Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 32: The Devil’s Real Intention [2]

Pei Chuan didn’t encounter anyone afterwards. The forest was large, causing him to take almost half a day’s walk to find Bei Yao, who was in front of her tent.

The sun was almost setting.

She was building her tent the way Pei Chuan did. Upon hearing footsteps, she immediately turned around with caution, with a piece of bread hanging out from her mouth.

Upon seeing Pei Chuan, her almond-shaped eye showed elation, followed by awkwardness as she put down the bread.

“Pei Chuan, what a coincidence. I walked around for so long and never met a single person.”

“Yeah, what a coincidence.”

The boy was covered in sweat, of which his black t-shirt became drenched from it. His gaze was extremely calm. A boy in his mid-teens, with sweat droplets seen on his exposed toned arms.

A dark patch could be seen on Pei Chuan’s t-shirt. The sun was already sinking into the west side of the sky.

How far had he traveled?

Bei Yao stopped building her tent. She stared at the silent boy, and stepped to stand beside him to ask, “Have you found any food?”

He glanced at Bei Yao’s gentle and bright eyes, and told the truth, “No.”

He didn’t bother searching for it.

Bei Yao understood finding food was difficult. She had quite a long walk and only found some food at noon Afterwards, she walked even more and found a tent.

She was afraid she couldn't find food at night, so she split her noon’s findings into two. Lunch was a ready-to-eat meal, and the rest would be saved for later. After finding the tent and building it, it’ll be night time and it’d be too late for food hunting.

She pitied the boy from the bottom of her heart. Bei Yao squatted down to reach her backpack. She fished out a packet of milk, a sausage, a box of biscuits, and a small cake for him.

“Eat this.”

“How about you.”

Her eyes showed warmth and joy, “I had food just now, so I’m not hungry.”

In reality, she hadn’t had dinner. She still had her leftover bread from just now. She sat together with him, munching on the leftover bread. When Bei Yao was hungry, she could eat anything.

Pei Chuan poked the packet of milk with a straw and handed it to Bei Yao.

He grabbed the bottle of mineral water beside her, opened the cap, and took two sips.

 “Hey…” Bei Yao was surprised, “That is my…”


“Never mind,” Bei Yao sighed. She merely wanted to say she had drunk from that bottle. However, would saying so make him feel awkward?

Bei Yao said, “Dig in, we can find more after this.”

Unfortunately, the resources were not as “plenty” as what the teacher addressed. They couldn’t find the second tent.

Bei Yao was a little disappointed. Pei Chuan said, “You should sleep. I’ll take care of myself.”

Afterwards, he laid beside her tent, using his backpack as a pillow, and closed his eyes. His posture showed no care towards his surroundings at all. Bei Yao had no choice, she gave it a thought, “You need to put some Florida Water.”

Pei Chuan replied, “Yeah.”

After putting on the Florida Water, he glanced towards the sky. The moon hanging in the sky appeared gentle. Near him, the girl’s voice was sweet and crisp, like the wind in March. She said, “Pei Chuan, this place is not fun at all. Don’t participate in an event like this the next time, it can be quite dangerous.”


“I was a bit scared. I planned to leave after two or three days.” The exhaustion was real. Besides, washing up was also an issue. Sweating from the summer heat and getting all greasy. Although she was the lucky girl who found water and a place to stay, she could never understand the joy behind survival-adventurous summer camps.

“Don’t be afraid,” he whispered, “I’ll bring you to the treasure.”

She giggled, “You can’t even find food.” Needless to say, a treasure.

He said, “Yup, thanks to you Bei Yao.”

The boy’s voice was deep. He was all grown up. His Adam’s apple was obvious, and his vocal cords were already that of a man’s. Bei Yao felt somewhat embarrassed, so she stopped talking, “Goodnight.”

At night, a drone brought in new resources to replenish.

The broadcast was loud and clear, “Student Tao HanHan gave up. Remaining nine people, one disqualified.”

The next morning, Bei Yao passed a wet tissue to Pei Chuan.

She didn’t sleep well last night. The ground was hard and uncomfortable. Her petite face showed exhaustion. On the other hand, Pei Chuan who slept in the open showed no signs of exhaustion. He had a good physique, which meant that a simple nap could recover him from all his exhaustion.

Pei Chuan carried her small backpack and brought Bei Yao to search for food.

He had a good sense of direction. In less than an hour, they found their breakfast.

He randomly picked a cold sandwich and a bottle of water, “Stay here, don’t move away. I’m going to look around here.”

He came back in no time, “There’s a tiny pond, you want to wash up?”

Bei Yao was ecstatic. There really was a pond nearby.

Bei Yao said, “Do you want to wash?” He perspired more than she did. He would become a grain of salt under the sun.

Pei Chuan hesitated, “You wash first.”

The pond was formed from the rainwater, estimated to be around two square metres. Bei Yao carried over a small rock for her to sit down. She used her hands to collect water and washed her face. The summer’s manic had gone a lot. The water was cooling and comfortable, and she didn’t want to leave.

However, at the thought of Pei Chuan, she washed up her face orderly and quickly.

Pei Chuan casually rubbed his face twice with the water, and said, “It is still early. You can play around with the water first. We’re not in a rush to leave.”

Her voice was crispy, being in genuine felicity, “Alright.”

With the chirping of birds and the non-stop buzzing of the summer cicada in the forest, the sun rose.

Pei Chuan caught a cicada that was resting on a tree. When he made it back to her, she was barefoot, and her fair feet reflected the sunbeams.

She was playing with the water.

Pei Chuan didn’t come over. He leaned on the tree, staring at her silently.

Wei Wan told him, she could tell that Bei Yao was not interested in him.

He knew, therefore he wanted to give up initially. He didn’t want her commiseration and pity. He wanted to stand beside her as a man.

He used to hate her.

That was before the first year of high school.

He thought, why must she appear in my life? Was it out of kindness and pity for him? Afterwards, he’ll watch her fall in love and wed to someone. By then, should he smile and wish her the best?

He hated the fact that she would never like him. Which was why he wanted to give up time and time again. A person like him, filled with evil and wickedness, only deserved to live in her memory.

Yet, he was attracted again.

Became a devil and soon he was back, longing for more.

The summer rays were gentle, not burning hot even in the slightest. The girl folded her pants at her knee. Her legs were well-proportioned and slim. Her feet were pinkish and adorable.

His jet black pupils looked heavy. The cicada was struggling in his grip, “Bzzz—” The sharp sound was dragged for long.

She turned to him under the sunrays. His heart was beating so much that his chest hurts. At that point, no words came out.

“A present.”

Pei Chuan opened his palm, revealing the dead cicada.



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