Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 44: Pain Relief

In early November, the weather turned completely cool. Everyone had to wear thicker autumn clothes.

Officer Pei's family was moving. This was a major incident for the neighborhood.

It had been over a year since Cao Li and Pei Haobin had received their marriage certificate and had lived in the neighborhood for a year.

This woman’s ability to get along with people was pretty good and she had made several close friends in the neighborhood.

It's just that Zhao Zhilan got along well with Pei Haobin’s ex-wife, Jiang Wenjuan. This one year, she was feeling a little bit awkward facing Cao Li, so their relationship was not as close as the other ladies.

Speaking of moving was also a happy event and Pei Haobin specially chose an auspicious day to move over.

Pei Haobin was honest and upright. He didn’t accept the gifts given by the neighbors, and also instructed Cao Li to not receive any. Although Cao Li felt a little regret in her heart, she understood clearly and promised not to quickly.

"He really said he wouldn’t come back?"

Bai Yutong's eyes flickered a bit, stammering, "Well, yeah."

Pei Haobin let out a long sigh. That slap seemed like an abyss between him and Pei Chuan. He could neither open his mouth nor take a step forward. With his character, Pei Chuan naturally would not compromise.

However, if Pei Chuan didn’t return, and one day he found that his old home was gone, what would he do?

Pei Chunli and Liu Dong also came to congratulate the Pei family on moving.

Liu Dong was red-faced. "Da-ge*, don't hesitate to tell me if you need anything. Yo, this is Tongtong? She is prettier than last year. Sister-in-law also looks good."

Cao Li was happy after hearing the compliment. She quickly poured tea for the couple. "No, no, no."

Pei Chunli wanted to say something but stopped. "Ge, you guys are moving. Xiao Chuan, he…"

It was like hitting a pause button on the festive atmosphere. Liu Dong discreetly and ruthlessly pinched his foolish wife.

Pei Chunli felt sorrow inside, remembering the lonely teenager from a year ago guarding Pei Haobin alone, afraid that his father would never wake up. At that time, with no one taking care of him, her husband who had no conscience and only knew to flatter had also refused to adopt Pei Chuan.

No matter what, Pei Chunli was still Pei Chuan's aunt. Even if the atmosphere turned weird, she still insisted and said with pain, "Pei Chuan will only become an adult this summer, he’ll be alone outside, how will he live? Da-ge, for a child to be a bit rebellious, is not a crime. He will later go to university, find a job, and marry a wife; what will he do with no family members?

Liu Dong looked at Pei Haobin's silent face, and said quickly, "Chunli isn't sensible enough. Xiao Chuan can bear hardship, wasn’t he fine this past year?"

Bai Yutong didn't say a word. She naturally didn't want Pei Chuan to return. That man had a terrible temper. She felt frightened when she thought of him. However, she couldn't show it on her face that she did not want him to come back. Even if she was stupid, she wouldn't say it in front of Uncle Pei.

Cao Li smiled and cut in, "What Chun Li said is reasonable, but a few days ago our family's Tongtong went to ask, and the boy didn’t want to come back."

Liu Dong was disdainful. Wasn't he a cripple? Going to university, marry a wife, you're thinking too much. Which family would be willing to marry their daughter over, ah, only a mother-in-law with no brain would. But he couldn't lecture Pei Chunli in front of Officer Pei. He could only look at Pei Haobin.

Pei Haobin lowered his head and said, "I'll go ask him after work."

He was the head of the family and his temper was not very different from Pei Chunli. No one dared to object after he made such a decision.

Pei Haobin came to the Third High School at dusk. This was his first time here, so he was only slightly at ease.

Third High School had just begun the evening study. Pei Haobin went to find Pei Chuan's homeroom teacher.

Pei Chuan's homeroom teacher was a forty-year-old lady. After understanding Pei Haobin’s purpose, she was surprised. "You are his father? But his files say both parents are dead."

Pei Haobin was shocked and angry at this rebellious son. Even the file had been changed.

The homeroom teacher said, "Since you are his father, how come you’ve never shown up these one or two years, never come to a parents’ meeting, and never asked about his situation? Originally we saw that he was a sponsored person, so we expected a lot, but he followed the group of the rich second generations and wasted time. We can't even control him. You as a parent don't even care."

