I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 23: Adoption

The two groups’ reactions were completely different. All of the adults cried with relief and joy. The Young Master’s parents even picked up the Young Master for an emotional embrace...

The Young Master was happy, but he wasn’t crying from joy like the adults. Overall, he was still pretty happy despite this turbulent series of events.

The grandma patted Lin Miao’s head, tears still in her eyes. “It must have been rough for Shuishui.”

Lin Miao felt that her past few days were fine, but she was speechless due to the emotional adults, so she hugged Grandma.

The adults were ready to bring them back.

But Lin Miao and the Young Master were still thinking about the dogs.

It was raining outside and Dahuang delivered two puppies earlier today, so they thought it was best for them to wrap her along with her puppies with clothing and carry them out of the cave.

But Dahuang was very hostile towards the others. It didn’t let anyone approach them, not to mention lifting them off of the ground.

While the two adults were still sobbing emotionally, the Young Master and Lin Miao borrowed a coat from the bodyguards and wrapped Dahuang and the puppies with it.

“Dahuang, please behave yourself,” Lin Miao murmured to it, “You can have something good to eat once we get home.”

Lin Miao was also hungry. She mostly ate sweet potatoes, and only sweet potatoes, for the past few days, so she irresistibly swallowed upon saying “something good to eat”.

Turning her head around, she saw the Young Master wrapping the remaining sweet potatoes up.

They were the fruit of their hard labour. It would be too wasteful for them to leave it behind.

After this, the group finally embarked on the journey back home.

Under the demand of many people, Lin Miao and the Young Master were both piggybacked down the mountain by the bodyguards. One of them also carried Dahuang and the two puppies.

The group marched down the mountain and out of the mountain ranges. They weren’t spending a night in the village.

On the journey back, the Young Master started to recount the past few days.

Starting with how they were kidnapped, then how Lin Miao dug a hole to get grass, how she managed to befriend Dahuang, how they dug up sweet potatoes, and how they collected the water in the cave. The Young Master left no detail behind.

The grandma realized the amulets were the singular items that led her to find them and it was the dog whom Lin Miao converted that led them to the cave. The Master was right, Lin Miao was the lucky charm, she thought.

The Young Master’s parents couldn’t help but feel the same way. The outcomes would have been unimaginable if Lin Miao never showed up and the Young Master was taken away by himself.

Lin Miao was unaware of her brother complimenting and giving her credit because she had fallen asleep leaning on the bodyguard carrying her.

The Young Master also fell asleep in the latter half of the journey. They weren’t able to eat very well for the past few days, so they were pretty tired.

A while later, they finally reached the road. There was a long line of cars each with their doors open. The bodyguards carefully placed Lin Miao and the Young Master in one of them.

The Young Master was woken up by this. Instinctively, he looked beside him to see if Lin Miao was there. He had developed this habit from their days of hiding in the cave.

Lin Miao also momentarily opened her eyes and saw her brother. She reached out to check his temperature: it was normal. Then, she fell asleep, well-assured, on the Young Master.

The Young Master’s heart was once again warmed by this instinctive action. He took a military green coat from one of the bodyguards and spread it out over them.

The adults still had much to say but looking at the two kids, they decided to save it for later.

The mother stared at them, and then uncontrollably started crying again against the father.

The sky was still a bit dusky when Lin Miao woke up again. It seemed like she had a biological alarm within herself that would ring at this time every day.

They were still in the car. Lin Miao yawned and then saw bread and milk in front of her.

The mother handed the breakfast to them, her eyes still red.

The children were still asleep when they passed the last town. Only a breakfast restaurant was open, so they bought some bread and milk.

Lin Miao always felt timid towards the Young Master’s parents, but she was starving so she took the food after thanking the mother.

She also broke a piece of the bread off and fed it to the dogs placed inside a box.

Dahuang was placed in a big cardboard box on top of a coat.

The dog wasn’t picky and immediately started eating the bread.

The Young Master also woke up around this time. The mother also took out some bread and milk for him. The two dirt monkeys sat together, eating breakfast.

“Little Yu, we’re going to give you guys a health check-up before we go home.” The grandma said.

They were worried about this more than anything.

“I feel fine. I climbed up the cliff with Lin Miao, ran around, and even went to dig sweet potatoes. I don’t feel uncomfortable anywhere.”

Lin Miao’s face turned red, a bit anxious about the adults lecturing her. After all, the doctor would scold them every time the Young Master caught the wind.

The Young Master wasn’t worried about this, instead, he asked an important question, “What disease do I have anyway?”

“Your health wasn’t good ever since you were born…” The mother responded.

“No, I’m asking what particular disease I have? Things like heart disease or cancer.” The Young Master continued.

The grandma reacted quickly. “Little Yu, are you suggesting that your health is perfectly fine?”

