full view. After eighteen years, he still remembered the little pink dumpling holding a lotus flower with her bright eyes looking at him.

The third choice dawned upon him.

Some people's love was like lava: passionate and boiling, and some people's love was like a stream: long and gentle.

Pei Chuan never walked out on that day in the past, where Pei Haobin gave him up for drug enforcement. From that day on, he seemed to always be abandoned.

But this June, enveloped by the faint smell of disinfectant in the air, he walked out of his childhood shadow.

There was someone who loved him more than their life.

Pei Chuan's eyes were red, he held her cold hand with his skeletal left hand.

Bei Yao hadn't woken up yet, her wound was much more serious than his, and she had lost too much blood. Fortunately, the blood transfusion was in time, else she could not have been rescued.

Zhao Zhilan sighed silently. The family of two were both wounded, originally Pei Chuan should also be recuperating, but it hasn't been easy for her silly girl.

Zhao Zhilan said, "You go back and sleep ba. Yaoyao has her father to look after her."

Pei Chuan said in a low voice, "I'll stay with her."

Zhao Zhilan looked at the young couple and felt helpless. "Then I will let the nurse add an extra bed."

Bei Yao slept for two whole days. On the early morning of the third day, she opened her eyes.

Outside the windows, the birds sang and the flowers gave forth fragrance. The sunlight poured in. Her slightly cold hand was wrapped in a big warm palm.

There was a pain in her abdomen, she turned her head, her eyes reflecting the man's appearance.

His stubbles have grown out, he looked worn out. His eyes were also closed, he looked like he was exhausted. She sized him up weakly, her eyes landed on his fingers.

Pei Chuan seemed to feel something and opened his eyes.

The two looked at each other, and Bei Yao's clear eyes reflected his appearance.

Her voice was weak, there was no strength. "Pei Chuan, you’re okay, right? He is a madman, don't listen to him."

He looked at her. "I'm okay, are you in pain?"

Bei Yao tried to smile. "It doesn't hurt at all."

His eyes were suddenly wet. After exhausting all his strength, he swallowed back the tears.

Bei Yao woke up. Not only was Zhao Zhilan happy, but Jin Ziyang and the others were also relieved.

Jin Ziyang and the others were a little embarrassed. Earlier, they said that Bei Yao was fickle and heartless. Later, they were shocked, and felt guilty.

Jin Jinyang was also a little bit sorrowful, and quite envious. "If my future wife is willing to do this for me, I am willing to die for her."

Bei Yao hasn't woken up in the past two days, and their Chuan Ge didn't speak much, they were anxious.

He asked the doctor several times a day. The person who usually loved cleanliness didn't even shave his beard. He held Bei Yao's hand all day, there were blisters around his mouth.

When she woke up, Pei Chuan realized how shabby he looked. He embarrassingly took a bath, changed his clothes, and shaved with his left hand.

It was just that the ring of blister was still there, Bei Yao looked at him with bright eyes.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips, and said as calmly as possible, "It's summer, it got inflamed from the heat."

Bei Yao's almond eyes were tinted with laughter.

The wound on her abdomen was a bit deep, and she had to be hospitalized for a period of time until the wound healed.

Outside the window, the birds were jumping from branches to branches. Seeing that there was no one around, Bei Yao waved at Pei Chuan.

He walked over and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

Bei Yao let out a cough. "I want to tell you about those pieces of paper." Although it felt strange, she was afraid that there was a barrier in his heart, so she had to explain it.

Pei Chuan patted her head. "There is no paper."

She lifted her eyes.

Pei Chuan whispered, and firmly said, "There is no paper. I love you."

She looked at Pei Chuan in surprise, she smiled. "Mom said that it's hard to be mutually in love, and it’s even harder to be a harmonious couple. Love itself is a kind of complex feeling, no one could explain it clearly. I'm glad that you are you, so I have this opportunity to be with you."

Whatever the reason was for falling in love with him, it doesn't matter.

Bei Yao whispered, "But there are some things that I want to tell you clearly ah."

Pei Chuan looked at her.

Bei Yao felt depressed. "I have not remembered it clearly since I was four. Except for that piece of paper, the world was no different for me," she blinked. "Because I don't remember, when I was a child I thought you had a nasty personality ah."

His breath was stagnant.

"Since I was young, I never felt that I should be grateful to you. When I sat at the same table as you, you had to draw the 38th parallel line. You did not allow me to sit in your father's car, you were stingy when we played with the sticks." She hated that she could not break his arms. She expressed how unpleasant he used to be. "Absolutely not a gentleman."

Pei Chuan's face was green, it was indeed him who was unpleasant. Pei Chuan clenched his teeth. "I'm sorry."

The summer flowers bloomed brilliantly outside the window. She couldn't hold back her smile. "I never thought that I would be together with you because of a piece of paper. What was it, ah? I can't control my own life? That day in high school, you didn't know how handsome you were, you were extremely gentle. Then I thought, seeing that he secretly liked me so hard, I should give him a chance ba."

He raised his eyes.

Finally, he couldn't help but laugh.

Bei Yao said, "What are you laughing at? I'm telling the truth."

His eyes were stained with a smile. "Laughing at how you said I’m handsome."

In the end, he couldn't hold back. His chest trembled slightly. "Little fool with no aesthetics."

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