Pei Haobin's heart became cold after such a realization.

The distance between him and Pei Chuan hadn’t been created because of his and Jiang Wenjuan's divorce. There was still the pair of broken legs, the nightmares he and Jiang Wenjuan had in the middle of the night, and the medal stained with his son's blood.

Both parents dead.

This was Pei Chuan’s perception and choice.

Pei Haobin didn’t know how he walked out of school. His posture was still tall and straight. After all, he was only forty. But his heart felt like it was crushed by a heavy stone, making it hard to breathe.

The Pei family finally moved away. There was one less family in the neighborhood.

Pei Haobin's family packed a lot of things. In the end, no one called Pei Chuan.


Zhao Zhilan said, "Although Officer Pei is a good person, I always think he lacks common sense when it comes to Pei Chuan. Sigh, I even feel angry to talk about it."

However, the other family's affairs, at best, was a conversation topic before and after a meal.

As soon as autumn passed, winter quickly came. Xiao Bei Jun was one year older. Last year's old cotton jacket no longer fit, and he was at preschool age.

Zhao Zhilan was under a lot of pressure. She had missed a year of work when giving birth to the second child. Two children were a big burden for the family.

Not to mention every family had their problem, and her family's problem was her own brother. Bei Yao’s and Bei Jun's uncle had once hit a person when driving and they had spent a lot of money to fish him out. All of the Bei family savings had been used on it.

However, Zhao Xing was a disappointment. In the last few years, he had been wasted at home and the money couldn't be repaid. This became a bottomless pit.

Zhao Zhilan felt it was unfair for her husband and children.

Although she would not lend another penny to Zhao Xing, the money she had lent out was gone. Was it okay to cut others to death? The one most unhappy now was Bei Yao’s maternal grandmother. After all, Zhao Xing was her only son, and her concept of patriarchy was very strong.

It was almost 2008. Zhao Xiu's family was getting better and better, the Pei family had also moved, and even Chen Hu's family had been doing quite well these past two years. It was only their family who was having a hard time because of Zhao Xing's incident.

Zhao Zhilan simply put Bei Yao's childhood clothes on Bei Jun. "It's not like your sister's spirit is on it anyway, whatever you wear is the same, just put up with it this year."

Bei Jun was wearing girly clothing and holding a little sword. He didn’t mind, and looked ridiculous.

Children of this age didn’t care much about face-saving.

Bei Yao laughed so hard, tears came out. There was some heartache for her brother.

Zhao Zhilan said, "Yaoyao has to buy new clothes, you’ll be seventeen next year. Mom saw a winter skirt two days ago, they say that young girls look best in it."

Before Bei Yao could refuse, Bei Jun said, "Good, good! Buy a good-looking one for my Jiejie."

Zhao Zhilan thought to herself, I'm glad I did not give birth to this son for nothing. He still remembers how to care for the only girl in the family.

In December, the first snow of the year started in C City. Zhao Zhilan and Bei Licai went to work, and Bei Jun said, "Jiejie, I wanna go to the city to play. I heard there are very bright lights on New Year's Eve, and people build snowmen. Xiao Gang's gun was also brought from the city."

Bei Yao's school was in the city, so she was familiar with the terrain there. She looked at her brother's ill-suited clothes and went back to her room to take out her savings. "Let's go, Jiejie will take you to buy clothes."

Bei Jun didn’t care about the clothes. He was so happy to go out that he was about to turn the sky upside down.

Bei Yao carried Bei Jun to ride a car. Not long after, a disheveled man walked out of the corner. He looked at Bei Yao's siblings walking away and knocked on the door. "Jie, Brother-in-law!"

No one answered.

Zhao Xing rubbed his hands anxiously. Remembering his mother-in-law wanting him to divorce, he rushed in the direction where the siblings had gone.


Although it was snowing in C City in winter, it was not particularly cold.

Bei Yao held her brother's hand. Children became hungry easily. Bei Yao checked the money in her pocket and took Bei Jun to KFC, which he had never eaten in his life.

Bei Jun walked out of the KFC and didn't forget to lick his finger. "Jiejie, this 'German Chicken*' is very delicious."

