Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 53: Violence

In the early summer night, there were two to three speckles of fireflies in the distant forest.

Pei Chuan was silent for a long time, and said, "I’m fine, you go back."

What was the use of asking? Today was over anyway, there was no reason for him to come here.

Bei Yao curiously observed his expression. The boy’s face was cold and his eyes were still.

Would he have drank if he was okay? Would he have come to see her at school if he was okay?

She approached him, raised her head, and looked him in the eye. She said solemnly, “Pei Chuan, has anyone ever told you that you have to say what’s in your heart and not just hold it in?”

She couldn’t help laughing. “If you hold it in for a long time you’ll… end up looking like that, your entire being looks so fierce.”

He pressed his lips tightly.

Bei Yao said, “What’s wrong?” Her tone was mixed with the summer night’s wind, tolerant and soft.

"I'm okay." He couldn't stand it anymore. Saying that he could just take a look, why should he ask to be humiliated.

Pei Chuan turned around and left.

"Hey..." Bei Yao hesitated to keep up.

Forget it. If he had a bad temper today, just count it as part of his rights for tomorrow then.

At the end of the balsam forest, was the intersection of the school entrance. A group of teenagers was walking towards the entrance.

Someone asked with a joking smile, "Han Zhen! How was your moment of becoming a man? Did you get the school flower’s kiss?”

Pei Chuan stopped in his tracks.

Han Zhen said: "Don't be ridiculous!"

"Hahahaha look, Han Zhen is blushing!"

"Han Zhen, Han Zhen, did the school flower’s body smell good? Were her lips soft? Her waist looks so thin, have you hugged her? As beautiful as Bei Yao is, tsk, what did she taste like, ah?”

These words were too much, and Han Zhen frowned, but before he could say anything, a heavy punch landed on the boy’s face

The black-clothed teenager grabbed the boy's collar and smashed his face with a punch.

The boy's nose began bleeding.

Everyone froze, then rushed up to stop the fight. They didn’t recognize the teenager who was doing the beating but were scared by his ruthlessness.

He went crazy, holding the boy's head and hitting it against the balsam tree.

One after another, there were seven or eight teenagers, but no one could pull him away.

Han Zhen was stunned, together with the two other people who were pulling the teenager's arm to drag him back. The rest of the people were protecting the beaten boy.

That beaten boy was battered to the point of collapse: "You are f*cking crazy ah……"

Han Zhen felt the muscles of the teenager under him bulge, the extreme anger making his muscles twitch. He did not stop him, and all the anger and pain made Pei Chuan look cold and grim.

Pei Chuan knew that he was crazy, he was crazy. He had gone crazy when he had heard the news yesterday…

Han Zhen did not stop him, but seeing that the beaten boy's face was white with fear, Han Zhen had no choice but to rush to block in front of him.

Pei Chuan's fist was only a centimeter away from Han Zhen's face.

The two teenagers looked at each other for a second.

Pei Chuan warned him, "Get lost." He recognized who he was, Han Zhen. The boy had been side by side with Bei Yao's picture at the top of the post.

Han Zhen saw a pair of cold and piercing eyes.

Han Zhen said, “What if I don’t want to? Classmate, no matter who you are, if you have any grudges with him, you do not have to use this method to settle it.”

For a moment, Pei Chuan wanted to beat him to death.

This kind of person who maintained this so-called justice was the one she liked?

Pei Chuan couldn’t care less about justice. His mind was full of that boy whose face was covered in blood had asked, what had Bei Yao tasted like?

Pei Chuan made a move.

F*ck, you all go f*cking die.

“Pei Chuan!” Less than half a minute after they had started another fight, Bei Yao came over and found a boy with a nosebleed. When she saw Pei Chuan was still going to punch Han Zhen, her heart stopped in fright.

What were they doing?

Pei Chuan turned his back to Bei Yao.

