Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 86: Possessive

The oblivious Wang Qiankun did not know what crazy things she did. That C (cup) became a groping action, then she laughed by herself.

Everyone present become perfectly quiet in an instant

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes, pursed his lips, and said, "I'll go to the washroom."

When Pei Chuan's figure disappeared, Qin Dongni rushed up to cover Wang Qiankun's mouth. Wang Qiankun was very dissatisfied, but she still recognized people, and did not slap Qin Dongni back.

Qin Dongni said, "Great Master Wang, I beg you to eat your meal in peace! Don't speak anymore, alright?"

Bei Yao hurriedly changed Wang Qiankun's glass and poured juice for her.

After a while, Pei Chuan came back. Several girls finished their meal in embarrassment and trepidation.

Shan Xiaomai looked at Professor Pei's expression boldly. Professor Pei lowered his gaze and opened a bottle of hot soy milk for Bei Yao. She was unable to see what kind of expression he had.

On the way to the bathroom, Pei Chuan ordered the waiter to buy some gifts.

At the end of the meal, he gave a gift bag to each of them.

Qin Dongni and the others were embarrassed to accept it. Pei Chuan glanced at his watch and said calmly, "Take it ba, I'm going to class."

Qin Dongni and the others looked at the small bags. It's probably a little trinket for girls, so they stop rejecting it.

Bei Yao and the others had a compulsory class in the afternoon, Pei Chuan knew she couldn't go to his class, and it's not good to miss school. He said to Bei Yao, "I'm going to class. I'll pick you up when we’ll go home at night, okay?"

Bei Yao nodded.

He went over to the car. Bei Yao sat with her dormmates, and the girls looked at each other.

The drunkard "Great Master Wang" carelessly opened the gift bag and took out a gold bracelet. "Dang! It's gold ah!" It's impressive that she still recognized gold when she was drunk.

Qin Dongni took a look too, sure enough, there was a gold bracelet in her bag. Even the piece of identification tag was still inside. She froze, stammering. "Yaoyao, your man is really rich."

Who the hell has ever sent a batch of gold bracelets as a little gift ah!

Shan Xiaomai was frightened, and quickly pushed the bracelet to Bei Yao. It was too valuable, so everyone did not dare take it.

Bei Yao also did not know whether to laugh or cry. "It's okay. Since it's from Pei Chuan, you guys can keep it." She suddenly remembered that year in junior high school, she told Pei Chuan that she was so happy that her little brother was about to be born. Pei Chuan did not say anything at that time. Later, he turned his head and gave her a little gold bracelet, plainly saying that it was for her brother.

He was just an ordinary junior high school student at that time, and it was estimated that a bracelet cost him more than ten years of savings.

Bei Yao said, "You guys, go back to school first and take a leave for Wang Qiankun. With how she is now, it's impossible to go to the afternoon class. I'll go over there later."

Bei Yao scurried to the parking lot to look for him.

The restaurant was not far from school, but Pei Chuan had to drive the car to the school's basement parking lot. Bei Yao never dared to see Pei Chuan's expression when Wang Qiankun spoke. After all, the two of them hadn't really done it so far. Her dormmates did not know, but she and Pei Chuan knew it very well in their hearts.

It was embarrassing to talk about it. She was afraid that Pei Chuan would misunderstand that they were fooling around between girls.

While she was at the best age, she wore her cousin Xiao Cang's clothes, and never cared what others thought of her. However, after she had a sweetheart, for the first time, she understood that she wanted him to have a good image of her in his heart. She wanted to tell him that he was very important to her.

If it was another person who heard these words, Bei Yao would not be so nervous. But her Pei Chuan was very sensitive and everything would be buried in his heart. She felt very sorry for him about the menstrual period last night.

It was not easy for Pei Chuan to build a prepared mind. It was estimated that he needed a lot of determination and courage, yet her body did not allow it.

When Bei Yao found the parking lot, Pei Chuan was just about to drive the car out.

He saw her, and rolled down the car window. "What's wrong? You didn't go back to class with them?"

Bei Yao opened the door of the passenger seat and sat next to him. She quietly raised her eyes to look at him. The man's expression was calm and there was no displeasure or other expression that could be seen. He also looked at her, and smoothly straightened the hair on her face.

Remembering what Qang Qiankun had just done, Bei Yao coughed lightly. "I want to explain to you."

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes to look at her, his pupils were dark. When not smiling, it was calm like a waveless lake.

"En, speak up."

"......" Sigh, it's too embarrassing ah.

She was like a small quail. She lowered her head and planned to finish it in one breath. "Wang Qiankun was only joking. She is drunk and there is no door in her mouth. We usually bathe separately."

The car was quiet, carrying the dry heat of May

Bei Yao was feeling awkward and ashamed. "She, she has never.... touched it." She thought of the disaster made by Wang Qiankun and those two wretched movements, she felt flustered.

