I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 71: No Girlfriend

After ensuring that the Young Master didn’t hate her, she finally allowed herself to relax.

While she was reading that message again, Tan Jing walked into their room.

“Brother Shui! I just finished showering, the soap smells really good!” She said as she jumped on Lin Miao’s bed.

Lin Miao turned around and signaled that she was on a phone call.

Tan Jing: “…” Erase memory, forget ASAP.

Lin Miao stepped down from her bed, “Sister Jing, I’ll go call on the balcony.”

She trotted outside and began speaking on her phone again.

Tan Jing: “…” Brother Shui has little secrets now, she’s all grown up… sad… I’m going to vent my depression using my alt.

My brother Shui won again: “Sad, my older brother has secrets now. She’s calling someone on the balcony.”

Meanwhile, Lin Miao was still listening to the Young Master speak, unaware of her sister Jing’s childish thoughts.

Lin Miao was a person who couldn’t hold a lot in her heart, or else the Young Master wouldn’t ask her in such an unnerving situation.

The Young Master was also purposely phrasing his words to inquire more. Soon, he knew that she received a text message.

But he didn’t know the details of the message yet.

Tan Jing called out from their room, “Brother Shui, I’m gonna sleep now, you should rest soon, too.”

Lin Miao responded, but still wanted to talk to the Young Master. She received a huge fright today, and that “You know that you’re very annoying” sentence stabbed her in her heart.

The Young Master suddenly interrupted her stream of thoughts, “Shuishui, can you come out?”

Lin Miao paused. She shouldn’t be going out at this time, but… it was the first time her older brother made this request.

And she wanted to see him, especially now. She missed him.

Lin Miao stepped into their dorm from the balcony. Tan Jing had already fallen asleep.

She quietly pulled on a coat and snuck out.

Fortunately, the main doors to the dorm weren’t locked yet.

There was a lady acting as a gatekeeper. Lin Miao shyly told her that she was hungry and wanted to get something from the cafeteria.

She was very nervous, but the lady agreed, only reminding her to make it quick.

Lin Miao nodded and ran out of the dorm. Then, she saw the Young Master.

Her heart began pounding the instant she saw him, whether it was because of seeing him, or having run so fast.

She felt her body tighten uncontrollably, worrying that the Young Master might be irritated at her complaining so much today.

The Young Master was already striding towards her in fashion with his long legs.

“Gege…“ Lin Miao couldn’t help but lower her head.

The Young Master patted her head, “Let Gege see the text?”

Lin Miao hesitated, and then gave her phone to him.

The Young Master was enraged when he saw the message. “Shuishui, I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m not even intimate with anyone.”

His explanation was like those one would say to their girlfriend.

The Young Master recorded the phone number down and handed his phone to Lin Miao.

Lin Miao looked at the Young Master with confusion.

Gege was even prettier than before. She would occasionally browse the web during breaks and see news of him there.

She blocked her name as a keyword, but set the Young Master as an important focus.

She often came across pictures of Gege and many comments from girls that say they want to marry him and do anything they could just to get a smile from him.

The Young Master was also a bit puzzled at her expressions. Patting her head again, he sighed, “Shuishui, I’m serious.”

He really wanted to tell her that he liked her, and only her.

However, he didn’t want to tell her when she was still so naive.

He understood what love was, what it felt like to be touched in the heart. It was irresistible.

They were the same age, but he was a lot more mature mentally than her.

He would feel so guilty if he manipulated her into a relationship. She trusted him dearly and depended on him. He has been the leading one since they first met, but love can’t be like that.

Their romance shouldn’t be something forced out of Lin Miao’s naive and insecure moments.

However, this didn’t mean that he would let others use him to hurt Lin Miao, or pretend that he had someone else.

The Young Master swiped open his phone, “Look at this.”

Lin Miao saw the name “Shuishui” on the top of his contact list.

He swept down into call history and the rows of records all showed up.

Apart from their 75 minute call tonight, everything else was labelled unreceived. There were multiple of these every day, and calls from him that she did pick up only showed up after moments of scrolling.

The Young Master spoke in his deep, pampering, and smiling voice, “And you say I never call you…”

Lin Miao suddenly felt that her complaints were too unreasonable.

“I know that you won’t have time to pick up, but I just want to dial your number. Don’t worry.” He patted her head again. “Gege just wants to tell you that Gege will never lie to you or think that you’re annoying.

Lin Miao’s heart flooded with joy, hugging the Young Master tightly, she spoke meekly, “Gege, how can you be so nice to me…”

The Young Master didn’t know what to say. Why would he be so nice to her? He would hug her everyday and present the entire world to her if he could.

He only patted her head again with restraint. He felt ripples in his heart when his fingers connected with her hair strands. “Because it’s you.” He spoke softly.

He was trying his best to contain his inner beast, even though it was about to rush out. However, he still appeared perfectly normal in front of Lin Miao, who seemed to still not understand love, “Unless you don’t want Gege one day, Gege will never leave you.”

Lin Miao felt very satisfied, so much so that she felt light again. Not only was she no longer sad, she was happy.

Only one thought remained in her head, which was to be with Gege forever. “I’ll also be with Gege forever. I won’t date, won’t marry, I’ll just stay with Gege.”

The Young Master: “…” It was what he wanted, but she was still seeing him as her older brother, so his heart still bled.

Having comforted his special someone, the Young Master sighed in relief, “Shuishui should go to sleep now, there’s still practice tomorrow.”

So Lin Miao quickly ran back to her dorm building.

The Young Master was reluctant to let her go. He felt like he had been staring at her leaving for most of his life.

She left him after the year at his house, when she moved into her sports school, when she left for competitions, and also just now tonight.

Then, the Young Master lowered his head, looked at the number, and made a call.

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