I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 66: Also didn’t know

Tan Jing was truly the one who interacted with Lin Miao the most. She knew her from inside out.

Lin Miao really didn’t know what happened on the internet.

Not even the Young Master’s mother, with her slight internet addiction, was aware of this.

They were too busy celebrating birthdays, letting it slip under their radar.

The Young Master’s mother joked to her son, “You’re sixteen, you can start dating now. You’ll be eighteen in two years, and you won’t have the opportunity to do it in such a golden age anymore.”

The Young Master: “...”

“Oh right, you’re pretty close to Shuishui, does she have anyone she likes in her team?” The Young Master’s mother continued, “You guys have the same birthdate, and she’s gonna have someone before you do.”

The Young Master opened his mouth, letting out a word, “No.”

“Hm? Do you have a crush on someone? Is she from your school? If so, she’d definitely be older than you.” She then assured, “Don’t worry, I won’t be like a mean granny.”

The Young Master couldn’t get angry at his mom.

He celebrated his entire birthday at home because he didn’t like crowds.

After a bit of indecisiveness in the evening, he finally sent a message to Lin Miao.

It took her a while to respond back.

“Gege, I’m a bit busy, I’ll talk to you as soon as I can.”

“Okay, I’ll wait. Feel free to call me if you need my help.” The Young Master quickly replied.

Lin Miao wasn’t lying. She was in a sticky situation.

Her younger brother was caught to have started dating already. He was only thirteen, in grade eight!

The girl’s parents came to her house in demand for an explanation.

The cause was that the girl’s parents found her diary. It was filled with love letters, and some entries mentioned things between him and her.

Lin Miao looked at that girl. She wore her black hair down, keeping her head low the entire time, but Lin Miao still noticed that her face was beaten black and blue.

According to the girl’s parents, the girl was at the top of her class, but starting this semester, her grades dropped sharply. Her parents thought it was because of her romantic relationship, because of Lin Miao’s younger brother Lin Sen.

While they told the story, the middle-aged woman jabbed her fingers at the girl’s temple, “You slut!”

Lin Miao’s mother hurriedly stopped her from saying something even worse. There were two children present.

“Zhou Yangyang’s parents, let’s talk this out. Don’t beat your child.”

The girl was still looking down, afraid to lift her head up. Lin Miao could see large drops of tears though her hair.

Zhou Yangyang’s mother looked at Lin Miao’s mother, and then at Lin Sen, continuing, “My daughter could’ve gotten into a good high school, and now your son has thrown all of that out the window, what do you think you can do?”

It was also a headache for Lin Miao’s mother. She didn’t expect her son to have a relationship so early, but neither of them denied it, so she had to accept the truth.

“Then, how about I buy her some practice books?” Lin Miao’s mother offered.

“They’re breaking up first, and he’s switching classes. Your son’s not allowed to see my daughter again!”

Lin Miao’s mother: “…” You’d have to talk with the teacher about the switching classes part.

“I can skip up a grade.” Lin Sen suddenly spoke, having remained silent for the entire conversation earlier.

Lin Miao’s mother’s brows furrowed, “Skipping? Are you sure you can keep up with a higher grade?”

“Break up first! Then talk about skipping grades! They’re not allowed to meet each other again.” The girl’s mother continued to preach.

Lin Sen looked at the girl, who still had her head down, and then spoke, “Mhm, we’re breaking up.”

Lin Miao: “…” Her younger brother really started dating this early?

“You don’t have to bring this over to school.” Lin Sen continued, “I’ll talk to my teacher about skipping grades once I get back to school.”

Once the furious middle-aged woman left with her family, Lin Miao’s mother told Lin Sen to stand still by the side, a bit mad.

After his surgery, Lin Sen basically became a new person.

After some reflection, she realized that it might’ve been due to her showing so much emotion in front of him. She regretted this, and regretted telling him that his sister had to be sent to another family due to his surgery.

She had been trying her best to heal from the wounds the event inflicted on her family after they all reunited.

Her two children seemed to have switched personalities.

It was Lin Miao, the daughter, who came out big-hearted, always passionate and pure, and the son instead became sensitive.

It could’ve also been because Lin Miao grew up around her while Lin Sen spent a few years away.

Premature romance was a pretty serious topic.

“Tell mommy why you’re dating.”

What was going to be a pleasant birthday turned into hearing a middle aged woman tossing insults around and hitting her daughter.

To Lin Miao’s mother, it was understandable to her for Zhou Yangyang to engage in such things. The girl clearly wasn’t cared for at home, so she would naturally look for it elsewhere.

“We’re not dating,” Lin Sen said calmly, “I just felt that if I said that I’ve never even talked to her, her parents were gonna keep beating her.”

He did know the girl, but mainly because her mother often came to his school, accusing her deskmates of disturbing her learning. No matter what her specific words were, it always pissed off their teacher.

Lin Miao’s mother saw that he didn’t look like he was lying. Recalling that the girl never even looked at Lin Sen, she thought it was likely the truth, and let the event go.

When the Young Master asked Lin Miao what happened, she answered pretty vaguely, since it was the girl’s business. If it happened to her, she wouldn’t want other people to spread the word, either…

However, curiosity grew in her head. Are there any girls who like Gege in his school? Anyone who wrote him love letters?

Lin Miao herself had received some letters, mainly about stuff like wanting to play badminton with her for their whole lives, or marrying her after they retire from professional sports.

She secretly ripped all of them. There were strict rules against dating in her team. Also, she felt that they just wanted someone to practice badminton with. On the other hand, there probably weren’t any rules against dating in the Young Master’s school.

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