Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 52: Ran Away Like His Life Depended on it

When Wu Mo came in, Chen Feifei immediately shut up.

Wu Mo sneered inwardly and glanced at Bei Yao. She had heard what they had said. What was that? She had received Han Zhen's love letter but hadn’t gone to Han Zhen's appointment, and now she was going to give him her first kiss?

She became disgusted when she thought about it. Her first kiss had gone to that liar Ding Wenxiang.

At the beginning of the second semester of the second year of high school, Wu Mo could feel that several people in the dormitory had become indifferent to her. Yang Jia would’ve occasionally eaten with her last semester, but now she didn’t even eat with her anymore.

She guessed it was probably because Chen Feifei had badmouthed her behind her back.

Why did some people have a lively and innocent youth, while others were deceived to the point of fear?

For Wu Mo, only Pei Chuan, who had saved her life, could give her a sense of security.

But Pei Chuan… was interested in Bei Yao…

The interesting thing was, did that cold and indifferent teenager know that his goddess was going to kiss someone else?

Chen Feifei wasn’t sure whether Wu Mo had heard her words, but her thoughts were simple too. After all, they were sixteen-seventeen years old teenage girls. Although Wu Mo had an unpleasant personality, how bad could it be?

Chen Feifei was more interested in Han Zhen’s birthday gossip.

Han Zhen had a good reputation in Sixth High School. He had good grades, was ambitious, had good manners, and had a good character.

The important thing was, such a good person would also keep a certain distance from the girls. So far, the only person he had shown affection to was Bei Yao.

To “rookie writer” Chen Feifei, such a good person was the standard for the male lead character in a novel. She was particularly optimistic about Han Zhen.

Han Zhen was also the secret crush of many girls.

And an eighteen-year-old was like a signal that the brave ones would get a chance.

As Chen Feifei had said, many girls were preparing gifts for Han Zhen. His birthday was on May 16, the early summer season, with the warmth of summer but not the scorching heat of the summer solstice.

Bei Yao thought it was a coincidence that Pei Chuan's birthday was on May 17th.

Although born in the same beautiful season, their fates and families were completely different. Even if Bei Yao didn’t know Han Zhen well enough, she could tell that he must be a child from a happy family. His behavior and speech were decent and relaxing.

On May 14th, the Sixth Middle School suddenly broke out in shocking gossip.

Have you heard? Bei Yao wants to kiss Han Zhen, the second-year student, on his birthday!

Countless people found it impossible. Han Zhen and Bei Yao usually stayed away from love. There was no sign that the two of them had a crush on anybody, how could the two of them fall in love! How could it be!

However, it was then revealed that Han Zhen had written a love letter to Bei Yao.

Han Zhen’s best friend immediately believed the rumor. They knew that Han Zhen had originally planned to confess in the marathon.

When Han Zhen himself heard about this, he was also stunned, his handsome face turning red.

The best friend couldn't help but tease him. "Excited?"

Han Zhen's heart was racing. He thought about it and frowned. "You guys should not spread it around, it will ruin her reputation."

Even if Sixth High School had a loose system, they would not tolerate puppy love. Even Han Zhen blushed when he heard this gossip. All of a sudden, the rumor that Bei Yao was planning on giving a kiss was confirmed.

Good things don’t go beyond the door, but bad things spread a thousand miles.

To be honest, Han Zhen had some expectations, but his reason told him multiple times that it was impossible. If Bei Yao really liked him, it wouldn’t have been Wu Mo who had come that night. Afterwards, Bei Yao also hadn’t appeared at the marathon, so this matter was mostly rumor.

But even if it was a rumor, it had now spread all over the place.

Chen Feifei was right on one thing. Almost half of the school had a crush on Bei Yao. This rumor flew all over and everyone may have been looking forward to the arrival of May 16, but they had also gotten their hearts broken.

Several good people also posted about this matter on the school forum.

When Bei Yao saw it, her face changed.

Chen Feifei was dumbfounded. She was only making a joke, and she and Bei Yao knew that it was just a joke. But when everyone chose to believe in one thing, the lies would seem more credible than the truth.

Chen Feifei knew she had caused trouble with her words. “I’m sorry Yaoyao, I’ll go and post the clarifications. It’s all my fault, if the teachers find out, I’ll go and testify.”

She was panicking and was about to cry, when Bei Yao said, “Don’t worry. Anyway, it’s just a rumor, it’ll dissipate by itself. I won’t go anyway, everyone will understand at that time.”

Chen Feifei went to post a clarification but no one believed it.

That night, Chen Feifei and Wu Mo had a fight. Chen Feifei was certain that it was Wu Mo who spread the rumor. Wu Mo insisted, “You have no evidence, how can you wrongly accuse me!”

“There was no one besides you at that time, if it’s not you, then who else?”

“Heh, you are talking nonsense, maybe it was spread by you!”

Chen Feifei’s eyes were bloodshot. No one knew how much she liked Bei Yao. Now she was being misunderstood with evil intentions. She was so angry that she wanted to hit her, but Yang Jia quickly stopped her.

