I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 99: Having Waited for So Long

Apart from studying, Lin Miao also wanted to spectate Tan Jing’s competitions.

It was finally her turn to watch.

Yu Jingxuan was more experienced in this field, so when Lin Miao commented that she was going to watch Tan Jing’s competitions, he booked the flights and arranged everything else in advance.

So, this time, Yu Jingxuan didn’t have to spectate alone, and he didn’t have to be in the same space as his loved one without the chance to even have eye contact with each other.

Aboard the airplane, Lin Miao fell asleep right away. Yu Jingxuan picked up a book and started reading.

He quickly took a break to look at his beloved darling.

A year ago, he was on a plane by himself. He couldn’t remember what he was thinking about then, but he knew that he was very satisfied now.

Lin Miao was beside him. Having been the star before the entire world, after being so acclaimed, having seen the excitement of the world, she came back to him, the same person as before.

He felt his heart melt. Yu Jingxuan placed his book down and held onto the hand of the person sitting beside him, letting her sleep while leaning on him.

He felt that his schedule had been tightly packed for the past few years.

Lin Miao’s hair was already shoulder-length. It looked great on her, and matched with her porcelain-white skin, she looked young and soft.

The first thing Lin Miao saw when she woke up was Yu Jingxuan’s face, only centimeters away from her. Lin Miao kissed the corner of his lips and called, “Gege…”

Yu Jingxuan restrictively kissed her forehead and suppressed his feelings.

Yu Jingxuan had reserved a hotel room long ago. They shared a room for safety concerns.

Lin Miao had no comment. They had shared the same room when they were at the ski resort, too.

Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan stored their luggage in the hotel before wandering outside.

She came here to compete many times, but she’d accompanied her team every time. Lin Miao had never wandered off back then, she would be busy preparing for her matches. When she finished with her matches, she would study the matches of other people, then fly back to China with the rest of her team.

She had never taken time to explore the streets of foreign nations. It gave off a magical feeling.

She didn’t know any of the pedestrians, but it felt oddly peaceful.

They didn’t call Tan Jing. Having been here before, Lin Miao knew that she was training for her matches right now.

Reminiscing about her past competitions, she wondered, had Gege stood on the streets by himself?

Alone like this on a street full of strangers.

Just to watch my game the next day.

Lin Miao’s eyes were a bit hot, her heart damp.


“Hm?” Yu Jingxuan looked at her, a smile on his face.

Lin Miao shuffled closer, kissing him. Then, she pretended that nothing happened, saying, “Nothing, I just wanted to call Gege.”

Yu Jingxuan felt the sweetness in his heart surge, but he tried to keep his serious composure, only responding with a sound of affirmation.

The two then went to eat at a Chinese restaurant before returning to their hotel.

Unlike the time when they were eighteen, Yu Jingxuan showered first, as Lin Miao was on the big balcony enjoying the night view.

Lin Miao only went to the bathroom after he came out. The room was still hot and steamy.

Thinking that Yu Jingxuan was showering here just minutes prior, Lin Miao felt her face burn.

Soon, Lin Miao finished and came out of the bathroom as well.

Meanwhile, Yu Jingxuan had already dried his hair, so he came over to help dry hers.

On the big balcony, there was a gentle breeze as Yu Jingxuan stroked her hair, slowly blow-drying her hair.

Lin Miao felt like she was in another world.

Her hair was still quite short, so it didn’t take very long to dry it.

Lin Miao made a spot for Yu Jingxuan to also enjoy the serenity of dusk.

They only realized that there was only one big bed when they were going to sleep.

Lin Miao was blushing, but she said nothing, just laying down beside Yu Jingxuan.

She held onto his hand. She felt his body stiffen.

She suddenly felt very embarrassed, but went closer to him anyway, saying, “Gege… Are you okay?”

Yu Jingxuan turned around to look at her, his gaze with desire but still under control, like him as a person, always gentle and well-mannered, “I’m fine.”

Lin Miao rarely teased others, her personality was also very nice.

It was her first time teasing him.

She looked at him with her great watery eyes, kissing the corner of his lips and even purposely stalling, “That’s nice.”

But when she was finally about to back off, she felt Yu Jingxuan rise beside her, then felt herself pressed against the bed, being kissed forcibly.