Han Zhen saw that when Bei Yao called the boy's name, all the viciousness and anger in his eyes disappeared. Instead, they were replaced with embarrassment and defeat.

Pei Chuan didn't turn around. He didn't want Bei Yao to see him being jealous to the point of madness. He pushed away the two boys who were pulling him and walked towards the entrance of the Sixth High School.

Bei Yao's eyes met Han Zhen's face, "Sorry, you let your classmate see the doctor first, I'll pay for the medical expenses, that boy just now… he's in a bad mood, I'll go check on him first, sorry."

She ran down the path to the end of Sixth High School’s balsam forest.

The warm yellow roadside light was hazy, and at the end of the light was the boy’s silhouette.

“Pei Chuan!”

He stopped and closed his eyes.

Bei Yao was short on breath, but still ran to stop him. “What’s wrong with you! Why did you fight?”

He opened his eyes, his dark pupils reflecting her appearance.

The one he wanted to hit was obviously Han Zhen. But at this moment, what he was afraid of was what she would think of him.

It was clear that summer had started in early May, but the night was a bit cold.

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes. “They were talking about the matter between you and Han Zhen.”

Bei Yao, “... ” Huh? When did she have anything to do with Han Zhen? How come she didn’t know?

However, the teenager's eyes lowered and his gaze fell on the silhouette of the balsam tree under the street light. His lips were pale, and it wasn't known if it was because of shame or something else. She asked him to say what was in his heart, and now he had said it.

Bei Yao had an absurd guess in her heart. He had been so angry just now, and was it because of her?

She asked, "What's wrong with me and Han Zhen?"

The boy’s lips turned even whiter. He suddenly raised his head, forcing himself to look at her helplessly.

“Eighteenth birthday gift.” Did he have to make it clear? Did she have to thoroughly expose him before she let him go!

Bei Yao said, “Did you mean the first kiss?”

Pei Chuan gritted his teeth.

He never wanted to say a word to her again. His heart had been pinched in her hands, and he would hurt once she said one more word.

Bei Yao held back her laughter and shyness, and her sparkling almond eyes looked at him. "That one wasn't real at first, then I changed my mind and thought this congratulatory gift was not bad."

He turned around and left.

Alas, he had such a good temper!

At 11:12, the fireflies flew out of the grass as the leaves fell from the balsam trees overhead.

She was prepared, wearing white sneakers, and stood a few steps ahead at the bricks around the white fig tree. She happened to stand in front of him.

With two blocks of rocks, their heads were more than ten centimeters away. This year Bei Yao was 1.65 meters tall. Taking advantage of the height of two bricks, she cupped his cheeks and gently tiptoed.

The blush went from her cheeks to her ears, and she closed her eyes.

The summer wind was gentle.

His time stopped for a moment.

The crescent moon hid away, the street lights reflected their overlapping silhouette, and the fireflies flew over to the balsam tree, maybe from embarrassment.

She clumsily pressed against his lips, lightly touching them.

"...Did the school flower’s body smell good? Were her lips soft?"

"Her waist looks so thin, have you ever hugged her?"

He suddenly remembered the impudent remarks of Han Zhen’s friend, his body as stiff as wood.

She held the teenager's cheek, pink cherry lips softly printed on his white lips. Bei Yao felt her heart pounding.

She opened her eyes.

Her eyes lifted slightly and met his dark eyes.

Pei Chuan said, "Do you know what you are doing?"

Her cheeks flushed. "I know."

Pei Chuan’s body was as stiff as a piece of metal that refused to be refined, and his Adam's apple moved. “You are a girl, you cannot kiss people randomly.”

“...Oh.” She said, “But I didn't do it randomly, only you.”

Finally, she fluttered her almond eyes, the shyness seemingly about to spill out of them. Bei Yao also began to feel uncomfortable. She should not be doing this on impulse.

She jumped off the two poor bricks and wanted to go back to her dormitory.

