I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 101: She’s Still Stupid

Since the two concluded that hiring a cook wasn’t preferable, they both dedicated their time to learning how to cook.

Lin Miao had some prior knowledge, as she’d cooked when she was little and still often helped her mother in the kitchen later on.

Yu Jingxuan had no experience, but he didn’t seem like a beginner at all. He dared to try everything.

Lin Miao’s parents weren’t coming back for lunch, so it was up to Yu Jingxuan and Lin Miao to feed themselves.

They first made rice, which was simple and completed in no time.

Sautéing the vegetables was also pretty easy. The most challenging part was making a meat dish.

After much struggle in the kitchen, they finally finished their meat dish. It was… salted fine, but not as good as it should be.

Since Lin Miao finished her exams, Yu Jingxuan’s mother couldn’t resist inviting Lin Miao to eat together again.

They could be a single family in a few years if they married while still in university. There could be a real chance for that to happen.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother kept thinking positively like this. She also thought that it might be a bit hard for Lin Miao to fit in with the people in her dorm. She would be twenty-one whereas everyone else would be eighteen or nineteen. She was a former world champion, too.

However, trumping all these things, was that her son should be buying a house in a neighbourhood near the university campus.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother didn’t like to hold things in her mind, so when Yu Jingxuan returned home with Lin Miao, she told them her thoughts.

“It’s the perfect time for you to buy a house. If you start right now and get it renovated, you should be able to start living there not long after university starts.”

Yu Jingxuan: “…” This was why he didn’t invite Lin Miao over often. The things his mother would say were out of Lin Miao’s current considerations.

Lin Miao didn’t know all of this, and thought that Yu Jingxuan’s mother was giving genuine advice.

Yu Jingxuan quickly changed the topic, skipping over all the talk about buying a house.

They were only twenty, so Yu Jingxuan was in no hurry.

Regarding Lin Miao possibly having a hard time adapting to her new dorm environment, Yu Jingxuan thought that she should still try it out before deciding whether to stay or not.

Soon after, the exam scores were released. At that time, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan were eating lunch.

Lin Miao’s phone rang. It was the sound for text messages.

Lin Miao pulled her phone over. She assumed that it was an advertisement, as she kept getting spam after she’d bought something off Taobao some time ago.

However, when her gaze landed on the message, she saw the words “Student Lin Miao” at the start.

Following were her test scores for all her subjects.

It was clear that the message wasn’t spam, but Lin Miao was still nervous. “Gege, Gege!”

Yu Jingxuan looked at the message. She scored 135 on literacy, 142 on math, 130 on English, and 258 for her minor subjects. It wasn’t on top of the charts, but she should be able to pass safely, judging by previous years.

(Note: Literacy, English, and Math all have 150 points in total, and 300 points are available for minor subjects. 650 total points and above is usually considered exceptional for the exam.)

When Lin Miao heard Yu Jingxuan say that she was basically guaranteed admission, she couldn’t resist hugging him due to excitement, kissing him. “Aaaaaaaaa! I did it!”

She’d thought that she would be hopeless when she first began studying. After so much work and seeing it pay out, she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Yu Jingxuan was happy for her. It was the only time when he was involved in her success from start to finish. At other times, he could only watch her battle it out herself from the audience rows with the crowd.

Yu Jingxuan thought that he would always be by her side when opportunities like this reappeared.

Lin Miao’s fans were also relieved that she scored well. It would’ve deeply stricken her if her performance wasn’t ideal, as she’d never had many failures and rejected all the special invitations from universities.

It was pretty unexpected for her to score so high. It might not have been much compared to those top students, but Lin Miao was focused on badminton for most of her life, and also had to balance her relationship with studying. It was nothing less than impressive, or even legendary.

So, Lin Miao logged onto Weibo for the first time in a while, thanking everyone for their congratulations, and then immediately went to choose her majors and universities.

Everything became very simple due to Yu Jingxuan’s presence.

She felt like she had nothing to do in the next two months of summer break.

So, they spent their months continuing to learn cooking, focusing on the basic everyday dishes. In Yu Jingxuan’s mother’s words, they were already living like old couples.

Yu Jingxuan only realized then that they had known each other for thirteen years, and had no idea how much more they’d spend with each other. However, the thirteen years they just experienced could not be recreated.

They both thought that Lin Miao would live in the dorm. However, right after her military training ended in university, she moved in with Yu Jingxuan.

It was out of consideration for Lin Miao’s habit of waking up early. She and Tan Jing both had the same habit when they shared a room, but her roommates were all night owls. She even had a roommate who would play video games at 12am. Her other roommates also slept pretty late, so Lin Miao, who usually slept at 9:30pm, was affected the most.

Lin Miao couldn’t sleep with all the keyboard clicking sounds. Even though the others happily agreed to be quieter, it didn’t change much.

So, when Yu Jingxuan noticed that her energy levels were off and had dark circles around her eyes, he asked her what was wrong. After knowing the reason, he suggested that she should move in.

So, Lin Miao moved out of her dorm and went to live with Yu Jingxuan.

They decided to share a room, and as expected, Lin Miao immediately felt much more rested. However, Yu Jingxuan’s sleep deteriorated, so it was painful yet joyful at the same time.

Lin Miao was also more mature. She was a university student, after all. Initially, she felt shy and embarrassed, but now, she also realized that Yu Jingxuan had a real gift in self-control.

Yu Jingxuan was handsome and the calm type. Having been with him for so many years, he gave off a sense of forbidding.

Lin Miao’s ears would redden every time she watched him resist himself. He would stare at the ceiling, the lamp on the nightstand, everything but her. It… really itched her heart.

His look made her want to tease him, looking at his tensing expressions.

Her teasing was just her purposely hugging him from the back, her face against his back, or touching his earlobes, “Gege, your ears are so hot.”

Initially, Yu Jingxuan didn’t notice and just tried to suppress himself from hurting her, since she was still relatively naïve.

However, he soon realized that Lin Miao was purposely teasing him. He grabbed her hands and kissed her hard as punishment.

It became Lin Miao who had her face red, lying on the bed, panting and staring at him with her watery eyes.

Yu Jingxuan covered her eyes. “Okay, it’s time to sleep.”

Lin Miao could feel him still holding himself back. Recalling what she read, she couldn’t resist asking, “Gege, does it hurt?”

Yu Jingxuan: “…”

Lin Miao couldn’t see, as her eyes were covered, but she could feel Yu Jingxuan panting heavily, burying his head between her neck and shoulder, speaking in a hoarse voice, “Grow up faster…”

“We’re born on the same date. We’re going to be twenty-one soon.”

Yu Jingxuan froze. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

Lin Miao blinked, her eyelashes brushing against his palm. It felt as if she brushed his heart, itching it.

“I’m not stupid.” Lin Miao muttered.

The next day, Lin Miao lay on her bed, her entire body sore. She wanted to go back to the previous night.

She was actually stupid, stupid.

She barely slept yesterday… It didn’t hurt, and to someone like her who exercised regularly, it wasn’t tiring, either! However, she was sleepy!

She probably couldn’t look him in the eye again for the next three days.

Meanwhile, Yu Jingxuan had already come with breakfast, carrying a gust of wind with his strides.

Lin Miao pulled her quilt over her head, covering her face. She felt inexplicably ashamed.

Even though he was neatly clothed, she still couldn’t look at him… Because she would think of certain scenes. It was too shameful.

But… her heart was still full.

Under her quilt, listening to his voice. She extended her hand, touching her burning face. Love probably looked like Yu Jingxuan.


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