I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 59: Sitting Beside Gege

The girl stopped to think for half a second, and finally decided to hurry back for a signature. She didn’t want to have to live through her roommate's wailing for the rest of her days.

So what if I get embarrassed.

When her roommate didn’t have enough money to go to the world championships sometime ago, she whined about it for two months. She didn’t dare to think how many more months it would be if she told her roommate that she saw brother Shui in person but didn’t get a signature.

For the peace of their dorm room, the girl turned around and ran back to the two at the school gates.

Meanwhile, seeing the Young Master walk closer and closer, Lin Miao’s heart was bouncing rapidly.

It was her first time wearing this type of dress in front of the Young Master, would he think… that it was unfitting?

She became more agitated the more she thought.

The Young Master was soon in front of Lin Miao, it had been over two months since they'd last seen each other.

Even though this became the norm ever since she left his home, he still couldn’t get used to it.

Lin Miao’s thin bangs swayed playfully with the breeze.

The Young Master calmly stroked her hair, “Shuishui is here to see Gege.”

His fingers unavoidably contacted Lin Miao’s forehead. She felt as if the area had been burned, stepping back, looking embarrassed.

Then… Then, she saw her older brother freeze in place, a trace of sadness on his pretty face. She realized that her action was pretty heartbreaking.

She wanted to explain when the girl who led her into the school returned.

She spoke, panting to the Young Master, “Hello, I’m in the same course as you. My name’s Fan Zhouzhou.”

She introduced herself to show that she wasn’t here to scam his sister.

The scene had looked like she was about to confess, but instead, she immediately turned around and asked Lin Miao, “Um, brother Shui, can I get a signature?”

Even though Lin Miao wanted to explain to her older brother, she still gave a signature.

Her characters were very elegant

Fan Zhouzhou thought for another moment, “Excuse my interruption, but would you mind leaving a message for my roommate? She really really adores you, she has watched every one of your videos, and talks about you a lot…”

She was going all out for her roommate.

Lin Miao felt a bit uncomfortable. She was just playing a sport, and she didn’t feel like she deserved so much love from the girl’s roommate.

However, it wasn’t appropriate to talk about that in this context, so she responded softly, “What do you want me to write?”

Lin Miao wasn’t tall, exposing her pretty bare neck when she lowered her head to write. It had a soft youthful feeling of beauty

Fan Zhouzhou suddenly understood her roommate’s stanning mindset. OMG, so cute! Wanna hug!

“Anything will do,” Fan Zhouzhou quickly responded.

Lin Miao thought for a moment and wrote: Study well and improve day after day.

She always thought that those words were very powerful.

Fan Zhouzhou also wanted to ask for a signature for herself, but she sensed that the Young Master was getting unhappy, so she took the paper and quickly left.

Lin Miao remembered what she was preparing to say to the Young Master after she gave the signature.

However, it became awkward to bring up again now that they were interrupted.

She could only reach for her older brother’s hand, like how she did before.

Enveloping her hand with his, the Young Master also let that slip behind his head. He looked down on her left hand. A scar remained from her scrape at the world championships. He felt his heart ache, but he didn’t bring it up and asked something else instead, “How many days do you have?”

“Two, today and tomorrow,” Lin Miao said.

Speaking about this, Lin Miao remembered that the Young Master was supposed to be in class. Her excitement had made her unaware of this before.

“Gege, did you skip class?” Lin Miao asked the Young Master, turning around.

Looking at her tense expression, he pushed back his thoughts of wanting to princess-carry her away and led her out of the school. “This class isn’t that important, let’s go back.”

Lin Miao wanted to wait until the Young Master’s school ended; she didn’t want him to skip class. She didn’t know that skipping class in college wasn’t as serious as other grades.

“Gege, let’s go back later,” Lin Miao said, “You should really go to your class.”

The Young Master held her hand tight, reluctant to let go. Her avoidance when he stroked her hair signified that she had grown up.

Could she still be so intimate with him, now that she had matured?

The Young Master didn’t know the answer to that. He just tried to maximize every second he had, so he asked, “Then why don’t you follow me inside? I won’t let you wait alone here, no matter what.”

“Can I? Will we get yelled at by the teachers?” Lin Miao didn’t want to drag down her older brother. She didn’t skip grades to a university, and knew basically nothing about it.

“No, there’s a break soon. The teacher won’t notice you if we go in then.” The Young Master said, leading Lin Miao back to the school buildings.

The Young Master was in a large class. The teacher couldn’t even name everyone in the class, so how could they notice Lin Miao?

Lin Miao followed the Young Master towards the building, the recess bell ringing as they neared his classroom.

The Young Master and Lin Miao walked into one of the buildings.

There were a few rows of empty seats at the back.

It was Lin Miao’s first time seeing a lecture hall so big, and it was also her first time seeing terraced seats. She was stunned by the immense size of the room.

She then followed the Young Master and sat on an empty seat in the second-to-last row.

The Young Master went to the front to collect his pen and notebook, then returned back to Lin Miao.

A male student saw them and asked, “Older brother Yu, is this your little girlfriend?”

The Young Master was four whole years younger than the next youngest person in this course, but he acted so mature that no one was able to connect his age with his appearance. Then, someone started calling him older brother because of this, and soon enough, he was nicknamed this by all his classmates.

Now that he brought a girl with him, an excessively chatty person naturally teased him.

Lin Miao’s face was completely red, “I’m his younger sister.”

“She’s listening to this class with me, go sit somewhere else,” the Young Master said.

The other boys thought that the girl looked a bit familiar, but quickly went to sit in other places without pursuing the thought.

The word “girlfriend” echoed in Lin Miao’s head, her face flaming hot.

“Don’t bother with them,” the Young Master said to Lin Miao.

Lin Miao nodded.

“Why’s your face so red?” The Young Master asked, “Did you catch a cold?”

“No, it’s… it’s probably because… I walked too fast with you.” Lin Miao hurriedly responded.

Luckily, the professor began his lecture.

Lin Miao felt disrespectful to the teacher to only sit dumbly in her seat.

So, she studied her older brother’s book. Even though she knew all the characters in the book, it became cryptic once she linked them into sentences.

She then realized that the Young Master was paying all his attention to the class.

Tilting her head, she saw his beautiful side portrait.

So this is how Gege listens to class in university.

On the podium, the teacher was speaking things incomprehensible to her, so Lin Miao’s mind slowly drifted away.

She couldn’t control her thoughts and began thinking back to that moment. The Young Master must’ve felt really weird.

She couldn’t explain why she took a step back.

She suddenly felt powerless: It seemed like there was no way to treat her older brother like how she treated him before.

It made her feel a bit ill, and her heartbeat was also accelerating.

It felt as if there was something hidden, yet it was very clearly there. It gave her a subtle feeling of happiness.

It was her first time sitting in the same classroom as the Young Master: in the same row, beside each other.

The classroom was brightly lit. The professor was teaching at the front, and the Young Master was following along and taking notes beside her.

Lin Miao had an odd urge to hold the Young Master’s hand, but she was only able to muster the courage to carefully grab a corner of his shirt between her fingers.

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