Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 84: Words of Love

The campus was bright and sunny. The leaves of a few oriental cherry trees swayed with the wind.

This time, Pei Chuan did not keep turning his back to write on the blackboard. He wrote a paragraph and then spoke to the students.

Most of the eyes that looked at him under the podium were very attentive. Pei Chuan's gaze skimmed over the immature faces, it was full of the youthful spirit of someone who hadn't entered society yet.

Youthful, the eyes that were full of hope for the future.

Pei Chuan didn't really like such eyes very much. During his few years in prison, all he saw were those full of obscure and unspeakable sufferings. So much so that, when he occasionally looked in the mirror, he could see the calmness in his eyes that's different from people his age.

He has seen countless obscurity. At first, he felt out of place when he saw myriads of lights.

In fact, he was not much older than them, but he had experienced too many things that had washed away the yearning in his eyes, becoming obscure.

His gaze finally fell on Bei Yao.

For the first time after so many years, he could now walk into a classroom and see her, just like that afternoon—when he was a child—in the summer of May. She was young and inspired like everyone else, the only difference being that the emotion in his eyes lit up when he looked at her.

Everyone noticed that in this lesson, Professor Pei's voice unconsciously dropped by two tones, and it was not so calm and smooth.

Meanwhile, his handwriting was more beautiful than most teachers, and his shirt was slightly rolled up, revealing his strong arms.

Qin Dongni liked to gossip the most, and she came to this class to just watch this. However, Pei Chuan's class was quiet, and no one dared to speak. So Qin Dongni didn't really feel like talking either.

When she and Bei Yao came, they brought books and notes from the medical department.

Qin Dongni thought for a while, then wrote on the paper. “Yaoyao, this professor has a very good figure!”

She finished writing and gave it to Bei Yao.

Bei Yao froze at the words. Then, she looked at Pei Chuan.

In her eyes, she never thought about his figure. What she liked was the feeling of being with Pei Chuan. However, when she saw Qin Dongni's words, she suddenly remembered the feeling of that night when Pei Chuan undid his collar and put her hands on his chest.

Bei Yao looked at Pei Chuan.

His shirt was sheer, and you could faintly see his firm muscles, broad shoulder, and narrow waist. Because he used to practice boxing, every inch of his muscles was formidable.

She stared blankly, seemingly understanding for the first time that there could be such a thing as physical attraction. She inexplicably blushed.

Qin Dongni looked at the crimson color on her roommate's cheeks, she grinned and went to gossip with her. “Right? He’s very manly. From my experience, he must have chest muscles and abs!”

Bei Yao looked ashamed. When will Qin Dongni's habit of commenting on people's bodies change! When she just came to university, she was changing into her pajamas when Qin Dongni's eyes straightened as she saw her bulging chest and exquisite curvature. "You look thin, but your chest must be C ba!”

At that time, everyone in the dormitory looked over. Bei Yao was stunned, her face instantly flushed red. Qin Dongni's eyes were very poisonous!

Right now, Bei Yao simply wanted to cover her roommate's eyes, that was looking at Pei Chuan. She scribbled on the paper and replied, “Stop talking. Don't look at him, look at your book!”

Qin Dongni wrote, “No need to be shy, I’m only taking a look.”

Pei Chuan could naturally see the small movements made by the two of them from where he stood.

He slightly narrowed his eyes. Is his lecture dull? However, he was ill at ease, so he could only continue speaking.

The boy in gray sitting beside them, who had previously given up his seat, couldn't help but turn his head and secretly look at Bei Yao.

He then sat next to her. The girl next to him smelled good. It was not the smell of perfume, but a much lighter aroma.

The boy saw Bei Yao blushed at a glance. He had heard a rumor about Bei Yao before. It was said that she had a boyfriend who had previously been in jail, but everyone never saw him ah! Maybe they broke up long ago!

The boy also saw them passing notes. His heart thumped, he reflected that it was rare to be so close to the school flower. So, he also scribbled. “Bei Yao, can you give me your phone number?”

He finished writing and pushed it in front of Bei Yao.

Bei Yao looked at the extra computer book in front of her, and turned her head at the boy beside her.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips.

He said, "Third row, the boy in gray, what are the principles and procedures for Clojure DSL auto-resolution configuration?”

The whole class immediately looked over.

