I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 39: A Visit From Gege

Lin Miao still didn’t own a phone despite her teammates all having their own. However, the opportunities they had to use their phones were scarce, so Lin Miao never asked for one.

The Young Master also became used to receiving calls from various telephone numbers.

But it was also because of this that he couldn’t call Lin Miao, and could only wait for her calls.

He was struggling to fall asleep, possibly because of what Lin Ye said today.

His world and Lin Miao’s had essentially split into two.

In Lin Miao’s, there were her coach, teammates, roommate, and her family…

And in the Young Master’s world, there were his family members, Dahuang, Feifei, Jiajia, and his social circles at school.

He was clueless about what Lin Miao was practicing at school, didn’t know her preferences, what she disliked, and who she talked to everyday.

The Young Master rose from his bed, his phone was silent. Is she celebrating with her teammates right now, or is she practicing with them for tomorrow?

Athletes getting together weren't unheard of… There had been a pair some time ago, but the male was exposed to have been cheating...

The Young Master’s mind returned to Lin Ye and Gao Xing. They have already had two separate relationships.

The Young Master shook his head. No, no, his Lin Miao would never be with these people, he would be there to prevent it.

Compared to Lin Miao’s simple life in her professional badminton group, the Young Master was presented with significantly more information. He knew more, especially when grouped with fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds.

When most of the teenage boys around him saw a pretty girl, they would immediately start fervently chasing them without further thought.

The Young Master couldn’t imagine seeing Lin Miao with someone like them.

He would have to approve her boyfriend first.

If he could, he would rather Lin Miao not marry. He could afford to provide for her anyway. They could live a happy life doing whatever they wanted, it would be great.

For Lin Miao, the competition suddenly became much more serious the next day.

Tan Jing had been eliminated.

It wasn’t due to her play, it was because her opponent outplayed her. Her opponent was pressing on her for the entire game, causing her to burst into tears the moment she came down from the field.

Lin Miao hugged her, trying to provide some comfort.

“Shuishui, you must win against her! Make her cry back!” Tan Jing said.

Tan Jing had predicted right, the two faced each other in the finals.

The opponent was thin and tanned. She had a monolid and looked very energetic.

Lin Miao had studied her game against Tan Jing. Again, her smashes were great, just like her, what a coincidence.

Lin Ye and the others in the spectator’s seats also saw Tan Jing’s game. They thought that Lin Miao’s match against her opponent may be a tough one.

Lin Ye couldn’t resist asking the Young Master, “Do you think your sister can make this one?”

The Young Master didn’t respond, focusing on the playing field.

Soon, Lin Miao was scored on first.

All the spectators, including the coach, became nervous.

However, Lin Miao maintained her previous state, without a single trace of nervousness on her face.

The birdie flew back and forth. Everyone’s attention was concentrated on the court.

The game soon turned into a stalemate and continued that way even when sweat started rolling down their faces.

Lin Miao’s expression still remained the same, as if she wasn’t down by one point. Her playing since had been flawless.

The shuttlecock started flying faster. It was like the final stretch of an eight-hundred-meter race.

After a high shot from Lin Miao, which her opponent leapt backwards to catch, she returned the birdie just above the net. This time, it was too late for her opponent to respond.

Lin Miao continued on the game with a straight face.

Lin Ye turned more nervous the more he watched even though he understood nothing about the game. He pulled on Gao Xing, who sat beside him, “Yu Jingxuan’s sister is so…”

The Young Master’s sight was still concentrated on the calm girl receiving and returning shots.

He hated to admit it, but she had really grown up.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Lin Miao scoring another point.

The Young Master had already calmed down. He was confident that Lin Miao would win.

To his expectations, the match ended with Lin Miao coming out victorious.

She was exhausted and her hair was soaked with sweat. She was trying to dry it with a white towel.

Her teammates were saying something to her.

Lin Miao was truly drained of energy, not even being able to show as wide of a smile as usual during the ending ceremony.

Her coach had said that this national competition was crucial, but he had also announced that the tournament would be important everytime they had a competition. As a result, Lin Miao didn’t really consider it or take it seriously.

When she finally returned to her room, she lied on the bed and took the telephone in her room to call the Young Master.

She was so tired that she didn’t even want to move her fingers.

The Young Master’s pretty voice soon came from the phone, “You’re back at your room?”

“Mhm, I just came back.” Lin Miao responded, “Gege, I won.”

“Shuishui is very good.” Hearing her voice, the Young Master knew that she was sprawled across her bed.

The Young Master didn’t return home; after he exited the sports arena, he strolled around outside.

He wanted to visit Lin Miao, but he also felt that she needed to rest.

“What is Gege doing right now?” Lin Miao closed her eyes, feeling sleepy again.

Due to her tiredness, her mind was a bit blurred, so she added, “I miss Gege.”

The Young Master paused. He also missed her, but it has been a long time since she said that to him directly.

“I miss you too.” The Young Master paused again to think, “Did you regroup with your team yet?”

“No, my coach told me that I should get some time to rest first. I’m still in the hotel, I’ll be going back tomorrow. My body feels so sore, I don’t want to go back today, either.” Lin Miao’s volume decreased as she spoke.

She then heard sounds of wind whooshing from the other end of the phone.

She was a bit confused, “Gege?”

“Yeah, I’m here.” The Young Master responded, but Lin Miao could tell that he was breathing heavily.

Lin Miao was curious, “Gege, are you running?”

“Shuishui, are you with your roommate?” The Young Master asked.

“Yeah, she’s showering right now.”

“Tell her that Gege is coming and that you’re going to visit him.”

Lin Miao bolted upright, “Gege?”

The Young Master had stopped running, “I’m asking the driver to rent out a room for the night. I’ll see you then.”

The Young Master was underage, so it was impossible for him to rent out a room.

Lin Miao quickly got off her bed and put her shoes on. She confirmed with the Young Master, unable to believe what was happening, “Gege, are you visiting me?”

“Which room are you in?”


Lin Miao quickly told Tan Jing that she was going out. Tan Jing knew what this bro-con in front of her was doing, she was quite used to it.

When Lin Miao opened her door, she saw the Young Master, whom she hadn’t met in over two months.

Gege seemed to have gotten even taller!

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