I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 78: I Love You

After listening to Lin Miao, he asked her whether she knew what the emotion she felt was.

His voice was hoarse, possibly as a result of his years of waiting. However, he let out a light laugh after he spoke. The sound transmitted from Lin Miao’s phone to her ears, burning it. At the same time, her heart also seemed to heat up.

Lin Miao stuttered, “Gege… My coach said first loves never stay together…”

“The coach is lying. My parents were first loves.” Yu Jingxuan began to smile widely when he heard her response. She finally understood what he felt.

“Wait a bit, I’ll come to see you.” Yu Jingxuan said.

Lin Miao, who was already tense from the confession, was even more nervous. Barely making out words with her mouth, she spoke, “Gege, I’ll come to you instead…” She had to go to Gege for once…

However, Yu Jingxuan was already outside his house.

Looking at her son’s back as he slowly drew further and further away from her, Yu Jingxuan’s mother thought it was just the teenager going insane from unrequited love again.

Lin Miao was very anxious. Her parents were quite serious about premature love. Her mother had stopped her younger brother’s relationship. Even though it was not said explicitly, her mother didn’t want her to be intimate with boys, basically saying no to premature love.

After some hesitation, she still went to change her clothes. Her appearance was not exactly the greatest when she met Yu Jingxuan in the hospital this morning; she looked kind of dumb in her thick clothes… Her mother was right on this part. One needed to have a pretty appearance. For example, Yu Jingxuan was always so handsome, he would brighten people’s days and lift their moods.

Lin Miao was quite indecisive in the wardrobe. Little Ling wasn’t back, and she was too embarrassed to ask her mother what to wear, so she tried to pick out clothes herself.

Midway, Lin Miao’s mother walked into Lin Miao’s room and saw her, who had just woken up, trying on various hats and scarves.

“Shuishui, we’re eating dinner soon, where are you going?”

The sudden interruption made Lin Miao’s heart skip a beat. Her face was rosy, thinking about Yu Jingxuan, who was on his way for her. She stammered, “I’m… I’m…”

“Going out for a walk? Are you feeling uncomfortable from sleeping through the entire afternoon?” Lin Miao’s mother asked as she walked over and felt Lin Miao’s forehead. She was relieved that her fever was gone.

Lin Miao quickly nodded, “Yes, I want to go outside, mom.”

“Wait for me, I’ll come with you.” Lin Miao’s mother said.

Lin Miao was panicking. She was able to hide her emotions from strangers, but the closer they were to her, the more nervous she would feel, and all her thoughts would be written across her face.

Looking at her daughter at a loss, Lin Miao’s mother sighed in her head. What will she do in the future when I’m not there?

But she still let her go, “Just remember to come back for dinner. Oh, I’ll cook up another portion. If you’re going out, go invite your Gege over for dinner. He made this morning so much easier.”

Lin Miao couldn’t even make eye contact with her mother. Nodding, she spoke, “Okay, I’ll tell Gege.”

Lin Miao planned to wait for Gege at the entrance of her apartment, but he had already called her when she was just stepping down the stairs.

Hearing his voice, waiting for him.

Her heart was beating faster than ever. She was ambivalent. On the one hand, she wanted him to come later so that she would have time to mentally prepare, but on the other, she couldn’t wait to see him again.

Gege will arrive soon, what should I do first, what should I say?

The relationship between them had changed, so they would have to behave differently… Wait, how did we act before...

Lin Miao was nervous, nervous, and excited, excited…

Then, she devised a plan in her mind: When he arrived, she would run towards him and hug him. She would say that she liked… loved him!

Lin Miao was encouraging herself in her mind, then played out the situation in her head twice. It was just like how she studied her opponent’s badminton games and envisioned how they would react to her in their match.

However, when Yu Jingxuan strode towards her, Lin Miao began to blush and immediately threw all her preparation to the back of her head. Before she could even react, she found herself in Yu Jingxuan’s embrace, sensing the faint scent of cold air he had. Her face was reddening by the second.

When he let her go, she held onto his hand, which she would continue to be able to hold in the future, trying to calm herself. However, before she could speak, Yu Jingxuan was already speaking, “Shuishui, this isn’t called melodrama, or selfishness. It’s called ‘I like you’.”

Lin Miao was frozen in place. Yu Jingxuan lowered his voice and repeated what he had said before, looking at Lin Miao with his serious face, “I love you, do you understand? I never wanted to be someone else’s Gege or boyfriend, no one except for you.”

Lin Miao held onto a corner of Yu Jingxuan’s clothes nervously. She didn’t know what to respond with anymore.

“Are you still feeling unwell?” Yu Jingxuan asked. His voice was full of joy and pampering that he could no longer contain.

Lin Miao felt her ears burn. Then, realizing that the question was continuing off their phone conversation, she answered, “Not anymore…”

She couldn’t help but complain, “But yesterday, and the day before that, were all terrible…”

Yu Jingxuan patted her head. That feeling of your crush not belonging to you was terrible. He had felt it himself.

However, it turned out to be all worth it.

Since Lin Miao just recovered from her cold, Yu Jingxuan didn’t want to risk her getting sick from the frigid wind again, so he walked her home.

Lin Miao pulled on his hand, stumbling, “Gege… We’re dating prematurely… Let’s keep it low.”

Yu Jingxuan laughed at this comment. Following her suggestion, he said, “Yes, keep it low.”

As he spoke, he wrapped his hand around hers, and put both hands into a pocket of his coat, “Okay, now no one knows that we’re holding hands.”

It was the first time Lin Miao noticed that he would actually do these childish moves.

However… childish Gege is still a cute Gege!

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