I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 44: That Girl

There were many people at the zoo. Holding Lin Miao’s hand, the Young Master headed towards the tiger exhibit. Lin Miao had a soft spot for tigers, so it was their first destination.

It was typical for her to skip around when she was happy. Like a child, it was as if her ecstatic heart didn’t allow for her to step firmly on the ground.

The Young Master had longer legs, so he was still able to walk alongside the skipping Lin Miao.

“You like tigers this much?” The Young Master asked.

Lin Miao nodded.

There were many children around them, each observing the various displays.

When they finally got to the exhibit, Lin Miao’s eyes lit up the moment she saw the tigers. Like the other kids in the area, she felt an urge to clap her hands together because of the excitement.

Coincidentally, Lin Ye’s group was also at the exhibit. Despite having split up earlier, their paths still intersected again in this giant zoo.

The pair’s beauty made them stand out from the crowd, causing everyone’s attention to turn towards them upon arriving.

Lin Ye liked Mu Qingqing, who was beside him. When he saw her eyes fixated on the two looking at the tigers, his intentions of reconvening with the Young Master immediately disappeared.

Luckily, there were many people in between them. The Young Master was explaining things to his younger sister. Since she was a bit shorter than him, they were both oblivious of Lin Ye’s presence.

“Come, let’s not play with the man with a younger sister. Even if we go over, he’d only go from offline to invisible mode.”

Mostly everyone laughed at him referring to the Young Master being in invisible mode.

However, many of the girls looked towards that direction.

Mu Qingqing couldn’t resist staring at the Young Master and then at the girl next to him a few more times. How could she be his sister by blood? The Young Master had been seven years old when she visited, and he was alone without a sister then.

Mu Qingqing thought for a moment and realized that the girl was probably sent to accompany him later on.

Seeing their fine relationship, she felt disappointed. She had met the Young Master earlier.

So, she pulled Lin Ye’s arm, “Yu Jingxuan’s sister looks pretty cute, can you tell me more about her? Oh, also, didn’t you say that she’s an athlete? At such a young age?”

“Athletes start training from childhood.” He had followed the Young Master to many of Lin Miao’s tournaments, so he naturally knew a bit more.

“His sister only looks cute. She fights like a shark on the field.” Lin Ye commented, “She’s playing in international tournaments.”

Mu Qingqing looked back at Lin Miao’s hair. No wonder her hair’s so short and she isn’t dressed up. Not like a girl at all.

Lin Ye didn’t know Mu Qingqing’s intentions, so he continued, “You know, Yu Jingxuan pampers his sister to a whole new level. His sister had once come to my school for him with a pink princess backpack.Yu Jingxuan took it from her and threw it over his shoulder to carry for her.”

Hearing this, the jealousy inside Mu Qingqing grew.

Meanwhile, after seeing the tigers, the Young Master and Lin Miao went to see the lions before leaving the zoo.

They heard someone calling the Young Master’s name just as they exited.

The two turned around and saw a young girl running towards them, her cheeks rosy. She had delicate white skin and looked pretty in her long wool coat.

“Yu Jingxuan!”

The Young Master was surprised. “Who are you?”

“I’m Mu Qingqing. I stayed in your house for two days when we were little, remember?” The young girl said excitedly with her lovely voice.

She carefully observed Lin Miao while she spoke. Being stared at, Lin Miao returned a smile.

The Young Master thought for a moment and answered, “No, anything else to say?”

Mu Qingqing’s face became awkward. However, she quickly hid it and smiled once more. “I just felt happy seeing you and wanted to talk to you again face-to-face. Oh, also, I heard that you’re in university now. I haven’t taken the entrance exams yet, can you help me prepare a bit in your free time?”

Mu Qingqing’s request could be considered audacious. She lowered her head and continued shyly, “Your scores are really good, so I’ve been idolizing you for a long time.”

Usually, a boy wouldn’t reject her even if they weren’t very close.

Lin Miao stood by their side and realized a problem. What are we going to eat for the next meal? Should we invite this girl with us? Gege used to play with her.

The Young Master was surprised by the request. He was so busy already, so how could he have time to teach a highschool student? Furthermore, he actually recognized her name when she brought it up.

If he remembers correctly—which he did—that girl was the one who wanted to be adopted if the previously ill him were to pass away.

“I would recommend you take a supplementary class then.” The Young Master was a civil man, so he answered politely.

Then, he turned away with Lin Miao.

