I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 102: Epilogue - About Pregnancy

Unlike Yu Jingxuan, Lin Miao only enrolled in a university out of interest. Perhaps it was due to how everyone back in her village thought that it was a symbol of success.

Attending university fulfilled her dream.

She decided to major in history, as she had reviewed history the most when she was preparing for the college entrance exams, and she even began to enjoy it.

Lin Miao always tried to use her effort and dedication to compensate for Yu Jingxuan’s genius. Her scores weren’t very outstanding in her university class, but she was quite satisfied.

After all, now, sitting in these open and brightly-lit classrooms again, she could finally understand the professor’s lecture.

For her sports fans, this was comparable to retirement.

Lin Miao didn’t care much for that. While she was studying in her first year of university, Yu Jingxuan had already started to work.

After she graduated, Yu Jingxuan proposed. Lin Miao accepted without hesitation. She had thought that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together, so there really wasn’t much to think about.

After their wedding, their relationship stayed mostly the same. The only difference was that they went to that ski resort again.

Lin Miao still didn’t dare to ski. Even though her knee had healed, it would have a significant impact on her health if she got injured again.

However, Yu Jingxuan knew how to ski.

Lin Miao grew quite fond of skiing from watching other people, so Yu Jingxuan went skiing as well. Meanwhile, Lin Miao noticed that there was a zone designated for kids.

Lin Miao decided to give that a try, as it wouldn’t be as severe if she fell.

Even though Lin Miao had already retired from badminton for many years, people still remembered her.

A girl beside her was one of them. Lin Miao was quite surprised, as she only looked to be around seven or eight years old. She might’ve not even been born when she began competing.

“I watched many of your games. I’m also an athlete, and I’m also going to win gold.” The girl’s voice was crisp, then she taught Lin Miao how to ski.

She only reluctantly said goodbye to the little girl when Yu Jingxuan finished skiing.

That night, Lin Miao shared that it would be nice for them to have a child.

When they’d married each other, their parents both thought they could have a kid, as they were already twenty-six when they married, the golden time to deliver a baby.

However, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan both didn’t want to, especially Yu Jingxuan. Probably as a result of his childhood, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to see their child much due to work.

So, the two had an agreement on this. Their parents were only commenting. Ultimately, it was their choice.

Yu Jingxuan paused when Lin Miao brought this up, but still considered it.

Lin Miao only thought of this because of her interaction with the little girl at the ski slope. It wasn’t that she wanted to have a baby right now. She just realized that she was an adult.

They already began living with each other when Lin Miao was in university. After she graduated, they naturally kept living together.

The two barely blushed at each other. They always shopped together, cooked together, worked together, went home together, and went out together during breaks. Their mindsets were so perfectly matched that there seemed to be nothing that would cause a dispute amongst them.

However, recently, Lin Miao suddenly felt irritated. It seemed to have come out of nowhere.

She even felt this way upon seeing Yu Jingxuan, unlike the joyful emotions she would experience when she saw him before.

Yu Jingxuan was naturally able to notice this. Patting her head, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know… I just don’t feel happy all of a sudden… My heart feels stuffed.” Lin Miao described her feelings.

Yu Jingxuan’s first reaction was to bring Lin Miao to the hospital for a checkup. It would tell them what was wrong.

When the results were back, Yu Jingxuan was coincidentally in a phone call, so Lin Miao read the results herself.

She was pregnant.

Lin Miao swallowed, unable to believe this. To be exact, it felt dreamlike, as if the train she was on suddenly derailed and headed in another direction. There was an unspoken feeling of fear.

Being pregnant meant watching her stomach enlarge day by day, until she would have difficulty walking, and then delivering the baby under all the heart-wrenching pain…

But… But… She wasn’t prepared yet. She didn’t even know how to hug infants, what would she do?

When Yu Jingxuan finished with the call and saw her frozen in her place, he jumped, rushing to see the results. He felt much more relieved when he saw the paper. Luckily, she wasn’t sick.

Then came the realization that he and Lin Miao had a child now!

There was an indescribable feeling of excitement.

Lin Miao looked at Yu Jingxuan, saying with difficulty, “We have a kid now…”

Yu Jingxuan nodded, hugging her, “Yeah, I know.”

On the way back, Lin Miao was still unable to focus. She was still scared. What if she didn’t know how to raise a kid? How would she teach her child things? What if the child turned out to be disobedient?

Yu Jingxuan could feel the panic of the person beside him. Kissing her forehead, he asked lightly, “Do you not like it?”

“No… I just… I just don’t know what to do. I’m afraid I won’t be able to raise our kid well.” Lin Miao responded.

“It’s okay. We can look into this together. Don’t be scared, I’m always here. I heard that the best family environment is where the father loves the mother. We already have that.” Yu Jingxuan put an arm around her back, trying to soothe her.

Lin Miao froze, “Oh yeah, you’ll be called father, and I’ll be called mother…”

Thinking of these two words, she felt a lot less panicked.

And even a lot more assured.

Yu Jingxuan kissed her forehead again. Yes, she’s a mother now.

When they came back, Yu Jingxuan temporarily held the news of this away from their parents.

He was worried that their sudden appearance would make Lin Miao more stressed.

She needed some time to take this in. So, Yu Jingxuan did some research on his own and hired a nutritionist to condition their lifestyles.

Lin Miao’s worries soon faded away. She didn’t even feel like she was pregnant.

Yu Jingxuan was a lot more worried than her, but he also needed to appear calmer, so as to not pressure her. So, their lives remained mostly the same.

Until Lin Miao started to experience morning sickness. She then realized that she was really pregnant.

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