Bei Yao brought boiling water and walked in. She was calmer than Chen Feifei. “Wu Mo, I also know it was you.”

“Hmph, you all just wanted to wrong me together.”

Bei Yao sighed, "I'm not arguing with you, it's pointless. You're right, we have no evidence, after all, things like words, once they spread, they all spread."

A slight triumph just appeared in Wu Mo’s eyes when Bei Yao, who was bending down to pour the boiling water, added, "The same is true about you and Ding Wenxiang."

Wu Mo's face was in disbelief. "What did you say?" She finally got anxious. " Bei Yao, it's not me, it's really not me, you guys promised me to not say anything to anyone else!"

"When you did something bad, why didn't you think about whether others were humiliated or not?" Bei Yao sneered. "Do Han Zhen and I deserve to be embroiled in rumors by you all the time?"

Wu Mo pulled Bei Yao. "I know you're the kindest, you wouldn't say it, right?"

Bei Yao told her, "Kindness is the armor that keeps me having a clear conscience, it doesn't mean I’ll let myself be bullied."

Bei Yao was really angry this time. Not only herself, but Han Zhen had also been implicated in this matter. She felt sorry for Han Zhen.

Neither the law nor the school system could punish people like Wu Mo, which allowed Wu Mo to be fearless, but they could.

After asking for Yang Jia and Chen Feifei's permission, Ding Wenxiang's story also got out.

Wu Mo was going crazy. She constantly felt people looking at her differently when she went out now.

Chen Feifei said, "It's good to spread the news, at least it’ll let the students be wary of people like Ding Wenxiang."

Wu Mo did not report the incidents with Ding Wenxiang to the police. There may be more victims out there. It was good for everyone to be alerted.

Bai Yao thought so, too.

They had been tight-lipped before because Wu Mo was the victim and the victim should be protected. However, Wu Mo gave up the opportunity to punish the bad guy.

But being a victim was not an excuse for her to harm others.

After dealing with this matter, Bei Yao took advantage of the weekend to hurry back home, and brought the gifts she prepared for Pei Chuan, including his scarf and gloves, to school. She was ready to take a leave to go out for his birthday this Tuesday, on the seventeenth.


Jin Ziyang was looking through the posts and got big news.

“F*ck! It can’t be! The Sixth High School’s school flower will give someone a kiss. So awesome, why not give it to me. Even though my birthday was a long time ago, it's not a problem for me to be eighteen again tomorrow,” he exclaimed. There was also Bei Yao’s daily photo on the post. She was wearing a school uniform and trousers, squatting down under the sun lights.

Someone had also posted photos of Han Zhen below. Han Zhen had the temperament of a male lead in a campus TV drama.

Pei Chuan raised his eyes when he heard the words "Six High School’s school flower".

His voice was very low. “What did you say?”

Ji Wei who was immersed in studying, at this time, turned around and spoke with a worshipping expression, "Chuan Ge, teach me about this function problem!"

Although Pei Chuan had an aloof personality, he was generous. He would explain thoroughly, which was very beneficial to others.

As a result, Ji Wei turned around and saw Pei Chuan's face sink.

He looked at the post on his phone with lowered eyes and did not move for a long time. It was just that his knuckles were white and his lips were tightly pressed.

The Biology self-study session was still ongoing.

Pei Chuan stood up furiously, the chairs and tables making an ear-splitting sound. The teacher was preparing for the class on the podium and the students looked back.

He couldn't hold it in anymore and opened the back door to go out.

The biology teacher was shocked for a moment before reacting. "Pei Chuan, what are you doing? We're still in class!"

Pei Chuan pushed the door and got out without looking back.

The class was extremely quiet and the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Jin Ziyang smiled awkwardly, "Teacher, Chuan Ge was in a rush to pee, and didn’t have the time to tell you. Haha, you don't mind him."

The teacher's face was ashen.

Zhen Hang stood up. "Report teacher, I also needed to pee." He also went out through the back door.

Jin Ziyang: "Report teacher, I also…"

The teacher slapped the podium, furious. Jin Ziyang touched his nose. "Well, I'm fine."

Zheng Hang ran out, "Chuan Ge!"

Pei Chuan looked at him with dark eyes. He didn't look different, but only he knew all his muscles were so tight they ached.

Zheng Hang said, "You can't go at this time, do you like her?"

Pei Chuan gritted his teeth and said nothing.

Zheng Hang smiled bitterly in his heart. At that time, he had been on the second floor of the restaurant. The paper airplane had flown into Bei Yao's arms, and then the girl had raised her eyes. He had also been surprised and tempted for a moment. However, he later knew that it had been impossible and no longer had this idea. Today when he saw that post, his heart still felt uncomfortable, not to mention Pei Chuan.

Zheng Hang said: "They are now in class, today is Monday, the principal and teachers are going on rounds."

So, things couldn’t get any bigger.

Pei Chuan said in a muffled voice, "I know."

After a long time, he then said, "I just… came out to calm down."

