I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 87: Hug

During the Mid-Autumn festival break, Lin Miao went home with a pile of books.

Yu Jingxuan was waiting for her outside her school.

Lin Miao had grown taller, but Yu Jingxuan changed way more than her. He was even wearing a suit.

Before, when she saw adults wear suits, she always thought that they looked too formal. However, now that Yu Jingxuan was wearing one, she just thought that he was very handsome.

Seeing Lin Miao’s gaze, he began to explain a bit uncomfortably, “There was an academic conference today, so I had to wear something formal. Do you find it weird?”

“No.” Lin Miao looked at Yu Jingxuan, reaching out for his hand. “Gege is very handsome.”

Yu Jingxuan took hold of Lin Miao’s books and boarded the car with her.

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Compared to the cp fans, Lin Miao’s sports fans had many more exclamations. In a blink of an eye, she had grown into a big girl, soon turning eighteen.

Yu Jingxuan brought Lin Miao to her home, only leaving after he saw her walk up the stairs.

The next day, Lin Miao woke up to begin her exercise routine, and expectedly, Yu Jingxuan was waiting downstairs for her.

They were so early that the usually busy streets and park were almost empty.

Walking in the cool morning air, the two chatted as they walked.

But then, they found themselves looking at each other's eyes silently, both reluctant to look away.

They didn’t have many opportunities to see each other, and so because of this, they both felt enormous urges to… to… hug each other.

The two found themselves in each other’s tight embrace.

Lin Miao stopped talking about what had changed in her life, instead saying hoarsely, “Gege, I missed you a lot.”

Yu Jingxuan patted her head, his voice also somewhat hoarse, “I missed you too.”

Hugging each other, the two could feel that they felt the same.

Yu Jingxuan lowered his head, kissing her forehead, “Don’t worry, I’m actually always here.”

Lin Miao felt her forehead heat up, the spot he kissed taking up all of her mind and her heart beating rapidly.

Lin Miao felt a bit embarrassed, quickly letting go of Yu Jingxuan and leading him forward instead, “Come, let’s go run.”

After their hard exercise, they decided to separate for a bit as they had their own matters.

Lin Miao had to return home to wash up and eat breakfast. She also told her mother that she would be going to the library to study.

Lin Miao’s mother was obviously very supportive. Studying in preparation for university was great.

So, she also brought her lunch to the library during noon so that Lin Miao didn’t have to return home and walk back to the library again.

Lin Miao explained to her mother that she couldn’t concentrate at home. She would get distracted and want to sleep.

Lin Miao’s mother was understanding of that, too.

Yu Jingxuan naturally also came to the library. The two sat side by side in the lounge, so they could talk. Yu Jingxuan was explaining a math problem to Lin Miao.

So, when Lin Miao’s mother came, she saw the two together.

Yu Jingxuan focused on the math problem, breaking it down step by step, like how he’d done when they were little. She had seen Yu Jingxuan explain math questions to Lin Miao before.

However, looking at the two now, she noticed that they… seemed different from before.

Are they together? Before, Lin Miao’s mother knew that her daughter liked Yu Jingxuan, but she couldn’t tell if Yu Jingxuan felt the same way. He gave her the impression that he was treating her as a little sister, pampering and comforting her.

Lin Miao’s mother never worried much about Yu Jingxuan, as he was a person who kept boundaries.

However, Lin Miao’s mother frowned. They’re together now?

She wasn’t totally against them. If they both had their first love for each other and were together now, there was nothing she could and would do.

Lin Miao’s mother didn’t ask, instead sitting aside quietly observing the two.

After lunch, Lin Miao’s mother could basically confirm that the two were together.

She felt worried on the way back.

Homogamy was an important emphasis. Lin Miao would be a fine match as the current Olympic champion. She would have a wealthy life and be able to buy a house. However, she was worried that the Yu family might look down on her because of how she had been sent there to work when she was little.

Thinking about this, Lin Miao’s mother was very anxious. However, when Lin Miao returned in the evening for dinner, she still didn’t say anything, just asking what type of mooncake she wanted to eat.

Lin Miao didn’t know that her mother was thinking so far ahead. After dinner, she continued to study and then began chatting with Yu Jingxuan.

She had few breaks, so she couldn’t resist talking to Yu Jingxuan whenever she had the chance.

The three days of break ended when it seemed to barely have started. Lin Miao went back to her school again.

In their dorm room, Tan Jing said that a company contacted her and wanted to film an advertisement with her.

Lin Miao shook her head in opposition, “Sister Jing, we have rules in the team against personal advertisement contracts.”

Tan Jing hesitated, “Then I’ll refute it.”

She was originally hesitant, but with Lin Miao saying it so resolutely, she decided to refute it.

Soon, some of her teammates were openly criticized for accepting personal advertisements. Tan Jing was glad that she took Lin Miao’s advice.

Tan Jing and Lin Miao’s personalities were completely different. For example, Tan Jing still scrolled through Weibo and read gossip after practice, so she knew the trends inside out.

Unlike Lin Miao, she just needed to maintain her performance. She didn’t need anything as complicated as reading to relax herself.

However, listening to Lin Miao read was pretty relaxing.

Lin Miao’s voice was very euphonious, especially the expressive voice she read the ancient texts in.

Tan Jing looked down at the love letter that a teammate asked her to give to Lin Miao. Whatever, let’s not. Brother Shui has a boyfriend already.

Lin Miao had a phone number, but barely anyone knew it. Lin Miao could barely memorize her own phone number, so she didn’t give it out much.

The other two options of confessing remained: in person and a letter. Obviously, the person was too shy to confess in person.

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