*T/N: KFC in Chinese is 肯德基 (kěn dé jī). Bei Jun called it 德鸡 (dé jī) Chicken De, but 德 (dé) can also mean German.

Bei Yao wiped his mouth. "Children can’t eat more. If you eat too much you will not grow taller."

She was originally worried that her brother would keep thinking about eating it, but Bei Jun thought for a while and said, "If I have this 'German Chicken' to eat, it doesn't matter if I don't grow taller."


The end of 2007.

Heavy snow blew over, Bei Yao was holding her brother. Her small face was as white as porcelain, and she was more beautiful than the ice and snow sculptures. The people on the street, even when in a hurry, couldn't help but steal a glance at her.

Bei Yao remembered to take her brother to buy a cotton jacket. But she wasn't strong enough to hold him all the time, so she held his hand and walked.

The country had successfully bid for the Olympics, and the street was bustling. 2008 must be a very good year.

She bought new clothes for Bei Jun and held her brother's hand in the car back home.

Zhao Xing tailed them all the way but didn't find a good time. His niece was good-looking and eye-catching wherever she went. He was anxious in his heart but could only be patient. His sister Zhao Zhilan was no longer willing to lend him money, so he could only resort to this.

But if he waited any longer, Bei Yao would take Bei Jun home.

Zhao Xing couldn't care less. It was his nephew anyway. He rushed over, picked up Bei Jun, and ran.

Bei Jun pulled his sister. He was frightened when he was picked up and wouldn't let go. "Jiejie! Jiejie!"

Bei Yao was also startled and after seeing the person, she had a bad feeling in her heart. "Uncle."

"Bei Yao, let go! I only want to take Bei Jun to play for two days."

How could Bei Yao let go? She immediately shouted, "Someone is kidnapping a child!"

The crowd looked over, and Zhao Xing's face turned red. "What nonsense are you spouting, I'm your uncle!"

He grit his teeth, ruthlessly shoved Bei Yao, picked up Bei Jun, and walked away. Bei Yao didn't let go. But children's bones were fragile. If she didn’t let go, Bei Jun's arm could be broken.

Zhao Xing didn’t care about this, but she did.

Bei Yao looked around. Her eyes were red and filled with anxiety. "Please, everyone, he is a trafficker."

Bei Jun cried so harshly that someone felt compassionate and came over to stop Zhao Xing.

Zhao Xing's eyes were ruthless. "Don't come over! Don't come over!" He actually took out a folding knife against Bei Jun. "I am the boy's uncle. I will not hurt him, go away! You all go away!"

Someone had already called the police secretly. This action made Zhao Xing's already tense nerves almost collapse. "Don't call the police!"


When Pei Chuan ran down, Jin Ziyang and the others didn't react.

This new area of the newly opened mall was the property of Ji Wei's family. Who would’ve known that there would be a lot of excitement below? He had originally come to look at the lively atmosphere; who would’ve thought that Pei Chuan's expression would suddenly change?

Zhao Xing's snot and tears filled his face, his body twitching. In his arms, Bei Jun was frightened and cried loudly.

Zhao Xing couldn't hold him steadily and Bei Jun fell down.

Bei Yao pushed away the crowd and went to hug her brother.

Zhao Xing's eyes were red. "No snatching! No snatching!" He lost his mind and stabbed her with the knife.

Snowflakes fell on her face and Bei Yao closed her eyes tightly.

Bei Jun cried out in shock. The next moment a warm embrace held them together.

He caught the knife, the sharp tip piercing the palm of his hand.

Pei Chuan got up and slammed a fist into Zhao Xing's face.

After seven years of boxing, if he wanted to punch someone, no one could stop him.

When Jin Ziyang and the others went down, the man named Zhao Xing was curled up on the ground with snot, tears, and blood on his face.

Ji Wei was scared and did not dare to look.

Pei Chuan seemed to have gone crazy. One blow after another, within three punches, Zhao Xing got goosebumps. That knife, if it hadn’t pierced his palms, would’ve pierced Bei Yao instead.

Bei Yao shouted, "Pei Chuan!"

Pei Chuan's arms bulged with blue veins. With a shock, he let go of Zhao Xing. Early on, someone had already called on the police.

The police arrived first, followed by an ambulance.

Bei Jun cried, "Jiejie, my hand hurts."

