I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 28: Gege Ran Away From Home?

Hearing Lin Miao, the Young Master decided to walk towards her.

Lin Miao ran towards him. “Gege! You came to visit me!”

Seeing her joy, he dropped his thoughts of Lin Miao forgetting him for her new friends.

“Yep, Dahuang and the other two puppies aren’t eating much at home.” The Young Master said in a gentlemanly manner.

The other girls were scared by Dahuang, but their hearts melted seeing the two chubby puppies behind it.

Then, they saw the Young Master.

Lin Miao quickly introduced him, “This is my older brother, Yu Jingxuan.”

The other girls shyly introduced themselves.

Then the Young Master pulled Lin Miao away.

She didn’t mind. She even became the one pulling the Young Master and the three dogs following them afterwards.

“Gege, I still have the pomelo I saved for you!” Lin Miao said.

“What if I never came?” The Young Master recalled the moment he called her.

“Then… Then…” Lin Miao couldn’t think of anything.

There was one upside to Lin Miao moving to a town, which was that it was less busy, the buildings were shorter, skyscrapers were rare, and there was plenty of greenery and sunlight. Walking on the sidewalk, they had a feeling that the entire place was glowing golden yellow.

Lin Miao also quit thinking of a response.

Gege is here, I can see Gege again!

Lin Miao couldn’t help but walk backwards to see the Young Master. She uncontrollably smiled dumbly as she stared at him.

Gege is here! We can eat sausages together! And we can share the pomelo!

Lin Miao had a strong balance. Coupled with the fact that the sidewalk was empty, she was all the more unafraid of walking backwards. However, the Young Master still held her hand, scared of her falling.

He noticed that Lin Miao’s eyes were curved into crescents, smiling from ear to ear. “Are you really this happy?”

Lin Miao nodded, responding in a sugary tone, “I’m really happy that Gege is here!”

Okay, okay. Because of this sentence, all of the Young Master’s negativity was washed away.

The door to her apartment wasn’t locked, so they surprised Lin Miao’s mother when they stepped into the apartment with the three dogs.

Lin Miao’s mother quickly came back to her senses and poured some tea, “Have you eaten?”

“Mommy, he didn’t eat yet.” Lin Miao didn’t know for sure, but she wanted her older brother to try some of their dishes.

“I’ll go make some food. Do you have anything you prefer?” Lin Miao’s mother asked.

The Young Master hasn’t eaten his breakfast, not to mention his lunch, so he naturally accepted. “Thank you Auntie. Anything will do, I’m not picky.”

Meanwhile, Lin Miao was already heading towards the kitchen.

Probably because they were in someone else’s house, the three dogs quietly rested aside.

Lin Miao’s mother looked at the three dogs.

“They aren’t picky either.” The Young Master said.

Dahuang, who had eaten raw yams and chestnuts: “Woof woof woof…”

Arrogant and arguing, as always.

Lin Miao came out of the kitchen holding a plate of marinated chicken feet. They had many marinated dishes at home.

So, Lin Miao was free to take the chicken feet.

Lin Miao looked at the Young Master. It suddenly felt awkward.

Lin Miao put the plate down, “It’s very tasty.”

The Young Master didn’t want to try, but he decided to anyway. Dahuang was very tempted by the food, as well as the two little puppies.

“You can’t have this.” The Young Master said as he ate. He liked the chicken foot, whether it was because he was starving or because it had a flavour he had never tasted before.

Lin Miao ate with the Young Master, and then thought of something, “Gege, who did you come with?”

“Dahuang.” The Young Master answered.

Lin Miao blinked.

“Feifei and Jiajia.” The Young Master added.

Even if Lin Miao was naive, she still realized, “Gege! You came by yourself!”

“And the three dogs.” The Young Master said, “It was mainly because the dogs wanted to run out of the neighbourhood when I walked them today. I thought that they missed you, so I came here with them…”

Unable to hold back her curiosity, Lin Miao asked, “...Gege, did you tell Auntie Yu?”

“I sent them a text, which should count as ‘telling’.” The Young Master thought the chicken feet weren’t bad at all.

Looking at the Young Master’s calm face, Lin Miao sympathized with him. Poor Gege doesn’t know that he will be beaten once he returns home.

Once, her younger brother snuck to their grandma’s house to play without telling her parents. Their grandma’s house was in an adjacent village so it was a bit far away and nobody thought that he would go there. It was said that the adults searched for him for that entire evening.

Her brother’s butt was beaten red when he returned the next day

“Gege, you should apologize to Auntie Yu before it’s too late…” Lin Miao said. Or else it would be the end of his butt.

The Young Master remained calm. He wasn’t your average little kid, and he had three dogs accompanying him. It wasn’t a big deal. Then, he pulled out his phone and realized that it was out of battery.

At that time, Lin Miao’s father stepped into the house. Seeing the people in the living room, he quickly spoke to his phone, “He’s in my apartment, all is fine.”

He had disappeared when he left to walk the dogs.

The Young Master’s grandma only received one message, [Dahuang isn’t behaving. She wants to see Shuishui, so I’m taking her to her.]

She tried to call the Young Master’s phone but realized that it was turned off.

The Yu family hurriedly searched for the Young Master but they soon realized that they only knew the name of Shuishui’s town and not her specific address.

Luckily, the grandma thought of the Master, so the Master called the village head, who had Lin Miao’s father’s number.

And thus, the two sides' families finally got into touch.

They had just finished lunch.

The Young Master’s mother and grandma rushed to Lin Miao’s address. They were finally relieved seeing the Young Master safe and unhurt.

Lin Miao fixed her sight on the Young Master so that she could try to save her older brother if he were to be hit.

She was quite experienced at resolving punishments and conflicts.

The Young Master’s mother sighed looking at her son who was playing badminton with Lin Miao. He was full of life and laughter. Lin Miao was his first close friend, and they have even escaped some kidnappers together.

The Young Master’s mother went to the kitchen and brought up the thing again with Lin Miao’s mother who was washing the plates.

Lin Miao’s mother refused again. Her daughter had finally returned and their family had just reunited. She would never send Lin Miao off to another family’s home no matter the hardships.

The Young Master’s mother sighed again. It was unrealistic for her to send her son to Lin Miao’s school. She could only hope that the Young Master would make new friends in the upcoming school year to shift his attention to.

The Young Master soon had to return with the dogs. Lin Miao accompanied him out of the apartment, “Gege, I’ll miss you. I’ll visit you when my dad becomes less busy.”

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