After a couple of steps, once Lin Miao was confident that Mu Qingqing couldn’t hear them, she commented, “Gege, she looks so pretty.”

Her age was the golden time to observe other people’s appearances. Lin Miao developed a great appreciation for pretty things and beautiful people.

The Young Master turned to Lin Miao, thinking that her judgement may be misaligned, “Really?”

“Yes, of course. Didn’t you see, Gege?” Lin Miao replayed the moments in her brain. Mu Qingqing was truly beautiful.

The Young Master shook his head, “No, I don’t think she looks that good.”

Lin Miao came to realize, “Then it must be that your standards are too high. If I were you and saw your face in the mirror every morning, I’d probably be like you and think everyone’s ugly too.”

“I just think you’re beautiful,” the Young Master said.

Lin Miao lifted her head, aligning with the Young Master’s vision after he finished. She was blushing, a bit embarrassed. Switching topics, she asked, “Gege, what do you want to eat?”

Lin Miao wanted to invite the other girl to a meal with them during the conversation as she was childhood friends with her older brother. However, that girl was asking her older brother to help her study, and he had already rejected her. What if she kept pleading with him during their meal together?

So, Lin Miao didn’t ask.

Their lunch was very simple: they each ate a serving of dumplings. Then, they went shopping.

After a while, the Young Master led her to a phone store.

“Is Gege switching smartphones?” Lin Miao was confused.

“I’m buying one for you,” the Young Master responded as he let Lin Miao pick.

Lin Miao looked at the prices: “5899” ”4599” ”3999”

“Gege, I don’t need one, and I’d easily lose it in a competition. They’re so expensive…” Lin Miao said.

The Young Master thought and came up with a solution. “Then you can take mine. I’ll buy a new one, so you won’t feel bad.”

The Young Master currently has a year-old black iPhone. He had primarily used it for phone calls, so he didn’t bother to switch his phone often.

Lin Miao agreed to the idea. She could get her older brother a new phone.

The employees found the conversation between the two pretty teens quite interesting. They had anticipated for the little boyfriend to buy a phone for his girlfriend. Normally, handing down his old phone to his girlfriend should get him berated, but the employees felt that it was quite cute of them. It must’ve been their appearances.

How much money could they have at such an age. The female employee had already started to consider recommending phones under two thousand.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Lin Miao picked the five thousand Yuan phone and pulled out her card. She greeted her, “Hello, may we buy this phone?”

The employee questioned her life. Wasn’t she reluctant a minute before? Didn’t she say it was too expensive? How’d it suddenly turn to her tapping her card?

Lin Miao’s mother had opened a bank account for her prize money. She had won numerous competitions, both international and national. She had also won rewards from her team and prizes from the sports association. In fact, one could even say that she was rich.

Her older brother had frequently bought her sports clothing and creams, especially the creams. Her teammates said they were very expensive, so she also picked the most expensive phone for her older brother.

If it’s expensive, it must also be of great quality. Lin Miao thought.

The Young Master had also been stunned. He didn’t expect Lin Miao to be so straightforward. He had originally planned to pay.

Lin Miao refused to let her brother pay. Turning around, she embraced the Young Master, “This is for Gege’s New Year’s present. Happy New Year!”

The employee was speechless. She was even more so after seeing the boyfriend purchase an SD card, replace the card in his old phone, and hand it to the girl...

The employee: “...”

Then. she saw them walk out of the store satisfied.

She felt that something was off, but recalling the boyfriend’s looks, she quickly dismissed it. Whatever, there’s probably nothing wrong since he’s so handsome.

Lin Miao and the Young Master didn’t dispute much over these things. She would accept whatever he bought, and vice versa. However, Lin Miao really felt that she would drop or lose the phone.

Holding her older brother’s previous phone, she found a picture of her right as soon as she turned on the device.

She was in a garden, brushing the three dogs’ coats under the sun.

It was expertly taken, and Lin Miao felt like she was pretty! Super duper pretty!

Looking at Lin Miao scrolling through the phone, the Young Master felt as if his heart just skipped a beat. He was about to speak when Lin Miao said, “Gege, Gege, I look so nice in this picture!”

The Young Master had just realized that he had many pictures on his old phone.

“Mhm, very. Wait, there’s still some of my stuff on this phone.” The Young Master spoke as he took his old phone and transferred all the pictures into his new phone.

The Young Master didn’t have any applications apart from the system software.

The two rested on a bench. The Young Master taught her how to message and call others. It was very intuitive and took no time at all.

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