Pei Chuan stood quietly on the side. He turned away, preparing to leave.

Bei Yao was worried and had a headache. With the way Zhao Xing was right now, he definitely had to be sent to the hospital under police surveillance. Bei Jun also had to be taken to the hospital for a check. Bei Yao put him in the ambulance and talked to the nurse, "Please wait for me while you are checking my brother."

She ran through the snow. Before Pei Chuan walked towards Jin Ziyang and the other, she reached out her hand and held his uninjured hand.

Pei Chuan frowned and looked back, his voice muffled. "What's wrong?"

"You go to the hospital with me." She raised her eyes which reflected his appearance.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips. "Not going."

He raised his hands to shake off Bei Yao's hand. His other hand was hurting so badly that blood was flowing and it was hard for him to speak as if it was nothing.

Ji Wei whispered behind him, "Chuan Ge, you’d better go…"

"Shut up!"

Ji Wei kept quiet honestly.

Bei Yao was furious. She’d had no way to handle the stubborn Pei Chuan ever since she had been a child. What was he planning? To reject going to the hospital so much, did he want to wait until his personal doctor came over and deal with it hastily?

Pei Chuan had already broken away from her grip. After all, with Bei Yao's strength, it would be easy for him if he really wanted to break away.

Bei Yao was angry and hurt, plus there was this indescribable sadness.

How could you be so worrying and annoying!

She burst into tears and sobbed.

Not far away, Bei Jun saw his sister crying and cried even harder. Pei Chuan frowned, then looked at Bei Yao, and then at Bei Jun whose magical sound pierced through his ears.

The little boy was wearing Bei Yao's childhood pink clothes. Pei Chuan paused.

Both brother and sister wore pink and looked like jade, their cries were heart-wrenching.

Pei Chuan was annoyed/ "Let's go."

In the end, he followed them to the hospital. The doctor clicked his tongue. "That boy's hand is okay, the hand has only been scratched by a finger, but you…" He pointed to Pei Chuan. "Such a big bloody hole, do you think you are Lord Guan*, ah."

*t/n: Lord Guan, or Guan Yu, was a general who lived in the Three Kingdoms period. He is the symbol of loyalty, righteousness, bravery, and benevolence.

Disinfected, stitched, and bandaged. It took a long time to finish the series of actions, but the good news was it hadn’t hurt the bones.

Bei Jun's hand was disinfected with alcohol and he cried loudly. After it was done, Bei Yao blew the wound for him and he cried himself to sleep.

Pei Chuan was next door. She put down her brother and went to see him.

The young man said nothing and was stubborn as hell.

He only gritted his teeth tightly.

When Bei Yao came over, the doctor had finished bandaging and was about to go.

It was dusk outside the window and there was heavy snow falling. It was beautiful. Pei Chuan got up, about to leave, just in time to meet Bei Yao at the door.

Her eyes were clear like ice and snow. She said softly, "I'm sorry… Thank you."

His hand still hurt, and his voice was hoarse. "It's okay, let me through."

In the end, Bai Yutong's words that day were like a thorn inside, making him want to suppress his feelings to hibernate through the winter.

Poor you, so pitiful.

Bei Yao looked at the teenager's pale and cold face, suddenly remembering what she had searched that night. She said softly, "Uh, …just now my brother was also in pain. He said there is a way to stop the pain."

He frowned. How could there be?

Bei Yao hardened her heart to give it a try, her cheeks slightly pink. Looking at Pei Chuan who was much taller than her she said, "Sit down."

He didn't want to accompany her to fool around, but it had been a long time since he had last sen her, from early autumn until it was snowing. Once Pei Haobin moved away, he could only see her from a distance.

He sat down in silence.

The tips of Bei Yao's ears were slightly red, and his dark pupils looked over.

Her heart was pounding. The December snow fluttered outside the window. It was almost Christmas, a time for children to receive gifts.

She closed her eyes, her long eyelashes quivering. She was slightly bent over. Her cherry lips gently kissed the side of the teenager's face.

They just touched lightly before parting.

She flushed with panic and ran out. He froze on the spot, his heart exploding.

In Pei Chuan's world, the snow stopped for a moment.

Where had she heard about this pain relief method? Sh*t…

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