Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 77: Protect

Bei Yao followed Zhao Zhilan into the house. Bei Licai was watching TV without saying a word, while Xiao Bei Jun was writing on the paper Zhao Zhilan had found for him. His butt swayed as if there were needles under it, and his eyes couldn't help but drift towards the kitchen.

When Bei Yao entered with fish and vegetables Pei Chuan raised his eyes and met hers.

She blinked, her eyes were watery, and she gave him a smile. After she went out, the tension in his heart dispersed, and he couldn't help but curl his lips.

The meal was cooked by Pei Chuan. He intended to please Bei Yao's parents and put a lot of effort into it.

Zhao Zhilan couldn't find anything wrong, but the business had to be discussed. "Have you decided on the date of the wedding?"

Pei Chuan put down his chopsticks, and said, "I'll listen to you."

Zhao Zhilan actually wanted to say something hateful, but not because she hated Pei Chuan, she knew he had done enough. It's just that the daughter she raised like a treasure was so valuable that no matter who it was, it would be hard to pass the hurdle in her heart.

After listening to Bei Yao’s previous remarks, Zhao Zhilan felt somewhat relieved.

Zhao Zhilan said, “Tomorrow I will go and match your eight characters to pick a good day. I guess it will be next week since time is a bit rushed. There are still a lot of things to prepare, I’m afraid we’ll be busy these next two days. On your family side, you have to inform the Peis. You also need to write invitations to your friends. After the wedding, Yaoyao still has to go back to class.”

When she heard “the Peis”, Bei Yao couldn’t help but glance at Pei Chuan.

Pei Chuan has not contacted Pei Haobin for many years. Bei Yao was worried that he was uncomfortable, but Pei Chuan was just extremely calm. “I will inform them. I will take Yaoyao over for a meal the day after tomorrow.”

After all, both parents were still alive, so it's impossible not to notify them on a day like the wedding. People lived in a society, they couldn't live alone. For their parents of this generation, they at least have to show up at the wedding.

Zhao Zhilan sighed.

After dinner, Bei Yao had to stay at home, and Pei Chuan went to live in his original apartment. He had asked Jin Ziyang to buy the house back in advance and decorated it.

He stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked down. The night in C City was not considered bustling and there were only a few lights under his feet. He thought of Pei Haobin who he had not seen for a few years, there was not much emotion in his eyes.

The wedding was scheduled for next the Tuesday.

Before that, Pei Chuan had to take Bei Yao to the Pei’s house.

He came to pick her up in the morning, and Bei Yao was a little nervous before going over. It's not that she hasn’t seen Uncle Pei before, but this was the first time she came with this kind of status.

Pei Chuan slipped the hair on her cheeks behind her ear. He gently stroked her cheeks with his thumb. “Don’t be afraid, I told him in advance. It’s just going for a meal.”

She nodded. She hesitated for a long time, and asked him, “Pei Chuan, do you know you have a younger brother?”

Pei Chuan nodded lightly and looked at her eyes with gentleness. “Don’t worry, I don’t mind.”

Now I have you. It seemed that everything in the past could be forgiven.

The most restrictive part of this meal was not Pei Chuan. He didn't want to eat at the Pei’s house, so he finally booked a private room in a nearby hotel.

When Pei Chuan took Bei Yao in, Pei Haobin and the others were already there.

As soon as the door opened, Pei Haobin looked over.

After so many years, Pei Haobin has changed a lot. When he was young, his back was straight as a pencil, but now half of his hair was white, and his face was a bit old. Once Pei Chuan went in, his eyes fell on his eldest son as he uncomfortably rubbed his hands.

Pei Haobin looked at Bei Yao and showed a restrained and nervous smile. “Bei Yao, sit down.”

Pei Chuan pulled a chair for Bei Yao and sat down.

In Cao Li’s arms sat a four-year-old child, he was Cao Li’s son, Pei Jiadong. He had been told by his mother last night that today he was going to meet a brother who would rob him of his money in the future.

Pei Jiadong looked at the "brother" curiously with glittering eyes.

This brother was much older than him and never looked at him from beginning to end. Pei Jiadong was a little lost.

Bei Yutong was also there. When she learned the news yesterday, she could not believe that her stepbrother had really married Bei Yao. She thought Bei Yao was really blind. Her stepbrother had been in jail, his body was crippled, and Bei Yao was still willing to marry him! If she was given Bei Yao’s face, who couldn’t she marry! Countless people would be rushing to marry her!

The meal was very quiet. After they finished eating, Pei Haobin took out a card from his coat and spoke cautiously, “This is… from your mother. She went abroad and can’t come to your wedding. She gave this to Yaoyao.”

Pei Chuan said, “No need.”

The atmosphere went silent in an instant.

Pei Haobin’s heart was uncomfortable, he slowly took out another card. "This is for you, from dad."

Cao Li clenched her teeth.

She knew that the two cards add up to one million! One million! She had never seen so much money in her life! Now that all of it was given for Pei Chuan’s marriage, their family was almost emptied.

Pei Chuan's face was indifferent and he made no response. He took a tissue and gently wiped the corner of Bei Yao’s lips.

Pei Haobin knew Pei Chuan’s character and that he would never accept it. So he pushed it in front of Bei Yao. “Bei Yao ah, this is uncle and aunties good intention, you need funds to build a new house. Uncle can’t do anything for you, just keep it.”

Bai Yutong was very angry. Cao Li knew Pei Haobin would give them money, but Bai Yutong didn’t know.

