I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 52: Story of a Dream

Tan Jing saw that the ceiling was clear the next morning. She was surprised that Lin Miao hadn’t put the picture up yet. “Brother Shui, don’t you miss your older brother? Why didn’t you stick the picture up?”

Lin Miao was washing her face. Hearing this, she thought of the awkwardness yesterday. After a small pause, she responded as if nothing happened, “I can just think about him in my heart, I don’t need to put a picture up.”

Tan Jing giggled, “Brother Shui, you’ll actually never get a boyfriend.”

Lin Miao wanted to say that she wasn’t interested in one, but she held her words back.

Tan Jing walked beside her and fluidly started to wash her face. Then, she continued to say, “Because you’ll definitely use your older brother as the standard. You won’t find anyone like him.”

Lin Miao: “…”

Despite having exercised over the break and practicing at the sports complex during the last few days, sports school still felt overwhelming at first.

However, after a few days, she grew accustomed to it again.

She was back to the busy and tiring days when she would fall asleep immediately after her shower.

Lin Miao couldn’t be bothered by those thoughts. She used all her spare time to call her older brother as frequently as possible.

Similar to Lin Miao, the Young Master’s schedule was also getting tighter. University was different from high school, at least for him.

The Young Master had never been keen on group activities, so he wasn’t in any of the university’s clubs. He thought that they were unnecessary.

His handsomeness, great scores, and young age made him a legend on campus.

On the one day that he was free, Lin Ye invited him for dinner.

When he met up with them, he noticed that Lin Ye had called Mu Qingqing again along with two other girls.

They headed for a restaurant. The Young Master sat down on the first empty seat he saw, and Mu Qingqing sat down beside him.

The Young Master made no comment. He analyzed Lin Miao’s games when he was unoccupied.

Lin Ye and the others were hyped. They ordered their dishes and gathered everyone to play a game.

Gao Xie laughed. “Nah, we’d get crushed by Yu Jingxuan no matter what game we play.”

“This time, we’re not playing something skill-based, it’ll be luck based,” Lin Ye said, full of confidence, “Wait a bit for me, I’m going to get some paper and a pencil.”

He had only brought this game up because he was still chasing Mu Qingqing. He wanted to create some opportunities for himself.

Lin Ye wrote the numbers 1 to 5 on the pieces of paper. He then mixed it up and distributed the numbered cards.

Secretly, he had taken note that Mu Qingqing had the number three.

“Okay, now it’s up to rngesus. Whoever this bottle points to when it stops spinning, that person gets to say two random numbers and make the two people play truth or dare.” Lin Ye announced.

The Young Master: “...”

The bottle was spun, and it pointed to Lin Ye...

He wanted to cry. Lin Ye had told everyone else his plan earlier. They had all agreed to help him, but now it was his turn to pick.

So he randomly said two numbers, excluding Mu Qingqing’s number three.

He ended up picking Gao Xie and another girl.

The two chose a dare because Lin Ye had commented that truths may get too intimate.

The challenge card Lin Ye drew asked the two to share and finish a biscuit without letting it drop.

The Young Master coldly looked at the scene, regretting his decision to gather with a bunch of teenagers who had excessive hormones.

Gao Xie and the girl finished the biscuit, their faces and ears flaming red.

Mu Qingqing irresistibly looked at the Young Master who sat beside her.

Meanwhile, Lin Ye spun the bottle again.

It pointed towards Gao Xie.

His first reaction was to look at Lin Ye, who signaled him a three.

So Gao Xie said, “My turn, I’ll choose three and four.”

Lin Ye froze. He was five!!! What did this Gao Xie think he meant???

The Young Master looked at the paper in his hands. He was number four.

“Dare,” Mu Qingqing said.

“Truth,” the Young Master said.

The two essentially spoke at the same time. Mu Qingqing then lowered her head, blushing a bit. “They said that truths can get very intimate, so let’s do a dare.”

Lin Ye: “...”

The Young Master was insistent, “I want a truth.”

Lin Ye was afraid of the Young Master regretting his decision, so he quickly read a truth card: “If you were to kiss someone among us, who would you kiss?”

Looking at Lin Ye’s face full of loss, and then Mu Qingqing, he realized something. “... I’ll switch to a dare.”

Lin Ye paused. Then, looking at Mu Qingqing’s red face, he randomly drew a dare card. “Would number three and number four each pick and drink one of the two beverages.”

Mu Qingqing was stunned, “Huh? What type of dare is this?”

Lin Ye answered with a trace of sadness, “One cup is lemonade, the other is bitter melon juice. That should be good enough to be a dare.”

Even though he was dying to know Mu Qingqing’s answer, he didn’t want to make it too awkward for the Young Master.

The Young Master randomly picked a cup and drank it all. It was the super refreshing lemonade. It was a bit sour, but still tolerable.

He didn’t pay much attention at first, but he later realized that Lin Ye liked Mu Qingqing, so he switched to a dare. He knew that Lin Ye wouldn’t give them a very intimate dare to do.

It was unlucky for Lin Ye, who was very happy at first that the Young Master chose the truth because he wanted to ask Mu Qingqing the question himself.

Mu Qingqing could only drink the other cup.

Luckily, the dishes finally came, ending the childish game.

After dinner, they wanted to head to a KTV, but the Young Master left early. He had originally thought that it was just going to be him and his two friends He only found out that there were more people once he met up with them, so he thought it was pretty boring.

After showering back home, he received a phone call from Lin Miao as he was lying on his bed.

Due to her fatigue, Lin Miao’s voice was soft, “Gege.”

The Young Master felt as if his ears got scalded. His heart became a bit unruly, and he answered back. A thought popped in his mind. How would he respond to the question if Shuishui had gone to dinner earlier…

Once this type of thought popped into his head, it became unsuppressable. The Young Master felt his body warm up and itch.

The person on the other side continued to talk.

“Gege, I might be going on another tournament abroad soon…”

She fell asleep as she spoke on.

The Young Master had gotten used to this by now. He turned his phone to speaker mode, listening to Lin Miao’s soft breathing. He listened to it everyday, but somehow, today, his heart felt… irritated.

The Young Master rose up from his bed, pulling open the curtains and letting the moonlight spill in.

He recalled the night long ago when the two snuck into the garden to pick up the book Lin Miao had accidentally dropped. The Young Master looked out the window for a while before returning to his bed to sleep.

His dreams were also quite turbulent.

He was looking for something, but he didn’t know what. He just searched and searched.

Then someone pounced towards him. He embraced the other person skillfully, as if he had done such actions thousands of times before.

It seemed like someone always came to him like that.

The person in his chest was wearing a fiery red scarf. She was staring at him, her eyes watery. He was fixed on her beautiful eyes, and couldn’t see her face clearly. He couldn’t identify her, but he also saw her full lips.

He mindlessly connected lips with her, as if he was bewitched.

Swallowing her word, “Gege…”

The Young Master suddenly woke up, the contents of his dream imprinted in his memory, including the feeling of the girl’s lips.

The Young Master sat alone on his bed for a great while, his face complex and full of mixed emotions. Then, he seemed to notice something, so he got down from the bed, grabbed a pair of underwear, and walked into the bathroom.

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