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Chapter 63: Accidentally Getting Famous

The next day, Lin Miao resumed practice with her team. Of course, this meant she’s back to competing in various tournaments.

It was habitual for Lin Miao. It was interesting to her, and she was pumped for it!

Tan Jing had been performing well in singles, but the team started training her in doubles.

Tan Jing held no objections, commenting to Lin Miao, “Women’s doubles are great. I won’t come across you in any tournaments from now on.”

Their skill levels were about even when they were young, but the gap only increased as they aged. Tan Jing still wanted a world championship of her own, and the best way for her to do that was to avoid brother Shui.

Even though Lin Miao was the most humble person on Earth, Tan Jing thought that she was truly undefeatable.

Lin Miao was the type in legends: someone who was gifted yet still tried harder than anyone else, but most importantly, she also had a good mindset.

Despite the change, their relationship remained unaffected.

During this time, the badminton team accepted an invitation to act in a PSA. The production team planned for it to be released around the New Year, and wanted two girls to take part in the video.

The team agreed for Lin Miao and Tan Jing to go without much hesitation. The two were pretty, and the coach thought that they brought pleasure simply through their existence. It was perfect for them to show up in a video going out around the New Year.

Lin Miao and Tan Jing didn’t know much about the PSA, but they listened and followed the instructions of their team and finished their tasks as demanded.

Tan Jing was ecstatic when they came back. “Brother Shui, we’re gonna be famous! We’re gonna be on TV!”

However, they hadn’t become famous yet when the Young Master suddenly did.

This was what happened:

The Young Master’s mother taught a film class, and one of her students wrote a movie script advocating for environmental conservation. She thought the plot was pretty good, so she invested some money to produce the film.

The main actor was easy to find: they found someone in the class.

However, one of the side characters caused a headache. Even though the character didn’t have many scenes and only made two appearances, he added a special touch, and would easily ruin the film if the wrong person was chosen.

There were many handsome actors in the entertainment circle, and a handful with pure aesthetics.

But, it was extremely difficult to find the type that had the air of unconscious handsomeness around them that the plot called for.

In the Young Master’s mother’s words, they were all handsome, and they all knew it. After all, these actors were praised from their childhood. Beauty and handsomeness were scarce resources, after all.

To be honest, they were even more rare than gorgeous actresses.

So, it caused the male actors to not only be aware, but also carry around the look of “Look at me! Isn’t my face handsome, my nose, my entire body? Aren't you attracted to me?”

The Young Master’s mother was still pondering this problem when she saw the Young Master, who had just arrived home.

Her eyes lit up. Isn’t this unconscious handsomeness? He’s also surrounded by an air of elegance! As much as you want!

“Nah, I’m not interested in acting.” The Young Master said after listening to his mother’s recommendations.

He didn’t have any good memories of the entertainment circle.

“I’m not making you an actor, just take this as helping your mother.” The Young Master’s mother knew that he didn’t have any liking for this. “Just act normally, the film’s plot is truly amazing, and it has a profound and memorable message. These things are so hard to come by in film entertainment these days. Plus, your role doesn’t even have many scenes.”

The Young Master skimmed through the plot, and then actually agreed. He didn’t mind after confirming that there weren’t many scenes, only appearing in a few shots in another character’s recollections. He thought that there shouldn’t be any problems.

However, it came very unexpectedly that the Young Master had become internet-famous after the release of the movie.

There were many good-looking people in this world, but very few of them were able to move peoples’ hearts upon first glance.

He had a small circle of fans prior with his handsomeness and as the son of the winner of three separate film awards. However, it was only small-scaled.

The general public didn’t know of him, but that has changed now.

He had a total of 60 seconds of screen time, but every single moment of it had been made into GIFs, with 100 thousand shares.

The blog poster then announced that he was only 15 and asked them to be more appropriate. There would be more opportunities to come in the future, and everyone should remember to go to the theaters and support the movie. Even though he only appeared for a minute, that minute would still feel different on a big screen.

Many supported the poster, saying that there would be piles of resources to bless their eyes as he was the son of the film queen, and they just need to find their Weibo.

It was his first time acting in a movie, but many began thinking about his potential future works based on his family background.

The power of netizens could not be underestimated. They brute-forced through the Young Master’s mother’s Weibo, trying to find the Young Master’s account. They thought that he would definitely have one as a teenager, and that his mother would definitely follow him.

You don’t say, they actually found two outstanding accounts in her list of 300+ followings.

She followed the two accounts at the same time. Neither of the accounts had links to their Wechat, they weren’t membership accounts, and they didn’t have any posts. They looked like two dead accounts, but they had also followed the Young Master’s mother back.

One was named Mumushuishuishui, and the other was named Yuyuyuyuyu.

Scrolling through their profiles, netizens saw that the two accounts had the same birthdays: February 29th.

Isn’t February 29th Yu Jingxuan’s birthday? Whatever, time to follow both accounts.

The Young Master’s mother was also surprised by everyone’s reactions even though she also thought her son was very handsome.

She quickly posted on her Weibo, saying that he was not planning to enter the entertainment circle. She also explained that his role in the recent film was only a favor for her.

The comment section under her post was essentially a sea of groaning. However, many netizens went further and found her posts from years and years ago.

The Young Master was like an exquisite little prince then.

Blowing the roof off of the discussion room again.

Lin Miao knew of this much later on. It was only when she returned from a tournament abroad that she saw the news.

There were now many people at the airport waiting for her with flowers whenever she returned from a competition.

Then, she also noticed that there was another crowd holding signs with her older brother’s name on it.

She would always carefully keep the flowers she received in her dorm room, preserving them with some water at the stems. This time was no different, as she wasn’t allowed to take anything else.

After asking the crowd, she finally knew that the Young Master acted in a movie and became super popular online!

Back in her dorm room, she picked up her phone for the first time in several days and opened her Weibo. Her ears were flooded with a wave of notification sounds, and the message count icon had reached the display cap of 999.

Scrolling through her account more, she found the GIF of the Young Master.

Gege is so pretty!!!

Lin Miao hurriedly saved it. It was too pretty!

Many pictures like this have already circulated across the web.

The Young Master was being treated as an internet superstar, whether he liked it or not.

So people naturally took pictures of him when he went to watch Lin Miao’s tournaments.

Even though it was the same face, no one sneaked shots of him in any of the previous tournaments he watched. Rather, it still happened, but never stirred up so much reaction.

She was very busy in the times preceding tournaments, and her coach set stricter rules, so Lin Miao had no opportunities to meet with the Young Master.

As a result, Lin Miao was not to be found in any of the pictures.

No one linked the two people together, either. After all, due to their impressions, the two felt like they belonged in different dimensions.

Tan Jing also saw the elegant and handsome Young Master online.

Tan Jing: “…” Holy shit, that siscon looks this nice when he’s chill?

She saw the Young Master the most out of everyone in the team apart from Lin Miao. However, she had to say that him bringing brother Shui water and clothes, and helping her wipe her sweat made him look too ordinary, so ordinary that it made her forget how handsome he was!

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