I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 103: Newborn

Lin Miao would vomit out anything she ate. She would even feel like throwing up when she smelled food from other people’s houses on the way to school.

Yu Jingxuan was deeply concerned, so he excused Lin Miao from school and moved houses. He never lacked money and only lived near campus because it was more convenient for him to go to school before.

They moved into a detached villa in another neighbourhood. Now, they wouldn’t have to worry about her smelling other people’s cooking again.

Yu Jingxuan was also worried that Lin Miao might feel down being stuck at home all day, so he stayed home with her the entire time. He decided to teach her how to draw as she was always envious of his abilities.

The two slowly drew everything from their positive test results. They would capture all their interesting moments in their sketches as a potential present for the kid later.

Lin Miao looked at her drawing, and then Yu Jingxuan’s…

She then brushed her stomach, saying seriously, “Baby, when it comes to drawing, you have to learn from your dad, not your mom, okay?”

Yu Jingxuan laughed at her tone in combination with how heartwarming he felt when she referred to them as ‘dad’ and ‘mom.’

He didn’t understand well before, but it became more obvious why so many parents wanted a child. It gave off immense satisfaction.

Yu Jingxuan couldn’t hold the truth from his parents forever. After Lin Miao’s morning sickness stopped, Yu Jingxuan finally told them how Lin Miao was pregnant.

It came as a surprise, as both Lin Miao’s and Yu Jingxuan’s parents thought that they would never have a child in their lives as they were so determined against it. The sudden announcement made both sides so excited that they couldn’t sleep at night.

They all came early the next morning.

Yu Jingxuan told them in advance to not scare Lin Miao and just try to share their advice as calmly as possible, as she was under a lot of pressure being a mother.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother: “…” There really wasn’t much experience, you were a spontaneous decision.

On the other side, Lin Miao’s mother was the complete opposite, and said everything from diet to clothing. It made Yu Jingxuan’s mother a lot more awkward, having just realized that she wasn’t a qualified mother in this area.

Yu Jingxuan didn’t mind who was speaking and just wrote everything down.

The netizens soon also received news of this. Someone had taken a picture of them when Lin Miao went to prenatal care.

They still had many longtime fans, even though none of them liked to share pictures, so many people recognized them that they didn’t even need to take pictures themselves.

From childhood sweethearts to marrying and pregnancy, it accompanied many people in their prime years.

When they saw the picture of Lin Miao going to prenatal care, it made a lot of people feel like ‘the day has finally come.’

So, the netizens began discussing again how their child must inherit the father’s genius, the mother’s athleticism, and any beautiful appearance.

Then, some informed netizens said that Yu Jingxuan moved and took months off work due to Lin Miao’s severe morning sickness.

Many netizens were confused about the relationship between the two things.

The informed netizens, who were the people in the university, explained how it was because Lin Miao would feel like vomiting even from their neighbour’s cuisine.

Netizens: “…” It turns out that something like this is possible.

Meanwhile, Yu Jingxuan had already started a parental training class with Lin Miao.

He was undoubtedly still the top student he was. He could understand everything the first time.

On the other hand, Lin Miao felt sleepy all the time, as if she was going to fill all her resting times she had missed before.

At night, Yu Jingxuan massaged her legs, and she soon fell asleep again.

He went out to fill a thermos full of hot water, in case she felt thirsty if she were to wake up during the night.

Then, he saw her frown. Yu Jingxuan placed a hand on her stomach, and felt the infant inside kicking against her womb.

“Hush baby, mommy is working very hard already.” Yu Jingxuan said gently, then caressed her stomach again.

It was magical.

But he also felt sympathetic, she shouldn’t have to go through this again.

At nine months, Lin Miao had started tensing up already. They had already prepared a crib. It was a modest unisex design, fit for both girls and boys.

They didn’t ask for the child’s gender, not that it was impossible to tell, but rather that they didn’t want to.

They’d know when the baby got delivered anyway.

Lin Miao was especially nervous, worried that she might not be skilled once their child came to this world.

“It’s also my first time being a father, we have time, we can take it slow.” Yu Jingxuan comforted her.

Yu Jingxuan tried his best to soothe her. Two weeks before the child’s estimated birth, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan’s mother both came to their house.

They were worried that Yu Jingxuan might not be able to manage everything, having rejected all the people they’d helped to hire.

So, Yu Jingxuan’s mother was very worried.

Yu Jingxuan’s reasoning behind this was simple. He didn’t want someone outside of their family to take care of their child, especially after Lin Miao endured so much in her pregnancy. The child should be with her, not a nanny.

When they came, they realized that Yu Jingxuan was completely qualified to say what he said. Everything in their house was well prepared.

Unexpectedly, Lin Miao’s water broke twelve whole days before the estimated delivery date.

They rushed her to the hospital.

In the middle of the night, a new little girl joined the Yu family.

It went quite smoothly. She was 3.5 kilograms, and both she and Lin Miao were fine.

Yu Jingxuan felt massively relieved. They’re fine, as long as they’re okay. It was his first time seeing Lin Miao show such agony, continuously crying from it.

It would be their last and only child.

Lin Miao’s mother and Yu Jingxuan accompanied Lin Miao in the hospital room while Yu Jingxuan’s mother went to the newborn center.

The rest of their family members weren’t notified that Lin Miao had to deliver early, so they weren’t here yet.

The first thing Lin Miao did when she woke up was asking where her daughter went.

When she fainted, she heard the doctor tell her that it was a girl.

After they washed the child, the nurses immediately brought the newborn back. She was so tiny and light. Lin Miao delicately held her in her arms, it made her want to cry.

This was probably why God didn’t just throw newborns into a mother’s embrace and instead directed them to stay in the mother’s womb for 10 months.

Bit by bit, in the ten months, this little baby had already become a part of her heart.

She was originally scared of being a mother, but having her child in her arms, all of those concerns dissipated.

Yu Jingxuan wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. They were now a family of three.

Lin Miao had already come up with a name for the new baby already

Yu Lele. It came to her when they were drawing.

Note: The Chinese characters are 俞乐乐, 乐 means ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’ in Chinese.

It was simple, but sincere. They hoped for her to be happy everyday.

When they returned to their home, Lele obviously slept in the parents’ bedroom. They laid a rug under for her to sleep on.

Lin Miao still had to go through her month and a half of rest after giving birth. So, Lin Miao’s mother and Yu Jingxuan took care of most of the things at home while Lin Miao played with little Lele.

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