I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 98: Fight Poison With Poison

Lin Miao quietly finished her yoghurt, and then also drank the bottle she originally bought for Yu Jingxuan.

But even after finishing both bottles, she couldn’t calm herself. It felt as if… Yu Jingxuan was still kissing her.

In the afternoon, Lin Miao was on the big balcony, studying history and politics under the breeze.

However, she could still only think of the kiss at noon. Yu Jingxuan’s face before her, the sensation on her lips, she couldn’t forget any of it.

It was affecting her too much. Lin Miao rubbed her temples. She seemed to be forgetting what she had just read.

No wonder all schools disapproved of premature relationships. They were all so detrimental. Even though their relationship didn’t count as premature, and they had been together for three years, if you add all their interactions with each other up, it likely wouldn’t even amount to a month.

Because of that, she was panicking.

She was reading on the balcony, but she couldn’t focus anymore. It felt as if she had a cat in her heart, always scratching something.

Then, she looked at Yu Jingxuan, and found him concentrating on his laptop, seemingly not distracted at all.

Lin Miao was envious. She also wanted to be able to focus, but it was so hard.

However, in reality, Lin Miao didn’t know all the thundering waves Yu Jingxuan hid under his calm appearance.

Lin Miao’s brows were furrowed when they left. Her unsettled heart became worried that her thoughts would interfere with studying and her exams.

Leading Lin Miao up to the car by her hand, Yu Jingxuan noticed her distracted composure, so he asked seriously, “Did you not like it when I kissed you this afternoon?”

Hearing the words “kissed you”, the feelings she struggled to suppress immediately came back to her.

Lin Miao was an athlete, she preferred to concentrate on one thing at a time. The success she enjoyed over these years was good evidence that her mindset was correct.

Lin Miao quickly clarified, “It’s not that I didn’t like it.”

Of course she didn’t dislike him… kissing. She wasn’t stupid, she could distinguish excitement from other emotions.

It was just that it affected her studies too much.

Lin Miao looked at Yu Jingxuan, who was becoming ever so dazzling. It’s all because he’s so pretty! Or else it wouldn’t have this much of an effect.

Lin Miao couldn’t help imitating what Yu Jingxuan did during the day. She closed in on him, connecting with his lips.

Her heart was fluttering again, as if it was going to jump out of her throat. Her entire body felt hot.

But, Lin Miao felt… that it was a bit better than this afternoon.

So, she pulled herself back and repeated. It seemed like she was getting used to it, so the more she did it, the less impact it would have on her heart.

Yu Jingxuan froze, and when Lin Miao pulled back again, he held the back of her head. She couldn’t kiss like a dragonfly skimming the water anymore.

After a deep, long kiss.

Lin Miao felt tired, lying on Yu Jingxuan’s shoulders, thinking that it… worked.

At least her mind wasn’t as messy as before.

Probably because they had overdone it already.

Yu Jingxuan ended with a gentle kiss on her forehead. He couldn’t keep the sentence in his mind anymore. He spoke with a big smile on his face. “Shuishui, the moon tonight looks so beautiful.”

Lin Miao looked outside the car window. It was pitch black. Where’s the moon?

Yu Jingxuan lightly pecked her lips, “I love you.”

Lin Miao was dumbfounded again, stuttering, “I love you too.”

But then she thought it wasn’t sincere enough, so she kissed his lips, “I love you too.”

Returning home, Lin Miao’s entire mental state changed. Lin Miao’s mother was making her midnight snack, feeling relieved.

Romance was pretty useful. At least, her daughter was enjoying it.

Lin Miao ate the siu yeh and lay down on her bed. She was beginning to miss Yu Jingxuan already.

She took out her phone and saw a message from Yu Jingxuan: “Are you asleep yet?”

“No, I just had some small tangyuan.” Lin Miao responded.

The two began to chat dryly, but Lin Miao felt like there was something moving between their hearts.