Someone nearby started their car and drove past them.

The tip of Bei Yao's ears were red, she did not dare to look at him. She finished the last sentence. "It's just that girls can basically see the si... size. She is drunk, you don't argue with her."

Sigh, how embarrassing ah.

Why is she trying to explain something so embarrassing!

Pei Chuan kept quiet.

She mustered up her courage to look at him. If she saw a smile in his eyes, she might have to find a hole to jump in. Luckily, Professor Pei just watched her quietly. Bei Yao said, "Are you angry?"

She thought he would not say anything.

However, he bent his body over and gently stroked her cheeks. "A little."

Bei Yao blanked out, she did not know how to continue the conversation.

She whispered after a long time, "You're angry and still sent them gifts?" It was estimated that she couldn't come up with an explanation.

Pei Chuan kissed her pink cheeks because of bashfulness, and taught her in a low voice. "To take caution*."

*t/n: 拿人手段 (lit. to use a shorthand), it’s a bit hard to describe, basically it means to try and be good to others so later in the future you could get some benefit from them. But it’s not that you’re being good to them on purpose so you can get something from them, just a precaution.

Bei Yao did not fully understand.

Pei Chuan also did not explain more.

To take caution. This logic could be fully reflected in Bei Yao's mother, Mrs. Zhao. He gave each dormmate a gift, at the least, they would get along next year. Knowing that she already has a man, they couldn't make such an improper joke. They had to have a sense of propriety.

Everyone has their own social circle, and he could not deprive her of her life, he could only infiltrate quietly.

Bei Yao thought about it, then couldn't stop her lips from curving up.

She poked his chest. "You used to let me get together with someone else before, did you feel very miserable in your heart? What were you thinking ah?" He obviously wasn’t so generous, he was very possessive, and petty. He even felt angry when it was just between girls!

Professor Pei knows that she was sometimes curious.

However, the man used to suffer so much when he had the idea to gouge out his dearly loved person, giving her away. It was honestly difficult to talk to her about it. He fastened the safety belt for her and prepared to drive away, taking his girl to school on the way.

Bei Yao thought to herself, Just now she lost face because of someone. But Pei Chuan rarely spoke his mind, he was like a puzzle. She was no longer embarrassed, and was in a high spirit. She hugged the man's arm. "You're not allowed to drive, tell me first."

Pei Chuan said, "Yaoyao, don't make trouble."

Bei Yao said, "Just answer, okay?" She really wanted to know because she felt that Pei Chuan did not like herself very much before junior high school. Several times in high school, she felt that he was really resolute to give her up.

He said, "Let go, you're going to be late. I can't drive if you pull me like this."

Bei Yao shook her head. "I'm going to be late, so hurry up, say it."

"......" He paused, and said helplessly, "Yaoyao, don't act dumb every time."

The more he did this, the more Bei Yao wanted to know. "You really didn't like me before junior high school ah?" At that time, she thought that he liked that senior sister Shang Mengxian. Only later did she know that he didn't.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips. "It's not like that." He has loved her since a long, long time ago.

There was a hint of the summer’s warmth from the outside. The air conditioning in the car has been turned on since earlier, while the parking lot was quiet and peaceful. He looked down and met the girl's eyes. The inside was clear, reflecting his appearance.

Pei Chuan told her, "Some things are not clear, so just let the past be the past, okay?"

When he surrendered that year, he was really ready to be shot to death with that group of people. He also made follow-up arrangements for the property of several hundred million. If she did not have a good time marrying someone else in the future, the property would eventually find a way to be remitted to her.

If she was living well, he didn't need to use some material things to remind her of him.

For the former Pei Chuan, love was too bitter.

The bitterness spread from the tip of the tongue to the tip of his heart. He has loved such a person his entire life. He has experienced unparalleled suffering, so he did not want her to feel these kinds of feelings. She could be happy without a burden, and for him, it was a great thing.

But people couldn't help but hope for more. When the lawyer told him that he still had a chance to see her, he still chose to find a way to get to her. Finally, he gave all the money to the country.

If the world would give him Yaoyao in return, he would work hard to be a good person who contributed to the world.

Bei Yao blinked. "Okay then."

She thought she could hear Pei Chuan describe how much he couldn't let go of her at that time. She hugged him absentmindedly. A little frustrated that she was not able to hear Pei Chuan say some sweet words or something.

There was a soft lump on his sturdy arm, and Pei Chuan inevitably thought of Wang Qiankun's words just now.

When he played together with Jin Ziyang and the others in high school, he was at the most restless age. Jin Ziyang was not afraid to talk about everything, and Pei Chuan naturally knew how good his charming little wife's figure was.

His throat was dry, and he kissed her on the cheek. "Be good, sit properly."