Bei Yao’s mind was in a mess. If she didn't go back, and was found out when the dormitory auntie checked, it would be the end of her.

She had only taken two steps when she was pulled back.

The hundred-year-old white fig tree had a lot of branches. Her back was against the tree and the boy’s embrace was hot. She was tightly confined between his arms and the tree. With her head raised, Pei Chuan leaned against her.

The moon peeked out of the clouds again, and Pei Chuan’s lips parted slightly.

His fingers dug into her hair that had fallen down.

Holding her small face, he lowered his head again.

Her world was like an explosion of fireworks, bursts of light and shadow exploding.

She was gasping for air.

Those words that she had read, little by little, awakened from her dormant memory.

She thought dizzily, it had turned out... to be such a kiss, huh?


When Bei Yao returned to the dormitory, the dormitory aunt had checked on her long ago.

The lights were out, and when Bei Yao opened the door with the key, all the girls in the dormitory quietly poked their heads out from under the covers with their own thoughts.

Chen Feifei spoke in a whisper: "Yaoyao, we have helped you hide it from auntie."

Bei Yao gently responded, "Thank you." She started to wash up in the dark and climbed back into bed after washing up, covering her head with the blanket in shame.

The temperature in the quilt rose rapidly. In the early summer night, every breath was heating up, but even if it was uncomfortable, she should not expose her head.

She touched her lips lightly, biting her lips slightly annoyedly.

Pei Chuan was so irritating.

She would be mad at him for a month.

Was there anyone who would say, “Sorry, it’s my fault, if you’re… angry, you can hit me,” to the girl he just kissed?

He had also said, “I’ll apologize to your mother, it’s my fault.”

“What happens tonight,” he had said gloomily, “If you hate it, just forget about it.”


In the end, Bei Yao couldn’t say anything and almost cried.

How could Pei Chuan be so annoying?

She had kicked him and run away.

He deserved it!

What a birthday, she'd starve and die with that air plant she had originally wanted to use as a gift!

Waiting for the sound of steady breathing in the dorm room, Bei Yao clicked on her phone. She saw the 00:15 on the screen and felt even more annoyed.

Sleep, sleep.

He had told her to forget, what was the use of remembering it?


Pei Chuan stood under the tree all night.

If it was because of her ignorance at first, then it was his fault for being muddle-headed. Her kiss was pure, just a simple touch of lips, but his…

Pei Chuan leaned on the white fig tree.

It wasn't known how many years this tree had been in the Sixth High School. It had already been a big tree when the school had been built.

He remembered her gaze.

Confused, ignorant, happy, and shy.

Those were the eyes of a girl under seventeen, pure and clear.

He had known her at four and knew she didn’t have much contact with the opposite sex. Perhaps even the boundary between liking, good impressions, and trust had been confused by her.

But he calmed down after he was done being insanely infatuated.

Pei Chuan thought, what could he give her?

Would it be the platonic love they’d had when they were young? Or an abnormal marriage a few years later?

If it was love, there were lots of people more suitable and romantic than him. If it was marriage… then he couldn’t give her anything.

He didn’t have a good family, he had even forgotten how a complete family interacted with each other, and he didn’t know how to give her the best home possible.

His body… was hideous.

What she had seen was just his strong brilliance.

She made others feel affectionate but struggle at the same time.

He wanted to use his everything to love her, but he had nothing.

If he wasn’t determined to commit himself fully, he shouldn’t have tainted her, and left her these memories. This way, she could still meet other people without burden.

At dawn, the dew stained Pei Chuan's shirt. He frowned and walked out of Sixth High School.

The worst part was, Bei Yao was still mad at him.

Was it because she didn't like him using… violence?

Or had his words upset her?

If it was the former, she could punish him however she wanted.

If it was the latter, assuming that it was, he would do the best he could to give her the best love of her youth.

Even if she couldn’t love him in the end and left him, he would still give her all he had.

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