Everyone was a bit stunned. To be honest, Professor Pei's lectures have always been indifferent and were in a single-machine mode. He would just talk no matter if you were listening or not, or if you understood it or didn’t. He would not interact with students, nor ask questions. This was his first time asking a question.

The boy who was still waiting for Bei Yao's answer was dumbfounded, and discovered that the whole class was looking at him.

He stood up. The panic of suddenly being picked by the teacher came up all at once.

He faintly heard the question, but what kind of question was Professor Pei asking! Who the fuck knows about that!

Pei Chuan said coldly, "Don't pass notes in class.” He finished speaking then turned around to write on the blackboard.

The boy stood in place awkwardly, his face instantly turned red. If it was another teacher’s class it would not have been so embarrassing to be caught. However, the one talking on the podium was different, he was caught when he was being sneaky. It was very embarrassing! Furthermore, Pei Chuan's class was linked to his grades, so he was definitely going to fail this class.

The boy hung his head and sat down. He couldn't help but look at Bei Yao and Qin Dongni, a little aggrieved.

Why did the professor let them pass notes? I only wrote a sentence and was immediately called!

Qin Dongni was scared out of her wits by the words, "Don't pass notes".

This professor does not seem to have a good temper ah!

She knew that Professor Pei must have seen herself and Bei Yao passing the notebook just now. She awkwardly looked down at her book, not daring to pass notes anymore.

Bei Yao half-covered her face. She also felt ashamed.

In her man's class, she unexpectedly became absent-minded because of a sentence from Qin Dongni, and she was even seen.

When the school bell rang, no one was in a hurry to leave.

Pei Chuan said, "Class is over.”

It was then that everyone got up and left one by one.

The setting sun was shining outside the window. Bei Yao wore a light cherry-colored short sleeve that exposed half of her white and tender arm.

Qin Dongni struggled in the second half of the class. She’s studying medicine! She doesn't understand ah!

Now that class was finally over, Qin Dongni hurriedly said, "Yaoyao, let's go, let's go.”

The words just left her mouth when Professor Pei walked over.

Looking closer, Qin Dongni felt that this man was young. His five features were firm and powerful, there was a kind of unapproachable coldness. He walked over, and those in the classroom who hadn't left yet, eyed them quietly.

Qin Dongni thought to herself, It's over! This professor can't be so petty as to start pursuing them about writing notes after class ended ba.

Professor Pei pursed his lips. Qin Dongni heard him ask Bei Yao. "Did you not understand?”

Bei Yao tilted her face up and looked into the man's dark eyes. She nodded her head honestly.

Even professionals might not understand Professor Pei's class. She had never studied it at all, so naturally, she didn't understand it.

He lowered his tone. “What part do you not understand, I'll teach you.”

Bei Yao gave him a dumbfounded look. If she said she doesn’t understand anything, will he feel disappointed? This is his first time teaching, right?

Bei Yao searched hard in her memory. "What is GPL?"

The man said, "Short for General-Purpose Language.” Then, with the simplest explanations, he added. "C, Java, Python, those are all part of the GPL."

Bei Yao understood C and JAVA. She nodded, smiled sweetly, and tilted her head. "Thank you, Professor Pei."

He did not speak, and only looked at her.

At that time, there were still students in a group of twos and threes who had not left yet. Among them was the school flower from the computer department called Duan You.

Everyone looked at Duan You with some sympathy and a lot of gloating. It turned out that the professor wasn't uncomfortable with women, he just liked the prettiest ones.

Anyone else who dared to ask the simple question that Bei Yao raised would have been killed long ago.

Duan You's expression did not look good!

She saw Qin Dongni pass a note to Bei Yao in class too! This man didn't even care! It was a completely permissive attitude.

Bei Yao stood up. "School is over, do you want to have dinner together with me?”

Her voice was very light and sweet, and those who hadn't left looked at Professor Pei again.

The man seemed to be waiting for these words and said, "En.”

The classroom was silent.

Don't mention everyone else, even Qin Dongni’s eyes almost jumped out!

Pei Chuan was the first to walk out of the classroom to wait for Bei Yao.

In the early summer of May, looking down from the teacher building, the school was bathed in the soft sunset.

With a young and handsome face, he silently looked at the playground further away.

Some people were running, and some were playing football recklessly. In addition to the profound cultural heritage, the entire university also has a youthful vigor.

Bei Yao said goodbye to Qin Dongni and walked beside Pei Chuan. She followed his gaze and suddenly remembered that time in winter of her third year of high school. Pei Chuan let her have a good time in the university.