He only let go after a while, still staring at her fiercely. He was about to get off the bed.

Lin Miao was scared, her body was entirely softened from the kiss. She thought that he was angry, so she tried to pull him back. “Don’t… Don’t be angry.”

Yu Jingxuan would never be mad at her. Suppressing his desires, he comforted, “I’m not angry. I will never be angry at you. I just need to calm down.”

Lin Miao’s eyes brightened and suddenly smiled. She pushed him down on the bed, imitating him, and kissed back fiercely.

His heart was beating rapidly as they then laid down side by side.

“Gege… Your heart is beating so fast.” Lin Miao put a hand on Yu Jingxuan’s chest, quietly saying.

Yu Jingxuan pulled over their quilt, hugging her in his embrace, “It’s time to sleep.”

Lin Miao couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t fall asleep listening to the beating of his heart.

The two both slept very late that night. It was rare for both of them, who usually woke up early in the morning.

They hurriedly washed up and dressed, then speedily got breakfast.

It was their first time being so late, so they both ate their breakfast while watching the games in the stadium.

At least they still made it on time.

Lin Miao rarely cheered with the crowd in the audience rows.

There were many other Chinese people who came to see Tan Jing’s match, so they naturally also knew Lin Miao.

Pictures of Lin Miao watching the competition with Yu Jingxuan were soon uploaded to the web back in China.

Those who still supported the JingShui cp were in tears, but comforted themselves that Lin Miao still remembered Tan Jing, even though she came with Yu Jingxuan.

Even though they called themselves cp fans, it was just a nickname, and they were just following their friendship. It was all just fun and games.

Many of Lin Miao’s fans were reluctant to see her retire, but they still sent her their best wishes as she had done her best in badminton.

Now that she reappeared on the spectator benches instead of the field, it brought back a lot of those feelings, but the comments online were still mostly blessings.

Only a few people who didn’t know Lin Miao well commented that she could’ve won some more golds before retiring, suggesting that it was an ill-witted decision made at a naive age, and that she just wanted to dig gold after marrying into a wealthy family.

Of course, these comments were all rebuked online.

How could childhood sweethearts who grew up with each other become scheming and trying to dig gold?

These arguments never made it to Lin Miao’s Weibo. She was still cheering with the massive audience.

Tan Jing had grown and gotten even better.

After the competition ended, Lin Miao followed everyone to get signatures, too.

Tan Jing finally knew that Lin Miao had come to watch in person. She hugged her tightly, “Brother Shui, I miss you so so much!”

On the other hand, Yu Jingxuan: “…” It’s okay it’s okay, didn’t they do this all the time before? Why do I feel like it’s an eyesore now?

Probably because Lin Miao had only been with him for such a long period of time.

Of course, after the competition, the most they could do was just meet each other. They couldn’t even eat together as Tan Jing was still in the team and had diet restrictions.

So, coming to see the competition was really just coming to see the matches. She barely had any opportunities to interact with Tan Jing.

Lin Miao finally understood how Yu Jingxuan felt when he came to watch her.

Coming by himself, eating by himself, going back by himself.

Only seeing her once in the three or four days, and only exchanging a few sentences each time, but despite this, he came every year.

She thought that there would never be another person who would treat her this way.

Initially, Lin Miao felt hopeless about entering Yu Jingxuan’s school. He was already doing his postgraduates, and there would be no way for her to catch up. She had thought that it was fine, as they could still live together and see each other.

However, after watching this competition, her mindset had changed.

From when they were very young, Yu Jingxuan had come to her step by step every time. She should do the same and go to him.

She still had over half a year. It was just a test, she could do it!

So, Lin Miao’s mother noticed that Lin Miao went back to the state when she was still competing in badminton: pumped with energy and passion.

Lin Miao’s mother : “…” Of course, love can also make one mature. It is something even parents can’t change.

Lin Miao didn’t know that she unintentionally made her mother think better of her boyfriend.

Yu Jingxuan was a collected person, but he couldn’t stand Lin Miao studying so feverishly everyday. Gradually, his footsteps seemed to also be able to catch the wind.

A lot of people still paid attention to them. The library was busier than before.

And Lin Miao’s practice test scores were also gradually rising.

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