I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 41: International Competition

The Young Master remembered the present he prepared that was delivered, so he went to the other room to retrieve it.

Then, he pulled up Lin Miao’s pajama sleeves and applied some medicine onto her skin.

He originally planned to mail his present so he didn’t bring it with him. Now that he met up with her, the Young Master thought that this would be a great opportunity to present the package.

Lin Miao was still dead asleep on her bed. The Young Master finished applying the cream and looked at her, beginning to understand how she felt when she said that her heart was full.

Lin Miao woke up on the morning of the next day, jumping out of her blanket bed.


“Sister Jing, Sister Jing, wake up! I think we’re late!”

“There is no sister Jing here, only your Gege!” The Young Master’s voice was still like music to her ears.

Following the sweet voice, the Young Master walked out of the bathroom, handing her a handkerchief. “Don’t worry, I called your coach. We’re driving you back to school.”

He couldn’t bear to wake Lin Miao up when he woke up, so he called the teachers at her school.

Lin Miao then realized that her older brother had visited her in the hotel yesterday.

She got off her bed and ran towards the Young Master to give him a hug. “Good morning Gege! It’s been so long since I’ve seen Gege right as I wake up! Today’s a great day!”

The Young Master pushed her away, wiping her face. “Ok, Shuishui, you should brush your teeth. We’ll get breakfast later.”

“Sure!” Lin Miao went to the lavatory, peeking out to see the Young Master as she brushed her teeth.

She would then turn her head back after.

The Young Master smiled, “What do you want for breakfast, Shuishui?”

“I can eat breakfast with Gege before going back?” Lin Miao asked.

“I asked your coach. He said you guys are on break for the morning. Your practice starts in the afternoon at the sports arena. We’ll drive you back at that time.” The Young Master explained.

Lin Miao shared the same birthdate with the Young Master, but in her heart, she viewed him basically like an adult.

He understood everything, was smart, and took the initiative to decide everything.

In Lin Miao’s heart, the Young Master was truly someone exceptional.

Lin Miao quickly finished brushing her teeth and tidied her hair with her hands. She wasn’t able to find a comb in the lavatory, but her hair was quite short, so she just straightened it with her fingers.

Meanwhile, the Young Master was packing her backpack, his face facing her.

Lin Miao ran to the Young Master and princess-carried the Young Master up. “Gege, my hands don't hurt anymore!”

The Young Master saw the objects in his vision spin. He was scared by the sudden spin and instinctively grabbed on Lin Miao’s neck for support, “Shuishui, put me down.”

Lin Miao did as he said, “Gege, my arm doesn't hurt anymore, either!”

“Your arm would start hurting again if you keep lifting me up like that.” The Young Master said, still recovering from the sudden shock.

“Did Gege get scared by me? I carry sister Jing like this all the time in my dorm room~Don’t worry, I won’t accidentally let go of you.”

The Young Master: “...”

“Still, don’t lift people up like this.” The Young Master said in all seriousness, “If you accidentally let go, they’d be injured. Plus, you’re an athlete, you need to take care of your body.”

Lin Miao thought for a moment. Her brother had a point; she shouldn’t play around like this.

Lin Miao then went to change her clothes and followed the Young Master to eat breakfast.

It had been an eternity since they ate breakfast together.

The Young Master took Lin Miao to the sports arena after breakfast.

When the Young Master returned home after driving Lin Miao to her sports arena, Lin Ye had called to ask whether he had finished his homework or not.

School had been getting more intense.

The Young Master paused to think. He understood everything that was taught in school. Was it really worth it for him to go to school everyday like an average student?

In his heart, he was quite envious of Lin Miao’s life. It was filled with excitement, unlike his life, which was like a dead pool of pond water.

After some thought, he had decided to read highschool textbooks first. After his middle school exams, he would take the highschool tests the following year.

The Young Master immediately took action, preparing for the middle and highschool exams. On the other end, a video of Lin Miao in the finals of the national badminton competition was uploaded to the internet, attracting quite a bit of attention.

The person who shot the footage had probably sat on the first row. They were even able to capture Lin Miao’s face in high definition. She had a cute face, but her play was fast and accurate. Her body was tight, and her gaze looked like a cat tracking down its prey. The contrast had melted many netizens’ hearts.