On the other side, Yu Jingxuan looked at Lin Miao on his phone screen, recalling how she voluntarily kissed him today and struggled to fall asleep.

His throat and mouth felt dry.

But when he went outside for a cup of water and came back to his room, he still struggled to sleep.

It seemed like he wasn’t passing puberty yet.

Yu Jingxuan thought, looking somewhere.

The next day, the two of them returned to the library early in the morning for a spot to study.

Yu Jingxuan wasn’t able to sleep, so he worked on his paper. He had it finished and sent to his professor the next morning.

So, he was a lot less busy today. He worked on correcting Lin Miao’s notes.

Lin Miao had learned printing from Yu Jingxuan when she was little, so she used to trace his words off of stencils. Upon first glance, they were almost identical to each other.

Yu Jingxuan flipped through the pages, checking them with the test syllabus to ensure that Lin Miao stayed on topic.

Meanwhile, Lin Miao sat beside him, writing mock tests. The two continued to work on their own all the way to lunch.

This time, they did go to the cafeteria for lunch.

It was the lunch hours, so the cafeteria was flooded with people, all lining up for their food. Lin Miao followed Yu Jingxuan and joined the lines.

It was Lin Miao’s first time lining up with so many people, seas of people.

Many people naturally looked at them in secret.

So, the cp group had updated again. There were now photos of them going to the cafeteria together.

“I have a feeling that Yu Jingxuan waited for years for this. He’s finally changed his fate from only being able to see her a few times every year.”

“Our Brother Shui looks so cute today, too.”

“Brother Shui’s hair is getting longer. I think that since she had worn a wig before, she probably likes her hair long. She’ll definitely keep her hair in the future.”

“Sigh, are none of them planning to step into the entertainment circle? They’re both so beautiful, it would be a shame if they didn’t.”

“Nah, I think Brother Shui is excellent enough like this. She had already gotten two Olympic golds at the age of twenty, and a dozen of golds from various other competitions. It’s a miracle that she didn’t lose a single competition. I want people to remember her as an Olympic champion; one who fought for the glory of the nation.”

“I agree with upstairs.”

“I’ve seen Yu Jingxuan’s fan numbers change from a crushing lead to Brother’s Shui’s crushing lead on his numbers. Time sure flies.”

“Brother Shui’s life will only get better and better. Her loved one is a childhood sweetheart, she’s a world champion, and her future mother-in-law is a superfan. Life must be very pleasant for her.”

“I wonder if Brother Shui’s knee is better. I was always scared of her falling during competitions, and I heard that more of these injuries can pop out even after an athlete retires.”

Yu Jingxuan would read replies when he was bored, so he naturally saw all of these comments.

So, he replied to the last person, who was concerned about Lin Miao’s knee.

The netizens were shocked, then realizing that they were just fed a mouthful of candy. They all rushed to reply to his comment, wanting him to pass a message to Lin Miao.

Even Yu Jingxuan’s mother couldn’t help but comment. “When are you guys getting engaged? When are you guys getting married?”

Yu Jingxuan: “…”

Many fans in the comment section began imitating this. Someone even made an emoji for it.

When are you guys getting engaged, when are you guys getting married… It was an essential for the New Year.

Yu Jingxuan looked at the various comments Lin Miao’s sports fans left for her, so he showed Lin Miao them when she was taking a break.

As a result, Lin Miao began using her Weibo she had abandoned for years again.

She had originally only followed Yu Jingxuan and his mother. Now, she naturally added Tan Jing and all her teammates who had a Weibo.

However, she still didn’t use it very often, as she still had to study.

When they returned in the evening, Lin Miao went over and kissed Yu Jingxuan a few more times like a chicken pecking at rice. Then, she happily ran off.

Fighting poison with poison worked like magic. Ever since she first tried it, Lin Miao had never experienced her heart accelerating to the point of not being able to read again.

However, now it was the other person who couldn’t sleep at night.

Oh how the tables have turned.

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