“Well, I should be fine if you can’t list any particular diseases.” The Young Master had been sick in his bed for most of his childhood, so he never wondered about such a thing before.

He always thought that everyone kept this away from him because it would be too severe to tell. It was as if everyone thought he could pass away anytime.

The three adults paused.

“You kept on catching colds when you were two years old so we had a family doctor diagnose and treat you. Then, you started passing out frequently. You said that your head hurt all the time and that you felt ill, but we weren’t able to find any problems, so Doctor Shen stayed to take care of you…” The father recalled.

Saying this, he realized that he would’ve failed his son and be permanently indebted to him if he was healthy all along...

The Young Master didn’t know what to say, so he quietly drank his milk with Lin Miao.

The father called the police, they needed to find the truth regardless of the outcome.

“Let’s get someone to look at Dahuang right when we get back. She's got a wound on her neck and she just gave birth to two puppies.” The Young Master said, drinking his milk.

The two kids showered when they arrived back home.

Their meals were prepared for them when they finished.

Dahuang’s wound has also been treated, and she was fed a plate of meat. A doghouse was also prepared for her. Inside were the two newborn puppies.

The elegant living room had suddenly turned rustic.

Meanwhile, the police arrested the doctor. Initially, he denied any connections to the abduction but was soon proved guilty after the police found thirty million at his place.

It was all stuffed in a giant sac, which was the only reason they demanded the money to be paid off at the garbage dump; they needed a very big sac to hold all the money.

Tracing up the vine, the police found the other thirty million with the old housekeeper. They were the masterminds of this scheme.

The housekeeper took the money while disguising himself as a driver of a garbage truck.

He arrived earlier than those netizens who came because of the rumors so for a while, no one knew who took the money.

Over the years, the doctor had made a lot of money by being the Young Master’s personal doctor.

But the wealthier he grew, the more wealth he wanted, so he came up with this plan.

With a great understanding of the Young Master’s family, the plan went perfectly. From the kidnappers they hired beforehand, to the enthusiastic fans that distracted everyone and misleading the police. Everything went smoothly and without trouble.

They originally planned to blame the kidnappers once the Young Master dies and flee to live quietly elsewhere.

Little could they imagine the two problems they faced.

The first was that they accidentally got the housekeeper to be fired in an attempt to remove Lin Miao because they thought she had overhead their plan.

The second was that the Young Master returned alive.

The Young Master finally understood why the housekeeper wanted to kick Lin Miao out with chickenpox as the reason.

It was because they thought Lin Miao heard them planning the kidnapping.

The Young Master didn’t think that Lin Miao actually heard anything when the father recounted the story to them. Instead, he asked, “Did they say that Lin Miao was listening outside their window?”

The Young Master suddenly remembered them sneaking outside in the night to retrieve a book she dropped earlier that day. They faintly heard voices from the window, but neither of them were able to make out anything.

He was behind Lin Miao, but he wore her coat.

The Young Master told this to the adults. Shuishui was so kind, she shouldn’t take this blame.

They were finally able to piece together the entirety of this event. The Young Master just thought that the Master, despite being a scammer, still coincidentally did a good deed.

Lin Miao didn’t think much. She still wanted to feed Feifei and Jiajia with her brother.

Dahuang wasn’t able to provide enough milk for the two puppies who had monstrous stomachs. However, she didn’t let anyone else approach them.

So, Lin Miao and the Young Master each fed milk to them through bottles.

At the same time, the Young Master’s parents were preparing to formally adopt Lin Miao.

Lin Miao wasn’t born at their mansion, and their estate wasn’t fit for the code of adoption, so they delayed it until now due to the complexity of it all.

The three adults were liking this timid girl more and more everyday, so they wanted to change her identity, which would also be her reward for saving the Young Master.

However, they would have to alter her existing identity first. She still had parents, so it would be impossible to adopt her regularly as they also already have a child.

But they could bypass this restriction if they were adopting an orphan.

The importance of legally adopting Lin Miao was that she would also be named an heir.

From their perspective, it was the best reward: the fortune of the Yu family, the title of the daughter of a superstar, and also being a rightful heir.

Lin Miao froze when she heard this, “Huh?”

She didn’t quite understand this. She thought of the tradition of godmothers in her village. All of the children who had ailing parents would get godmothers and carve a bow and arrow into a rock face.

So Lin Miao asked, “Is it like having a godmother?”

The mother patted her head, “No, it means that I’ll be your mother from now on. I’ll take you out to play, buy you pretty clothes, drive you to school, and buy dowry for you when you grow up…”

The author has something to say:

Grandma: Let’s make Shuishui one of our family and our little princess girl, okay?

The innocent Young Master: Yes!

The future mature Young Master: I almost unknowingly got set up by my grandmother again.

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