He should’ve thought about what he had been doing all this time. Why would he bother thinking about what Bei Yao liked? Why didn't he listen to Aunt Zhao and take the initiative to stay away from their daughter? He had given up his principles and ran away like his life depended on it, only to return to the original starting point.

Helplessly watching her like someone else.

He leaned against the ginkgo tree and looked down to see his white sneakers. In the summer, the ginkgo tree drew out its tender green leaves again. Sometimes, the silent plants were like people who spoke very little, always waiting in silence for the time to change.

Zheng Hang offered, "Want a smoke?"

Pei Chuan took it, and bit it between his lips, as if to vent out his despair. But when Zheng Hang’s lighter was igniting, he turned his head and took the cigarette out of his mouth.

She had said, don’t smoke, it smells bad.

Her words, was he damned to remember them for a lifetime?!

Pei Chuan endured silently, he took the lighter and lit the cigarette before putting it between his lips. Then he threw it on the ground and stamped on it.

The corner of Zheng Hang’s mouth twitched slightly, but he kept silent.

Fortunately, everyone was in class and no one saw, or they would think that he’d gone crazy.

Zheng Hang accompanied him to calm down.

It wasn’t known how many sessions had passed till he calmed down. In any case, the school ended in the afternoon.

Zheng Hang said, “In this life, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcomed. Chuan Ge, be more lenient.”

Pei Chuan replied in a low voice, “En.”

He spent May 16th, all day, trying to calm down, so that he wouldn’t think about it. Whatever was going to happen, would happen. He had already been despicable enough on the marathon day. He had no right to deprive her of love and happiness. If he didn’t stop, maybe she would already…

On the night of May 16, Pei Chuan and Zheng Hang went drinking.

Halfway through the drink, Jin Ziyang asked, “Chuan Ge, tomorrow is your birthday, ah?”

Pei Chuan had just remembered this matter, and he curled his lips into a non-smiling smile. "Yes."

Look, even a heartless friend like Jin Ziyang knew that tomorrow was considered a special day for him. Why did she have to… deliberately choose today? Did it have to be like this?

Pei Chuan stood up suddenly, shocking Zheng Hang. "Chuan Ge!"

Pei Chuan gasped, like a person who was about to drown finding oxygen. He breathed heavily then said dumbly, "I will only look from far away."

Ji Wei couldn’t continue writing his homework anymore. He thought Chuan Ge was quite pitiful.

He whispered, "There are simply hurdles that can’t be overcome, ah."

Pei Chuan walked away, and no one stopped him.

Jin Ziyang and the rest looked at each other and clicked their tongues.

No one believed he would only take a look. His heart was almost broken.


The night in the Sixth High School was a little cold.

Han Zhen had waited the whole day and hadn’t gotten the so-called school flower's kiss. Well, he smiled bitterly. As a party who should’ve refuted the rumor, he should’ve taken the initiative, what had he been expecting?

It was just that the temptation of the gift from the rumor had been too great.

If it could come true, even if he got punished and disciplined, the feeling would still be just as sweet.

But the "little gift" seemed to be very abiding by the rules and was trying to refute the rumor seriously.

In the Sixth High School evening study session, Han Zhen dropped down and sighed. Knowing the time limit was almost up and the rumor could not be more fake, he was forced to have a meal with his brother and eat a slice of cake.

On the way back to the dormitory after evening self-study, Bei Yao was so excited. She had been counting down, and it would be Pei Chuan's birthday in an hour.

His dad and mom weren’t by his side when he turned eighteen. It was miserable. The gift she had prepared was an air plant. As long as there was air, it could survive. It was very easy to raise.

Pei Chuan's house was too desolate, and this could add a little vitality to it.

Bei Yao couldn't help it, she was just a poor student, and could only afford to buy a small gift.

However, on the way back, she saw a familiar shadow.

Pei Chuan? Why was he here?

Bei Yao said to her dorm mates, "Feifei, Yang Jia, you guys go back first, I have something to do."

Chen Feifei thought, I'll go! It's hard to believe that Yaoyao is really going to give Han Zhen…

She shook her head and said seriously, "Go, go! We’ll say you went to the toilet if the auntie comes to check! We'll keep it a secret."

"..." Thank you, ah.

Bei Yao walked towards the shadows, a little upset. He had come too early, ah, it wasn’t even tomorrow, so she hadn’t even brought her gift.

The shallow fragrance of the balsam forest, the dim lights of the campus road, and Bei Yao met his eyes with a glance.

Pei Chuan didn’t open his eyes.

Bei Yao smelled the light scent of alcohol in the air, and sniffed. "Have you been drinking? Pei Chuan, what's wrong with you?" How can you still be unhappy when it's almost your birthday?

Pei Chuan clenched his fist and closed his eyes more tightly.

What was wrong with him? He also didn’t know what had happened anymore. Obviously, he shouldn’t have come, obviously…… he had no right to come.

But as Ji Wei had said, there were hurdles that couldn’t be overcome. He regretted being born, and regretted loving.

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