I Give Half of My Life to You

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Status: completed Alternate Titles: 我把一半生命分给你 Type: chinese Author: 城南花开 Artists: Angswench, Elyssa


Due to the words of the fortune teller, Lin Miao, a blessed girl who could live a hundred years, was sent to the sick Yangzi of Young Master Yu who would not live long.

The young master who has been tortured by illness since childhood has a gloomy personality, until that day, when the weather was favorable, a girl arrived.

"They said I could live a hundred years. I’ll give you half, okay?"


SportsSchool LifeRomanceSlice of LifeShoujo


Modern DayFirst LoveDevoted Love InterestsAge RegressionHard-working ProtagonistFemale ProtagonistBeautiful Female LeadChildhood LoveFamilial Love

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