He was already prepared to surrender at that time.

Her heart was a little distressed.

She took hold of the man's long, slender fingers. "How about I take you to eat at the cafeteria?"

Pei Chuan said, "En."

Not far from this building, the school of computer science has a cafeteria hidden behind the large, lush trees.

Bei Yao took two plates and led him to get food.

The food in the cafeteria was ordinary, but the atmosphere was buzzing.

She knew that Pei Chuan was not a picky eater, so she gave him several types of meat and vegetables. She then pulled him to sit in front of the window.

Students were walking back and forth through the room, Pei Chuan rarely ate in such a lively environment.

Bei Yao would pick on her food, and Pei Chuan quietly picked out the seasoned celery from her plate, exchanging it with the eggplant on his.

Except for the computer science department, few people knew this professor.

Bei Yao finished her meal. She did not have much appetite, and the aunt in the cafeteria gave enough portions that girls who only ate little could not finish them.

Pei Chuan silently finished her leftovers.

Bei Yao's face was a little red. "Don't eat it. I ate from them already."

He finished eating in a few mouthfuls, and gently wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin. There was a smile in his eyes.

She looked at him, and her heart was suddenly doused in sweetness.

Pei Chuan held her hand while taking a walk in the schoolyard. The setting sun that was shining on their body was warm, Bei Yao said, "You came to teach at B University, why didn't you tell me?"

Pei Chuan said, "You have exams."

"I finished my exams last night."

Pei Chuan was silent, then asked her, "Then when will you go back home?"

She froze for several seconds, and suddenly walked in front of him. Her almond eyes curved into crescents, Bei Yao looked up at him, her voice was delicate. "Pei Chuan, did you miss me?"

At that time, the campus was breezy, the shadows of the trees were whirling, and a few swallows flew lightly across the sky.

The emotions that used to be buried deep inside were not difficult to express now. "En, miss you."

Her cheeks were tinged in a light pink, yet her eyes were brighter. "How much?"

He raised his hand and gently caressed the girl's cheek.

It was supple, so delicate that you would want to hold and love it.

He did not really know how to express his affection, so he could only calmly tell her. "I have a little insomnia."

It was too surreal to marry her, sometimes he was afraid that after going to sleep at night, he would wake up without her in his arms, and realize that everything was a dream. That he was actually still lying in that cold hard bed in prison, fearing that Huo Xu made some move and he was not able to protect her in time.

Bei Yao grasped his fingers and rubbed her cheeks lightly, unable to say whether she was more happy or shy. A person missed her until he lost sleep—she thought these were the most plain and moving words of love she has heard in this life.

The sun gradually went down, and the sky was getting darker. Before, Bei Yao was watching Pei Chuan looking at the sports field.

She said, "Let's take a walk in the sports field."

Quite a few people were running on the playground.

Bei Yao said in a small voice, "I also miss you, since the first year of university till now. When I couldn't find you at first, I was a little bit angry. I thought that if I still can't find you tomorrow, then I will stop searching."

His Adam's apple moved.

Bei Yao continued. "But, day after day, I thought again, ‘Hold on for a bit more, what if the next day I could find you?’ You left me twice, so I must give you a beating. But when I saw you on Chinese New Year, all of the anger was gone, and only joy was left."

His hold on her hand tightened.

Bei Yao suddenly leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Why don't we go out of the house tonight ba, let's go and stay there!"

He followed her finger to where a few large letters were outlined with flashing neon lights.

Tai Cang Hotel.

He was silent for a moment.

Bei Yao was a little embarrassed, in fact, she was upset after she said it. Fortunately, it was dark, and the lights in the sports field were not bright, so she looked down at her toes.

The next moment, her back was pressed against the sports field’s fence.

The man's kiss fell.

The night was quiet, and some summer insects could be heard occasionally.

He propped his arms on her side, feeling that he had missed too much in the four years he was separated from her.

When he left, she was still the girl on the bus smiling and waving at him, seemingly ignorant.

A student from the Department of Computer Science passed by and quietly walked back after a long time. Her whole body was shocked!

Oh my god! She is not seeing things ba!

The early summer night was soft, and so was the light.

The supposedly cold Professor Pei! He had one hand against the fence and one hand clasping the back of the long-haired girl in his arms. He lowered his head to kiss her. The moon hid behind the clouds and the passing female student covered her face, she ran away quickly.

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