I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 106: Little Lele

Little Lele never cried much. She always quietly sat on her carpet.

Even though it was Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan’s first time being parents, they still felt that it was quite strange.

They took her to the hospital for a checkup, but nothing was wrong.

Slowly, they started teaching her how to walk and speak. She would watch quietly.

The first time she cried was when she was around two, when she had just learned how to walk. Sounds of her wails filled the house.

Lin Miao was just walking out of her room when she saw Yu Jingxuan wiping the mud off their daughter’s shoes.

“She was chasing a butterfly and stepped into a mud puddle,” Yu Jingxuan explained.

Her face was twisted and dotted with tears. Lin Miao knelt down and caringly wiped the tears off her daughter. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“Lele is obsessed with being clean,” Yu Jingxuan said.

“Lele isn’t… Lele isn’t…” she continued to cry and respond.

“Okay okay okay, Lele isn’t,” Yu Jingxuan followed her.

Lin Miao just realized that she did seem to be obsessed with cleanliness. From when she started eating things, she always demanded to wear a saliva pocket, otherwise she wouldn’t eat. Back then, Lin Miao just thought that she liked her saliva pocket.

Their cleaning robot would also randomly start…

Wait, that couldn’t be her doing, right?

She was still so little.

That evening, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan put little Lele to bed in the adjacent room. Even though she was two, she slept in a room by herself.

She asked for her own room.

Then, a bit after, they heard the room’s door open.

And sounds of something moving.

Lin Miao opened the door and saw her daughter move their cleaning robot into her room. Since she was so little, it took a lot of strength to move it.

“Her room isn’t dirty. We clean it every morning, and she doesn’t do much in her room,” Lin Miao commented.

“It’s probably psychological.”

Lin Miao furrowed her brows, continuing, “Maybe our daughter is too smart. Even though I don’t remember what I was like when I was two, I feel like I was playing with mud at that age.”

“It’s alright. I was already questioning the meaning of life when I was her age.” Yu Jingxuan said, “And it was much worse than this…”

Lin Miao looked at Yu Jingxuan, “How’d you fix it?”

“It got better as I grew older.” Yu Jingxuan kissed her forehead, “Leave it to me, I’m experienced.”

Lin Miao was still a bit worried.

The next day, a big cat appeared in their household.

Lin Miao paused when she saw the cat. They had kept three dogs before, but they all passed away of old age. They didn’t keep any dogs ever since, let alone cats.

It was a large ragdoll cat: white and fluffy.

The cat ran straight to little Lele once she came down the stairs. Little Lele hid behind Lin Miao, screaming in terror, “Mommy! Mommy! Help me, mommy!”

“It’s okay, don't worry. It’s just a kitten, it won’t bite you.”

Little Lele disagreed, “Mommy, I’m just a little kid, it’s a giant cat!!”

Lin Miao looked at Yu Jingxuan, “Why’d you find such a big one?”

“The small kittens were all too playful. They aren’t as gentle and would hurt the child.” These mature ragdolls were trained by their catteries.

The cat seemed to notice that its little master was scared of it. It stopped going forwards, shaking its fluffy tail.

Little Lele stuck her head out, “Did it bathe today?”

“No, cats can’t bathe everyday,” Yu Jingxuan said.

Little Lele immediately hid again: “…”

Lin Miao looked at Yu Jingxuan, “It didn’t seem to work.”

“Let’s give it more time.”

Then, Yu Jingxuan placed the cat’s bed in the corner of the living room.

Soon, Little Lele came out of her hiding spot, watching the elegant cat from a safe distance.

Lin Miao patted her head. She wouldn’t leave her daughter alone with the cat.

Having noticed that Little Lele didn’t like it, the cat relaxed on its bed, its eyes half closed under the sunlight and its tail wagging on the floor.

After a few similar days, Little Lele let the cat nudge her feet.

Lin Miao: “…” Okay, it does work.

So, Gege’s former obsession with keeping everything clean was from the dogs?

Lin Miao voiced the question in her head.

Yu Jingxuan stroked her hair, “No, it’s because I kept another cutie.”

Lin Miao: “???” Gege had another one? How did I not know?

Yu Jingxuan kissed her forehead and felt that the entire world was pretty clean.


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