I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 64: Not my Actual Older Brother

“Brother Shui, your older brother’s so good-looking!” Tan Jing exclaimed, adding on, “It’s a shame that you two don’t look alike at all.”

Brother Shui was also beautiful, but a bit lacking compared to her brother’s inhuman handsomeness.

Then, something finally shot into Tan Jing’s head: “Brother Shui, your mother’s a film queen?”

Something wasn’t right. She tagged along to brother Shui’s house for meals before. Her mother was a very gentle woman. Her voice was soft and quiet, she was pleasant to be around, but she didn’t look like that film queen.

Lin Miao remembered that she didn’t tell sister Jing before, “My older brother’s mom isn’t the same as mine.”

“Two moms and one dad?”

“Not the same dad either,” Lin Miao quickly added.

“You guys are cousins?” No wonder their surnames are different.

“No, we aren’t related by blood,” Lin Miao said.

Tan Jing felt as if her view of the world just collapsed. They didn’t have any connections by blood! Not related by blood! The “siblings” she watched growing up didn’t have any connections by blood!

Tan Jing came to know brother Shui's older brother when she was seven. She and Lin Miao, the two little roommates, had just enrolled into the school then.

She talked about her mother the most, and brother Shui often brought up the Young Master. Additionally, he often brought food and drinks to her dorm, so she naturally thought that he was her true older brother.

Even though they didn’t share surnames, it was understandable to her. She thought that one took their mother’s surname, and the other took their father’s.

It wasn’t all that rare.

She was also very young at that time, so the idea became implanted in her head, and she believed it without doubt that the two were related.

For so many years…

Tan Jing looked at Lin Miao with an “am I still sleeping and dreaming” expression. “Brother Shui, you guys aren’t real sisters and brothers! Not related by blood!”

“Did I not tell you before?” Lin Miao was surprised, “Is this weird?”

“You’ve never told me this.”

There were multiple times when she thought the two looked like a couple. She was disgusted at herself for this evil thought, and tried hard to cleanse her brain after.

Now she wanted to apologize to herself for the punishment.

Lin Miao soon had to resume badminton practice.

When she came back at night, she remembered to call the Young Master.

His voice was deep and especially appealing.

Lin Miao told him that she also saw the GIF. “Gege looks so beautiful!”

The Young Master felt his nose, stared at the ceiling and listened to the excited voice on the other end.

While the two were having their moment, crowds of netizens were asking the Young Master’s mother whether the “Yuyuyuyuyu” account was the Young Master’s Weibo.

If so, who owns the other similar-looking account?

The Young Master’s mother decided to respond, but only to the first question.

So, the Young Master’s Weibo followers exploded despite him not having made a single post.

During the New Year, Lin Miao and Tan Jing’s PSA blew up on the internet.

The now dead and quiet group suddenly came back in full swing.

They were saying that the JingShui friendship is also very shippable!

This time, her fame came with more controversy. There were people criticizing her for taking part in this advertisement.

There were many assumptions thrown around, especially directed towards Lin Miao.

At the world championship, many called her a gifted and beautiful little girl.

Some even went as far as saying that she was prettier than some female celebrities in the entertainment circle. They said things like “Why would you try so hard if you can just make a great living off of your face?”

Lin Miao had won the championship with an injury on her left hand, so no one said a negative word about her then. Now, however, the fans of the targeted actresses wanted to strike back.

The arguments were becoming too heated and went overboard. It even spreaded as far as the coach’s Weibo. He had to come out and clarify that it was a public service announcement and it was the team’s decision to make them help produce it.

Finally bringing a stop to this.

Lin Miao and Tan Jing didn’t pay much attention to these things on the web. Practice was way more important to them.

The year of the Olympics was also a leap year, the year with her birthday in it.

Her anticipation for her birthday was even greater than the New Year. After all, her birthday only happens once every four years.

Even more importantly, her older brother’s birthday was the same and also only happens once every four years.

Lin Miao had prepared her present for him way in advance.

During the wee hours, Lin Miao was typing her birthday wishes when she received one from the Young Master.

“Happy birthday Shuishui, I’ll be with you for your birthday every four years.”

Lin Miao also sent her birthday wishes that she just edited.

“Happy birthday Gege! No matter how old we get and what others say, Gege will always be my closest Gege.”

Lin Miao also sent a “u2u2” to respond to her older brother’s message.

Little Ling had long fallen asleep. Lin Miao put on her clothes and sneaked out to her balcony.

It was a bit cold outside.

She went back to her room and put on another layer, trying to minimize her risks of catching a cold.

In her hands was a gift box.

She couldn’t think of what to buy for the Young Master, so she settled on a watch.

Lin Miao was exhilarated, wanting to give her the present as soon as possible, but she had to wait until tomorrow afternoon.

Her mother had already started preparing a cake, so she couldn’t go out tomorrow morning.

She chatted a bit with the Young Master and then went back to her room.

Lying on her bed, she realized that was now sixteen.

Even though she felt like she was only eight.

She’s always felt this way since she only has a birthday every four years, meaning that it gets skipped most years of her life.

Sixteen, what a strange number.

Thinking about it, she’s changed so much from eight to sixteen.

The change was still significant even if you started counting from twelve.

It felt unreal, like if many things were flying past her eyes but she couldn’t catch any of them.

Would she be even more different on her next birthday?

She would be twenty then.

Twenty… Lin Miao couldn’t even dare to imagine what she would be like then.

What about Gege, what would he be like?

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