Bei Yao sat upright and only then did Pei Chuan drive the car to school.

Bei Yao frantically arrived at the classroom just in time. When she passed by, Qin Dongni whispered, "I've asked for a leave for Wang Qiankun, she is sleeping in the dormitory."

Pei Chuan blew a cold wind in the parking lot for a while before locking the car and walking toward the computer science department.

The students in the computer science department discovered that the ever-punctual Professor Pei was late. Pei Chuan didn't have any expression when he was late and started writing on the blackboard, telling them some skills for making software.

His shirt was made of good materials, and it was wrinkled by Bei Yao's rubbing just now.

Who knew that the students below were very excited.

A girl whispered, "Have you heard that last night, someone saw our cold Professor Pei kissing a girl in the sports field? I heard Zhao Xinxin said that it was very exciting. Right on the fence ah! They did not hide at all, you can't get enough after a glance."

The girl who heard the gossip said, "Impossible ba, he doesn't look like a bold person ah."

The young man was cold and mature. Didn't their department’s school flower take an initiative before? As a result, Professor Pei did not even look at her.

The gossipy classmate tried her best to convince her friends. "Really, why would I lie to you? Didn't Bei Yao come to our class yesterday? We left early, but I heard from Zhao Xinxin that Professor Pei went over to Bei Yao and they had dinner together."

"Huh? Then last night..."

"Everyone guessed it must be our school's flower."

The girl finally sort of believed it. If it was Bei Yao, it indeed seemed possible. That girl from the medical department was indeed too good-looking.


"Wasn't it said that Bei Yao has a boyfriend?" She even refused Chu Xun's pursuit for that infamous boyfriend who had been in jail. At first, this matter was known to the whole school, everyone said Bei Yao had no vision.

"Yes, yes, you look at Duan You's face. We are all talking about this. Although Bei Yao is well-known in their medical school, who knows what kind of person she is. What if our Professor Pei is being cheated by her innocent look and doesn't know that she has a boyfriend?"

They were chattering below the podium. This kind of explosive news was hard to control.

It was not only the girls who were discussing it, but the boys also expressed their disbelief. Especially the boy who asked for Bei Yao's phone number. His heart was breaking, okay! Could it be that Professor Pei had fallen for Bei Yao yesterday and was not happy with him passing the note ah?

Although everyone spoke with a small voice, with so many people speaking, it ended up being noisy.

Pei Chuan put down the chalk and said coldly, "If you do not understand something, ask directly, don't discuss it secretly in class."

His voice was clear and low.

The class quieted down in an instant.

Duan You's heart was burning with fire. Although Bei Yao is pretty, is she unsightly? Why do all men like someone who already has a boyfriend, and doesn't want to talk with her?

She was sure that Professor Pei did not know that Bei Yao has a boyfriend. Hence, she stood up and said, "Professor Pei, do you have a sweetheart?"

Pei Chuan glanced at her. "Yes."

They did not expect Professor Pei to admit his personal affairs. In a flash, the whole classroom was filled with "wow~".

Duan You asked, "Is this person Bei Yao?"


Duan You said in a loud voice, "Then, do you know that she has a boyfriend? It was such a big deal before and everyone in school knew about it."

Pei Chuan calmly answered. "Her boyfriend has always been me. Her legal husband right now is me too. What then? Do you guys have any more questions?"

The people below widened their eyes, Duan You froze. "No, No way ah. Her boyfriend obviously..." Obviously was in jail. How could it become a young researcher big-shot with boundless prospects?

Pei Chuan said, "I don't have a good past. I'm grateful that my wife does not disdain me and always walks with me until today."

He spoke so frankly. Duan You felt embarrassed and sat down on her own.

There was a moment of silence in the classroom. Truthfully, everyone probably understood that a man that came out of prison, and became a scientist was simply a national talent that was so awesome.

There was no contempt in the eyes of the students. They were all filled with curiosity and admiration.

There was someone who raised their hand below. "Professor Pei, can I ask you a question?"


"When did you get together ah?"

Everyone below burst into an uproar, everyone was obviously more interested in this than their professional lesson. Pei Chuan paused for a while and looked at their eyes. "Five years ago." From the beginning until now, she always belonged to him.

Everyone exploded!

Someone else raised their hand. "So, you coming to our school to teach, is it also for Bei Yao?"

The summer sun shone into the classroom. This year, unlike the year when Pei Chuan was in junior high school, where there were only old fans which kept turning around, the classroom in the university has air condition.

Yet, what has not changed was the warmth of summer.

He had never dared to admit it in front of everyone before, but he was finally able to announce it to people this year.

"Yes, we're newlyweds. I really miss her."

A slight smile spreaded from the cold man's eyes, and this time, everyone saw it clearly.

The early summer breeze blowing into the classroom was particularly gentle.

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