I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 54: Drama Queen

The Young Master’s mother felt as if she had stepped into a whole new world, exclaiming, “Back then, I was too busy filming all over the place, or else I would’ve destroyed all my haters to the point of them questioning their lives.”

The Young Master: “…” Whatever, she’s my mother, not someone who was given to me to play tic tac toe.

The Young Master’s mother thought of another thing, “Oh also, I’m going to see Shuishui’s competition as well.”

“No mom, she’d get nervous if there were adults she knew watching her,” the Young Master responded immediately.

Furthermore, even though the Young Master’s mother retired from the entertainment circle, she was still quite popular. She would top the headlines if she went to watch.

The Young Master’s mother let out an “oh” before eating some yogurt. Then, she raised her head back up, “True, it would be easier for her to get nervous if there were familiar adults watching. I was nervous of your grandparents watching me film, it made me act a lot more awkwardly.”

The Young Master replied, “Yeah, it’s about that feeling. I’ll send you some pictures.”

However, when the Young Master boarded his plane, he saw a girl walking towards him. She was wearing flats, a pair of jeans, a camo t-shirt, and black-framed glasses. She put her hair in a ponytail and left bangs above her forehead.

The Young Master: “Mom…”

The Young Master’s mother looked around, “Classmate, are you talking to me?”

The Young Master was speechless. No one recognized this extremely popular superstar.

“How’s this? Don’t I look so much younger? I scared your dad so much when I came out of the house today.”

“Classmate, you are?” The Young Master said emotionlessly.

The Young Master’s mother: “…”

She then quickly responded, “Classmate, you’re going to watch the world championships, right? I’m going there too, what a coincidence.”

“Coincidence indeed.”

Just like this, the two actors began to chat.

Then, they heard a surprised voice, “Yu Jingxuan!”

Raising his head up, he saw Mu Qingqing.

Mu Qingqing walked towards him. Lin Ye had said that the Young Master watched every one of Lin Miao’s competitions in person, and he was sure to attend this important event. So, she asked her mother to find the Young Master’s flight, and with the help of the people her mother contacted, Mu Qingqing received the details.

So they “coincidentally” met each other.

The Young Master looked at this girl. She wore a Louis Vuitton skirt and carried a Chanel purse.

Why does the purse look so familiar?

However, it was just a purse, so no conclusions could be made.

Mu Qingqing poured massive effort dressing herself up for this trip. She also borrowed one of her mother’s purses to elevate her appearance.

The Young Master didn’t want to talk to her, and Mu Qingqing didn’t want to interact with the girl beside the Young Master, either.

The Young Master’s mother, however, greeted her shyly, “Hello, my name’s Zhang Dongmei, nice to meet you.”

Mu Qingqing nooded, scanning the Young Master’s mother with a straight face. “My name’s Mu Qingqing.”

“I know him, can we switch seats? We’re going to watch the world championships together.” Mu Qingqing said, a thought popping up in her head.

Of course, the Young Master’ mother didn’t think the girl was familiar with the Young Master.

So, she smiled and said feebly, “Nope, I’m also going to see the world championships, what a coincidence. Oh, also, who’s your favourite athlete?”

The Young Master sat aside, silently watching his mother immersing herself in character. It seemed like she didn’t feel awkward acting in front of her son.

“Lin Miao. You know her? She’s a really good badminton player. I’ve watched every one of her matches. She’s really really good.” Mu Qingqing said, trying to be as convincing as possible.

Obviously, she wouldn’t say anyone else’s name in front of the Young Master.

The Young Master’s mother responded smilingly, “Oh really, that’s so interesting, I love her too. However, I didn’t watch that many of her matches. I only got to know her from this really funny post online, have you seen it? The thread creator thought that she was super rich, so she started picking on everyone, but then this landlord lady came in and slapped her face. I followed the thread from start to finish, it’s actually hilarious.”

Mu Qingqing’s face turned a bit green, covering her purse as subtly as possible.

Okay, now she could confirm.

The youthful female classmate with her distinctively cut bangs and black-framed glasses smiled even more cutely.

“If you really like brother Shui, then I one hundred percent suggest you check out that thread. It’s so funny that I still can’t stop laughing at it now.”

“Brother Shui?”

“Yeah. Wait, didn’t you see all of brother Shui’s competitions? That’s her nickname in her team. Isn’t that so adorable?” The Young Master’s mother adjusted her glasses, “Tan Jing first called her that, you know her? She’s brother Shui’s teammate. People say that they’ve been sharing dorm rooms since they enrolled in their sports school. One tournament, Tan Jing lost really badly, so brother Shui hugged her and wiped her tears, and then she destroyed the player who beat Tan Jing in the next round.”

Mu Qingqing felt even more embarrassed. She had never watched Tan Jing’s competitions, and much less did she know Tan Jing. She couldn’t continue the conversation, no matter how good her acting was.

However, she couldn’t take back her words, so she continued on, “Adorable indeed.”

The Young Master: “…” At this moment, he finally believed that his mother was someone who received three Film Queen awards, a real acting queen.

Mu Qingqing had seen the Young Master’s mother when she was little. She starred in so many TV shows, so her face was known in most households.

However, Mu Qingqing really took her as a regular highschooler.

The Young Master’s mother had enough fun. Satisfied, she fell asleep on the Young Master’s shoulders.

The Young Master: “...” Whatever, it’s my mom, let her be.

When she woke up, she was met with Mu Qingqing's gaze, staring at them.

The Young Master’s mother realized another thing, making this encounter even more entertaining.

She whispered to the Young Master, “Little Yu, that girl likes you.”

“Mom, have some rest, it’s enough. I still want to watch the tournament.”

The Young Master’s mother looked back at Mu Qingqing. Sigh, it’s time to stop.

Lin Miao didn’t know that her older brother and aunt Yu were both going to spectate her.

She hadn’t used her phone in a while. Her coach said that the world championships were crucial and might affect her chances of participating in the Olympics next year.

Lin Miao felt pretty good. She still followed her two rules of staying calm and minimizing her mistakes.

Arriving at the airport, everyone was bused to the hotel. The accommodations were significantly better than those at the previous international competitions.

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