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Chapter 53: About the Competition

Lin Miao didn’t know about what had happened to the Young Master last night.

She found her phone turned off when she woke up the next morning. I had probably forgotten to hang up the call last night, so the battery died.

Lin Miao plugged her phone in and headed to practice.

At noon, someone came calling for her, saying that her mother was here to visit her.

Lin Miao ran to the school gates and saw her mother and Little Ling on the other side of the gate.

Her mother gave her a pack of jerky meat.

Everyone at the sports school had to follow a strict diet, especially when eating outside. All the meat she ate at home came from the village, which her mother paid for. They were all hormone-free and organic.

She was allowed to eat the pack of jerky meat.

Lin Miao learned that Little Ling chose to study teaching early childhood education because regular high schools wouldn’t admit someone in her situation. Little Ling had only finished primary school in the village and hadn’t been to middle school. Her grades weren’t great, either. She had originally planned to study with Lin Miao as she had very good marks. Lin Miao had never been off of the podium for scores since primary school, so she wanted to tag along and enroll in a middle school. Unfortunately, Little Ling’s foundation wasn’t too good, so her hard work made little effect.

Lin Miao’s parents discussed it for many days and then thought of the different trades. It would still hold quite a promising future, so they asked Little Ling.

After some exploring, they found early childhood education. Little Ling was kind and patient, which would be great for a kindergarten teacher.

So they settled on that.

Lin Miao didn’t understand the system, but she was glad, “Then Little Ling would be a teacher in the future? Cool!”

Hearing that Lin Miao’s mother had come to visit, Tan Jing waited for the snacks on the other side.

However, Lin Miao still didn’t show up after a long time.

Tan Jing couldn’t hold back. She walked towards the school gates and saw another girl hugging her older brother Shui, weeping.

Tan Jing quietly stepped back, as silent as when she had approached the scene.

Did brother Shui get another younger sister?

Tan Jing: “…” It’s possible! Great, now the world’s unfair again. Brother Shui’s older brother has a great sister, so how many sisters would brother Shui get...

It’s okay. I’m with her year-round, and we share beds during winter. The other good sisters couldn’t compare.

When Lin Miao finally returned, she saw Tan Jing standing there, waiting for her.

“Sister Jing, let’s go back to the dorm!” Lin Miao pulled her.

Mhm, perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Yes, no one can take my position apart from brother Shui’s older brother.

Tan Jing didn’t know that, at this moment, Lin Miao’s older brother was distracted thinking about the next time Lin Miao would call him, and the dream from yesterday...

The amount of time they talked sharply declined after Lin Miao returned to her badminton team. Even though Lin Miao had a phone, he still had to wait for Lin Miao to call.

The Young Master thought about what Lin Miao said yesterday. Soon, she was going to compete abroad again.

It was the world championships. Lin Miao didn’t specifically say that, but the Young Master guessed it anyway.

Unlike other international competitions, the world championship attracted many people outside the badminton circle.

As the competition's youngest participant, Lin Miao grabbed quite a few people’s attention. With a simple search, one would learn that she had won every competition she had participated in. Many also found her interview in the French competition.

As a typical girl, Mu Qingqing would browse through many different forums in her spare time. She always thought that both her emotional and mental intelligence were high.

Mi Qingqing planned to enroll into a film school. She wanted to act and become a celebrity, so she was very involved on the forums already.

Upon logging in today, she saw many discussions about the world championship.

Mu Qingqing hadn’t seen any of Lin Miao’s videos before.

She found the Young Master’s supposed younger sister.

Mu Qingqing thought of Lin Miao’s appearance when she met her at the zoo. Her first instinct told her that Lin Miao was pulling the strings.

So she couldn’t help but post: “It’s so great having a good background. They’re able to join the world championship whenever they want.”

Other netizens couldn’t understand the context, so they couldn’t help but tease: “You think the world championship is your radish-pulling competition in your village? What background, who are you even trying to insult?”

“You impress me. The creator of the thread is probably some fan in the entertainment circle, losing their mind from chasing celebrities. Let me tell you something, the way of the entertainment circle doesn’t belong here in sports.”

“Apologies everyone. It must be the mentally disabled one in my house who ran out.”

Steam was shooting out of Mu Qingqing's ears. Everyone here was insulting her.

She switched to another account, replying to everyone, “I know who the creator of the thread is talking about. The post next door is boasting about some beautiful and talented little girl, so I’m laughing here. I don’t know how they managed to exaggerate someone like her.”

Scrolling through the thread, Mu Qingqing’s anger only grew. “I also saw so many people saying that she’s some gorgeous young genius. It’s obviously a water army. To outsiders, it looks like she is about to debut.”

More replies came.

“Oh, so you’re talking about Lin Miao. However, there’s one thing I’m very curious about. Out of all the athletes the neighbouring thread talks about, Lin Miao isn’t even close to the most eye-catching one. Is the 52nd commenter seeing things?”

“I bet one cucumber that the thread owner has split personalities. You can’t cover all this entertainment-circle-styled arguing.”

“If you think you’re so good, why don’t you compete yourself? I’ll stream myself eating shit if you win even a national championship.”

Mu Qingqing didn’t expect them to keep taunting her even after she pointed out that she was referring to Lin Miao.

She was boiling with anger, hate accumulating the more she thought about it. She had an urge to beat all of these laughing people up.

Mu Qingqing continued to reply, unable to control herself, “Which rich family would send their kids through all this hardship?”

“Hahahaha, the thread creater is actually stupid af, you said in your main post that she was using her background, and now you’re saying that she’s poor?”

“Sadly, no matter how jealous you are, she’s still a champion. I don’t understand how someone could insult athletes competing for our own country. Are you out of your mind?”

Mu Qingqing immediately responded, “I need to insult her? What a joke, do I really need to insult this poor girl who wears things bought from a streetside stand?”

The more she spoke, the more people became irritated at her remarks. The comments quickly piled up.

“Let’s let the thread creator prove themself. I want to see how much money you have.”

Mu Qingqing quickly snapped a picture of her mother’s closet and uploaded it with a comment: “Heh.”

Her mother had many name brand clothing and shoes. Her job required her to meet many people on a daily basis.

Everyone was shocked, and the comment section quieted down.

But then, someone broke the silence with their own pictures: “I’m sorry, but to me, you’re also a poor peasant. [Picture]”

It was a picture of a row of luxury cars, each with a piece of paper on their license plate. Each piece of paper had a word on it. Together, they spelt out, “I’m sorry, but I think I’m richer than you!”

There was even an exclamation mark on the lamborghini.

The thread suddenly blew up.

It took a turn in the opposite direction. “Is the 356 commentor a girl or boy, want to meet up somewhere?”

The roast turned the discussion upside down, pleasing everyone.

“Trans-female, not open.”

Everyone froze again.

The picture was soon made into a meme, spreading across the Internet.

So, many more flooded in to see the thread a billionaire appeared in.

Many were also curious about the billionaire’s identity. It was pretty cute, writing the sentence and sticking the paper on the license plate for a picture.

Even thoughts of the scene felt adorable.

Meanwhile, the Young Master was helping his mother to peel off the papers on the license plates. “Mom, what are you doing?”

“Fighting with another person. Mm, I’ve won already.” The Young Master’s mother happily said.

The Young Master who had been enlisted to help put up the papers: “…”

“I didn’t notice before, but I’m quite good at this.” The Young Master’s mother looked at the thread, enjoying her fruit of victory.

The Young Master: “…”

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