I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 62: Gege is so Great

Be a big girl in the future.

In the future— not today.

With this thought in mind, Lin Miao instinctively gave the Young Master a warm hug when she met him.

She realized that her weird reactions were probably due to her maturing.

The Young Master also closed his arms around her, “How come you’re so happy today?”

Lin Miao’s waist wasn’t outstandingly thin, but her small figure made her look thin all around.

A very easy hold for the Young Master.

In the Young Master’s embrace, Lin Miao couldn’t help but also rub her forehead against him. It carried a trace of sadness with it, the type they felt when Lin Miao moved out of the Young Master’s house when they were little.

Quickly sweeping those emotions under the rug, she held onto the Young Master’s hand and spoke smilingly, “Gege, let’s go play!”

The Young Master felt that his heart skipped a couple of beats. He was confused and unaware of what had happened.

Just yesterday, she looked at him with the shyness of a little girl, and now she was back to little sister mode.

Looking at her candid gaze, his heart felt as cold as the Arctic.

However, on the surface, he held her hand like before, “Where do you want to go?”

“Anywhere.” Lin Miao just wanted to stay with her older brother for the afternoon.

So, the Young Master took her to the amusement park.

The Young Master asked why she was so happy today on the way to the park.

Lying on his shoulders, Lin Miao let out a sigh, “I’ll tell you later. It’s complicated, you might not get it.”

The Young Master: “…” Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Looking at Lin Miao acting so intimately, still sighed in his head.

He knew that she only saw him as an older brother, but he couldn’t help not recalling his dream. His eyes fixated on her small yet full lips, immense guilt filling his heart.

They soon arrived at the amusement park. The Young Master bought her a hydrogen balloon in the shape of Pretty Goat.

(T/N: Pretty Goat from the chinese television cartoon series Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf)

She was still on her strict diet for badminton training, so they didn’t eat much and headed for the ferris wheel instead since it was pretty laid back.

In their carriage, Lin Miao told the Young Master about how they had to keep more distance now that they’re older.

The Young Master nodded, “Okay.”

“Huh, Gege, you’re not surprised at all…” Lin Miao commented.

The Young Master looked at her with mixed emotions. He basically watched Lin Miao grow up, even though the two shared birth dates. Before he started to develop feelings for her, he always felt that he’d brought her up.

But after he did, he became deeply conflicted.

Lin Miao was still a simple girl, and he was probably the only boy her age that she came into contact with. If he said that he liked her and wanted for them to be boyfriend and girlfriend, she probably wouldn’t reject him even if she didn’t have any affection for him.

Even if she refused at first, she probably would compromise the moment he shows any traces of sadness or disappointment.

She trusted him, and couldn’t stand him in despair.

It had been seven years since they met when they were both eight. Going through the mundane world, he learned all of its practices and received the self-serving education system. He had been hardened.

Unlike him, Shuishui gave all she had to fight for her dream. She had never been in contact with the negative side of the world.

She was too young. She was clueless about what love was.

He couldn’t let himself do it. He couldn’t take advantage of their friendship.

Even though he knew that she would give in once he threatened their relationship.

The Young Master spoke to her, his voice a bit coarse, but with the same smile on his face. “Shuishui, your mom is right. You’ll be a big girl in the future. You can’t be so intimate with boys in the future, but Gege will always be your older brother. I will always be by your side.”

Though he said the same things as her mother, it felt totally different.

Lin Miao was a bit sad, but she quickly cheered herself back up, responding, “Then when Gege grows up, he also can’t hug random girls and hold their hands!”

The Young Master nodded, promising, “I won’t hug other girls nor hold their hands.”

Changing the word from random to other, he released his emotions in a hidden way. He was sure that Lin Miao perceived it only as a full hearted promise.

The two looked at the scenery around them for the remainder of the ride. They then slid through the crowd and bought some mooncakes.

Finally, the Young Master walked Lin Miao back to her neighbourhood.

He went back to his car, looking at Lin Miao wishing her neighbours a happy holiday as she walked out of his sight.

His darkened eyes slowly warmed back up again.

Lin Miao soon returned home.

She rested much more assuredly tonight.

Her break was ending tomorrow, and she would have to return to her team.

The night of the mid autumn festival, she dreamt. She was playing tic-tac-toe with the Young Master in the room they used to play in when they were both little.

The sun spilled in from the window, the light yellow rays warming her skin. The Young Master also patted her head, complimenting her and saying that she was smart.

Suddenly, the doctor walked in. She hastily hid the pencil and paper. The Young Master gave her an apple, and they exchanged smirks, munching their own apples while the doctor rambled with his reminders.

She woke up from her dream, her heart still submerged in the warm sunlight.

The dream reminded her of a childhood event.

It was her first day seeing the Young Master. She hadn’t eaten breakfast and was starving. Then, she heard a knock on her door, but she found no one at the door, and only two apples.

Having just arrived at the Young Master’s house, she was anxious and scared. Now, being older, she realized that the only person who would do such a thing was…

Not the grandma as she didn’t need to, and clearly not the housekeeper nor the doctor since they both hated her.

Lin Miao picked her phone up and sent a message to the Young Master, “Thank you Gege for the apples.”

She was about to put her phone aside when he responded: “Huh?”

The Young Master was still awake?! She had only woken up from a dream.

“Thank you Gege for giving me two apples when we first met.” Lin Miao detailed.

“You didn’t eat them.” The Young Master replied. He had heard her stomach growling, and he only had apples beside him, so he gave them to her while the doctor was away.

It was Gege who gave them! Smartphone in her hands, Lin Miao’s heart was filled with joy.

Gege is the best person in the world; he probably did so much good in his previous life. I need to do even more good to meet him again in the next life.

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