However, the main reason behind its rise to the hot search was because the Young Master’s mother had shared the Weibo, stating, “Excellent!”

As a winner of three separate awards for best actress, she was still at the top of the entertainment circle despite announcing her retirement when the Young Master was kidnapped.

Her fans waited year after year for her to return, but they only heard that she became a professor at a university.

She posted occasional Weibos, which were all about her daily life. In her words, it was just proof that she was still alive.

Her Weibo mostly consisted of their three dogs and her son’s scores.

This post was something new and quickly climbed in popularity.

The top reply on the reposted Weibo had a picture along with the comment: “AAAA! I went to this match. The girl’s super adorable. She smiled like a flower during the ceremony. However, this isn’t the main focus. The main focus here is that the person who watched with me seems like Little Yu from our queen [Picture]”

The teenager in the picture stood out from the crowd like an apple in a sea of lemons. He was so handsome that it was as if he had a halo around his head.

Gluing everyone’s eyes to it upon first sight.

Now, all eyes were on the Young Master’s stunning beauty.

As a phone-less person, Lin Miao had no idea regarding all of the above. She was busy practicing badminton.

Her tournaments racked up as well.

Despite this, Lin Miao remained calm. Tournaments and regular practice had no distinction to her.

Her older brother miraculously found time to share a night with her after every tournament. He would give her a massage and apply some cream.

Initially, Lin Miao was quite worried about the Young Master’s studies. Later on, he said that he wasn’t studying at school anymore, but studying at home.

So, Lin Miao had been looking forward to tournaments more than ever.

Lin Miao continued to win tournaments throughout the remainder of the year, and the Young Master had been admitted to the city’s most prestigious high school.

The year after, the Young Master was already preparing for the national college entrance exam. Meanwhile, Lin Miao had begun participating in international competitions.

The only change to Lin Miao was that tournaments were hosted afar rather than right at her doorstep. She had also flown on an airplane for the first time in her life.

Her first international badminton competition was the French Super Series.

Lin Miao was the youngest among the attendees as Tan Jing was still competing in domestic tournaments with the coach.

Lin Miao and Tan Jing were always obedient to the coach. When he said to practice, they practiced. When he said to participate in competitions, they would follow him, and when he said to compete abroad, Lin Miao did exactly that.

For Lin Miao, everything except for the environment and court had stayed the same.

She had told her parents about the competition, but very vaguely.

Her family members were all a bit nervous, “We can come to cheer you on, where are you competing?”

“No need, it’s nothing big. I’ll be back soon.” Lin Miao didn’t tell them the location. She felt that her parents were busy enough and that they wouldn’t be of much help anyway.

The coach had reminded her from the start that this competition was unique. She used to face the top badminton players in the country, but now, they were going head to head with the best professionals from around the world.

Everyone else had been to international competitions before, so they were all familiar with what to expect.

Lin Miao felt confident as well. She didn't care about her opponents’ skill level. She only concentrated on receiving shots and attacking back after. There was no rush; she needed to play safe and without any mistakes.

She didn’t tell the Young Master about this competition either. After all, he had to focus on the college entrance exams as it was amongst the most crucial of all tests.

Lin Miao’s first game was against a French player.

She seemed to be quite popular. The audience was all cheering for her.

It was her first time in a situation like this. People had cheered for her before, but it was all in Mandarin, which she could understand. Now, she couldn’t understand anything, but, it was quite easy to guess that they were cheering her opponent on.

Even though it was an international championship, the audience back in China was predominantly focused on more important tournaments such as the World Cups, so no one shouted her name.

Lin Miao wasn’t the player with the highest expectations either.

She calmly walked on the stage nonetheless.

There were so many people cheering, so Lin Miao felt that she must be one of the professionals in the league of professional badminton players, so she was very serious.

It was her first tournament of this scale, and Lin Miao didn’t want to be eliminated during the preliminary rounds. I should at least hold through for a bit before being beaten. She thought.

She hadn’t thought that her opponent was French, and most of the spectators were locals.

So, when she defeated her opponent to the point of questioning herself, she also began to question her own life. Am I… really this good?

Then, she heard another thunderous round of cheers. She didn’t understand a single word...

Mm, it might be that those people distracted my opponent.

The idea became more convincing the more she thought.

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