She was gloating at her misfortune. This step-brother of hers just came out of jail, and now he definitely has no house, car, nor job. No matter how beautiful Bei Yao was, they would still live a hard life. But she didn’t expect Uncle Pei to give out money! That must be a lot of money. Maybe it’s enough for that cripple to buy a house.

Bei Yao shook her head. “Thank you. I and Pei Chuan will find a way for the money.”

Pei Haobin's heart was bitter, and he said to Pei Chuan, "Dad knows that I’ve wronged you. I’m going to talk about something today. I have made a will and all of the money will be given to you and Bei Yao. Just tell me if you need any help, I will do my best to assist. These things are yours, if you don’t want them, I will donate them to the country.”

Pei Chuan said, "Donate it."

Cao Li couldn't sit still. "This is your dad’s life savings, what are you talking about donating! Besides, you haven't bought a house nor a car, at least it's better to take the money."

Pei Chuan’s line of sight moved to the child in her arms, then it fell on her. His eyes were a little cold.

Pei Chuan said, “I have bought a house for Yaoyao in B City. The car can be picked up tomorrow. I have a job and can afford to support Yaoyao. You guys don’t have to worry about it.”

Bai Yutong said, “Are you joking? You have a house in B City?”

A house in City B! Even in 2013, it would still cost millions. Pei Chuan must be bragging!

Pei Chuan gave her a cold look. Bai Yutong shrank her neck subconsciously.

Pei Chuan took out a business card and placed it in front of Pei Haobin. He asked Bei Yao in a small voice, “Are you full?” Bei Yao nodded her head, then he took Bei Yao and walked out of the door.

Pei Haobin stared blankly at the business card, so shocked that he could not speak.

Pei Jiadong suddenly jumped off the stool, ran to the door and shouted with a crisp voice. "Gege!"

The atmosphere was still.

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes and looked at the little child. His eyes quietly swept over Pei Jiadong.

Pei Jiadong was frightened and took a step back. He just really liked his brother ah.

Cao Li hurriedly came over, hugged her son, and took a step back. As if Pei Chuan would cut off her child’s legs in the next moment.

Pei Chuan did not say anything and left with Bei Yao.

Cao Li's heart was palpitating, the man's gaze was too cold, making her timid. Holding her son back, she saw Pei Haobin staring at the business card, his eyes red. Cao Li looked at it and lost her voice. "The First Institute of Science, Pei Chuan?"

This was… a scientist!

Bai Yutong was dumbfounded.

How! How could he be a scientist, wasn't he in jail? That... house and car were real!

Pei Haobin wiped his face, he and Jiang Wenjuan were wrong.

Ridiculously wrong.

They thought this child’s future had been ruined. But it turned out to be the best, and his future was not inferior to anyone. This silently told them how ridiculous they were.

However, the time had passed, and they were destined to owe him for a lifetime.

A lifetime without peace—living in panic.


Bei Yao gently shook Pei Chuan's hand, that "Gege" affected Pei Chuan a lot. At that time, she could feel his body stiffen.

She asked, “Are you unhappy?”

He held her. “No.”

He was not unhappy, but he did not know how to describe that feeling. A child with close blood relation with him, a healthy child. Pei Jiadong’s intention to get close to him was obvious. But Pei Chuan did not like him.

Pei Chuan was also healthy and lively when he was a child, and clever too. It just happened that Pei Jiadong was almost four years old this year, which was the same age when he lost his calf.

If that did not transpire, Pei Chuan’s future path would have been like this child.

He was just in a bit of a trance as if he saw himself many years ago.

However, it was only a momentary trance, he would no longer care about everything in the Pei family. He has a family now.

Bei Yao remembered the business card and was a little curious. "What did you give to Uncle Pei?"

She was sitting far away and didn't see the words on it.

Her eyes were bright. Pei Chuan couldn’t say anything and took out another card for her to see.

He was a little nervous, he remembered her words when they were on a plane that year. He secretly watched her reaction.

Bei Yao was in a daze. “Is it a scientist?”


She blinked, she couldn't believe it. After a long time, she stood on tiptoe and kissed his face gently. "Pei Chuan is really amazing."

Scientist! How many people could get this honor in their life!

Bei Yao was the most shocked person. God knew that originally, Pei Chuan’s path was “satan” ah!

Pei Chuan felt the soft touch on his cheeks. He did not speak, but the roots of his ears were slightly red.

Bei Yao might not have known, but there were no words more beautiful than a woman saying a man was powerful.

It seemed that the suffering of many years has been rewarded in an instant. He whispered, "You study hard, I will support you."

Bei Yao smiled and nodded. "Please then, Mr. Pei!!"

He pursed his lips, there was a smile in his eyes, and sweetness in his heart.

The wedding was in a hurry, and Bei Yao couldn't make a custom-made wedding dress, so she could only choose from the bridal shop.

After several days of hustle and bustle, the day of the wedding finally arrived.

The invitations sent by Pei Chuan were thoughtfully written by him. When he was young, he only had three friends: Jin Ziyang, Zheng Hang, and Ji Wei.

Zheng Hang was really surprised he got married so soon, but he immediately became happy. Pei Chuan’s journey was really not easy.

Their wedding was held in a church. Before the bell rang, Bei Yao took her father’s arm.

Even someone like Bei Licai couldn’t help but have his eyes redden.

He said, “Yaoyao, you have to be happy. If he bullies you, you have to tell dad.”

Daughter, father’s existence is like a silent mountain, but he will always protect you.

Bei Yao’s eyes felt sour. Bei Licai was silent during her growth, but he was never absent.

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